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2012-10-03 Comparing Genealogy Software


Start: 12:06:00
End: 13:05:02
Chatters: alt, bbenn, Daviss, Selma, Seventies, virginia, vkn

Seventies: Welcome Daviss.

Daviss: gee thanks Seventies

Seventies: no problem! :}

Daviss: how are you?

Seventies: I'm doing well. A bit tired. How are you doing?

Daviss: a bit tired myself....How was your evening?

Seventies: Good. Very good.

Daviss: Good to hear that.

Seventies: I worked with students from Rwanda and Gabon last night. It was nice meeting other Africans.

Daviss: I imagine you were in your element

Seventies: lol I would say you imagined correctly.

Daviss: Did you learn anything new?

Seventies: I will post photos tonight. Went home and passed out.

Daviss: I figured I went oveer to your page to see if you had posted anything last night

Seventies: No, didn't you know that I know everything?? lol But it's a good tired.

Daviss: no, I did not know that you did not know everything..Only somethings I knew that you know :o she is on her job Are you back from SC?

bbenn: Yes, I am back from SC - great meeting!

Seventies: do share bbenn

Daviss: Thats nice.. Did you all sign up for the Webnar on the 14th of Nov

Seventies: I did and e-mailed my genetic cousins on 23andme to join up too AAGHS Northern CA is having a webinar on how to go deeper into your 23 and me results. Hi alt

alt: Hi ladies, bbenn, Daviss & Seventies


bbenn: The Southern Showcase was held in Edgefield, SC and had a two day conference with speakers from all over the country. I was happy to see the AA turn-out.

Seventies: Big turnout then, huh? This was a showcase for SC only? Or all southern genealogy

Daviss: here is the link bbenn.......they only have 200 spots so see if they have openings, you also alt

bbenn: When I see over 15 AA's at a SC meeting, that's a big deal.

Daviss: Heyy alt Good to see you today? up and running lol

Seventies: I received confirmation last night. I did that as soon as I saw it on FB

bbenn: This showcase was organized by the Old Edgefield District Genealogy Society. I will sign up right now.

Daviss: yes bbenn please do keeping fingers crossed for a seat

bbenn: I just signed up and received confirmation.

Seventies: Is Darlington, Darlington Co, SC doing anything?

Daviss: whew!!! bbenn

bbenn: Hi alt

alt: hi bbenn -, welcome back home.. glad to hear your weekend was successful

bbenn: Thanks Alt, the filming went well and the show will air at the end of the month.

Seventies: Oh you have your own TV show now bbenn??

alt: great bbenn!!!! How will we be able to see it?

Daviss: ditto!

bbenn: Daviss and Seventies, the Fox Channel in Greenville, SC interviewed me and the slave owners descendant of my family.

alt: hello vkn

bbenn: Hello vkn

vkn: Howdy all and welcome alt

Seventies: OH! we should be able to find a recast of that online... great bbenn

Daviss: Hi there vkn!!

Seventies: hi vkn

vkn: Bbenn neat flyer

bbenn: I will most likely receive advanced notification and will send the link to everyone.

vkn: daviss and seventies howdy

alt: okay bbenn, a heads-up would be appreciated

Seventies: thanks bbenn.

bbenn: I am looking forward to the interview with Joesph McGill next week as he shares his work on the Slave Dwelling Project,

alt: Seventies, are the Africans students at the Academy?

Seventies: hi virginia.

vkn: Howdy Virginia

bbenn: Hi Virginia

Seventies: yes alt.

virginia: hi everyone.

alt: hello viriginia

bbenn: Are any of you heading to Greensboro for the conference?

Daviss: That will surely be a good interview. Is McGill the one that went over with Pricillia?

Seventies: This year I met some from Rwanda and Gabon

alt: okay, thanks Seventies

Daviss: hi virginia!!!!

vkn: I think Selma is bbenn

alt: lot's of folks doing lot's of great things bbenn, .... and you're capturing the work of many of them ..... congrats for that

Daviss: What about you bbenn,are you going to Greensboro?

bbenn: Thanks alt, trying to avoid burnout!

alt: careful, cause that can happen bbenn

Daviss: Whats up with you Virginia, anything new and exciting?

bbenn: No, I cannot go because of a previous commitment.

Seventies: I'm just getting started... I have something to do every saturday of this month! I haven't had that happen in a good while! lol

virginia: No Daviss. Still looking and trying to learn to organize what I have

alt: is tha a "good' busy Seventies?

Seventies: Yes. :} and one is actually genealogy related! lol

Daviss: what's organize mean LOL

bbenn: lol

Seventies: lol Daviss. There's always referencing and cross referencing.. god I wish my computer files could tag so I could cross reference!

alt: you've got your genealogy software up & running virginia and you're keeping it updated with notes, citations, photos, etc.? right? that's about as organized as one can get ... IMHO LOL LOL

virginia: Glad I'm not the only one. alt Unfortunately no.

alt: Oops lol lol

virginia: Got to get software to do this. What's the best/

Seventies: Roots Magic... lol

alt: I can believe it.. I just noticed I haven't updated my TP website in about 3 weeks and I know I've found some "new" stuff I want to put up online.

Seventies: :}

bbenn: I use MacFamily Tree and wish that RootsMagic had a Mac version because I also like that software.

Seventies: I'm just now putting up photos from last year online... lol

alt: Roots Magic does have a MAC versio now bbenn ... I'm pretty sure check out

virginia: Got a lot of information. If I can get it together, may find I know more than I think.

bbenn: You are doing better than me!

alt: oh you will virginia, no doubt about that ... as a radio talk show host likes to say LOL LOL

Seventies: I haven't even begun to transcribe those marriage records from Adams Co. MS 1868 - 1870 yet...

bbenn: I purchased the software at a conference and then asked the question - is it Mac compatible and was told no. Maybe they have a new version because that was a year ago.

Seventies: I haven't looked hard at them since July.. lol

bbenn: alt, that's an interesting website; I checked it out and an announcement came blasting about hosting a website.

vkn: I use reunion 10 bbenn

Seventies: it should be Rootsmagic [dot] com

bbenn: I need to check out reunion 10. I exported my data from Family Tree Maker into Mac Family Tree.

virginia: Going to check Roots Magic

alt: Oops I forgot yhe "s"

bbenn: oh, that's whylol lol lol lol

virginia: Rootsmagic organizes? Surely need a lot of help.

alt: yep virginia, in almost any way you can think of refelcting your basic genealogical input

vkn: MacFamilyTree has nice reports but updates too often for me bbenn

virginia: Maybe I should go on technology forum.

bbenn: The reports are nice - yes - they are frequently tweeting the software. I do like the editing feature.

alt: almost ALL gen software packages have an 'organizing' feature.

bbenn: Excuse the typo --

Seventies: I love it virginia and I have the free version.

bbenn: Nice chatting with everyone! Need to go - bye!

virginia: Good. How do you get free version? Hi Selma.

vkn: Howdy Selma

alt: I like rootsmagic because it is written by 'genealogists' who happen to be software people.

Selma: Good Wednesday afternoon alt, daviss, seveneties, virginia and vkn

alt: hello Selma

Seventies: go to the same website virginia. There should be something that says Free or to that effect.

virginia: alt ok.

Seventies: Howdy Selma

virginia: Seventies Thanks Seventies.

Daviss: Hello Selma!!!! I think I have the free one also

virginia: ok.

vkn: Y'all be good

Seventies: always vkn

alt: you really need the 'full version" only 19.95

Daviss: thats not bad

Seventies: my typing skills are going down hill... I can't type a sentence before these folks logout lol

virginia: Not bad at all.

Daviss: Ha!

Seventies: Selma what have you been up to?

Selma: Getting ready to go

alt: you can try the 'free' demon & then do the full upload should you decide you want to go with rootsmagic demon=demo

Daviss: I did not realize the full was only 19.95 alt. I was geared for about $40 I have been so lazy anyway with Family tree

Seventies: Wait a minute, mine said $29.95

virginia: Going to try both alt. Thanks

alt: it might be 29.95 and then 19.95 with upgrades

Seventies: Well I like the free price... lol

alt: free is good Seventies, but you can do so much more with the full version.

virginia: Free sounds good too. Don't want to put tree on Ancestry either.

Seventies: I know and one day I'm going to make the full purchase.. lol Until then I'm going to ride the free until the wheels fall off lol

alt: try it virginia ... you might like it LOL LOL LOL

virginia: Seventies lol

alt: oh BTW Roots Magic is one of the corporate sponsors of the IBGS to be held in SLC.

Daviss: popcorn and sweet tea on the menu for the debate tonight Selma

Selma: All those vendors will probably have specials when you get to the IBGS daviss. We will probably need "drinks" daviss...tonite

Daviss: ooooh alt, mabe I can get one

Selma: and I don't mean sweet tea

Daviss: lol lol

Seventies: lol Sweet Long Island Ice Tea.. lol

alt: I'll watch the debate, but don't want to hear and/or read about who "won" by the talking heads after it is over.

virginia: alt I agree.

Seventies: I'm with you alt. which is why I watch on C-Span

Daviss: Margarita

Seventies: Margaret who?? lol

Selma: She is in the southwest seventies.. LOL

Daviss: Margarita for me lol lol Selma

virginia: Daviss Whatever hits me.

Seventies: lol

Daviss: ok what is it out virginia way lol or NY or Ohio lol

virginia: Got some rum and coke, and something new here called Jeremiah Weed.

Daviss: mabe I will buy a bag of salted peanuts :o No phone calls after 4:pm don't even try it Seventies

Seventies: what? tee hee hee If it were me, I wouldn't buy anything called weed... lol but that's just me... lol

Daviss: lol lol Seventies

Seventies: Alright, I have some legal paperwork to run up to our legal dept. Y'all have a good one. See you on the other side!

virginia: Seventies I hear you, but this is liquid, not lol

Daviss: too late virginia lol

virginia: I know. Guess that's my typing.

alt: when these folks ay gone,, they are gone ,, lickety-split.

Selma: LOL..lets make sure vkn..deletes those lines before posting

virginia: Have no idea. My brother in law bought it for me. Been scared to try it.

alt: have y'all tried posting to the forums with the 'new' features ... AfriGeneas is ever so technical and innoveative LOL

virginia: Thought debate night might be good time.

Daviss: I better head out now.. take care folks and have a blessed rest of the day

Selma: I have to run folks... Have a great day

alt: se ,, lickety-split LOL bye virginia

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