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2012-08-31 Black Summit Utah


Start: 12:10:03
End: 13:06:03
Chatters: BBENN, Daviss, Seventies

Daviss: Happy Friday!!!

Seventies: I see your pic of Tyler.. lol cuuuutteee@

Daviss: yep thats da man

Seventies: does that boy have a 'fro hawk???

Daviss: i posted a pic of tish dad on her page I dont think she had ever seen yep lol he needs another haircut lol

Seventies: lol

Daviss: I spent last night again looking for my ma lol

Seventies: Still can't find her, huh??

Daviss: naw, not yet, and everyone is done

Seventies: okay, keep looking.... :}

Daviss: I have been looking for her great grandmother since 1990 so I guess I can keep looking for her LOl

Seventies: yep.. :}

Daviss: This month is over tomorrow and Sept will be rolling along just as fast

Seventies: I know... kids start school Wed.

Daviss: I am getting excited about the IBGS Tyler has already outgrown a pair of pants he will need a longer length but the waist will be the same.

Seventies: wow I will have to call you lol

Daviss: why lol what are you gonna call me

Seventies: I am too distracted here at work.. lol

Daviss: ok go back to work lol

Seventies: Alright... lol

Daviss: I will hang out here for awhile alt wont be here, everyone else at the FGS Selma may be here

Seventies: ok

Daviss: I can sing, " All Alone Am I, Ever Since Your Goodbye" until someone else comes in lol

Seventies: Ok so tell me about who you found in 1940??

Daviss: I found loads of people or do you mean my people I have some of my paternals and some maternals.. its who I have not found that is the problem I have no new names either

Seventies: okay... who are you looking for?

Daviss: my mama

Seventies: I mean surnames, names details...

Daviss: Seventies, Seventies, Seventies

Seventies: Your mama?? lol

Daviss: You have not been Multi tasking all these weeks

Seventies: No, I hadn't been... But sometimes I do talk to my team partner.. Hi BBENN

Daviss: heyyyyyy BBENN, great show last night

BBENN: Hello Seventies and Daviss

Daviss: I went back last night and listened again

Seventies: Yes it was... I actually had some relevant questions last night..a first for me.. most times I just listen to learn.

BBENN: Thanks, fascinating records and so happy to have the resource in Afrigeneas slave database. Your questions are always relevant:}

Daviss: I wanted the name of that first ship ..The FS Mexico

BBENN: I have spent time just looking at names on those records and they are calling the descendants to find them.

Daviss: Is that Port Of LaSalle in Texas or LA

BBENN: I need to listen to the broadcast because I thought it was LA.

Daviss: I think the name of my sis in laws grandfather is LaSalle his given name

BBENN: I had a teacher named Mr. LaSalle who taught Spanish.

Seventies: I would've loved to hear a bit more about the other ports such as Mobile, Galveston, that brought people to these states.

Daviss: I would like to hear about Galveston

BBENN: Well, I will bring her back in 2013.

Daviss: dang I wish I were near an archive

Seventies: Regarding the slave ships, I think that some were dropped off in NYC to build up Manhattan. Remember not too long ago they found the remains of a ship under the WTC...

BBENN: This could also be an interesting project for someone. Ck. out the late Dee Parmer Woodtor's work on Afrigeneas to see what she and others transcribed.

Daviss: Oh I have on numerous occasions

BBENN: That could have been a ship from the transatlantic trade rather than the domestic trade.

Daviss: just to look but I have not gotten that far in my research

BBENN: Daviss, being close to an Archive is a blessing and a curse! I use to go to the Archives almost everyday because it was one block from my office.

Seventies: lol

Daviss: lol I think I would be there everyday

Seventies: me too!

BBENN: I made major withdrawal when I lol lol

Daviss: lol lol

BBENN: Now, I hit to Archives once or week . If I have a client, more than once per week. You know that Ilol lol lol must have been hooked on the Archives to come up with that name for my show. Any news from Birmingham?

Daviss: not today BBENN

Seventies: VKN did post something a couple days ago.

Daviss: I guess they are getting to the meat today

BBENN: Are either of you attending Roots Tech?

Seventies: no

Daviss: Not I lol and I know they would not want me there lol major frustration would set in not me but them lol

Seventies: Lol I plead the fifth.. lol

BBENN: I am thinking about it. Maybe a fairy gm will sponsor melol lol lol .

Daviss: I will wait for the Summit in Oct

BBENN: I am heading to the Summit. Look for me!

Daviss: I sure will

Seventies: Gotta run ladies. Y'all have a good long weekend!

BBENN: The Summit will be a big old Afrigeneas and Facebool reunion.

Daviss: yeppers thats for sure

BBENN: Nice chatting, I also have to run. Have a great weekend!

Daviss: ok BBENN

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