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2012-08-30 The Black West


Start: 12:16:14
End: 13:19:19
Chatters: alt, Daviss, Seventies

Daviss: hello there alt!!

alt: Hey Daviss, what's up?

Daviss: not to much alt, just looking around seeing what I can get in to

alt: oh, oh be careful with that LOL

Daviss: which is very little lol

alt: now that sounds like me.. trouble days are looonnnggg gone.

Daviss: what about you, did you cry yesterday after your rehab

alt: naw, it was easy, but tomorrow it's supposed to get tought.

Daviss: oh so you were a big boy!

alt: thought=tough

Daviss: how long do you have to go through it

alt: guess vkn & folks are at FGS having 'fun" ////

Daviss: yes, I am sure lol

alt: not sure, probably until insurance stops paying for this 'bout'

Daviss: we may be the only two here today

alt: ah so, folks getting ready for the long weekend

Daviss: I am getting excited about the IBGCS I sure hope I can find something regarding my family

alt: I'll bet you are, it's right around the corner, if you blink it'll be Oct LOL

Daviss: I know shoot, it will be Sept on Sat

alt: yoou working on a research strategy, or yo planning on doing mostly networking & socializing?

Daviss: well I want to go a day ahead to visit the library. I do have one setback in that I have limited knowledge of my family in 70,80. So not sure what records to pull You know we will have our pajama session lol

alt: yes, that can be a problem.. with so much available you really don't know where to start maybe y'all will find Mariah during one of those sessions

Daviss: well, I hope so but I won't bet on it mabe I can come up with something else that I wasn't aware of

alt: well that's the place for discoveries, with all of their materials

Daviss: I am wondering if the LDS copies every durn thing in the courthouses or do they pick and choose a structured set of records

Seventies: hello Daviss and alt!

alt: I think they go for it all, but I'm sure they have a structure as to how they go about 'digitizing" a courthouse

Daviss: Hi there seventies!!

Seventies: How are my two elders doing this afternoon/morning??

alt: Hello Linda lol lol

Seventies: lol

alt: this elder is doing tolerably well, thank you & how bout you?

Daviss: I am doing great thanks

Seventies: I'm well.

Daviss: have either of you been to Utah?

Seventies: No. I have no inclination to travel any further west than I already have been. That would be to Ft. Leonard Wood, MO... hated it!

alt: not to the LDS library, but I used to go on TDY to Hill AFB,Provo & SLC when I was working.

Daviss: ok

Seventies: Daviss, do you have a connection to the Graham's of Marshall?

alt: hated it Daviss, that was in the 70's & early 80's ... they were not too receptive to "colored folks' with any kind of "juice" at that time LOL LOL

Daviss: no I do not...I jump at anything Marshall

Seventies: alt, yeah I know the feeling. I have nothing new to report today about my genealogical search.

Daviss: nor I

alt: I've been going over the Walden thread on FPOC forum.... I have Walden's from NC from the late 1700's and they probably connect to some of the folks in that thread

Daviss: I am at a standstill on everything

Seventies: I really am just going through the process of trying to tie up some of the lose ends of the family records I have... Comparing WW II draft cards to the 1940 census with those who enlisted. And their families.

alt: just received the OGS quarterly journal yesterday and they have a feature story on Lyman C. Draper and his work in Ohio of the Draper Manuscripts which is pretty interesting. that's always a good practice whe things are going slowly Seventies

Seventies: Those are the docs with your family in it right??

alt: right Seventies

Seventies: So there is some new information or perspective on these documents??

alt: both.. new to me & always get a braoder perspective when reading the manuscripts reading about a slaveowner being rejected in his request to bring his slaves into the NW territory.

Daviss: where is this alt

alt: where slavery was legally prohibited the part of the NW territory that became Ohio Daviss and the time period is 1794-1800 before statehood in 1803

Seventies: what just happened?? *sigh*\

Daviss: huh

Seventies: typo.. lol Okay, what y'all doing out in Phx?

Daviss: we are doing seventies

Seventies: I 'liked' your group's facebook page. Why didn't you tell me you all had a facebook page?

Daviss: what group, you mean Gen group

Seventies: The Phoenix Gen group. AA gen group, your group...

Daviss: Oh I thought I did.. so sorry hmmmm

Seventies: Well it looks good. Have you all decided other than AA gen, what your focus is going to be?

Daviss: hold on a min

Seventies: uh uh lol

Daviss: telephone co

Seventies: oh good!

Daviss: ok back they say its been tested and cleared so I will see soon lol

Seventies: okay excellent!

Daviss: that took more than 24 hrs you were asking about our group

Seventies: yes.. wb alt

Daviss: wb alt

Seventies: What is your secondary focus Daviss??

Daviss: me lol

Seventies: lol 8)

alt: thanks

Seventies: I think it would be good for you all to maybe focus on blacks in the West... getting records and such.. I would love to see more of that.

Daviss: we have a few things that we are going to work on. most of the people are not from these here parts so they are really there to help find their niche

Seventies: lol yeah, BUT there are plenty who are. PLUS, it would be interesting to trace the AA's who lived out west and now have white or hispanic descendants...

Daviss: We will also hopefully get some to become speakers

Seventies: One of my first roomates in the military was 'Mexican' but she sure looked black to me.

Daviss: the first person who called me the N word was hispanic and darker than me

Seventies: We had a few girls like that. Family lived in the U.S. for generations.

Daviss: more than likely from Texas

alt: Daviss, sounds like y'all have a group that is prime for study circles on states other than AZ, similar to what the Chicago group does.

Daviss: yes, NC, Delaware, Tn and Alabama I am the only Texas person

Seventies: I'm all for building the Black West niche, Texas and all points west. really Daviss??

Daviss: yep

Seventies: Well I guess they all just kept going and ended up in California

Daviss: even when we go to Gen Societies to hear the speakers (non AA) their topic is in other states besides Texas and or Cali

alt: I would think the Black west could be divided betwee pre-1900 & post 1900.

Seventies: I agree. Two waves.

alt: same with non-AA groups

Seventies: Many of the southwestern states didn't gain statehood until after 1900

Daviss: They have a some colorful characters who were AA here in Az along with the Buffalo soldiers

alt: AZ become a State in when ... 1912 ???

Daviss: yep

Seventies: Yes like our friend Marchbanks... :}

Daviss: I did a bit on him in fact one of his ancestors is on my page

Seventies: Although, he was from TN I'm curious as to what his ethnicity was.. Though he says he was black, I suspect with the family living so far out in the country he may have been MANY things... lol

alt: and Ft. Hauchahu (sp) has some great AA history

Seventies: Oh really? Huachuca

Daviss: home of the Buffalo Soldiers

Seventies: You guys are super knowledgable!

Daviss: We have visited as a group twice

Seventies: Nice Daviss.

Daviss: once with the old gen group and once with this one

alt: big training base for AA soldiers' in WW II ...

Daviss: yeppers and most went back to their some states very few settled in here after service now in these days there were older (much) that came here to retire in places like Sun City etc

alt: I understand there were like 10-20 thousand AA troops on that base at one time.

Daviss: I constantly look through the old newspaper articles to right about from back in the day

Seventies: Wow. I didn't know that.

Daviss: they patrolled all over Mexico skirmishes with the Indians

Seventies: Oh Daviss, are there any papers out there that would chronicle some of this information, other than perhaps Stars and Stripes?

alt: Seventies, it was one of the few (major) basic training bases for AA's during the early stages of WW II.

Daviss: none from AZ/. I get my info from the papers back east lol

alt: Seventies, go to any of the AA newspapers that were popular in the 1940's and search on Ft. Huachu (sp) Courier, Defender, Indy Recorder, etc. probably plenty of stories from there.

Seventies: thanks alt

alt: you're welcome .. young lady LOL LOL well, old dude's gotta scoot .. talk to y'all later.

Daviss: lol bye alt I did a blog on one soldier (lady) who helped to get the base to have equal treatment for the women I will find and send you the link seventies

Seventies: okay.. please do.. would love to read it.

Daviss: you may have read it already

Seventies: When did you write it? recently?

Daviss: no, its been a bit. Not sure if I did it before marchbanks or after

Seventies: ok Oh my gosh, its almost 130! I have to get back to work! I'll speak to you later.. have a good day!

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