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2012-08-21 Employment status 1940


Start: 12:06:27
End: 13:37:57
Chatters: alt, Daviss, fierybug08, History_Buff, keli1, Selma, Seventies

alt: Hi Daviss, welcome back

Daviss: hello there alt, and thanks! How's it going?

alt: how's "da feet" LOL I'm doing fine

Daviss: LOL, "da feet" is just like the sun, going down day by day

alt: hehehehehehe

Daviss: I see you downloaded your tree for others to view.. how nice Hi Selma!!!

Selma: Good afternoon alt and Daviss

alt: I've been busy on Ancestry looking at the Ohio birth Index 1908-1964 ... finding lots of hits on folks that I had only approximate birth dates on. Hi Selma, how goes it with you today?

Daviss: good luck as usual alt I spent last night again looking for my mother and grandmother still no luck at all

Selma: Doing OK...spent some time at FHC looking at some film I ordered over 10 years ago as indefinite

Daviss: they kept the film after you ordered it Selma

alt: I'll bet you know more much more about what you're looking at now than you did 10 years ago Selma

Selma: Well when I started in the 1990' could order something and ask for it to be kept "indefinite"...I think I might have paid a a little more, but I don't remember..they have over 20 drawers with film folks ordered as indefinite..they are still there

alt: wow, ain't that sumpin'.

Selma: I had ordered 4 rolls of Grenada records, 2 orders of Freedmen's Bureau records..the FB records that were filmed at that time..not RG 105

Daviss: oh I see.. I think when I ordered my last film I only pd $3 and had it for two weeks. I did not see that we could have that option of indefinite

Selma: Maybe they don't do should check

Daviss: I would have loved that

Seventies: Good afternoon alt, Daviss, Selma

alt: Hello Seventies, what's up?

Daviss: Hello there Seventies!!

Selma: Afternoon seventies

Seventies: Daviss is BACK!! :}

Daviss: LOL Seventies!!

alt: yep, live and in color LOL

Daviss: legitimate color at that lol\

Seventies: lol

Daviss: glad to be back but really happy to see my relatives

alt: Selma, the materials you sent helped to "quelch' a mis-statement on Facebook about where & when the "first" Africans in VA came from and where they settled...... Jamestown or Point Comfort ....... footnotes with references are GOOD STUFF!!!!!!! lol

Selma: They came into Point Comfort which is now Hampton and were taken to Jamestown

Daviss: and where was this mis statement on FB alt

alt: right Selma ... something Melvin stated from another 'quoted' source Daviss

Selma: Folks in Hampton have been trying to correct that statement for over 20 years

Seventies: I ain't even going to speak on that.

Selma: There is a marker on what is now Fort Monroe..

Daviss: thx alt

alt: you don't have to Seventies, but mis-statment of 'facts' is as bad as ignoring the fact ... of course that's IMHO LOL LOL

Seventies: lol

Daviss: Would you all care to share BB's show when the DNA lady was on regarding your question alt? dang that sounds off

Selma: I had to leave Daviss...I couldn't get the sound

Daviss: ah I see Selma was your question answered alt?

alt: You can listen on the archived show Daviss.... I thought she was good and responded to the questions asked ... her response to my question wasn't quite what I was looking for tho'. I was hoping she would say that what I was looking for can't be found in the 'normal range' of testing offered by 23+me, FTDNA & others.... that much more expensive testing would need to be done.

Daviss: oic

alt: and i ain't got the money, or the inclination, to spend the kind of money required to answer my concerns

Seventies: lol Join the club alt!

alt: okay Seventies

Daviss: did she say that they would reopen the "free" one again I have so much to get caught up with

alt: yeah Daviss, things move so quickly.

Daviss: or was the free question asked?

alt: count down for my Adams Reunion has started .. Labor Day weekend, I'm beginning to get 'fired up' LOL

Daviss: I can imagine alt.. I just found out that our reunion next year will be in Atlanta

alt: not sure on the 'free' thing Daviss

Daviss: ok alt thanks

Seventies: Great news alt! Hope you all have a great time.

alt: I got the impression that their goal was for 10,000 .. they fell short of that number, but are satisfied (?) with what they have and will not re-open the 'free' offer.

Seventies: Daviss, save up for that... sheesh. Talk about EXPENSIVE.

Daviss: oh my, I was hoping to get all my slackers to get in on it

alt: me too Daviss

Daviss: I know Seventies.. the daughter and I talked about it last night. She went so far to see how much the train would be for 4

Seventies: Probably more expensive than flying....

Daviss: 52 hr ride and $900 sheesh

Seventies: Exactly.

alt: is that right, WOW!!!

Daviss: the 52 hr ride is rather long

Selma: I should say..that like 2 days

Daviss: I think the stop over was in New Orleans

Seventies: You get more convenience for your dollar by flying. ATL and Phx are both hubs.. so it should be pretty cheap.

Daviss: Ha!!

Seventies: I said 'should be' not guaranteed to be.. lol

Daviss: lol

Seventies: You ought to go to priceline and see what they have available.

Daviss: that I will Seventies, that I will..thanks for suggestion

fierybug08: Hello wonderful people *virtual waves*

alt: hello fierybug08... how the heck are ya?

Daviss: Heyyyy fierybug08!!

Selma: Afternoon fierybug

Seventies: My aunt used to get GREAT deals from South Bend, IN to Phx

fierybug08: I'm tired....too much work and not enough play with my Afrigeneas friends

Seventies: brb

fierybug08: I found my grandma on the 1940 census...she was 2 years old. :)

Daviss: gotta take a deep breath fierybug08

alt: wonderful fierybug08

Daviss: good for you fierybug08.. I still have not found mine

fierybug08: and I realized her name was spelled differently. Now...all I have to do is keep looking for her birth certificate and send for her marriage license

Selma: Still...Daviss..

alt: Thats' scary fierybug08 .. I'm older than your grandma LOL LOL LOL

Daviss: Still... Selma :(

fierybug08: Daviss...I think our families have probably crossed paths. Texas might be big...but no too big we can find her

Daviss: Zepher is not that hard even with the mis spellings

fierybug08: I think I will try recording a couple of families. I found my namesake, plus someone with my father's surname.

Selma: Did she have a middle name..

Daviss: Lee was her middle

fierybug08: Mariah? Zepher?

Seventies: hi fierybug08 and Selma

fierybug08: Hi Seventies, Selma, alt

Daviss: Zepher is my mother..The other name lol is my great grandmother

Seventies: Oh shoot.. we're going to get all sorts of malfunctions because someone mentioned Mariah... THANKS! LOL

fierybug08: well sorry

Daviss: I did not say the name.. Fierybug did blame her lol

fierybug08: :) I'm guilty.

Daviss: lol lol lol

fierybug08: And drinking a Dr. Pepper with my salad

Seventies: Yummy fierybug08!

Daviss: sheesh Fierybug that is a double whammy..we have a story about Dr Pepper

fierybug08: I also see that they had a son as well. And low and behold his name is John

Daviss: was John new to you Fierybug08?

alt: I know you have Daviss, but you gotta try all kinds of combinations, wild cards, etc... it took a while, but I found my mother in 1940 by using just first name "Vera" born in Ohio about 1915, Negro & wife. found her in Pittsburgh, PA instead of Ohio and where I thought she would have been.

fierybug08: well I believe my ggrandma had at least 8 children. I can find them in the census They no longer ask how many children the women have?

Daviss: ok alt... I wish they did have that question also fierybug08 it sure would help

alt: Davis and she was mis-indexed as Vera Moone, not Vera Moore ... the 1940 census is a 'doozie' LOL LOL

fierybug08: Texas & Pacific Railway... does this sound familiar to anyone?

alt: not me fierybug08

Daviss: Yes Fierybug08 all my uncles worked for them as well as my grandfather

fierybug08: no way...I wonder if Texas & Pacific Railway has an archive or historian we can contact? Cool Daviss...I might need to chat with you later

Daviss: brb ok back

alt: that was fast Daviss

Daviss: I have no knowledge of either but the library in Chicago has a Pullman Porter archive Telemarketer and a quick hangup alt lol

alt: hehehehehehe @ Daviss

fierybug08: how can you access 'employment status' answers from the 1940 census? Or do I have to go view them at an archive?

Daviss: The RR has a different SS number also\ If you have a DC with the RR number you can check with the lbrary to see if he was a Porter

fierybug08: hmm...I may have to investigate which traveling direction they used.

Daviss: The Newberry

fierybug08: DC?

Daviss: death certificate

fierybug08: okay....

Selma: I think I posted a book on AA's and the RailRoad..a couple of years ago

fierybug08: thanks Selma...I'll have to check it out

alt: fierybug08, have you 'googled' Texas & Pacific Railways for clues?

Seventies: bbbyyyyeeee....


fierybug08: no...I just saw it on the Census page just now. But I will do so

Daviss: Hello there History

History_Buff: Hey Alt, Daviss, Fierbug08 and Selma. How goes it?

Selma: Afternoon Historybuff..

Daviss: Its going History

Selma: Folks have to run..have a nice day

History_Buff: :)

Selma: Bye

alt: okay fierybug08, that might be a good start re: ggogle

fierybug08: okay...I'm on it alt

alt: okay

Daviss: I think that link I posted is the one Selma was talking about fierybub08

fierybug08: hi History_Buff

Daviss: bug not bub :?

alt: gotta run y'all take care

Daviss: bye alt How have you been History?

fierybug08: yes> I have to run too. Sorry guys.

History_Buff: I've been maintaining as best I can. How about yourself?

Daviss: have you had any luck on the 40 census that is

History_Buff: Yes, I found my mother in Camden Arkansas, but only found my paternal aunt and uncle in Lee County Arkansas.

Daviss: wonderful I found one of my maternal great grands but no sign of my grandmother or mother

History_Buff: My first cousin and I have been sharing our family trees with other on

Daviss: oh how nice! Have you had your reunion yet?

History_Buff: Yes, back on 08/10-12/2012.

Daviss: Oh Ok, what about a reunion book, did you all have one did you take pictures and post any on FB

History_Buff: We had folder for the events but I was only able to present poster size copies of 3 documents-1870, 1880 censuses and 1 map of Arkansas and Louisiana together. I didn't take pictures but others took pictures. i was too busy sweating my presentation.

Daviss: lol I bet you were great History I did not hear any knocking knees out this way lol lol

History_Buff: It was well received. Inspired much discussion and interest. I have been in touch with about eight relatives for consultation and exchanges.

Daviss: I know that sound well hahahahahaha

History_Buff: No knocking knees but due to extreme nervousness, I lost my appetite for dinner.

Daviss: so you have ties to Louisiana also huh

History_Buff: It looks that way. There was an ancestor named Mariah and about 3 ancestral relatives were born in Louisiana according to the 1870 Louisiana census.

Daviss: more searching for you now I see.. and where in La was this

History_Buff: The David and Mariah Cummings household was enumerated in Claibourne Parish, Louisiana.

Daviss: ahhhh ok..Your Cummings folk

History_Buff: Yep in 1870. It light up a light bulb for a distant cousin who resides near me in the DC area.

Daviss: wow History thats great

History_Buff: Hey Keli1, how are you?

Daviss: hi Keli1

History_Buff: Indeed Daviss thanks.

keli1: hello there Lunch Bunch! I am doing okay today, how about you?

Daviss: Sup Keli1

History_Buff: I'm good thnx fir asking.

Daviss: doing good so far

History_Buff: ir=for

keli1: how is AZ Ms. daviss, I am glad to see you home, safely

History_Buff: Between my husband and me, we're hosting 3 family reunions next year.

Daviss: History was just sharing her new found success Thank you Keli1

keli1: three reunions, wow, you are brave ones

Daviss: indeed, lol I can do one

History_Buff: Just happened that way.

keli1: one is more than enough lol...

History_Buff: Indeed

Daviss: With your permission lol

History_Buff: lol Are you coming to tonitw's session ladies? tonitw=tonite

Daviss: huh whats session is that

History_Buff: tues nite chat.

Daviss: oh yeah lol I am sure turned around I spent yesterday helping grand move into her dorm and lost track

keli1: what session?

History_Buff: Cool. Talk with you tonite then, Take care.

Daviss: take care She is talking about Tues night chat Keli keli1

keli1: on AfriGeneas?

Daviss: yes, we have a Tues night chat 9 Eastern I thought I have seen you there before

keli1: oh okay, sounds good. Have you talked to Mariah lately?

Daviss: Ha! you are funny

keli1: oh yea a few times

Daviss: She was mentioned earlier lol and HistoryBuff just found out she had one in La Thank you for you kind words Keli1

keli1: she found who in LA or Louisanna?

Daviss: and the quote from Kalil a Mariah in Louisiana not mine though :o I better run Keli1..take care and again thanks much see you tonight mabe

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