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2012-08-16 Slave tags ~ fact or fake


Start: 12:31:12
End: 13:09:52
Chatters: alt, History_Buff, Seventies, vkn

vkn: Howdy Doody alt A mighty quiet room, I see wakey uppey

alt: Hello vkn

vkn: by your lonely is true dedication lol

alt: just browsing the 'net waiting for some company are you doing today?

vkn: gotta get stuff done lol

alt: well, you've always got something 'brewing'

vkn: or burning lol

alt: hehehehehehe

vkn: at best scorching

alt: hope these guys finish our roof today.... the pounding is killing me LOL

vkn: Well tomorrow is another day So Art the blogger now that is funny to moi Nothing but da best

alt: well, Im reading about it.... looks like it might be more work than I want to do.

vkn: it will be a snap

alt: yeah, that's what they say about the IPad ..... more than a notion, every App had some foolishness you had to go thru to activate it. too much for me LOL the 'mind' just ain't as agile as it used to be

vkn: you must be asking me lol

alt: oh no, you've kept ypurself sharp and current, I went dormant for a while and it's showing up with these newer pieces of equipment

vkn: sorry you turned the pad down

alt: guess this 'old' dog ain't learning any new tricks LOL LOL

vkn: the pad brings a continuing level of enjoyment

Seventies: good afternoon alt & vkn! How are you both doing today?

alt: I can see where it is very useful, convenient & fun to work with

vkn: howdy back atcha seventies

alt: Hello Seventies, how you doing today?

Seventies: I'm doing well.

alt: that's nice to hear

Seventies: busy next couple of days coming up.

alt: what's up?

Seventies: My boys had to retake their state exam final tomorrow, there is the funeral tomorrow, nephew coming by tomorrow, son has football practice and No cleats... I have to go toe to toe with their guidance counselors.. sigh...

alt: sounds busy, but I'm sure you can handle it all

Seventies: lol 'cause I'm a woman w-o, m-a-n say it again! lol

alt: I was gonna say that LOL LOL LOL LOL wow, that's scary

Seventies: lol lol Great minds think alike alt.. lol anyone talk or text Daviss today?

alt: I'm telling ya LOL not me

Seventies: I'll text her later..

alt: okay, great!!!!

Seventies: so you know last night I was watching 'Haunted Collector' and they found a 'haunted' slave tag... I had no idea that they had 'slave tags'... this one was very ornate. Let me see if I can find a picture of it...

alt: there was a thread on AfriGeneas a couple of years back on 'slave tags'

Seventies: Apparently I missed that one. interesting though. The place where it was found was Hardin Co., KY

alt: is that right..

Seventies: The person was enslaved in SC according to the tag. And they took it to a historian...

alt: and they verified it as a 'slave tag'?

Seventies: Yes. It was in the shape of a cartouche with a rope trim around it. It was pretty heavy looking too

alt: ah so

Seventies: So it didn't look anything like the slave tags I saw when browsing google for images. it was unique.

vkn: Falling asleep at keyboard.

Seventies: lol vkn you can't be doing that! lol

vkn: y'all be good ya heah

Seventies: alright you too

alt: wondered what happened to ya vkn..... gotta watch those candles, burning at both ends can be hazardous to your health. Oops, vkn be's gone ... like da wind LOL

Seventies: She's gone.. probably going to take a nap.. Also while I was letting my mind wander... lol I watched "Unsung" last night. They featured your homegirl Vesta Williams. :} Ohio has a lot of well known AA's.. sheesh Are you falling asleep at the keyboard too, alt?

alt: nope, yep a lot of well known AA's in Ohio or from Ohio

Seventies: I figure that was a very popular place to relocate to during the GM...

alt: probably, but I go back even further as a great place to settle.... especailly those who gained their freedom prior to the Civil War. Ohio was like the 'new' frontier with no slavery

Seventies: right. I wonder though during those times 1800-1850, was it the only 'free state' in the US??

alt: oh no, but it was the 1st free state to come into the union following the CW. Oops, following the Revolutionary War.

Seventies: okay. So now I did see that some people who were born in WV moved to OH. Did the borders of the state change at any time after the CW I know I"m asking a lot of questions, but its been on my mind for a while. :}

alt: not for Ohio, but WV came out of VA ca 1861-1862. ask away... I'm a 'know-it-all' LOL LOL LOL

Seventies: okay.... that makes sense. Recall that I had a Welcome and Julia bowman in Oberlin OH. Welcome's parents were born in VA, but I believe he was born in W.VA Hey History_Buff! How is it going???

History_Buff: Hey Alt and Seventies.

alt: well, hello stranger

History_Buff: I'm okay how are you all today?

Seventies: doing well. How was your summer?

alt: me, okay... glad to hear the same is true for you Oops, here & gone

Seventies: She looks like she got kicked out.. lol

alt: don't forget Bernice & DNA tonite

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