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2012-08-15 Art Blogging ?


Start: 12:00:19
End: 13:18:38
Chatters: alt, Daviss, Selma, Seventies, vkn

Seventies: waiting for alt to come into the room.. :}

vkn: learing history also clearing history heyyyyyy daviss

Daviss: hello vkn and seventies!

vkn: hought you were on da road

Daviss: How's it going this morn?

vkn: Just got a link to your blog

Daviss: Oh really vkn

vkn: beautifully done I did not get a link

Daviss: which one did you read, the one for my sis in law or the one for brother

vkn: but saw a response on FB For bro and for sis in law

Daviss: ahhh I see

alt: hello ladies, hopw you are doing well today

vkn: I will post blog link to thread on AfriGeneas Howdy alt

Daviss: thanks vkn for your comment heyyy alt!

vkn: Alt had wanted to chat for a few but Anita could not hear me from cell

alt: vkn, sorry I haven't returned your call from yesterday.... came home from the Dr. and the roofers were here to start putting on our new roof .... it's been hectic.

Seventies: hi...

vkn: May have to get a larger thumb drive than expected

Daviss: bout time seventies lol hi

Seventies: Hey I was running around the office causing havoc.. lol Our key systems went offline this morning..

Daviss: nuff said :?

Seventies: So you know I was kind of twiddling my thumbs...

vkn: NOT

Seventies: They are still offline. :|

Daviss: oh my

alt: I was thinking about the size and thought it was rather 'small' not sure of price ranges but Roots Magic was giving away flash drives of 2 GB, I think.

vkn: wow

Seventies: they have flash drives at Best Buy and Staples for $5 4gb 16 gb are $10 They have all the way up to 32gb flash drives now.

alt: you causing havoc Seventies, I can't believe that :|

vkn: lol lol

Seventies: oh yes.. lol Talking with my black co-workers about whippings, punishment and sharecropping.. lol

alt: I think 4gb is about the size for normal 'giveaways'.

Seventies: alt now behave.. lol

vkn: Would add a link to your TP site alt

Daviss: oops

alt: okay vkn.. I would be honored Daviss, thinking about entering the world of Blog...... for starters I would just post some of the stories I have on my TP website... do you think that would work?

Daviss: yes it would alt...You would be right on target

vkn: alt, blogging ? Naw not him

alt: I was thinking about just some introductory words and then posting a link to the stories.

Daviss: lol

alt: here I come 'kickin & screamin' vkn LOL

Daviss: lol lol lol

vkn: oh well lol

alt: I gotta find sumpin' to do .. that I can do & it doesn't require a lot of research & work.... just re-hash what has already been done in the form of a Blog

Daviss: go for it alt!

Seventies: omg my firefox is acting up!

Daviss: wb seventies

vkn: Would respectfully request that you consider a similar post from writers forum alt

alt: wb Seventies, you "little havoc maker" LOL

Seventies: lol yeah.. lol Just saw this on Facebook.

alt: I could do that vkn... instead of re-creating the wheel my Blog could reference things already written and especailly some posting from the archives of AfriGeneas.

Seventies: Repping for the Blax-icans... :}

Daviss: Berkley Ca folks

Seventies: Father is blaxican, the Laboriel family

alt: I just saw on FaceBook a GREAT poem by a 16 y/o sister on Gabby Douglas and her 'ponytail' ... fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was posted by Tony Burroughs

Daviss: good for her alt, I will read later

alt: it will blow your mind Daviss, the young lady "laid it out there"

vkn: I too will read later

alt: she recites the poem .. it is a visual thing

Daviss: ok thx alt

Seventies: speaking of, saw a group of collegiate cheerleaders this morning.. a young sister had a long ponytail. I think it was a lace front.

vkn: A link alt to poem?

alt: Seventies, wishing you much success as you go about writing on the history of AA's in your home area.

Seventies: thanks.. already talked to some people. Going to place an ad in the local news paper and ads on facebook groups as well.

alt: great Seventies, your approach is 'working it"

Seventies: Yes, I took quite a bit of information from bbenn's show about this with Ms. Woodfork

alt: wonderful Seventies

Daviss: thanks for link alt

Seventies: In the meantime, I would love to publish my marriage records from 1866 - 1870 for AA's in Adams Co. MS

Daviss: gotta run folks

Seventies: So I'm debating how I can finish that project as well.

alt: take care partner

vkn: thanx

Seventies: Get there safely Daviss.. msg when you arrive

Daviss: talk later next week will do seventies

alt: wishing you a safe trip Daviss

Daviss: thx partner

Seventies: Hi Selma

vkn: Howdy Selma

Selma: Good Wednesday afternoon alt, seventies and vkn..did I just miss Daviss?

alt: well Hello Ms Selma

Seventies: just missed her. by a few seconds

vkn: Daviss just left Selma

Selma: operating a "little" better today..I swear it takes 2 days to recover from trips now

alt: okay, somebody say sumpin' LOL

vkn: Tell me about it lol

alt: I hear ya Selma,,, Seventies see what you have to look forward to LOL

Selma: Poor chile.. LOL

Seventies: smh hmph.. no I don't.. lol

alt: she just doesn't know does she Selma & vkn :)

Selma: Number of people are publishing books on line now...not sure how it works but they pay for the right to print it out..

alt: but it will be worth every moment of it Seventies

vkn: every moment

alt: I was looking at the procedure/process for Ebooks Selma

Seventies: :}

alt: today's technology is amazing!!!!

Selma: Did you check out the Arcadia site seventies?

Seventies: Took me a minute.. lol Yes I did.. those books are at the Nat'l Archives, right?

Selma: Probably.. Well actually not sure..maybe at Library of Congress.. I could send you 2 or three of the AA's ones by mail, so you could see, but you have to send them BACK


Seventies: I've seen those books around.

vkn: Interesting site

Seventies: that's okay.. lol We have this University library within short walking distance from my office.

alt: Seventies, if you get to the LOC check out Sheila Farmer Clay's "Black Legacy" it is very similar to what you're thinking about. There is a photo of the book with the LOC catalog nbr on my TP site.

Selma: Most are mostly photos...with little text beyond the introduction, except for captions with photos.

Seventies: I did browse through some of the titles. alt, I did check that one out also..

vkn: so seventies Nordmann posted his research

Seventies: I saw that vkn... I was very impressed. Great information.

Selma: I saw that vkn last night..have to go back and read a couple

alt: I saw that Nordmann posting vkn.... went to his site and viewed what he has available.

Seventies: Who is that gentleman who wrote about the AA records in Autauga Co, AL? He has some extensive info.

Selma: I am glad he posted it gets it to a "larger" audience

alt: some good stuff there ... FPOC research information & technique is applicable to all locales.

Selma: and I love dissertations

vkn: lol @ Selma

Selma: Now if we could just get folks to READ IT I will say no more.. LOL

alt: you're an "academic" in disguise Selma LOL and I mean that in a 'kind' way Selma

Seventies: lol

Selma: I love dissertations..thank goodness I never had to do one... LOL

alt: I'll be ready for a test on the materials you sent me last week in a few days Selma LOL LOL

Selma: Heck alt..I haven't even read the 51 page one yet..

Seventies: I was talking with my aunt last night and realized that one of our family friends actually told me quite a bit about his time in Highland Falls and West Point. He took me all the way back to about WW I. Amazing!

alt: hehehehhehe, then I'll test you Selma LOL

Selma: Did you tape it Seventies?

Seventies: No I didn't this was back in about 1998... I was too busy being G.I. jane back then. lol

Selma: I understand that..

Seventies: But I was surprised about some of the things I recalled.

Selma: Well I hope you wrote down what you recalled...

Seventies: His father in law was stationed at West Point. And his wife Francine was adopted (Essie Mae Williams type situation).

vkn: or dictated it into iTalk

Seventies: He even showed me photos of the inlaws. Man they were sharp. She spent her life, Ms. Francine, trying to find her mother... so sad.

Selma: You know have one of the portable scanner thingees...if you are going to do this project..folks might be more likely to let you scan pictures then take them out of their site to copy

alt: and you still can't connect to the Hayden family Seventies, they were in West Point area in the early 1940's ... 3 children born there.

Seventies: I was browsing at Best Buy earlier this week... I was going to ask you about them alt... are the children still living?

Selma: Was there a black newspaper in that area seventies

Seventies: lol no We had word of mouth.. lol

Selma: LOL

Seventies: Still do! lol

Selma: Where was the closest black newspaper published..many times they have columns with info from other areas in the state

alt: I think so Seventies .... Lloyd "Danny" Jr, Richard and Janet they would be in their 60's ... born there in the mid 1940's.

Selma: How do you do that seventies..where the words come up in color..

Seventies: alt, I would have to go to Goshen, NY the county seat... Selma I type /a, space then enter the info.

Selma: Oh..

Seventies: no comma though. lol perfect!

Selma: That has been driving me crazy for awhile..

alt: father's name Lloyd Sr. & mother was Mildred, maiden name Eichelberger & yes she was AA LOL LOL

Seventies: I will see if he's on the 1940 census here. remember I told you there's and eichelberger rd here.. lol

Selma: Are there any other colleges up that way seventies

Seventies: Back then during the 1940's through about 1980 there was a catholic college, LadyCliff in Highland Falls. For women only.

vkn: Y'all be good

Seventies: you too vkn

Selma: We try vkn..but it is hard

alt: you too vkn .. should I call you?

vkn: lol please alt

alt: okay Boss Lady LOL

Seventies: The local colleges in the area are Mount St. Mary's, Orange Co Comm College, Vassar, SUNY New Paltz, Marist

Selma: Just wondered if someone in the history depts had written a Master's Theses on AA"s in that area

Seventies: We have a lot of SUNY (State of NY) colleges and Universities

alt: isn't Denise Oliver-Velez at SUNY?

Seventies: SUNY New Paltz alt.

alt: hmmm, not sure Seventies

Seventies: There was one that came across my desk about the USCTs. The book was donated to the library here at West Point.

alt: one of those SUNY's

Seventies: Yes its SUNY New Paltz.

alt: okay

Selma: I hope you read it before you turned it in.. LOL

alt: aw, shame on you Selma LOL but yeah, I hope you read it too Seventies

Seventies: Funny, it came to me because any information such as that gets routed through the dept heads. And the lady who was the secretary gave the letter to me because she knew about my research.. that wasg great! So I got the letter from the author and the response from the Superintendent.

alt: yes it was Seventies, see folks are interested in what you do

Seventies: Not much anymore.. lol

Selma: Great seventies

alt: don't kid yourself... they are & perhaps don't show it as outwardly as you would like

Seventies: I am really looking forward to getting the low low on Highland Falls' AA community.

alt: I'm sure it will be a 'Hit" & a treasure Seventies

Selma: When did it start?

Seventies: I hope so. :} I hope that I don't put out any 'dirt' on anyone.. lol

alt: May we get your autograph now, before you become more famous

Seventies: Alt I'm still waiting to get a copy of YOUR book. :}

Selma: See have to take the high road..and make sure Vkn..takes out the "dirt" never know who reads these chat logs..and you don't want folks to think that is your aim

alt: exactly Selma

Seventies: That is not my aim at all Selma. I really just want to tell the story of where I grew up. I think its just one of the stories that just needs to be told.

alt: the plain and simple truth is dirty enough LOL

Seventies: lol alt don't remind me. sheesh.

Selma: I know that seventies..I am just saying.. LOL Exactly how many black folks lived and continue to live in Highland Falls

alt: I laid out some facts at my 60th HS class reunion about the 'good old days" and man were there some red faces in the group I was talking with

Seventies: As to date, roughly 400... not a lot, but Thousands have come through.

alt: that's a nice sized community Seventies

Seventies: look there was no point in them getting red, they did it and they ought to be bold enough to live with it.

Selma: So this was a layover point to somewhere else.

Seventies: Many, Many came through West Point including the 10th calvary Buffalo Soldiers. They came to take care of the west point mascots.

Selma: Ahhh.

alt: I know Seventies, but the fact of "white privilege" is hard to overcome and see the realities of life for those who are non-white.

Seventies: They also did all of the manual labor here. Shoveling snow, lawncare, horseback riding lessons. 7 days a week.

Selma: Tell "their stories"...seventies

Seventies: Absolutely Selma. People never give credit to us. Besides the racism has ratchted up several notches.

alt: You know you have the support of the entire Afrieneas community in this effort Seventies

Seventies: Thanks alt. I know I"m going to have to put in work. Lots of it.

Selma: In other words.."we have your back"..

Seventies: Thanks Selma and alt. Your support is truly truly appreciated.

alt: let us know if we can be of help in any way

Seventies: I certainly will!

alt: well y'all it's skedaddle time for me ... take care

Selma: Time for me to run too folks...have a great day.

Seventies: alt and Selma, if you could just spread the word on your facebook page that I am looking for AA's who at any time lived in the Town of Highlands at anytime between 1900 and 2000 that would be great! You can copy my message and tweek it

alt: gotcha Seventies

Seventies: We have people all over the country and U.S. who lived here. thanks alt & Selma.

Selma: You know I only have 20 friends sevnties.. LOL

Seventies: lol Okay Selma you need more friends.. lol

alt: but they have friends Selma

Selma: LOL Bye

Seventies: byeeee

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