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2012-08-14 DNA & BTR BBennett


Start: 12:07:08
End: 13:17:24
Chatters: alt, bbenn, Daviss, Seventies, vkn

Seventies: Hi Daviss!

Daviss: hello there!

Seventies: ok love that pic of your cousin Glo Dean! Um, but how did she get the nickname Shane?

Daviss: thanks, both of those peeps are on my Taylor side

Seventies: okay were they visiting you recently?

Daviss: dunno, she has had that nickname since we were little

Seventies: okay

Daviss: They came over when we were in Texas after bro died

Seventies: okay

Daviss: How are you doing today?

Seventies: I'm saying 'okay' a lot this morning! lol Strung up on coffee... lol I'm doing well. How are you doing Daviss?

Daviss: It thundered so loud this morning but only dropped dust all over the place no rain

Seventies: oh that's lousy. Was it a dust storm?

Daviss: doing good so far.. we will be heading out tomorrow night yes a dust storm not sure if it were a haboob yet

Seventies: already? Well can we send cards and stuff to the church? Or should I just mail to your house?

Daviss: I have not seen the news. I was up until about 5 am

Seventies: I saw that you were up late.

Daviss: why didn't you speak lol

Seventies: lol I was just getting up

Daviss: Ha! thats no excuse. You sure it wasn't the color of my skin lol lol

Seventies: lol lol lol

Daviss: I still can't find my mama dang it!

Seventies: Texas has been indexed, right?

Daviss: yep

Seventies: and is searchable? Look over in another county.

Daviss: Ij ust put in Texas then also just her name

vkn: Howdy to all

Seventies: I was looking over your bro's obit and I didn't realize that your mom was a Dones.

Daviss: hi there alt and vkn!!

Seventies: hi vkn and alt!

alt: hello Daviss, Seventies & vkn .. hope yo uladies are doing well today.

vkn: Daviss, alt, seventies

Seventies: Doing well.

Daviss: mom was raised as a Dones

Seventies: okay

vkn: No point to complain alt lol

Daviss: Her maiden name is Burks vkn I sent you important email a few mins ago

Seventies: okay that's the reason for the hyphenated name.

Daviss: yes seventies!

vkn: Thanx a lot Daviss

Daviss: important to me vkn wb seventies

Seventies: did you see that?? lol

alt: back on the road again, huh Daviss? Drive safely.

Seventies: Anything new on research or projects?

Daviss: ok back nothing for me but I see so many others that have made break throughs

Seventies: Yes, I saw Sharon Morgan had a break through in her family.

alt: nothing for me, lots I want to do, but can't find the energy or motivation to do much anymore.

vkn: Alt did you send corrected links re guide I went looking but did not see I am almost certain you sent

Daviss: I read that Seventies and thats wonderful

Seventies: Yep. :| So what I was thinking about when I read it was the difference between genetic relatives/family, ethnicity and culture.

alt: I'm not sure vkn... seems I can't remember what I've done even yesterday LOL

Seventies: I mean are those people really really her family? Especially the family that opted to pass for white.

vkn: My motivation is in a slumping mode also alt

Daviss: I assumed they were relation

alt: ithose are all big questions Seventies .. who is family" genetically &/or genealogically?

Seventies: yes they are.

alt: ancestors, relatives, kin, etc.

Seventies: And don't forget CULTURALLY. Many who have passed their descendants do not practice AA culture.

vkn: Sharon comes out of Mobile where anything and everything is possible

Seventies: Anything is possible anywhere... :}

alt: I'm not even goona get into the cultural aspects of it Seventies

Seventies: I never thought that there were FPOCs outside the gulf coast. okay fair enough alt.

alt: oh my Seventies.... 90% of my ancestral genealogical documentation is on FPOC from the late 1700's and it's all in Ohio .....

Seventies: Let me clarify. I meant in the southern U.S.

alt: well, as Selma would say .. out of VA and into Ohio LOL LOL

Seventies: I know that they certainly were trying hard to make it 100% enslaved African populated.

alt: And the largest FPOC states population wise were VA, NC & MD

Seventies: The upper south...

alt: that's according to census records on the U of VA Census Historical Browser from 1790 thru 1860

Seventies: Daviss did it! lol

Daviss: lol lol anything else new folks

Seventies: Okay remember that young man who was researching Anais Parker of Autauga Co. AL?

alt: sent my DNA question to bbenn for thurs show

Seventies: okay was it a doozie?

alt: my question???

Seventies: Well parkers are now showing up Yes alt

alt: My question for Dr. Mountain ...... As a Black American with African ancestry and both Y-DNA & mtDNA haplogroups of European origin and less than 50% Sub-Saharan African in my autosomal results, (Biogeographical Admixture), what is the best procedure to determine my African ancesral homeland? To date, the best I have done with 3rd party testing of my "raw data" is West Africa and Mandinka? How can I obtain more definitive answers? You said you were forwarding the questions to Dr. Mountain. If these would be of help here are my 23andme DNA test results. Y-DNA = I1d1 mtDNA = H3 Admixture = 52% Euro, 45% African, 3% Asian Thanks Bernice, I hope my question isn't too involved. :)) Art Thomas ancestral homeland

Seventies: Awesome question and I hope that you get the answer. It will definitely help a lot of people in your situation.

vkn: Great question alt

Daviss: well alt that looks like it needs 'splainin" lol

alt: thanks Seventies, thought i would run it by y'all LOL

Seventies: thanks! lol

Daviss: I would love to hear it on real time

Seventies: I will try to listen.

alt: Daviss, folks can say Nigeria, Camaroon, Angola, Ghana, etc.... so far I can't do that.

Daviss: I hear ya alt

alt: and "inquiring minds want to know" LOL LOL

Seventies: okay alt, So you all know that I got my maternal grandfather's results for Burkina Faso... Until I did some research on it, I had no idea that they were raided constantly by the Mossi and the Fula for slavery. My families don't come from any of those current nations.. lol Don't feel bad alt. I suspect the same with my maternal grandmother's family going back to Guinea-Bissau

alt: right Seventies, my question deals with where were my people from a DNA standpoint much longer than prior to the 16 & 1700's when they were imported from Africa. I ain't talking about today's geography.

Seventies: So I do recall that you mentioned the Iberian peninsula in one of your postings. That probably holds the key

Daviss: oh seventies would you ask when will they re-open for the rest of the 10,000

Seventies: Me? If I can get in. lol

alt: and this would be for ALL of my African ancestry not just one particular family line traceable thru haplogroups

Daviss: Do you think it will be that crowded??

Seventies: Yes indeed! DNA is the hot new-ish technology Daviss.

vkn: They just offered $50.00 off Daviss

Seventies: I don't think that they will be doing the freebies anymore.

Daviss: yes but they still have not filled that 10,000 AA group yet

alt: right Daviss, I think less than 6,000 took the RITF offer.

Daviss: my understanding is that they are about 3000 short ok so that would be about 4000 more then

Seventies: well I ended up giving away 2 tests, and only using one. Time constraints.

Daviss: some ordered and did not gift or use

alt: yes Seventies, and with entering the DNA testing & matching market it's going to get muddier & murkier with mis-information and/or mis-interpretation

Seventies: Right.. so do you see why I just stuck with African Ancestry. I just don't have time to work out the DNA.

Daviss: good thing for you seventies but mine would have been returned

Seventies: And I am not looking for Native or European relatives.

alt: okay Seventies, If African Ancestry works for you fine..

Daviss: 'alts would have been returned also

Seventies: But it would seem as if there would be something compatible for those who have a bi-racial or tri-racial ancestry. Some comparative database.

alt: African Ancestry does NOT do admixture on non-African haplogroups ... yet ..... to me that's a problem.

Seventies: Surely if they can find African genetics as complex as it is they can pinpoint the European ancestry and give a straightforward answer.

alt: now that would be terrific if African ancestry, FTDNA, 23andme & others could have those tested by them cross-matched with the other testing agencies

Seventies: European genetics are several millenia younger than African genetics

Daviss: I cant remember alt what was your Hap?

alt: the problem is in the population of each testing compaines database.. African ancestored populations are very small across the board. I1d1 for Y-DNA & H3 for mtDNA Daviss

Daviss: thx alt

vkn: y'all be good

Seventies: okay all, I have lots of work to do today...and am multitasking as I type... lol

alt: so admixed AA's get more information on the Euro ancestry than their African ancestry because of the lack of matches within each population database.

Daviss: k vkn right alt! I need to look in my cousins again. He is R1b1a8

Seventies: What haplogroup does that fall in?

alt: good luck with that Daviss

Daviss: I know, last I looked all his matches on the first page were not AA except us lol lol

Seventies: lol

alt: i can believe that Daviss

Seventies: Well WE'RE related Daviss.... lol on your brother Theodore's side.. lol

Daviss: lol Seventies..

Seventies: I'm willing to bet its through your daddy.. :}

Daviss: so you gotta be my niece lol hahahaha

Seventies: Naw. Your crazy cousin! lol lol lol

alt: and except for know family, most of our matches are at the 3rd to distant cousin relationship which puts them back to slavery.

Daviss: hahahahaha lo right alt its crazy huh

Seventies: same with most of my matches for my granddad.. but some are young people. I don't understand that.

alt: yep Daviss, when I see the age of RF matches and they are under 40 y/o and they don't know their great-grandparents I just SMH LOL LOL

Daviss: there we go again with the parents being mum I had to tell my cousins you know whose name

Seventies: Those folks must've been really advanced in age when they had their children.

alt: so you know they don't know the siblings of their ancestors and their descnedants

Seventies: ha! chat will self destruct in 5, 4, 3, 2, lol

Daviss: right! poof!!!

alt: are y'all saying it's quittin time? LOL

Daviss: thats her alt lol lol

Seventies: I'm saying the last time Daviss mentioned her folks.. I was kicked out of chat... lol That's ALL I'm saying lol lol lol

Daviss: I didn't say the name at all lol lol

alt: oh, okay .. forgive me .. told ya I was slowing down LOL

Seventies: Its gotten to the point all you have to do is think it! lol

Daviss: oh alt, dont forget to tell that LongView woman I know seventies lol

alt: okay, I wrote it down to remind myself Daviss

Daviss: ok alt..thx I hope it ws not on a napkin lol

alt: naw, my to-do list ... now if I can just remember where I keep the list LOL

Daviss: hehehehehe hello there bbenn

alt: hello bbenn , how are ya?

bbenn: Hello alt, Daviss, Seventies

Seventies: hello bbenn

bbenn: Did anyone see that Afriquest made the top 100 websites in Family Tree Magazine?

alt: bbenn, I sent you a question for Dr. Mountain...

Seventies: yay Afriquest!

alt: I didin't ... Congrats to Afriquest

Daviss: bbenn I know you will have a full house on Thursday but would you save seventies a seat

Seventies: lol

bbenn: You did, I never received it. I just sent her about 30 questions. I can add your question.

alt: I sent it this morning and also posted it here in the chat log.

bbenn: Yes, I do anticipate a full house. I had 124 last Thursday and had technical problems. Folks hung in there!

Seventies: I told you so! :P lol

Daviss: :?

bbenn: I was expected it as an email message. I will look for your question.

alt: if it wouldn't be inappropiate I could post my question in the comment portion on your Facebook page for the Talk Show.

Seventies: bbenn is hot! :}

bbenn: I will send you an email message and reply to my message, Hot...ummmm

Daviss: and by the way bbenn I love love your new web page

alt: okay bbenn

bbenn: Well, last week I was running lke a crazy person from one house to another searching for an internet connection. I hope that I came across calm lol lol Thanks Vickie...the webmaster was great to work with...

Daviss: lol give yourself kudos bbenn because everyone stayed

bbenn: Yes, that's amazing! They really wanted to hear what Lisa had to say lol lol lol

Daviss: Thats saying they love what you are providing

bbenn: Thanks! It is really hard work but, I enjoy doing it.:} Has Afrigeneas put in any new upgrades? I have noticed a lot of discussion on Afrigeneas. alt, I am sending you a quick message. I will touch bases with everyone tomorrow! Have a great day.

alt: okay bbenn ..

Seventies: bye alt!

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