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2012-08-12 Brant/Brand Spelling


Start: 11:13:09
End: 13:09:31
Chatters: alt, AYWalton, Daviss, keli1, Seventies, vkn

Seventies: Hello vkn.. I see its just us... :}

vkn: Howdy seventies No one came last night

Seventies: I saw that...

vkn: and how are you today

Seventies: I'm doing well and yourself?

vkn: Khalil Gibran Muhammed is on BookTV

Seventies: Again? :} He's been on CSpan quite a bit lately

vkn: NY Book Fair from the Schomburg and also Sonia Sanchez

Seventies: okay Sounds interesting.

vkn: it is

Seventies: Anything else new going on vkn?

vkn: Getting ready for Birmingham trying to get Precious Photos tested Peniel Joseph who is he Seventies? Frederick Harris "The Price of the Ticket" The Condemnation of Blackness by Khalil www.presedential responsibility .com A clear agenda Repeal drug laws Volunteering is an elitist paradigm Ban on assault weapons reactuvate activism heyyyyyy wb

Seventies: hey.. sorry... I was kicked off. took a little while to get back in. Peniel Joseph is an AA historian of Haitian descent.

vkn: thanx he is on this panel

alt: hello vkn,

vkn: Heyyyyyyyyyy

alt: how you doing today vkn?

Daviss: hi alt and vkn!!

vkn: Daviss came in and left pronto

alt: Well Hello & Welcome back Daviss

vkn: ohhhhh there she is

Daviss: thanks alt lol vkn I went to lunch bunch by habit lol

vkn: lol

Daviss: I have been sitting in there for about 10 mins waiting for someone to come in hehehe

vkn: How are you doing daviss

alt: vkn, what kind of help are you looking for with the AfriGeneas flash drives?

Daviss: Well, I am doing fairly well...The funeral will not be until the 17th

alt: you wil have to drive back to TX Daviss?

vkn: 3 or 4 success stories alt

Daviss: yes I think so alt.. daughter is looking into what will be the most beneficial for all of us to go

vkn: maybe the guide

alt: like in the form of a PDF document, a blog entry, a story ????

vkn: only 128 meg PDF is prolly too big More like a power point AYW is working on a power point

alt: not sure I have anything that would be of interest to the 'general' community vkn.

keli1: Good afternoon everyone, it is good to see you today!

alt: good 'seeing' you too keli1

Daviss: hi there keli1!

vkn: Daviss did you get mail from me with questions?

Daviss: I have not been in email yet vkn, will check it now

vkn: Also nice photo on your facebook page daviss

keli1: vkn, yes that is a nice photo!

Daviss: Oh yes that canyon is very moving vkn.. I have never seen anything like it. The rocks are in all shapes and sizes through out

vkn: How did you learn to panoramic daviss you be bad

Daviss: lol now vkn, you know I had a gteen in the car

vkn: lol lol

keli1: Did you all know there is a bus for $125 round trip to Greensboro, depending on where you live on the way

vkn: also known as giving credit lol

Daviss: heheheee

alt: is this for AAHGS keli1?

keli1: yes, leaving out of MD, VA and on to NC

alt: okay keli1, thanks

keli1: it is coming out cheaper than the train, so I hope to ride the bus! the conference price was reduced, so I hope more will register

AYWalton: Good afternoon, all.

keli1: hey there AY! good afternoon!

AYWalton: Howdy alt, Daviss---good to see you. Hey keli1 Greetings, vkn!!!!

alt: you're making them all, huh keli1, Pittsburg, Greensboro & Salt Lake City

Daviss: keli1 check this out .. It does not come through Arizona though

AYWalton: Hope you are all well.

alt: Hello AYWalton, good seeing you

Daviss: heyyy AYWalton!!

AYWalton: keli are you doing GRIPitt?

keli1: I am trying...saving my pennies, etc... ASALH is Pittsburg

Daviss: that bus is a dollar to three dollars state to state

AYWalton: ahhh ok asalh.

keli1: I love the megabus, I hope to ride it one day, it comes to richmond!

AYWalton: I still can't believe that they sent me an invoice for a conference that I did not attend, nor register for!

keli1: that is a crock, just send it back to them...

AYWalton: I did not even bother. Just ignored it.

keli1: I was not intending to go to NC, but want to support the new AAHGS president. It is only 3 hours from here and I don't have to drive, also will find a roommate to split the costs.

alt: y'all get your DNA questions ready for bbenn's show coming up this Thurs... she' is having the lady from 23andme on her show.

AYWalton: I was invited to be on a panel, and when I realized that participating was going to cost me a lot of money I pulled out and notified everyone a month in advance. It was going to cost me money to join, to register, to travel down, and to stay in a hotel--not to mention eat. So I let the parties know that I was not going to participate. (They REQUIRE all speakers to pay to register and to pay to join.) That was insane! I simply ignored those folks!! They have lost their minds!!

keli1: yes I am ready for the DNA show, can't wait, darn 23andme sent new updated info...more confusion

AYWalton: To spend over $500 just to speak for 15 minutes was truly not worth it.

vkn: Howdy AYW

AYWalton: yes, Bernice is pulling out the big dogs!!! greetings vkn!!!1

keli1: oh no, it is not worth it, I just want to attend one...Bernice is kicking butt and taking names, her speaker list has risen! Lisa was good the other night

vkn: My goodness AYW I blame you NOT!!!

AYWalton: and MAKING speakers pay to speak!!! They have lost their minds!!!!

Daviss: ok back

AYWalton: and to then send an invoice to someone who never atteneded, nor registered!!! Bad bad business!!!!!

vkn: totally lost their minds

keli1: did you guys see my finding I posted on facebook- the mispelling of a name...

AYWalton: and this is the oldest Afr. American historical group. Oh well... I did not see it, keli1. When did you post it?

alt: yes keli1 Brand vs Brant ????

keli1: the ladies name was Lydorianna Boyer-Worden, online it was Hydenna Werden Baya.

alt: oh no, I didn't see that one keli1

keli1: Oh Art, that was another one...Brand's, once they hit Ohio, all things changed. The ancestors were working me last night/this morning! AY, they are the oldest group, wow, I need to read a little history on them

alt: your Brand/Brant story is a familiar one of folk going 'white' & changing their surname spelling

keli1: yes, and probably for several reasons

alt: no doubt keli1,, a variety of reasons

keli1: The communication has stopped once they received my info from PA, others had not crossed back into PA.

Daviss: amazing Keli

AYWalton: Keli1 I am looking for your post on FB. just found it.

alt: within my families in the late 1800's & early 1900's 'passing' was usually associated with economics & upward mobility for the family

AYWalton: So the indexing error was with FamilySearch, not Ancestry is that right?

keli1: I posted two, one on Lydorianna and one on the Brands..AY good topic for a podcast, the MIS-spellings of names...etc...I think newbies need to realize this, and some experienced,

AYWalton: quite true.

Daviss: thats for sure keli1

keli1: What is interesting-a record creates a record-marriage log to certificate, what was from the log was the mispellings, I will verify which was wrong, I think it was familysearch, I can make a note on ancestry to correct it

alt: I posted on AfriGeneas about the terrible job of indexing done by when they came out with the early States that were "indexed" & searchable by surname

keli1: good Art, I am trying to find where Lydorianna is buried, that is why I am on the hunt

alt: and then vkn gave a great link to the indexing problems of Ancestry & FamilySearch about 2 weeks ago.

Daviss: I sure have some catching up to do

keli1: same thing for the Brand's, I hope to find out more about James' father, but it is a long shot, I can't figure out how they go from VA to PA

alt: these were before 1862 keli1, were they in a border county between PA and what is now WV?

keli1: I do believe experience helps with reducing indexing errors, I would of never caught that, if I was not looking for some variation of the name, I would of kept ignoring it Brand's were in Franklin Co. PA, not Virginia, when I found them, James and Mildred were born in VA , Mildred was born in Richmond

alt: oh, okay keli1 .. you see a lot of folk moving between PA & WV-VA.

keli1: on one of Mildred children's (death record) said she was born in Richmond, father from Scotland. So its a needle in a hay stack. yes I do see that movement, why do you think that? PA to Ohio was another big one the migrating of free colored is a whole field of study itself.

alt: From the establishment of the old Northwest Territory (1787) to the Civil War Ohio was the "new Frontier" for many folks. and Ohio when it became a State in 1803 was the first non-slave State coming into the Union during that period.

keli1: opportunities and safetly had to be at the top of the list, and of course homesteading in 1862, another factor

alt: hello deannie

keli1: Art, when I was in Medina last year, I totally forgot about the Brands, totally. My mom and I discussed this morning...we only looked at the Davis stuff.

Daviss: Heyyyy

keli1: wb AY!

Daviss: wb ay

AYWalton: lol, thanks

alt: wb AYWalton

Daviss: Davis stuff lol

keli1: AY when does Geneabloggers come back on Friday's, I kind of miss them? Do you have any idea?

alt: keli1, your folks were homesteader's in both Ohio & Michigan?

keli1: Yes, lol, Davis...with one S...I know believe my Davis's might of come out of VA into PA.

AYWalton: I don't think soon---he was over extended and was basically tired to do the show. I miss it as well.

keli1: Not in Ohio, but in Michigan, Manistee and Benzie Counties

AYWalton: I enjoy the Blog Radio shows.

alt: oh, okay keli1, in Michigan were they in the lumber business?

AYWalton: and they are indeed attracting an audience for sure.

keli1: farmers and loggers

alt: okay keli1

AYWalton: so glad that Bernice is bringing in speakers of all backgrounds to her show. And folks are paying attention out there in genea-land.

keli1: a while back I posted some of the logging pic's, the historical society would love to have them, but will get them when I pass on to a higher place. Yes, what is curious is how to tell how many are listening, I can see the number in the chat, but isn't there more than just what is in the chat? I love her new webpage

alt: keli1, why not post those images on the AfriGeneas Precious Photos section?

AYWalton: it is quite professional looking!

Daviss: I will miss another of her shows but will check them when I get back

AYWalton: yes you can always get the archived version of the show.

keli1: I will do that Art, good idea. it is expensive to preserve these photos, I do about one or two a month...

AYWalton: well going to run folks. Have a good day.

alt: Precious Photos is a great, inexpensive way to share those photographic gems of ours with the larger community.

keli1: shows the work our folks have done in building the communities they lived in as well..

Daviss: easy to load also keli1 I need to put a few more in

alt: exactly keli1 & yes Daviss the upload procedure is very easy to follow.

keli1: I think I loaded a couple of unknown ones last year...but will upload some more, need to keep sharing the stories...then will post to fb, etc, to draw more to the site, good idea..great marketing Art

alt: marketing .. that's the genius of vkn, BJ & others keli1

keli1: :}

Daviss: oops

keli1: well all I need to go eat...and get back to my grant stuff, enjoy your day

alt: must be quittin' time LOL LOL

keli1: byeeeee

alt: y'all take care & welcome back Daviss

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