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2012-08-09 23&Me DNA


Start: 12:17:30
End: 13:07:27
Chatters: alt, Seventies

Seventies: Hello alt. How are you doing today?

alt: Hi Seventies, doing fine today ... How about you?

Seventies: doing well alt.

alt: did you do your DNA as a part of the 23andme Roots Into the Future project?

Seventies: I did. I was looking at the new information that you added about that new family tree feature. Interesting. I'll have to go check that out. Well I did my grandfather's DNA

alt: okay, the family tree feature is under the Sharing & Community section. I'm making mine visable to anyone that goes to my profile since my folks are deceased.

Seventies: okay

alt: I'm only doing direct line at the moment, may add siblings and collateral family at a latr date.

Seventies: okay I'm looking at your profile now alt

alt: okay, I'm putting as much genealogy related stuff as I can on the site to help those who match me on Relative Finder to be able to possibly connect with me.

Seventies: okay

alt: beats me looking for them, if they are interested, they will find the connection to me LOL LOL LOL

Seventies: true! lol Have you listened to Bbenn's or Megan Smolenyak's shows on how to actively find the living?

alt: I don't think so. I know not bbenn's, not sure about Megan ... can't remember.

Seventies: Megan was interview by Thomas McEntee on the Ancestry sponsored show and I forgot who was on bben's show.. Both gave excellent tips

alt: I use zabasearch, people finder and a few other tools ... is there something I'm missing?

Seventies: They gave indepth searching methods...

alt: okay Like ??????

Seventies: For example like how someone may go about finding you based on public records.

alt: okay, driver's license, marriage/divorce, newspapers, city directories, year books ???

Seventies: all of that, but for example I see you on the 1940 census, how would I after say researching your ancestors to see if you were still living.

alt: and now even property records, thru auditors & county treasurer's records

Seventies: right. For example, with Welcome Bowman. My grandmother's cousin in Ohio. I just realized that he's probably still alive based on census info and directories

alt: first might be to see if I'm not on the SSDI possibly.. a clue that I may still be living.

Seventies: With the 1940 census being out now, there's a good chance you can find a living relative.

alt: Ancestry has for Ohio death records up to 2007. so state Death records may be a clue

Seventies: right.. I was just using that as an example. And if he were deceased, it would most likely be a recent death and you can find an obit online now adays.

alt: tru on 1940 census..... those folks would be at least 70-72 y/o if still living.... example, my Wife was born in 1939.

Seventies: That's the kind of thing she was talking about..

alt: okay I'm interested i Lisa's show with Bbenn tonite on the professional genealogist thing

Seventies: I learned a lot.. using whatever I can go get to the family. You should call in and offer your own advice.

alt: good Seventies, it's nice to have a box full of tools LOL LOL

Seventies: lol indeed! Do you have any folks in the mid-west? KS, OK, MO that area

alt: I might have a question about being a Pro without certification and/or accreditation Yes, all three

Seventies: okay, so I am looking to get information about Bourbon Co, KS and Ft. Scott. So I'm venturing into another state in which I had no idea that I'd be researching. lol

alt: not familiar with those areas

Seventies: okay

alt: that's gonna happen as you broaden your family research to extended and collateral family.

Seventies: AAs really moved around a lot. I have a great granduncle who moved to Bourbon Co, KS and his wife is from Missouri. Bourbon Co. sit on the border of KS & MO.

alt: On the Pro thing ... some of the best researchers/genealogist do not have any "letters' behind their name ...

Seventies: right.. the people who have the natural ability and know how to ask the right questions. Natural researchers. I call them nosy folk.. lol

alt: Lisa herself is a very good example... she isn't certified or accredited

Seventies: really?

alt: right

Seventies: But she's got advanced college though, right?

alt: I'm not sure about the level of her education. degree-wise

Seventies: okay. Well old school college grads had to work for that degree.. lol College was a lot harder when I started in comparison to when I went lalter on. I understand for your master's there is quite a bit of resarch involved.

alt: what's 'old school" ?????

Seventies: Before 1990... lol

alt: or when is old school oh my goodness pre-1990 :)

Seventies: lol

alt: weel, the research resources today are a lot different with the Internet capabilities

Seventies: true, but they are not always reliable. Books have to be WELL researched IMO and offer more correct information.

alt: well, resources are the same,,, the difference is accessibilty to them via the Internet

Seventies: Wikipedia is a great deal of the time just wrong. I double check with my old school Encyclopedia set.. lol

alt: you can possibly get a book or a manuscript on the 'Net today whereas in the old days you might of had to go to a Library or Archive in person to get the same thing

Seventies: My boys dislike looking up items in a book, but I think its helpful in expanding the way they can research. true alt.

alt: no doubt about books,,,

Seventies: I love books.. lol

alt: you mentioned the other day about loading books on your 'nook/kindle' before you would of had to carry a stack of books atround with you for the same access.

Seventies: yes. Funny story, I remember reading about that in "A Brave New World" by Adolus Huxley in elementary school. Never thought I'd live to see it.

alt: do you remember the science fiction stuff in Buck Rogers ... Flash Gordon and even Dick Tracy ... some of those things are here today or were these guys before your time

Seventies: lol yea. I watched Buck Rogers in the early 1980's. Flash Gordon had a movie in the late 1970's, right. I just remember the 'new' stuff. lol I used to read Dick Tracy in the Sunday Comics. :}

alt: well, you can't be expected to remember 'stuff' tha happened before you were born LOL

Seventies: brb lol I had no idea that stuff was from the 50's.. lol

alt: and maybe even before that .. I remember them in comic books in the 1940's.

Seventies: probably inspired by the World's Fair in the 1930's

alt: Dick Tracy had his 'walkie-talkie' today's cell-phones

Seventies: :)

alt: well, I gotta skedaddle... Anita wants me to take her for some shoppong and dinner... I gues that is an old folk's date LOL LOL Red Lobster here we come LOL LOL

Seventies: lol I gotta get back to work.. Have a good time. Wish I were there!

alt: nye

Seventies: bye alt see you tonight

alt: bye

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