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2012-08-07 Tues Night Chat


Start: 21:13:05
End: 21:35:23
Chatters: Selma, Seventies

Seventies: Hello Selma!

Selma: Good evening seventies

Seventies: Looks like its just you and I... :) I just heard that Vicky's brother passed.

Selma: Sure does..and you know I ain't too long for consciousness

Seventies: I know :}

Selma: Yes I just heard too...I am glad she made it home to see him

Seventies: Me too... Well your name has brought me lots of luck.. Selma :} I'm finding family all over Michigan and other states. Thank you, Ms Selma, AL

Selma: LOL

Seventies: I got locked out...

Selma: I was just about to say..what happened Wow.. locked out

Seventies: Yes text entry locked up on me... all I could do was select BRB lol

Selma: you might have to check with vkn..

Seventies: So I've found a few of my Callins family members in Michigan in 1940. I'm happy about it. All of this from just looking up people in an obituary!

Selma: Did you know they had gone there before?

Seventies: no just one aunt My Dad's eldest sister He also has a first cousin in Buffalo, NY

Selma: One goes others follow What was in your area that drew your family there

Seventies: Right, and it wasn't just the children of George and Lucy (Stroggins) Callins it was also Lucy's extended family who left AL from MI I'm not sure yet Selma. I wish I had someone to ask... all deceased now.

Selma: No newspaper articles which would give you and idea of what was going on there during the time they came..

Seventies: I haven't looked that far yet. These are developments as of today... :}

Selma: I tend to think of employment first

Seventies: From researching my mother's great uncle, I suspect it may have been work with the federal government He came to MI during the 1930s Now one of my uncles remained in Alabama. He lived in Birmingham after he left Selma, AL He owned his own grocery store. His children are all professional people. Well the uncle who lived in MI, I was able to identify because of course his name and the fact that my aforementioned aunt was living with him.

Selma: LOL..seems like a big clue

Seventies: Before living in MI, he lived in Kansas. That was interesting. . . LOL Talk about obvious!

Selma: I have a friend who was from Kansas City, Kansas

Seventies: Oh yea?

Selma: Yes..both she and her husband..they go back at least once a year. Her husband and some other alumni wrote a book 2 years ago on their HS which is now integrated but at the time was the black HS in Kansas City Kansas Yoo Hoo seventies you still there?

Seventies: Sorry... same issue....

Selma: Interesting

Seventies: This happens from time to time on here Selma..

Selma: Sorry seventies..I have to go Long day...

Seventies: Ok... have a good evening

Selma: good night

Seventies: Sleep well

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