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2012-08-07 "Moon Walking" Generations


Start: 12:24:08
End: 13:31:14
Chatters: alt, bbenn, keli1, Selma, Seventies, vkn, yatah

yatah: hello

vkn: Howdy Doody all y'all

yatah: remember me ?

vkn: lol lol Nah lol

alt: Hello vkn & yatah ,, how are the two of you doing today?

yatah: i am doing fine lol

vkn: Where have you been Yatah? Hope not ill

alt: yes, we/I remember you yatah LOL

vkn: Alt howdy you are good and busy

yatah: on vacation that why and busy too

vkn: Alt ao what is new on the horiaion today

alt: me busy? I try not to be vkn.

vkn: lol lol

alt: you're the busy person vkn ... I don't know how you do it.

vkn: y genealogy program has been upgraded from the ground up and I am enjoying all of the new stuff This "artifical intellegence" is da bomb alt.

alt: okay vkn, lay it on us.

vkn: My genealogy program [Reunion} has been upgraded from the ground up and I am enjoying all of the new stuff

Seventies: Hi lunch bunchers! alt, vkn, yatah

alt: Hello Seventies.

vkn: Howdy Seventies

Seventies: vkn, is that from reunion [dot] com?

alt: oh my vkn, I can't handle "new" anymore LOL

Seventies: tsk tsk tsk

alt: Is there a reunion 'demo' online vkn?

vkn: No alt it is from Leister Pro Yes there is will link ya

alt: okay vkn

yatah: hi all

alt: yatah, have you worked with the 1940 census yet?

vkn: I see on FPOC someone/Hoffman is seeking LYLE I recall that as a long discyssion

alt: Lyle & FPOC ... sounds like something that Arlene will be responding to.

vkn: Thanx to y'all for keeping the doors open We will need to come up with a plan to get more peeps to drop in.

yatah: i dont know if 1940 come out full , alt

alt: yes yatah, I think at least the State you've been researching are 'up & running" ... SC & PA

vkn: have either of you used MOCAVO? I ask because it stinks to me and they want $79.00 for the bummer

alt: I tried it when it first came out vkn.... haven't used it since....

yatah: i still work on sc and ohio,

Seventies: lol well not lately vkn

yatah: ky,

Seventies: But I figured that was the direction they were going in.

vkn: Or maybe my learning level is at the bottom of the wassup barrel ?

yatah: oh i see i will try 1940 if they come out name on list it will great

vkn: Give it a run Seventies

Seventies: I'm starting to look into my Callins family in Alabama. So last night I decided to look at some obits and see if I could match information. I hit on every one...

alt: those States are available yatah on & you can search 1940 for no cost , it's free

vkn: I do not find any docs saying "how2"

Seventies: naw that's okay. lol

vkn: There is a free version seventies

yatah: it said type name and e mail address that one ?

vkn: at least a demo

alt: hello keli1, how are ya & how have you been?

Seventies: hi keli1

keli1: hello there, just plain busy, how is everyone?

vkn: Heyyyyyy Keli1 long time

alt: busy is a pain in the you-know-what, right keli1 LOL

keli1: How is the lunch bunch?

vkn: we be lunchy Keli1 How goes your research keli1

keli1: lol, did everyone get worned out about Obama's momma etc

alt: Seventies, where are you finding the Callins Obits? from a personal collection? keli1, the Punch/Bunch mess?

keli1: yes the Punch stuff, even had the Goins stuff in there, geez....

yatah: hey you can help me that open us public records index volume 1 at ancestry .com ?

alt: IMHO, much ado about "nothing:, some embellishment's and grossly misstated theories. the documents may have been factual, but the genealogy really didn't have "legs". some missing dots were not connected in my mind.

Seventies: from a personal collection alt...

alt: Okay Seventies vkn asked, what's new ....

keli1: love it has legs

alt: most promising thing for me is the quality of AA genealogy society websites and newsletters.... the Indiana group and the Northern California groups in particular have really stepped up to the plate in modernizing their materials.

yatah: bye all i guess you not answer my question so i go leave

alt: ask again yatah

yatah: hey you can help me that open us public records index volume 1 at ancestry .com ?

alt: don't understand yatah... are you trying to open an Ancestry index and you don't have an ry subscription????

yatah: no i not want pay for that

alt: most of the indexes and databases on Ancestry are fee based and you need to pay the subscription to get into them yatah

yatah: oh i see dang it

alt: only those advertised as free like the 1940 census can be accessed without a membership yatah

yatah: ok

alt: that answers your question, right yatah?

yatah: i hope find more information what happen my gg grandma yeah

vkn: Just finished a call with a female who wants to publish her story on AfriGeneas about reuniting her seven aunts and uncles who were seperated when their parents died

alt: have you tried using yatah ?... many of the indexes on Ancestry are FREE on FamilySearch

vkn: all young children and had different surnames etc etc

yatah: oh that i look for there is 1940 right

alt: yes yatah

vkn: Howdy Selma

keli1: I love family search, I have ancestry and family search both open at the same time hi Selma

alt: hello Selma.....

Selma: Good afternoon alt, keli, seventies, vkn and yatah

alt: me too most of the time keli1 and I bounce back and forth.

vkn: Have you used Mocavo Keli! if so how does it suit you

keli1: no I have not

vkn: ok Thanx

yatah: i still look for luther quiller none find one oh boy me as josephine quiller

Selma: yatah was luther quiller still alive in 1940?

alt: vkn, doesn't Mocavo just try to tell you where the information/data is located? It odesn't really have the information like Ancestry, FamilySearch and other database type websites.

keli1: I think it does Art

yatah: i have no idea , selma last time i saw luther quiller on list 1930 and 1910

alt: it has the databases?

vkn: Selma were you here Sat Nite. I ask because the log was very wierd. I will send you it to read

Selma: I think it was just me an deannie..or was that Sunday?

yatah: i do know edward quiller died before 1930

Selma: Who was in the room Saturday vkn? Send to me I will read

keli1: I wasn't. I love the article on Dru, thanks for sending it out Vkn, I will post tonight on our facebook page

vkn: Well that is part of my confusion alt Lots of promise from macavo but poor payoff when I try to use

Selma: You mean Macavo and the Log?

alt: Selma.. the young man from Grenada who won the 400 meters in the Olympics is a fantastic youngster ... very, very well centered person!!!!!

Selma: Was he interviewed Alt..I will have to check

vkn: Great Keli. I did not see it get posted. Did it have the photograph with the ladies in hats

yatah: how

alt: he had a short interview after he won Selma.... I was really impressed with him ... and they had a short sketch about him prior to the race.

Selma: Afternoon bbenn

Seventies: hi bbenn

vkn: I tried to post thrice and it never showed on my machine

bbenn: Hello alt, keli1,Selma, Seventies, vkn,yatah!

Selma: Yatah..was Josephine on the 1940 census?

alt: hello bbenn

vkn: Hody bbenn how goes it?

bbenn: How is everyone today?

vkn: also howdy bbenn

yatah: selma, i did check josephine on 1940 it nopt there i see 1930 and 1910

bbenn: On vacation in the big Apple...having fun with my twin!

vkn: New Yawk, New Yawk lol

Selma: Say Hi to the Big Apple and your twin for me You are a traveling woman bbenn

bbenn: Hi New Yorklol lol lol lol

alt: bbenn, wonderful show with Char.... she hit on a lot of my 'favorite' points in researching collateral families and the value of such.

Selma: Loved her "moonwalking" comment

bbenn: I have been doing the moonwalk since the show!lol lol lol lol

Selma: Haven't we all

yatah: if josephine on 1940 she suppose live till 1949 i think

bbenn: I just plain old overlooked a lot of folks...I could just kick myself because I knew better!

vkn: that was a killer diller term 'moonwalking' and quite a feat for the feet lol

alt: I especailly like that and her comment on 'generation jumping' bbenn

Selma: yatah..then she should be there..who was she living with

keli1: hi Bernice! it was a good show, I listened to it

bbenn: Folks have been quoting her...I saw a comment on 23andme about Char's interview.

yatah: yeah who with ?? after her sons grown selma

vkn: yes very good and I gues one might extend to hopping and skipping

keli1: really, that is good..

Selma: Char..leaves no stone unturned

yatah: selma, her last name under quiller, quilla

vkn: I will try and extend the Char conversation on the forum

keli1: I agree, the key is asking questions,

bbenn: Lisa B.Lee is going to be a fun guest this Thursday.

alt: one of your better shows bbenn ..... she got into things tha should/could be applied by all of us in our genealogy & family history work.

Selma: might have to expand the spellings...remember ordinary folks are indexing, maybe they indexed as "Guiller"

keli1: oh yes, she is a hoot, great presenter, I loved her talk on ancestry

alt: oh, BTW do you still want DNA questions prior to the show with the 23anme person?

bbenn: Yes! I have a call with her tomorrow to go over the questions.

alt: Lisa had an AA ancestor who was given an AA ancestor of mine in Canada in the late 1700's .. can you believe that!!!!!

yatah: guiller ?

bbenn: Wow!

vkn: I saw that alt

Selma: yatah ...yes..maybe even Cuiller..or Kuilla...

yatah: yike or move around i need find out

vkn: "leave no stone unturned" Yatah

alt: Selma, your example on the quiller name is a classic on using the other filters/parameters in your search ... age, gender, location, relation to HOH, etc.

vkn: What about the link from PF Alt

alt: sometimes you have to search on more than just the name okay vkn... that's a good post by PF

keli1: she explains really good about using the wild cards and not using the soundex

yatah: i think quiller come from who ower slave gave name

alt: I would never find Aniat and her family in the 1940 census using wildcards & soundex .... you can't get to HARVEY from an indexed HOWEY.

vkn: I will send you log for review Selma. Not connected to the Mocavo question

bbenn: Have a great day everyone... time to go out again.

vkn: enjoy

alt: Aniat=Anita .. and her given name was also indexed as Anera, rather than Anita

vkn: my given name is indexed Lavencia

yatah: selma, remeber i found more quiller back 1700 i not sure

alt: keli1, you saw the pic of you and Jari I took in Ft. Wayne in 2009?

yatah: plus they do has slaver before too

keli1: no Art, I dont think i have seen that one, where is it?

Selma: Folks..I have to run, hopefully I will see you all tonight. Bye

vkn: okies Selma

alt: on the Goins MyFamily website keli1

keli1: okay I will check, maybe i did see it I am on my ipad, and will check when i get home

alt: okay keli1

vkn: I see that device in the side bar Keli

yatah: selma, remeber i found more quiller back 1700 i not sure

vkn: Y'all be good. C ya 2nite

alt: yatah, try to stick with one generation at a time.... jumping from 1930-1940 back to the 1700's is quite confusing to us,,, at least it confuses me :)

vkn: me too yatah

keli1: Has anyone got an understanding on the updated DNA info that 23andme put out

yatah: sorry

alt: yep keli1, it's as clear as MUD!!!!! lol LOL

keli1: they now break down the countries you are from, which is strange, my mother and I have Jamaica and my brother does not, also, says my mother also has Poland, I don't

Seventies: lol that was a long break! sorry!

yatah: vkn, sorry i mess up maybe i too exictied

Seventies: See you guys in th forum. Have a good day!

alt: no problem yatah, but I think we can be of more help to you when we are going geneartion by generation ... we don't know the history of the family as well as you.

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