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2012-08-06 Mixon-Lanier Connection


Start: 12:02:53
End: 13:25:19
Chatters: alt, Khathu, Selma, Seventies

Seventies: Good morning/afternoon alt! well, holla when you come into the room... :)

alt: hi Seventies

Seventies: hi alt! Eating lunch or watching the Olympics? :}

alt: how was your weekend?

Seventies: It was pretty good. Had my nephew again.. he's getting big.. and mouthy... lol

alt: o, I was looking at the company that is about to replace our roof after the storm damage from a few weeks ago. how old is the nephew?

Seventies: That sounds like its going to be a big expense... He's 2 1/2

alt: it is, but fortunately insurance will take car of it. ah so, the terrible two's LOL LOL

Seventies: No he's just 'expressing' himself.. lol

alt: okay, that'll work too

Seventies: So I found the connection between my great grandmother Ellen Lanier and her mother Classie/Clarissy Mixon... Death Certs are GREAT! :}

alt: wonderful!!! how did you find the connection? oh, okay thru a DC.

Seventies: I was reading about the name Classy I believe on facebook... I couldn't find the piece againg.. that happens to me way too much! lol The piece was saying how Clarissa, Clarice and Classie were all variants

alt: okay,

Seventies: I also found the marriage extract for Classie Mixon and Gaston Lanier. The two people who are reported as her parents.

alt: now that is wonderful!!!!!

Seventies: So now maybe I can untwist this Lanier/Mixon/Parker connection in Autauga Co. AL. I suspect that mostly everyone is related in the rural areas.

alt: more than likely if they have been in the area over a resaonable period of time.

Seventies: LOL I'm probably my own cousin!

alt: no doubt LOL this stuff gets uncomplicated when you have a box full of tools and know how to use them.

Seventies: Now I was looking also at the 1940 census image and on the index portion for my Tom and Ellen Lanier they were boarding a Hattie Parker. Ancestry predicted that they were 3rd cousins in the comments section... have you seen that on any of the 1940 census records you've looked at? Well alt, Ellen Mixon/Lanier married Tom Lanier Both of Autauga Co.

alt: no I haven't looked at a "comments section" for the 1940 census.... where is that found?

Seventies: Let me get the image for you... brb okay... see this is what I'm talking about. Just looked it up and there is no predicted relationship... *sigh* Now I looked at it over the weekend and it said 3rd Cousin. I am wondering what in the heck they are doing over on Ancestry. Today is says 'lodger'.

alt: I don't have a family tree on Ancestry... is that a requirement to get these comments on projected relationship

Seventies: Perhaps..

alt: I'm still stibborn from the old days of Ancestry building CD's and other products from their user submitted trees and then selling them back to you in some product form.

Seventies: lol

alt: stibborn=stubborn

Seventies: brb

alt: okay

Seventies: okay back... Sometimes the time gets away from me during lunch...

alt: okay, now what?

Seventies: Well I saw that you and Lisa were discussing the war of 1812 from the Candian perspective... sounds like you were interested in the website.

alt: I guess, I hadn't really thought of my/our Canadian connections in relation to the War of 1812, but probably should since that is about the time my ancestors left Canada and came back into the United states.

Seventies: Yes, I'm sure that was a rough and lawless time...

alt: hopefully there will be some information on that site about the situation of Blacks in Canada during the period 1800-1820 or so.

Seventies: That would be great.

alt: I notice now that the 1940 census is pretty much indexed and searchable that folks are recognizing some the "shortcoming's" of name searches and other problems.

Seventies: I noticed that as well. I see that Illinois is still not up on FamilySearch... I've been looking there. I submitted a change to my grandmother. They have her as Sarita... but its Saint Arby... Clearly says so. Actually it says St. Arby

alt: is this on ancestry?

Seventies: Yes Hhheeeyyyy!

Khathu: hello alt and seventies

alt: some of Ancestry's "errors" are terrible, they are more than just simply inconsistent spelling variations. Hey Khathu, how are ya doing today?

Khathu: i'm good, and yourself?

alt: doing well, thank you.

Selma: Gooad afternoon alt, Khathu and Seventies

alt: Hello Selma, hope you're doing well today.

Seventies: Hi Selma

Khathu: Hello Selma

Selma: Yep..hanging in there

Seventies: Okay Khathu do you have any news that you would like to share with the group on your research?

alt: me too, a little slow today after watching the Olympics until midnight

Selma: Oh jeez..what came on at midnight?

Khathu: Nothing to share currently

alt: track & field Selma

Selma: I had to give up around 9:30 PM

alt: looking at the athletes from around the world.. those brothers & sisters look like folks from around the corner LOL LOL LOL

Seventies: Marley was on the weekend, they interviewed his white cousins and his half sister. They tried to get a 'new' angle on his lifestory I suppose.

alt: Selma, the brother from Granada appears to be the favorite in the men's 400 meter race.

Seventies: Khathu, have you looked at the 1940 census?

Khathu: Yes, I have

Seventies: Did you find anything new?

Selma: I will have to call my cousin and check to see if we are related alt

alt: Your folks in Brazil, IN Khathu, what are the surnames?

Khathu: i've found anything new yet Harris and Gordon

alt: I was thinking about you and that when I saw him Selma LOL okay Khathu, thanks

Selma: It is also off the coast of Grenada that they put that underwater sculpture

Seventies: I've been looking in Illinois for family. Nothing yet...

alt: right Selma, I saw that great article on the underwater exhibit.

Seventies: It may still be too early. that exhibit is eerie.

Selma: I have never been to Grenada....hoping a cousin is going to go in a year or two so I can tag along

alt: hope you can make it too Selma what do you ladies think about the comments on Gabby Douglass and her 'Do .... that was a hot topic a few days ago?

Selma: I am appalled and try not to think about it

alt: me too Selma small minded people with little or no concept of life and what it is all about.

Seventies: I gotta run. Mail is here and with all of the nutty peple coming out during this full moon I see we have more 'crazy mail'... hopefully its not filled with Anthrax .... See you all later.

alt: have fun Seventies

Seventies: How about be safe.. lol

alt: that too LOL

Selma: Agreed

Seventies: They love to send me crazy mail. No matter which gov't agency I work for... smh

Selma: So Khathu getting a little bit of research bug back?

alt: and are you still on the same job as about a year ago Khathu? I see jhonora, the kid, just had a birthday... what is he now 22, 23 ???

Selma: My, my how time flies.. LO

alt: yep, da boy is getting old LOL LOL

Selma: LOL You really should take a look at the 1812 material alt..

alt: that Lisa posted about???

Selma: I can't remember if it was the Revolutionary WAr or 1812..but a number of black folks ended up in wrote a book, but I can't find a copy Yes alt re: LIsa

alt: Canada had that gradual emancipation stuff that lasted from about 1792 up to about 1822... the Simcoe Act... that is interesting to read about who became free, when & how during that 30 year period.

Selma: black folk from Virginia

alt: Selma, have you ever inventoried ordone a catalog of your book holdings?

Selma: No I am afraid to.. LOL But I probably should

alt: hehehehehehehe Khathu, you still with us??

Selma: Have you alt?

alt: changing the subject LOL LOL LOL

Selma: Khathu has a J-O-B..he is probably working But I am glad to see his name back on the list... LOL

alt: me too

Selma: Have you heard from Daviss?

alt: Have you heard anything from Daviss? hope she arrived in TX safely.

Selma: Great minds think alike.. LOL

alt: eat minds working in sync LOL LOL eat=great

Selma: documenting her nieces migration to the East Coast..I think that is wonderful

alt: where is her niece coming from?

Selma: Arkansas Niece and famil family

alt: ah so, that is wonderful.... a big difference from Arkansas to the DC/MD are I would imagine are=area

Selma: The traffic alone... The Beltway...ugh

alt: yeah, they have cars in MD/DC LOL lOL LOL

Selma: I love the area..but couldn't handle the traffic on a daily basis Its bad enough here..especially in the summer..tourists going to and from VA Beach.. But they are a major economic factor in this I don't complain too much

alt: I don't think I could either.. just remembering the last time we were in the Bowie/Silver Spring & metro area

Selma: My sister works in NYC..she was complaining about the tourists..stopping to look at stuff.. LOL and I mean on foot..not in cars..she said it interupts local folks trying to get where ever..I told her to shut up

alt: hehehehehe, I can imagine.... YOu would have cracked up walking with & shopping with Anita in NYC...... she was buying something from a guy off the streets, not in store, and wanted to give him money for the tax on the merchandise, it was so funny when he kept trying to tell her there was NO tax. LOL LOL

Selma: LOL

alt: you can the woman out of the country, but .......... LOL LOL

Selma: She is just trying to be honest and give Uncle Sam or NYC its due

alt: I guess well, let me get outa here and catch up on my 'honey-do's' asa we speak of Anita LOL LOL

Selma: Well gotta run alt..gotta pick up the little darlins this afternoon from camp..need a nap Bye Khathu..Bye alt.

alt: see, great minds again LOL

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