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2012-08-05 Char Bar Who Is In House


Start: 11:45:14
End: 12:39:54
Chatters: alt, Selma, Seventies

Seventies: good morning alt.

alt: Hi Seventies, what's up?

Seventies: Nothing. Was watching The Great Debate 2012 on Centric Julianne Malveaux, Eric Dyson, Al Sharpton and Joe Watkins (I think) are on the panel Its pretty empty in here today.

alt: folks are probable watching the Olympics .. ot maybe it's just a lazy dau.

Seventies: Probably... its pretty lazy here... :}}

alt: I think I saw that panel on C-Span earlier this year.. do they have a date for when this debate took place?

Seventies: No, they didn't. This was on Centric and I think its live because the panelists made a comment about it being on Centric. Its being hosted by T.J. Holmes

alt: okay, maybe they were together on a panel earlier this year.

Seventies: That's possible. Interesting conversation. I really love Julianne Malveaux. She knows her economic stuff.

alt: congrats, on the success so far in getting help with your Histroy of Highlands, NY.

Seventies: No not yet... I am going through some of the things that I picked up from my aunts house. Clippings, photos, obits etc. she saved a lot of things. But I suspect that my cousins ended up throwing much of it out a few years before her passing. I'm going to go talk to some of the people that I know who still live in the community. There is also a group that meets up 4 times a year in ATL of black people from Town of Highlands. I'm going to post up an announcement on their FB page as well.

alt: the lady I speak of frequently, Sheila Farmer Clay did a book "Black Legacy" on the AA of Champaign County, Ohio. she solicited 'family histories' of families in that area and complied them into her book. a wonderful job about 200 pages of AA history for that county dating back to the early 1800's.

Seventies: okay, that's a lot. Was she self - published?

alt: Here is a link to a posting I did on the book

Seventies: Thanks! I think this would be an interesting book because many of the family histories will be outside of NY....

alt: were you able to listen to bbenn's show Thurs. night with Char?

Seventies: No I'm going back to listen to the archives to listen. I am interested because I looked up my great grandparents in 1940 AL and they have a lodger Hattie Parker whom Ancestry has identified as a 3rd cousin. That is something new that I hadn't seen before.

alt: Char gave some great advice on researching the names of collateral family members and not being a 'generation jumper' in doing our family histories & genealogy.

Seventies: I've seen family members lodging before with people, but I presume that they are not relations. I agree, alt. My issue with the Laniers is that I kind of had to be a generation jumper because both my grand aunt and grandfather were dead and my aunts and uncles are the only ones in their line. I just felt to get more info that I had to go back to my great grandparents. Does that make sense?

alt: Sure does. Char's point was to check out the information on each generation, if possible, before jumping back to say the 1870's or the immediate post civil war period.... unless you learn about the fancestors generation by generation and their collateral family members you miss out on a lot of information.

Seventies: oh okay. That's true... Doing this I was able to get a fuller picture of the family. So I do know that the Lanier's are connected to the Parkers and the Taylors...But working out the HOW is where I'm stuck. I'm sure that this is a slavery type of connection.

alt: Don't be in a hurry to 'rush' back to those earlier genearions... they and their information is still going to be there.... work your way back to them slowly and surely with proper documentation and it will save you a lot of headaches & brickwalls.

Seventies: okay

alt: that was Char's advice LOL

Seventies: lol She does not have a family like mine lol

alt: oh yes.. we all do LOL

Seventies: I mean we're talking rural, oral history, African African American family. People today would be surprised to see how people in the back woods of Alabama and Mississippi lived even during the 1980's

alt: most of mine until the mid to late 1900's is small town and/or rural.

Seventies: Even in the early 1990's Hi ya Selma! Yes alt I was surprised about some of the rural towns up in your neck of the woods.

Selma: Good morning alt and seventies

alt: I've been reading some good 'counter-points' to the Obama Punch/Bunch story. Hello Selma, hope you are doing well today.

Selma: Doing OK..taking my nephew to meet up with his dad in about a 1/2 an hour..

Seventies: I recall saying that this was political... lol

Selma: I expect the traffic is going to be a BEAR Yes..alt I like Char's point about generation jumping

Seventies: Schools about to get back into session.

alt: Drive carefully Selma... now that you're seeing "better" LOL

Seventies: Oh yes please Selma... I hadn't listened to the show yet, was on my weekend to-do list

Selma: Char is meticulous she knows everything about everyone one whether they are related or not

alt: wasn't Char throwing out some "bombs' in her presentation Selma :)

Seventies: I did listen to the Woodfork show about Caroline County... I paid real close attention.

Selma: Which counter points are you talking about re Bunch/Punch alt..send me the links forget schools seventies..I live in tourist between VA Beach and Busch Gardens.. Traffic is awful in the Summer

alt: Selma, I kept saying yes, yes & yes to what Char was saying... her methodology/technique is why I have so many folks on my website.. I research everybody and their families LOL LOL

Seventies: LOL Oh yea! My co-worker just came back from their timeshare... lol

alt: Selma , they have been included in the emails from Arlene and the responses to her messages.

Selma: and yes..there are about 6 college near by so we have tunnels, which if something happens in the tunnel..then everything is backed up Oh yes..Harriot is someone in my group

Seventies: Kind of off topic, but I am so disappointed that Norfolk State Univ. is right next to the PJs... what the heck?!

Selma: Her point re: Dutch and Scottish ..and negro of no identifiable place is significant..I was thinking the same thing but she made the point much better What is PJ's

alt: Right Selma.. those were points that I thought were very poignant (sp)

Seventies: Pro-Jects...

Selma: In Nugents Cavaliers and Pioneers that list folks whose transportation was paid for and are indentured servants they appear with folk at the end of list identified as negros..and only first names

Seventies: ok brb...

Selma: Norfolk State is in the the city seventies..thats where the projects are..

alt: Seventies, have you ever been to the main campus of Columbia Univ? right smack in the middle of Harlem .....

Selma: Yep..

Seventies: Yes, but Harlem is no longer the 'projects'... its now the Village of Harlem... lol lol lol

alt: or even Yale & Harvard for that matter .. they aren't in the 'richest' of neighbor's.

Selma: Well the PJ's in Norfolk are probably not long for this world..folks with money moving back in

Seventies: Right...

alt: neighborhoods

Seventies: BRB gotta go investigate this noise. Hope no critters have made their way into the house. :/

Selma: Wonderful letter that Jhonora found alt..

alt: Selma, the take on race in early VA (1600's) is really something to study. yes it was great Selma... jhonora is really 'sumpin else'

Seventies: okay back

Selma: Folks have been studying, but I don't think it was benign..I think there

Seventies: yes, his book is going to phenomenal!

alt: Serena & Venus won the Olympic women's doubles in Tennis... History making... they have won more "gold" than any other women in Olympic history.

Seventies: Awesome...

Selma: might have been difference between..indentured servants, who themselves were trying to stay alive..and the folks in charge...who were well aware of the Portuguese use of African's as slaves in their territories.

alt: Oops sorry, back to genealogy LOL

Seventies: lol

Selma: I watched some alt That match yesterday was so fast between Serena and Maria..I left the room for what I thought was a short time..when I returned it was over

Seventies: LOL alt said that she whipped on Maria... lol

Selma: Yes..she really really did..Maria looked stunned

alt: so I guess the Bunch/Punch thing while it may be genealogically correct, it isn't necessarily about true about the first ever "offically' enslaved African in the US of America.

Selma: Good heavens no..

Seventies: smh

Selma: At this point the record that mentions one of the few that survive for that time frame..

alt: that was my concern about the article in the first place ... that first stuff.

Selma: I didn't realized the Descendency PDF is 55 pages long..I printed it out, have to read

alt: I still haven't been able to 'get to' those PDF's Selma

Selma: They do a really good job of showing the types of records that are available..

Seventies: Its 11 generations, right? That is one LOOONNNNGGGG tree!

Selma: Ok..I will send you a copy

alt: okay Selma

Seventies: I am hot and sticky... I hope that it rains to get some of this humidity out of the air. Sheesh!

Selma: Well folks..I gotta is Tiger doing alt?

alt: let me blow my horn here.... the genealogy of my LaForce descendants which includes notes & photos is 268 pages of PDF and 16 generations.

Seventies: Have a safe drive Selma

alt: not too well Selma

Selma: We should get that published alt.. lOL Well you all take care..have a good day

alt: you too

Seventies: alt you should get that published! LOL This would be your second book, right? or 3rd? That noise was the cadets training in the field with guns and grenades. I can hear them all the way up here.

alt: It is all over the Internet Seventies, on several genealog websites.. that's about as far as I'm gonna go with it.

Seventies: :} I'm going to let you get back to the Olympics. and I'm going to cool off in a lukewarm shower. Have a good one!

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