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2012-08-02 Obama Punch/Bunch


Start: 12:15:09
End: 12:59:36
Chatters: alt, Selma, Seventies

Seventies: Hello alt! How are things going with you today?

alt: hey Seventies, what's up? m doing well & you? I just saw your message on FaceBook ... Whatcha got for me? Seventies, are you still here with me?

Seventies: Sorry ... had to grab a drink

alt: okay, wondered where you were.

Seventies: One of the obituaries I was looking at last night was the daughter of a high ranking AME elder in Brooklyn, NY Thought you would be interested since your family is so closely connected with the AME church. She passed in 2006. I don't have the information here with me at work though

alt: always interested in what you find... okay, so this is a recent AME connection.

Seventies: It was a very nice obit. Read more like a bio... Yes recent. I am trying to build up my obituary collection for my town and family. Hello Selma

alt: I'm not as active in the Church as I once once, especially when it comes to distrct conferences and that type of thing.

Selma: Afternoon alt and sevenites..

alt: Hi Selma, how are ya today?

Seventies: Oh yeah they are always having conferences.

Selma: Doing OK..was having a hard time getting in thehcat

Seventies: Ame's and ame Zions I see it won't let me capitalize today.

alt: Selma, I couldn't get the Ancestry stuff to load for me yesterday... all I got were the Punch documents, no Obama-Punch genealogy.

Seventies: interesting. Maybe they pulled it.

Selma: You couldn't get the narrative... No it is still there... It is 44 pages long

alt: no, I'll try agian later today.... Wow!!!

Seventies: While I was searching I also found a church journal... those things are GREAT!

Selma: What should be of interest to you (and Arlene) beyond Obama/ the discussion of headrights given for importation of folks..white indentured servants and slaves in the 1600's Had they scanned the journals seventies..for a particualr time frame

alt: Selma, the Obama-Punch thing has me wondering tho' ..... How many other African 'indentured servants" may have run away, some captured and some not captured.

Seventies: And that would bring us back to the Melogueons

Selma: It is clear that some were

Seventies: Selma RE: church journals, I picked up some from my aunt's house and from my parents house.

alt: I've read about many run-away indentured servants here in Ohio, but at a later time period (pre-Civil War) and it took me awhile to realize that they were talking about individuals of both white & black ethnic groups.

Selma: Oh OK..I know Drusilla said her grandma had a lot of church journals.

Seventies: None are published as of yet. But clearly the donor's make it clear different family connections outside of the state. Most people were migrants. I'm just really excited about trying to get some of these stories and other items written into a single document about the people of the town and of course my family.

alt: yes, church journals and/or anniversary booklets are tremendous sources for social and genealogical information.

Selma: Thats sounds like a great project, not only for your family members but the community atlarge

alt: yes, it does Selma.. go for it Seventies

Seventies: Well, there is no representation of African-americans in the town's history... ZERO And there is a town historian... There were so many black people that came through here because of the military, Buffalo Soldiers etc.. that its ashame that there isn't some sort of documentation.

Selma: Are we talking West POint seventies

Seventies: Well yes and no.

Selma: Or the community surrounding the Academy

Seventies: Highland Falls and Fort Montgomery and Newburgh, NY were the primary locations where people moved when they first came to this area.

alt: Seventies, in 1905 Urbana, Ohio had a 100 year town history published, about 75 pages, only mention of AA's was a one-liner on the AME church founded in 1824. WE mad sure that wasn't repeated when Urbana did a 200 year publication on the town history and we had several to many accounts of the AA presence in Urbana during those 200 years.

Seventies: Really just Highland Falls and Newburgh. alt, its like that in every place I've researched so far.. There are scant published records about AA's That's why I've been so intently listening to some of Bernice's shows.

Selma: Seventies..Have you considered doing an ARcadia Book...I know its lots of pictures and less text, but it gets folks excited to see the pictures

Seventies: Selma, I haven't heard of Arcadia books. Do they have a website?

Selma: Yes..put Arcadia books in google..they have an AA collection

Seventies: okay...

alt: you might do a google on "Sheila Farmer Clay" and take a look at what she has published on Blacks/African Americans in Urbana & Champaign County, Ohio.... she did some fabulous research and made sure it got into the public domain.

Seventies: I am not looking at publishing options just yet Selma. I need to get some additional information first

Selma: I think it is ARcadia Press..

Seventies: Got it alt, thanks. I know that this project is going to take some time. Many people have left this area. I will have to put out the call for interviews, docs and stories....

Selma: Pictures..

Seventies: oh yes, pictures! lol

alt: Sheila just made copies of her research on vital records on Blacks from 1867-1907 ,,, birth, marriages, deaths, burials and placed those copies in every Library you can think of .. including the Newberry & Ft. Wayne, In as well as some works which went into the Library of congress.

Selma: Lets be honest..folks like pictures.. LOL

Seventies: I'm still up in the air about going through a company and self-publishing. But from what I read its more profitable to self publish

Selma: Hold on

Seventies: True Selma

alt: true Selma.. as they say "a picture is worth a 1,000 words"

Seventies: I'm trying to figure out how I am going to 'advertise' for people to participate and WHERE. I"m also going to enlist the help of my BFF... :}

alt: without me being too ridiculous "it ain't about making money Seventies, or at least it shouldn't be.

Selma: Take a look seventies

Seventies: No its not... but I would love to make enough money to at least donate it to getting a REAL memorial here to the folks who made a difference

alt: don't kow Seventies, but you have the advantage of social media that wasn't available 5-10 and certainly not 15-20 years ago.

Seventies: Well some of those old fashioned methods still can be useful because older people who have info aren't online.

alt: of course Seventies

Selma: Can you get to the link seventies...

Seventies: Thanks Selma. Hey look guys I have to get going... I"ll see you all tonight at Bben's show. Yes I have it up Selma. Byeee

Selma: Bye

alt: okay later Seventies Selma, I ain't gonna let Seventies off the hook LOL LOL LOL

Selma: LOL I am not sure of the profitability of these types of books..more a labor of love

alt: I believe she's good & she can do some wonderful things if motivated to do so.

Selma: Is daviss on her way?

alt: right. the money just isn't there.... do what you can to defray the expenses of the effort and be satisfied. think so Selma, she was 'posed to leave this morning.

Selma: Time for me to run alt..have a great day

alt: okay you too .. oh, did you watch Serena this AM .. she won 6-0 & 6-3

Selma: You gotta send me an I didn't see.. LOL

alt: okay take care

Selma: Bye

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