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2012-08-01 President Obama Ancestry


Start: 12:03:26
End: 13:16:06
Chatters: alt, bbenn, Daviss, Selma, Seventies, vkn

alt: hi Daviss, how you doing?

Daviss: hi alt how are you I am fine, how are you

alt: it's going kinda slow for me today.

Daviss: oh yeah, I am kinda slow also trying to get ready to hit the road tomorrow

alt: okay, so you're leaving tomorrow... wishing you a safe drive.

Daviss: we were supposed to go today but had change of plans thanks much

alt: how many folks will be there doing the driving?

Daviss: there will be 3 but 4 can drive

alt: okay, that's not too bad.. you can take turns every 3-4 hours or so.

Daviss: one of my brothers will be driving down from Cali in a couple hrs

alt: wow, he'll need some rest before heading out again, right?

Daviss: yes we will piddle around here and head out rather early in the morn brb gonna grab a cup of coffee

alt: got plenty of food & drink prepared so you won't have to stop except for gas and an occasional leg-stretching along the way?

Daviss: ok back well you know what shoe boxes are famous for lol lol

alt: was gonna ask about the boxes of "yard-walker" aka chicken LOL LOL LOL

Daviss: lol

alt: and poke chop samich's LOL

Daviss: big ole pickle jar full of lemonaide

alt: well alright, you'll be traveling in style then!!!!!

Daviss: hahahahaha these kids don't know nothin about travelling in style

alt: they really don't.... the old folks really knew how to do it !!!!

Daviss: they gotta have coolers, insulated lunch bags I don't recall nothing ever spoiling heeheehee

Selma: Good Wednesday mornin/afternoon folks

alt: hello Selma... a 'bright' day to you LOL

Daviss: hi Selma!!

Selma: Afternoon bbenn

bbenn: Hello Everyone!

alt: hello bbenn , how you doing today?

Daviss: hi bbenn!

Selma: Looking forward to Char's presentation bbenn

bbenn: I am doing fine. just catching up on my reading about the Obama slave connection. Char will have an interesting discussion...

alt: bbenn, are you planning on having Jari Honora aka jhonora on one of your shows?

Daviss: It should be a very good show

Selma: Are you reading the detailed report at Ancestry bbenn

bbenn: I have invited him to come on the show and will wait until he is ready to accept the invitation.

alt: okay bbenn, wonderful re: jhonora

bbenn: I have focused on the commentary and will also read the detailed report. Have you read it?

Selma: Yes, but it something that must be read at least twice Footnotes are quite detailed.

alt: the Obama story.... I'm taking it with a grain of salt & some skepticism as to the motives of Ancestry.

Selma: Although John Punch/Bunch is a possibility don't know if you can say definitively it was him

bbenn: What do you think? Does the evidence support the findings?

Selma: There are many agendas..going on with this discussion..

alt: that's for sure Selma

Selma: 1. Ancestry 2. Genealiglsts vs historians 3.

bbenn: The Historian's are now chiming in with historical information that questions the assertion that he was the first African.... We will see who win's this little rhetorical debate..if that's what is going on.

alt: yes, the "first' comment has been troubling to me bbenn.

Selma: The report didn't say he was the first african

bbenn: alt, as soon as I saw the "first", I questioned it. Someone responded to me that they had conducted research for over two years...well, that does not make it right.

Selma: He was the first African to have been seen in the record as having a lifetime of enslavement

bbenn: Was he? Or is it the first that the researchers found?

Selma: There are at least 20 Africans identified by name (only first names) in the 1607 to 1635 time frame... I am going to post the info He along with two white indentured servants ran away..the two white men had their indentures extended by a couple of years..his was lifetime

bbenn: Hi Seventies

Daviss: hi seventies!

Seventies: Hello all! alt, bbenn, Daviss, Selma

alt: weren't there African's who were brought here prior to this legal case who were never "indentured" and considered to be slaves, ie chattel property which carried a "life sentence'?

Selma: One of the twenty appears in 1622..his name was JOHN The existing records do not speak to that specifically alt Many of the records from this time frame are lost...

bbenn: Hello vkn

vkn: Good afternoon good people

Seventies: Hello vkn what I was discussing yesterday in regards to Robin Foster's new book.

alt: okay Selma, that is where I question the "first" situation.... he may have been among the first to have a life sentence of slavery pronounced following a trial as an escaped indentured servant.

Selma: Paul Heinegg's work which they mention in crucial..and

bbenn: That's right, many of the records for that time frame are lost, so how many ancestors did they jump over to find that Punch was Obama's ancestor?

alt: hello vkn & Seventies

Selma: You have to read is quite detailed..

vkn: alt bbenn daviss selma seventies greetings and best researching

Selma: Afternoon seventies

bbenn: I will read it and continue to ask questions. That's the genie in lol

Selma: They make a point of saying they did "independent search" separate from Paul's Heyward and Thornton questiion the DNA re: Cameroon as opposed to Angola..

alt: for the surname thing... is this an example of accepting the Punch/Bunch connection and not really examining the nameing variation as they did with the Banneker, Bannika, etc naming thing with Molly Welsh and Benejamin Bannker?

Selma: Oh no they address that too alt..

alt: okay Selma, thanks on the DNA .. this is an autosomal thing, right ...because Obama's Y-DNA would trace back to Kenya thru his father.

bbenn: Yes, this is an autosomal thing. I wonder who provided the DNA sample?

alt: and you can't get to Punch/Bunch thru Pres. Obama's mtDNA

bbenn: The sample would have been from the Dunham side of the family.

vkn: Its called forced fit alt lol

Seventies: Now I thought that this Punch Bunch fella was on the grandmother's side.

bbenn: lol lol lol lol big force fit!

alt: wouldn't that follow the Dunham surname????

bbenn: Well, bottom line - who is getting the publicity? I bet a certain companies stock went up after the announcement.

Seventies: AND that's what I was trying to convey yesterday... *sigh*

bbenn: I will need to ask the geneticist on my show about the autosomal DNA.

Selma: At the site where the report is also a family tree which shows which line they followed I am not sure why their stock would shoot up...

alt: an even if the DNA tracked back that still doesn't pinpoint to a "specific" person.... remember the Jefferson-Hemmings DNA solution was to say that the male children of Sally Hemmings were fathered by a Jefferson male, but they couldn't say that is was Thomas Jefferson definitely.

Seventies: That was years ago, there's new DNA technology out there now.

Selma: You should read the report..if for no other reason to see how detailed it is..

alt: not new enough to assign a particular person over a span of generations for paternal certainty Seventies

Selma: I figure now they will want Obama or his sister to give up their DNA...

alt: a paternity test on 2 living individuals yes, but not across generations

Selma: and h*&ll if I would

Seventies: I need to wake up. Very tired... I'll be back in a bit.

bbenn: Secret Service will not allow that...

alt: thanks again Selma, I will read & re-read the report at the link you posted.

bbenn: I am reading and will continue to read the document. Thanks for posting! Have a great day! Nice chatting with everyone!

Selma: So now we have "birthers"..and folks trying to get his DNA.. LOL

alt: I'll have to broaden my scope... heck I might be related to Pres. Obama thru this Punch/Bunch connections.... I have ancestor's both AA & 'wheet" who came into that area of VA in the late 1600's LOL LOL LOL 6 degrees of separation LOL LOL

Selma: I would not be surprised alt.. Make sure to read the footnotes

alt: why of course Ms Selma :)

Daviss: :o anything else new on the front re genealogy I have not scoured the Forum yet I did come in and test last night to see if I could get into chat lol

Seventies: Nothing so far. . .

Daviss: we had a monsoon that knocked us out as usual with the dust

Seventies: Viewing and Reviewing AND planning

alt: a poster named Deidre needs 'big' help with her brickwall problem, but she need s to furnish much more information as to names, dates & locations for anyone to really help her.

Selma: What forum is that on alt?

alt: I saw it under recent messages Selma, off hand, not sure of which Forum

Selma: OK

Daviss: I prolly wont be able to chime in on that one alt

Seventies: I think that too many people don't take the time to WRITE down (newer researchers) their information in detail. Sometimes, often times that helps with the analysis process.

alt: Surnames Selma

Daviss: but you never know.. I could use one of these kids here shaking their heads as I am on the puter looking instead of packing lol

alt: tell'em you've got your priorities together Daviss

Seventies: smh... you do need to get packing.. suitcases aren't going to pack themselves.

Daviss: see what I mean alt lol'

alt: Selma, Deidre for sure needs to do some map & geographical research.

Seventies: Did that help Daviss?? lol

Daviss: lol

Seventies: I guess not... lol smh

Selma: Let me check alt.

Daviss: I think I will head out now, gotta find ole Billy Payer and have a nice chat with him

Selma: Me too billy payer

alt: good luck and best wishes with Mr. Payer Daviss

Seventies: Have a safe trip Daviss.

Selma: I saw that yesterday was too confusing ..not sure what she is asking

Daviss: have a great rest of the day ya'll thanks much 7

Selma: Yes, take care and be safe daviss

alt: me neither Selma, surnames & locations are all over the place and she gives a time frame that ranges for just after the CW up to the present.

Seventies: Alright, I took a later lunch break than normal.. sooo other than POTUS news, what's good?

Selma: US Gynastic team took Gold last night, Gabby Douglas is from VA Beach

alt: I'm working a wonderful piece of information that jhonora sent me on a 3rd grt-grandfather of mine Seventies

Seventies: The flying squirrel!

Selma: Yes..

Seventies: ok alt, can't wait for you to share all of the details. You're going to post the info on your Tribal Pages site?

alt: there & a post on AfriGeneas when I get it 'worked out" Seventies

Selma: Folks I have to run..have a great day

alt: you too Selma must be quittin' time LOL LOL

Seventies: bye vkn

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