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2012-07-27 "Brush Arbor"


Start: 11:28:39
End: 13:17:40
Chatters: alt, bbenn, Daviss, di, Selma, Seventies, vkn

di: hi:}

vkn: Howdy di you are mighty early. I just came in to post some notices

di: well if i dont log in when i get on i get busy and forget!

vkn: Talk atcha later di. Stay tuned and I will talk later. The log of yesterday is on line so Bye for now.

Seventies: Hi di! good afternoon alt.

alt: hi di & Seventies.. how're y'all?

Seventies: I'm doing well and yourself, alt?

alt: I'm doing okay Seventies, thanks for asking

Seventies: That's good to hear.

alt: do you see a fellow named David Grant posting on the DNA tested African FaceBook page?

Seventies: I don't recall seeing it right at this moment. . . What was the subject?

alt: well, when you go to that page you'll see some postings by him ..... he is a cousin living in Minneapolis who we were able to connect to another cousin living in Minneapolis... they did not know of each other before we helped them find each other.

Seventies: wow! Okay we're facebook friends. Along those lines, I found another cousin this morning while casually looking on Find-A-Grave. lol

alt: here's an interview where he mentions my help in making that connection. you can save it and listen later, if you care to

Seventies: Thanks I'll do that.

di: hello all :)

Seventies: hi di!

alt: he has connected with "relatives/descendants" in Ghana and has made a couple of trips to visit them. hello di

Seventies: okay... could this be your African ancestry alt?

alt: no, these are on his paternal lines .. we are related thru his maternal lines.

Seventies: okay

alt: but who really knows... they're from the same community in Edgecombe Co., NC and there may be a connection thru slavery.

Seventies: As always. . .

alt: so what's up with you di?

di: nothing new. rererereviewing message board posts

Seventies: Well I found another family member from the Rounds Family in Mississippi this morning while looking on Find-A-Grave. So that was exciting.

alt: yeah, things are slow with me too at the moment ... a good time to review older materials and see what I may have missed.

Seventies: She knew exactly who my great grandparents were. That was great! She gave me some info on herself. I think it was her brother who recently passed.

alt: that's wonderful Seventies, kinda puts you up in the clouds, huh? LOL

Seventies: Now I'll have another surname to add to the tree. :) Yes, its pretty good when you connect with the living. She passed on some vital information... which is IMPORTANT.

alt: that's great!!! and a plus is that you have already confirmed the connection.

Daviss: hello alt, di and Seventies!!

alt: as your database expands, the world gets smaller... that's the 6 degrees of separation I'm always talking about.

Seventies: She was raised by her great aunt. Who married a Burns. But she is also related to the Roys.. another surname I've come across while looking into the local AA cemeteries and census records.

alt: hello & welcome Daviss

Seventies: Hi Daviss!

Daviss: thanks much alt!

Seventies: The Roys came from Wilkinson Co. as well.

di: hi Daviss

Daviss: You have Roy's in your line Seventies??

Seventies: No I don't. I came across them while researching my family in Wilkinson Co, Earls-Washingtons-Henyards-Moores and while going through that cemetery.

alt: were y'all able to listen to Pearl Alice on Bernice's show last night?

Seventies: Yes alt you should've been there... :}

Daviss: yes alt, I was not going to miss it lol

alt: I listened this morning... nice program!!!! Pearl alice gave some BIG 'props' to Afrigeneas.

Daviss: yes she did!!!

Seventies: What's so interesting about what Dr. Marsh was talking about regarding the migration to the Pacific Northwest by african Americans is that there are clues everywhere about the migration. She did. :} Quincy Jones family migrated to Washington state, and if I'm not mistaken didn't Miles Davis family live there at one time?

Daviss: Some of the Loggers in her daddy and uncles journal went into Northern Ariz

Seventies: If she ever writes a book about it, it will be groundbreaking. Hello Selma.. Selma got her big shout out last night. :}

Daviss: Hi Selma! she sure did !

Selma: Good afternoon alt, daviss, di and seventies

alt: hello Selma.. how ya seeing? :)

di: hi selma

Selma: Dr. Marsh was instrumental in getting those records preserved...and on microfilm..

Seventies: Alright so those who listened what was the term of the day?

Selma: I didn't have my list with me to let folks know the states that are digitized..

Seventies: Brush Arbor good afternoon bbenn

Daviss: Hello there bbenn!

alt: yes Selma, very much so.... and Bernice 'dropped' your name last night in that regard re: RG 105

Selma: Afternoon bbenn..great show last night

bbenn: Hi alt,Daviss,di, Selma, Seventies!

alt: Hello bbenn

bbenn: Yes, I gave you a shout out Selma!

Selma: I heard you.. I blushed.. LOL

bbenn: lol lol

Seventies: :}

alt: nice show last night bbenn, it was great to be able to put a "voice" to the name of Pearl Alice aka sistuh1 LOL

bbenn: Brush Arbor did raise a few questions:} She told me this was her first btr experience and now she is a follower:}

Daviss: I have two church histories one being my families home church St. Johns and Strickland Springs that stated they started under a Brush Arbors.

Selma: I heard it used as a place where folks met..when there was no building

Seventies: I knew what it was right away. . . I just had trouble remembering the term.

bbenn: I also knew what it was although my family never shared any stories about "Brush Arbor".

Daviss: I need to dig out those two papers again

bbenn: Daviss, thank you for recommending Pearl Alice

Daviss: You are so very welcome bbenn

alt: many AA church's that were small in size building wise had "arbors" on the property to hold outdoor meetings for larger crowds, especially when they had "basket meetings" .

Daviss: and a couple cousins snuck in under guests lol

bbenn: Send me for recommendations for the 2013 line-up because I am fully booked until December. Tell us more about the "basket meetings"

Seventies: Though the way I recall Brush Arbors being talked about is that they were in naturally occurring settings.

alt: I remember them from when I was a child bbenn... a church in one small town would invite the congregations from surrounding towns and the y would have "basket meetings: .. something like homecomings.

bbenn: Oh yes, I know what you are talking about.

alt: usually on sunday afternoons following the church service in their home church... these would be towns/settlements withing a 15-20 mile radiuis of each other, sometimes from even further away.

Seventies: okay these were annual events alt?

Selma: I thought I also heard it used prior to emancipations when slaves would hold their own services outside and then after emancipation before they had built their own houses of worship

alt: no Seventies, they would be regular events all year round.. wel, mainly in the Spring, Summer & Fall

Seventies: okay

Daviss: Most of the AA churches had services under a Brush Arbors so deep off in the country they could not help it

Seventies: yes selma, but some would be deep out in the woods in naturally occuring arch tree settings from the way I understood it. As I was asking Sylvia Wong last night, I thought they also had the same in the Caribbean.

Selma: Daviss.. I swear I don't understand how you can stand this "heat" all year round..I am looking forward to Fall

Seventies: lol Selma, did you all get the storms we got yesterday?

Selma: No..we got some the night before..hopefully we will get something tonite..

Daviss: lol @ Selma

Selma: This is why the local hoodlums in our neighborhood in the bronze would get hold of a wrench and turn on the fire hydrants..oh the joy of water spraying

bbenn: Sorry folks, I have to go. Nice chatting with all of you and have a wonderful weekend. Stay cool Selma lol

Seventies: We had tornado warnings and the whole nine yards.

Selma: Inthe bronx

Daviss: later bbenn

Selma: You too

Seventies: I was goingto say, that sounds like a NYC thing.. lol

Selma: They would get soda or beer at both ends put onthe hydrant and shoot Until the cops came

alt: okay Daviss

Seventies: Again a NYC thing.. lol Daviss, ours were just called homecomings and are held in October as well. Just after the crops were harvested and accounts have been settled.

Daviss: They used to call it Homecoming but these new knee grows changed the terminology lol

Seventies: lol

Selma: and now what is called Daviss..

alt: we had 'commuity days' here in Ohio too, but they were different from the sundat type 'basket meetings".

Daviss: lol Its now called "Big Day"

Seventies: It was a time for family who had left Alabama and Mississippi to return home with their financial blessings.. lol Still is.

Daviss: yep and the last time I went all the families stood up and announced how much they had in the envelope lol

Seventies: That's kind of ah, tacky. lol

Daviss: thats the country way Seventies

Seventies: I know all too well Daviss

Selma: Daviss..take off your "brb" sign

Seventies: yes, please.

Daviss: thanks Selma!!

Selma: LOL YOu were gettting me confused.. LOL

Seventies: d@mm I forgot what I was going to type.. lol

alt: small towns, or places with relatively small AA populations could do well to renew that type of activity... the younger, more successful folk move away and forget their 'roots' and the folk 'back home' who helped them become the success they are today.

Seventies: Well alt, let me tell you. I think a lot of land is being lost because parents never really taught their children about the financial responsibilities to maintain and develop heired properties.

Daviss: I heard no less than 400 dollars the last time I went

Seventies: WOO you Texas folks are balling! lol

Selma: Were folks trying to outdo each other Daviss.

alt: there are many, many problems in the AA communities Seventies, large & small and for whatever reason(s).

Selma: I hope it was "cash""..and not a questionable "check... LOL

Seventies: In other words they were never taught how to build true wealth. roflmao, yes don't cash that check until the 15th of the month lol lol lol

Daviss: No not really I think that most of the folks that put in started to save right after they left. and of course those who had good jobs back east or out west really gave..

Selma: seventies

Daviss: and if you had kids and grands to put in 5 dollars or so then you had quite a bit

Seventies: ah huh... See that would've been my family contribution.. lol

Selma: are awfully quiet.

di: hi selma "listening" and searching message boards

Daviss: after the service you went outside or downstairs to eat...and man them folks could cook lol and if the church had a cemetery in the back, folks would head back there to find loved ones

Seventies: ah huh, they sure do..

di: they have a homecoming in ga where my family went to church but my aunt won't go anymore and she won't take me or tell me about it. she keep saying ain't nothing but dust down there. all the family dead.. ( i know that not to be true).....

Daviss: each time I went I went searching for the one who shall remain nameless

di: i keep telling myself--i will go on my own (or with my mom) next year

Daviss: yes di that may have to be the way

Selma: That would be a nice trip for you and your mom di

Daviss: Do you know the name of the church?

di: yeah i am going to drive there and spend a few days.

alt: how far away are you from the "home place" di?

di: no Daviss not right offhand. i have it in my notes...and i have an uncle who will fill me in. he enjoys my findings...

Daviss: mabe the uncle can go also

di: it is in upson county ga. i am in philadelphia but my mom is in sc. no uncle does not really travel that far anymore

alt: okay, some distance for all of you.

di: 4hours from my mom

Daviss: ok di I have been tring to find out the name of the church my grandmothers mother went to

di: fortunate i do have a distant cousin who i think could be some help and i do know of a cousin that lives down there as well

Daviss: no luck so far.. I do have one clue.. The land that George Forman bought for his Gym is located across the field from where they lived in the 1900's

alt: Daviss & Selma .. did y'all get the link to the David Grant interview? ... David is the writer/author/playwrite from Minnapolis, MN.

Daviss: I saw the link when I came in alt but did not click on I will get it though

Selma: Me either alt.. my bad

alt: I sent it to you in an email Selma & Daviss

Daviss: Oh ok thanks

Selma: Will check it out after the chat

Daviss: me too

alt: now I know my eamil goes into file 13 LOL LOL LOL

Daviss: lol I have been gone all morning sir lol

alt: yeah, yeah, yeah LOL

Selma: I don't have a file 13

Daviss: I sent you email to tell you I would be late PARTNER lol oops lol not shouting at ya

alt: yes you were!!!! Lol

Daviss: lol

Selma: Are you all going to watch the Olympics?

alt: anyway.. David recounts his trip to Ghana and also how we helped him to connect with a cousin of his living in Minneapolis that he wasn't aware of.

Daviss: I will Selma.. I started off with Soccer with Tyler

Selma: Gonna listen can test me Sunday

alt: oh yeah Selma .. opening ceremonies @ 7:30 PM

Daviss: hehehehe

Selma: I am looking forward alt..I like watching

Daviss: I know that will be good but I think China will not be topped Their opening was awesome

alt: I think Irita has connections to the young AA girl who is a gymnist (sp) from Lansing, MI.

Daviss: but I better not say "will not' because it can happen she is a cutie pie my cousin has a Lester who is a Greco wrestler

alt: ah so, will be on the lookout for him Daviss

Daviss: thx alt

alt: well y'all I'm outa here... gonna go win me some d&mn money!!!!! LOL LOL

Selma: Have a great day alt..

Daviss: lol good luck partner

Selma: I guess time for me to run too.. Have a great day

Daviss: ok have a good one Sel thx

di: good day

Seventies: Daviss, you there?

Daviss: Lol yes

Seventies: lol sorry got caught up in a convo

Daviss: ok I understand

Seventies: Trying to work my butt off lol

Daviss: better be carefull you will need a place to sit on lol

Seventies: lol I'm about ready to go home for the day..

Daviss: well you take care and I will catch you later

Seventies: man is vacuuming the office. later

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