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2012-07-26 Documenting Findings


Start: 12:11:28
End: 13:22:18
Chatters: alt, bbenn, Daviss, Selma, Seventies, vkn

vkn: Thanx for your comment on post re soldier Where was he from?

Daviss: Nice looking man

vkn: maybe we can do his genealogy Nice that graphics display in mailing list postings

Daviss: The article did not say where he was from

alt: hi y'all.. can't stay . Insurance adjuster just came to assess storm damage to roof.

Daviss: I just spoke with Angela, she is well but not avail for chat today A good long drive and now it will be my turn next week lol

alt: you're going to TX next week?

Daviss: yes alt

alt: prayers for your brother.

Daviss: It will be about 16 hrs thank you alt....

alt: that's at least a 2 day drive for me anymore, maybe 3, how long will it take you?

Seventies: hello alt, Daviss and vkn

Daviss: thats a straight drive lol The restroom, gas and chips

alt: hello Seventies.. how's "badness" today? LOL

Daviss: :? hi seventies

Seventies: badness is VERY good! lol

alt: Wow Daviss, I can't handle that anymore.

Seventies: whatcha lookin' at Daviss ??? lol

Daviss: badness seventies

Seventies: hi bbenn

Daviss: hello bbenn!!

alt: hello bbenn

bbenn: Hello Everyone!

alt: is Pearl Alice tonite bbenn?

Daviss: I was up late last night going through old pics

Seventies: I saw that... :} Nice photo of you and yoursiblings.

bbenn: Yes and I am looking forward to this call. We had a great chat on Tuesday and she is ready to make her debut on the internet!:}

Daviss: oh, yes had one missing brother lol @bbenn

alt: I can't wait to hear her voice.... I remember her postings on AfriGeneas when she referred to herself as the "the lady in the red dress" LOL LOL

bbenn: alt, let her know that it is not too intimidating!

Seventies: :}

alt: I'm sure she will handle it well bbenn.

bbenn: Absolutely!

Daviss: Who is the other guest bbenn?

bbenn: Pearl Alice is the only guest. I have a co-host Natonne Kemp. She has co-hosted the show before. I made the show a little longer so that I can go over the August line-up.

Daviss: oh great! I wonder where I got that from..

Seventies: Here is a link to the show for tonight with description. :}

bbenn: Maybe because her picture in on the page.

Daviss: mabe so lol

alt: I guess folks are getting ready for B'ham and the FGS Conference coming up in August as the next big event.... anyone here planning on attending... I'm not.

Seventies: I will be at home. . .

Daviss: nor am I alt

bbenn: I am not attending the meeting. my next event is the Southern Showcase in Edgefield, SC on September 28, 29. I am giving two presentations.

alt: You're getting ready for Oct and SLC, right Daviss? wonderful bbenn, best wishes

Daviss: that I am alt lol

bbenn: Thanks

alt: a cousin is in Raleigh, NC and searching at the Archives there... I asked her to look up Erin or "Free' ...... freeaainnc ..

Daviss: What are your presentations on bbenn?

alt: oh, oho here comes the adjuster

Daviss: ok alt

Seventies: lol

bbenn: 1. Did your SC Kin own land in other places? 2. Searching For My SC Kinfolks and Connecting with the Slave Owner Descendant.

Seventies: Sounds interesting bbenn. How far back were you able to go in SC with the slave holding family?

Daviss: trying to say best of luck bbenn keys not really sticking but words not showing up like they should

bbenn: I have the papers dating back to 1829. Names, ages and cost, you name it. I posted my story on Afrigeneas Talking. Thanks, Daviss.

Daviss: was that today bbenn?

Seventies: Maybe one day I'll have to share my story about my enslaved ancestors

bbenn: I posted my story several months ago.." When Reality It Me..."

Daviss: Oh ok mabe I have read it then

bbenn: I met my DNA cousin on yesterday and I am hoping to find information about the common ancestor who may have owned my family.

Daviss: Was this someone from 23&Me our from another company match?

Seventies: Right now, I just wanted to track down the descendants of my ggg grandmother's enslaved family. I have successfully tracked down her sister and niece. As a matter of fact, her nephew was the first pastor of the family church in Adams Co.

Daviss: our = or

bbenn: 23andme...I posted her story on Facebook that was on CBS the other day.

Seventies: You known the niece was living near her aunt in the 1870 census and until I had the other documents I never knew it. I saw that bbenn. They are getting ad saavy.

bbenn: It was really lucky to meet other descendants of my enslaved family. You just have to become a PI lol lol

Seventies: Well some of them contacted me after reading my blog, but I for one am not for making them feel comfortable. I have enough family down there who do that.

alt: catching up on the chat .... interesting news bbenn on the slave ancestor connection.

Daviss: So they are living near your folks Seventies?

Seventies: What I did forget to do is take a photo of the Sotheby's sign where they are trying to sell the land in that area. There are 4 former plantations where my grandparents lived. Yes they are. My grandfather knows the individual who contacted me a while back.

Daviss: Do you have pics of all four plantations? Are they still standing

Seventies: I didn't get one of Buckhurst.. All of these plantations at one time or another were owned by the Farrar or Ellis family.

Daviss: Was that the first one that they stayed on? OIC

Seventies: No they originally settled in Louisiana. Now Glen Aubin (Rounds Plantation) is right there also. That is still standing as well as Buckhurst. Ormonde is for hunting primarily.

bbenn: Where in Louisiana?

Seventies: Pointe Coupee In the later years they also owned plantations in New Orleans and a home in Natchez, MS Their family papers collection are on file at LSU special collections.

bbenn: Lot's of informatoin in Pointe Coupee. Great chatting!

Seventies: yes, that area of MS/LA shares a lot of information between the two. As a matter of fact the Educable children's census is held in East Baton Rouge Parish. Have a good one bbenn Well I guess its just us.. :}

Daviss: lol

Seventies: Okay now remember I said that I was going to start actively researching my Alabama family?

Daviss: Well in my opinion its all so interesting Especially to go back that far

Seventies: Thanks Daviss. I was honestly so surprised that there was so much public information on my Rounds family line.

Daviss: You should do a presentation you know what, why don't you get on BBens show

Seventies: Regarding the MS folk. Margaret Meade was the sister of Charity Rounds. Margaret's daughter Margaret married Joseph Christmas. Joseph Christmas was the FIRST pastor of Mount Sinai baptist Church in Sibley, MS I got a photo of him while down there. I don't think that my research is that strong Daviss. She did ask me to be on the show.

Daviss: There is a person on Our black Ancestry who stated she was a Christmas

Seventies: Do you remember who?

Daviss: No, I just saw it within the last few days

alt: well, it sounds like you're beginning to fill in some "holes" and able to tell a good deal of family history Seventies

Seventies: The Christmases I know live out in Kingston, MS

Daviss: thats what I am thinking too alt..Seventies may have enough now to even do the show

Seventies: I'm still a little gun shy.

alt: telling the story is one thing Seventies, but when you're able to document the story and connect the dots that's another whole animal Seventies ... and you're headed in the documentable direction which is very good !!!

Seventies: thanks alt. I have documents, but I find that trying to get the right ones are sometimes the issue.

alt: always Seventies, so just keep on plugging.

Seventies: Because I'm always on the lookout to try to get all of the documentation that I can It was suggested to me that I publish the marriage records that I have from Adams Co.

Daviss: later folks, time for me to get a few vittals in my tummy have a great day

Seventies: ok I will get in touch with you today about 4 pm Alright I'll get the lights the chairs and toss the garbage.. lol Hi Selma! we were about to shut up shop.

Selma: Hey folks...sorry I am late..

alt: the recent Tubman posting is a great example.. woman stated she was a direct descendant of Harriett Tubman, with the Tubman surname. then it was pointed out that Harriett Tubman did not have any children with her Tubman husband.

Selma: Enough time to say Hello and Goodbye..have a nice day

Seventies: ah... interesting alt. How did she mess that one up? but perhaps her Tubman people could've been owned by the same family.

alt: that was for you Seventies .. the importance of documents to support your "stories".

Seventies: Right. I've made that mistake a few times. Jumping to conclusions with out the right documents.

alt: exactly Seventies

Seventies: Or trying to make the oral history work.

alt: that enough times to know it'll bite you in the behind when you can prove what you state as fact. LOL

Selma: Yes seventies..trying to make it work..come h*&ll or high water

Seventies: lol right I try to approach both as clues.

Selma: But for some folks..the fact that it does not work is taken that "grandma lied"..and that is the ulitmate No-No

alt: yep Selma, they blame their 'inconsistencies' on poor ole grandma LOL

Seventies: Well as I get older, the more realistic i am... lol

Selma: LOL

Seventies: People lie and sometimes age just doesn't change that.

alt: in my family we have "embellisher's" not liars LOL LOL LOL

Seventies: lol lol lol

Selma: I don't always assume that it is a deliberate lie..but a story that has passed thru many folks..over time that could have evolved into just enough changes to take you down a wrong path

Seventies: Right, oh absolutely.

Selma: I take a deep breath and go where the records take me

alt: right Selma. the story is true, butt some of the facts are out of whack

Seventies: You know, I wish I could prove it, but my grandfather says that his maternal grandmother was burn up in a fire. *burned

Selma: When would that event have taken place..what time frame?

Seventies: I'm not sure..

Selma: But you could probably approximate..

Seventies: The circumstances around the event were that they were buring a field. So I'm guessing between 1910 and 1920.

Selma: Maybe an event that would have appeared in a newspaper of the time?

Seventies: could be.

Selma: Awful to actually think about and visualize..but might not have been that rare considering agricultural techniques at the time

Seventies: Its one of those things I never checked because the details were sketchy.

Selma: No death records for that time frame..or inquest?

Seventies: I had heard that mentioned somewhere that because of the clothing during the late 1800's it was the leading cause of death for women.

Selma: I think child birth was probably the leading cause of death..but I could see where clothing could be a serious

Seventies: I can too. I have really got to make some time to go down to the Archives. . . I want to get my hands on M1907 again.

Selma: Hopefully they will put online at Not sure how somethings are available and others aren't Well better run..been out in this heat..need a nap Have a great day..

Seventies: lol you too Selma

Selma: Bye alt..when you return..

Seventies: alt we're leaving. . . :}

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