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2012-07-25 Family Association Inc


Start: 12:08:00
End: 13:13:42
Chatters: alt, Daviss, Selma, Seventies

alt: hello Daviss Are you there Daviss????

Daviss: brb

alt: okay, get your coffee LOL

Daviss: ok sorry alt..first the phone, then the door, then the phone again lol

alt: you're a busy, popular person

Daviss: well lol not really.. Making Texas plans. Not sure if I told you but baby brother has been given 3 mos by Dr so we are headed that way

alt: your friend Yolanda got in touch with my friend, Jonas Bender, on the Montford Marine connection... I think her father and Jonas are now communicating with each other .. Thanks !!!!!!!!

Daviss: That is wonderful alt!!

alt: oh no, we'll keep him and the family in our prayers.

Daviss: thanks much alt! Yolanda is a sweetie

alt: she seems to be a very nice person course I know that that you don't keep anything but good company LOL

Daviss: lol lol I have been known to harbor a few lol

alt: it was very nice seeing Khathu back in the Chat hello Selma, how you doing?

Selma: Good afternoon alt and daviss..

Daviss: Heyy Selma

Selma: Sorry to hear about your brother Daviss..

Daviss: Yes it was alt.. thank you Selma, I appreciate that Did you all see that post re Harriett Tubman?

alt: Yes I did Daviss .. Kate Lawson is the 'gatekeeper' for Harriett Tubman history & genealogy LOL

Daviss: I hope the person who thought their was a direct did not get let down too much I bet they had been thinking that for years

alt: me too Daviss, she could still have a connection, but just not with the Tubman surname.

Daviss: right

alt: I would imagine Daviss

Daviss: It was a shock to me when I found out about the one S two S relation lol

alt: I'm gonna have to thank vkn when she gets here for defending my post on the 1940 census indexing problems with her posting & mention of the Seaver article.

Daviss: oh yes, I saw that this morning alt

alt: and I had to let the one responder know that she wasn't the only person who has done some indexing LOL LOL

Daviss: I know alt, I have a hand in that also as well as Sel

Selma: I think anyone who researches should volunteer to do a couple of pages..just to give you a perspective

alt: and I've probably put (indexed) some bad stuff from a transcription error.

Daviss: lol when the last census gets indexed they should have no problem with those 10 questions lol lol

alt: right Daviss

Selma: It depends what folks wrote down Daviss.. I told folks in my group not to "lie" about their ages.. LOL

Daviss: lol lol

alt: especially how the names were spelled

Selma: Cause in 100 years their descendants would know they lied..then start looking for more dirt

Daviss: Tanjannquesha

Selma: then trying to figure out how to pronounce

alt: I can imagine the problems that may be caused by how how folks may have identified themselves racially.

Daviss: I wonder what some of these guys who play ball and changed their name to names like 69

alt: yeah, the Shanellnique's and such

Daviss: whats that ball players name that changed his name.It starts with a M I think

alt: who Chad Johnson to Ochocinco ???

Daviss: No last name

alt: hmmm, not sure

Daviss: kinda takes us back to 1860 huh

alt: yep, pick a name LOL

Daviss: Selma, are you gonna continue indexing pretty soon after resting your eyes

Selma: I think the "Ocho" person just got engaged..his fiancee wants him to change his name back to Johnson.. LOL

Daviss: lol alt now that would be something

alt: right Selma .. he did go back to Johnson ... legally for his marriage

Selma: Probably but gotta get back in the rythm She didn't want to be Mrs. Ocho.. LOL

Daviss: lol

alt: like Khathu .. get yo' mojo back, huh LOL

Daviss: He sure got some good info with his mojo not working lol

alt: yep, he truly did

Selma: Thats what I thought to Daviss... LOL I gotta post an answer to the person who posted the Knox Query on the Surnames forum There were a number of KNOX's in Barnetta's book in Rowan County

alt: vkn asked him about presenting in SLC... I just looked at their list of speakers... Khathu is scheduled for 2 presenations.

Daviss: Does she have all the counties in her book Selma

Selma: She has all that she could find records for They did not survive for all counties or maybe not done

Daviss: yes he is scheduled but work may be in the way now

alt: oh okay I see Daviss

Daviss: I wish those ladies that did the books No Land Only Slaves would put out more counties They have had "coming soon" for years now

Selma: LOL Why don't you write to them

Daviss: lol I did on at least 3 occasions however it has been awhile mabe I will retry today I used to see the one ladys posts but nada lately

alt: again, what are their names Daviss?

Seventies: Good afternoon, Lunch Bunch!

Selma: Afternoon seventies

Seventies: hi alt, Daviss and Selma

alt: well, hello your "badness" LOL lOL

Daviss: MSNBC is full force Soccer today

Seventies: Hello to you too 'All knowing, all wise' alt! lol lol

Daviss: Hello there Seventies!!

alt: hehehehehehe @ Seventies

Daviss: yucky, gonna grab a fresh cup of coffee brb

alt: you remembered Seventies. alt may not always be right, but he is never wrong LOL lOL

Seventies: lol lol lol

Selma: LOL

alt: what's new with you Seventies?

Seventies: Alright, I'm browsing through what is available from chat, and I see the book No Land Only Slaves mentioned. Busy doing summertime stuff with the co-workers two days in a row...

Daviss: ok back

Seventies: Mulling over some more plans and ideas in regards to genealogy.

Daviss: that sounds like a winner seventies

Seventies: So one of my favorite aunts has asked me to look into my AL family, which is why I've been so interested lately I am also mulling over the idea of forming a family association for my maternal line. Working lightly on a proposal for it.

alt: great Seventies, I'm sure you will help them out as best you can.

Seventies: Looking heavily into the nuts and bolts.

Selma: What are you envisioning with this association

Seventies: Preservation of the family history, financing & organizing reunions at this time. Eventually I would like to see it expand to include scholarships and a nice library in Adams Co. I've always wanted to have a library.

Daviss: Are your other reunions yearly?

Seventies: Bi-annually. The financials are the thing that we need. I have a few people in mind that I would tap for that position.

alt: is there a library or archive in the area where you 'house' your family artifacts in a collection?

Seventies: No not at this time.

alt: okay

Selma: Are you envisioning your "own" llibrary to house your family material..of that of the other black families in that area

Seventies: Many of the 'artifacts' that I have are electronic. My own family. Eventually though, it will include other families related to ours. That is inevitable I believe.

Selma: Yes..

alt: my Adams Family has established a "collection" with the Champaign County, Ohio Historical Society to house artifacts on the history of the AA Adams family in that county from 1813 to the present day.

Seventies: It will also act as a venue to encourage more family members to get involved with the family history and share their stories. okay.

Daviss: dang, did you see where Cal Ripkens mom was kidnapped

Seventies: Right now a lot of my Rounds family artifacts reside with my line. With my aunt Dot.

Selma: Listening right now on CNN

alt: no Daviss, Wow!!!

Daviss: she has been found now dang talking on CNN about it

Seventies: whaaa??? Now what was going on with the Jackson family?? Why did they report her missing??

alt: I like your idea Seventies

Seventies: Thanks alt.

alt: you have my blessing Seventies LOL lOL

Daviss: She is prolly tired of all the hoopla seventies.. Its the kids that are fighting

Seventies: That laugh sounds ominous alt. . . lol

alt: okay

Daviss: I think I will head out now.. Take care folks

Selma: Bye

Seventies: alt I will have to contact NAPAC about that once I get more stuff together. that is the local AA history museum in natchez, ms

alt: Selma, yesterday when you mentioned VA supplying many slaves to the lower south I wanted to say they also furnished most of the former slaves and FPOC to the north and midwest, particularly Ohio, IN, & MI most of the FPOC in Ohio had VA origins, or WVA, KY when they were a part of VA.

Selma: Yes, I know

alt: I know you know, but I wanted to say that for the others here in chat in case they didn't know that.

Selma: LOL

Seventies: your knowledge is appreciated. :}

Selma: LOL

alt: why thank you ma'am

Selma: Ok..gotta go put my "drops" in

Seventies: Ok Selma. take care.

alt: good luck

Selma: Have a great day.

alt: & later Seventies

Seventies: Will I need to close up? lol Okay see you tomorrow.

alt: yeah, young lady I'll leave the clean-up for you LOL lOL

Seventies: alright, I'll definitely be talking to you about the Association issue. Always open to ideas.

alt: as I duck for cover LOL

Seventies: Oh no.. not gonna get you... this time.. lol lol lol

alt: hehehehehhe

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