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Start: 12:02:45
End: 13:30:55
Chatters: alt, freeaainnc, Ingrid_Doweary, Selma, share, vicky, vkn

vicky: hello there

share: Hello how are you

vicky: doing great, how about yourself?

share: I'm fine

vicky: heyyy Selma!

share: I think that I may of found a living descendant phone number I want to call but I don't know what to say

Selma: Good Friday afternoon Vicky and share

share: should i call or just try to mail a letter Selma Hello

vicky: I have been in the same situation and have done both I would say that it depends on how comfortable you are What are your surnames and from what state

share: Im comfortable but they may not know what I'm talking about

vicky: why dont you start out by telling them who you are and who you think they may be related to

Selma: Are you seeking additional information from these folks?

share: Yes...

Ingrid_Doweary: Hey Alt.

alt: Hello y'all Ingrid, Selma, share & vicky

share: And from what I hear...southerners don't really like to share information around there

Selma: So they don't know you at all...these descendants do they know anyone else in your family?

vicky: lol you never know until you try... I would start off telling them who you are related to

alt: what has been your experience to this point share ?

Selma: Alt..getting great responses on my AA and Railroad posting..great book you would enjoy

alt: I saw Selma & I responded about my 'railroad' days LOL

Ingrid_Doweary: I concur with your suggestion, Vicky. I plan to do that with a nearby relative in Prince Georges County, MD for my Scott surname ancestry.

vicky: share, where are they located

share: Well both really...I've been blown completely off by some.. and very much with in contact with others who are researching. I found that if they are not researching they are a little rude.

Selma: Well the very nature of this process is seen as very invasive by many folks

Ingrid_Doweary: A Linton Family relative contacted me by reference of his aunt who is a 1st cousin to my father.

share: Sometimes I think it has a lot to do with family secrets you uncover doing this type of research

alt: now that is a 'normal' reaction share ... rudeness from non-genealogists & seven they can be rude at times LOL try and explain you're looking for lineage,,, not family history share

vicky: I am still trying to find out where are these people located share. They may be my folks lol

Ingrid_Doweary: You may consider naming a mutual relative's name who referred you to them and perhaps request the mutual relative speak with the person for you.

share: Oh I'm sorry..North other name on here is deshawn Rutherford County

Ingrid_Doweary: The Linton surname relative contacted me in September last year a couple of weeks after I saw his aunt in person. She told me about him.

alt: if they have an email address share often an attached FGS, or pedigree chart and a couple of photos grab their attention.

vicky: share you may be surprised, they may be willing to talk to you. Especially older folks

share: I am a beginner at this...I'm not even sure if I should be researching out side of my direct lineage. Sisters and Brothers Uncle and Aunts.of my grand parents

Selma: Sometimes you have to research the sisters and brothers to get info on your folks

alt: and the siblings of children of those aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc.

Ingrid_Doweary: Share do you have a written list of questions that you have prepared for personal interviews?

vicky: what makes you believe they may be your relatives share?

Ingrid_Doweary: Good question, Vicky.

alt: yep, vicky has a good point... show them who you are and who you are related to in an effort to try and connect to them

share: I've completed my great grandfathers children and I was starting on his brothers and sisters. And I found his brothers family line down to people that are living...all by death certificates linking them in to my tree

alt: I usually send more than the person wants to know about me when I make first contact... LOL

vicky: lol @ alt

share: I have not written a list of questions before..This will be my first spare of the moment contact that's why I'm so nervous and excited all wrapped in one.

Ingrid_Doweary: Yes, Alt I agree. I prefer to have a family member reference me to the relative in question.

alt: a normal reaction share

Selma: If you should call and explain..then be prepared to send them info, which shows the connection especially some pictures..folks like pictures..

share: To be honest I don't know if the number I have is even working...The town there in only have a dial up connection...Their a little behind in technology...

alt: right Selma... and let them know you aren't about getting into their pocketbook. LOL

Selma: Oh yes alt.. for sure

share: Omg they might think I'm looking for money...

alt: that's always a possibility share

Selma: It does cross folks I said, folks have different reactions..

share: If i was looking for money it wouldn't

alt: someone come at me from 'out of the blue' I want to know what are they up to? LOL

share: be theirs it would be the owners of the family...I dont want no ones money I just like the information

Ingrid_Doweary: What is the reason you wish to speak to this potential relative?

Selma: When we talk to each other on Afrigeneas..we are talking to the choir, we understand and just want the info..but folks not doing research don't always understand

share: I want to create a family bible

alt: exactly Selma

vicky: thats a wonderful idea share

share: Ok..I feel a bit more secure I'm bout to place the call now....I'll let you know what happens...wish me luck

alt: you got it share

Selma: Wishing you luck Did vkn change the color in the section where we type?

alt: an Idea for our upcoming luncheon.... help!! I'm thinking of doing it in a power point form of slides showing the THEN of Gen Research vs the NOW .... ex. a File Cabinet vs a Flash Drive. yep. mine is a shade of blue Selma

Selma: Ok..mine too.. Afternoon vkn

vicky: very light blue

alt: Hello vkn

vkn: howdy doody

vicky: hello vkn

vkn: back atcha

Ingrid_Doweary: Hey Vkn

vkn: u 2 ingrid

alt: slide of large computer vs laptop... snail mail (envelope) vs email

vicky: remember microfilm vs digital

alt: there you go vicky that type of thing rather than a talk.. let the images show the advancements

vicky: was the bar missing vkn or the ability to scroll back to see the msgs

Selma: Gotta run folks..have a great day

vicky: or am I needing to take a pill rather the conversations when coming into the room

alt: Is this a travel day for AYWAlton?

vicky: dunno alt, is it over today

alt: probably... a Mon-Fri workshop

vicky: what, no sat night party ! lol

Ingrid_Doweary: lol

alt: dunno.. I was surprised when she said there were 55 AA's in attendance.. if I understood her correctly

vicky: awesome amout of people alt and came from all over

alt: ain't that sumpin vicky

vkn: i act on what yall say and then send report

vicky: oic

alt: you're too kind vkn.. don't let us work you so hard LOL

vkn: lol okies

Ingrid_Doweary: :)

vicky: do you believe that alt

alt: you know how hard it is to satisfy 'US Folks" LOL

vicky: as in us coloreds alt

alt: you got it vicky LOL

vicky: hehehehehe

vkn: Had a 4 hour lunch meeting with Audrey Batiste and we discussed many theoretical/philosophical brick walls in Black research

alt: is this lady related to Ron Batiste? I met him in Ft. Wayne

vicky: Isn't Batiste (Ron) from cali

vkn: where child born no known father to claim so child takes name of mother's father. Where does the research go? maternal?

alt: yes he is vicky

vkn: Not at all vicky for audrey she is SC

alt: that's tough vkn, but it is a fact in so many AA homes not only today, but also in the past.

vicky: so where would you put them?

vkn: That is a question to study vicky and us

alt: on the Pedigree I would leave the Paternal line 'blank; until I had some proof of who, what, where & when

vicky: unk

vkn: DNA cannot answer that one if no dad is stepping forth or can it?

Ingrid_Doweary: How about connecting a grandparent's info if you can identify a grandparent.

alt: the 'naming' thing is another question

vkn: or where bio dad agrees he is parent and his family says OH NO

alt: If paternal Grandparent is know then there is a 'suspected' father, right?

Ingrid_Doweary: It sounds as though the researcher does not have a surname for a subject. Is that correct?

vkn: Only maternal grand father is identified that is correct ingrid

vicky: I have a niece who has one child. When she married the child took on the steps name but no formal adoption. I asked if I could put natural fathers name down or at least in my notes and she said she would prefer I did not

Ingrid_Doweary: Is a paternity test useful in this case?

alt: all good questions and they show how genealogy & family has evolved from the 'olden' days

Ingrid_Doweary: Oh I'm sorry. Ignore my previous question.

vicky: The child is now grown and I am pondering if I should ask her

vkn: child as an adult wants to research his heritage and learns that he has no paternal ties searchable

vicky: now that is real sad to me

alt: and that is becoming more and more the case....

freeaainnc: hi!

vicky: hello freeaainnc

alt: hello freeaainnc

Ingrid_Doweary: Are there any known siblings of possible father around? Hey Free.

freeaainnc: just stopping in to take a breather before I finish packing

vkn: well too often we take a marriage piece of paper as proof but we know that only proves marriage the rest is by faith

alt: yes vkn -grandson and I know nothing of his paternal lineage... granddaughter has chosen NOT to share that information with me. I have a grandson and I know....

vicky: true vkn

vkn: well with this group of olrsters in my class about 25 percent cannot identify a father or they identify a father who rejects the claim

Ingrid_Doweary: Did the absence of the adoption create an opportunity not to record the biological father's information?

alt: a shame, but one of the vestiges of slavery.... men just made babies and moved on.

vkn: and that is our history alt

alt: and of our history of 'common law' marriages

vicky: and in those days no money for adoption either having a hard time with my x hubby's line

alt: I have a cousin that has about 6-7 children and I' bet there are at least 4-5 different fathers involved... and this cousin was older than me, so it is not a new thing.

vicky: common law, kids bought up by grandparents or aunts and uncles

Ingrid_Doweary: That's such a dreadful tradition which has transcended-children without fathers. That's why I was asking about grandparents, aunts and uncles.

alt: look at all of those half bro & sister relationships with so many differing fathers.

vkn: well alt it seems we must discuss researching the maternal line and leave the rest clearly visible but with no conclusive findings

Ingrid_Doweary: The statement was a response to yours about the common law practice, Vicky.

alt: I would think so vkn... otherwise you'll drive yourself crazy trying to figure the ins & outs of the situation

Ingrid_Doweary: I'm in agreement, Alt.

vicky: oh yes ingrid

Ingrid_Doweary: How is your research coming along, Free?

vicky: free must be packing lol

Ingrid_Doweary: Oh I forgot. lol

vicky: and then nowadays vkn you have so many people changing their names how in the heck can you work backwards on that

vkn: true vicky but generally there is a trail

freeaainnc: lol sorry Ingrid in the other room. Right now it's at a standstill while I get ready to move, actually, I was getting a load of laundry together :)

vicky: how can you trace a name like sixty or what ever that guys name is back

Ingrid_Doweary: You do what you need to, Free I feel ya. :)

vicky: aren't the records closed

freeaainnc: LOL! thanks! big move is monday, small move is tomorrow, but I'm running out of clean clothes! LOL plus tomorrow aunt and uncle are buying me a new bed so I want clean sheets to put on the brand new bed :)\

vkn: why would records be closed

vicky: If you did not know any better and you started to research who at first thought would think of a name change. I saw a person back in 1880 rather a set of twins Stick and Stuck

freeaainnc: I'm not sure what you and Vicky are talking about, but saw something about adoption and unless it was an open adoption, records are probably closed...if I'm way off, just ignore me :)

vkn: vicky that is prolly very frequent

vicky: I was just making a statement on closed records. no reason for name changes to be closed I guess

freeaainnc: oh! name change records? I have no clue about that

vicky: no sign of Stick and his brother later so I assumed they got rid of those names

vkn: i was searching king and find that name was blackshear from 1870 to 1885

freeaainnc: could have been nick names I have an ancestor in 1860 census with a twin bro and they were listed in the 1860 census as Buchanan and Breckenridge

vicky: wonder why the change vkn

vkn: long story short vicky

vicky: did we ever tie the Texas Bleackshear to you vkn?

freeaainnc: in fact all the twins in the area for that census were called Buchanan and Breckenridge! turned out Buchanan and his running mate Breckenridge were just elected or something like that

vkn: sort of vicky, same slaveholder family

vicky: interesting free

Ingrid_Doweary: Buchanan and Breckenridge are the twin's surnames?

freeaainnc: I don't know if that was really their names or if the census taker had some kinda political agenda LOL no, given names Coventry was the surname

vicky: no different than now I guess with all the Theodore Roosevelt's around

Ingrid_Doweary: Okay, I understand now, Free.

freeaainnc: there are Vicky?? I didn't realize that! LOL

Ingrid_Doweary: Hey, I had 2nd cousin named, Joe Louis Linton.

vicky: girls and boys now named after drinks, Alazae and Andre lol

freeaainnc: I know one woman who named her daughter Mai Tai!

vicky: yep ingrid I have seen that a lot

freeaainnc: how is Andre after a drink?? LOL

Ingrid_Doweary: Anyone got an idea where the name Alzaida came from?

vicky: Champagne

freeaainnc: what does champagne have to do with the name Andre? don't get it LOL

vicky: it was the name of a drink like mai tai. many folks liked it

freeaainnc: really?? B/c I know someone (woman) who is over 80 named Andree

vicky: I know of no woman but several men

freeaainnc: but I have never heard of a drink called Andre well, she is from Belgium

vicky: you are still young free lol

freeaainnc: LOL! yeah, but old enough to drink! LOL

vicky: I bet you never heard of Thunderbird

freeaainnc: when I started online genealogy mind you, I was 16, but I am now! LOL not as a term for a drink couse I don't drink either so the only drinks I know if really are the ones with common names or in the mainstream and have heard others talking about them

vicky: water's good lol

freeaainnc: LOL hmm, wonder if anyone has named a kid after Gatorade! LOL or powerade or Lemonade! LOL hmmm, Lemonade Jenkins has a nice ring to it! LOL

vicky: there was a person in earlier free that was researching NC

freeaainnc: really? too bad I missed them I was just reading a request for help on ancestry's expert connect and was laughing b/c she is asking for help, but presenting information she already knows in such a way it's like she already knows everything LOL

vicky: a lady.. free she was researching Richmond but I don't know the surname Richmond County I think I asked a couple times but did not get an answer

freeaainnc: ok

vicky: anyway, I have to do a quick run...

freeaainnc: I need to get going too

vicky: free you and Ingrid have a great day

freeaainnc: you too!

vicky: You too vkn

freeaainnc: bye Ingrid and V, I need to go too

vicky: oh free

freeaainnc: yes?

vicky: I am really glad you got the job

freeaainnc: thanks! :) me too!

vicky: bye

freeaainnc: bye!

vkn: niters

Ingrid_Doweary: Take care everyone.

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