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2012-07-15 Verifying Sources


Start: 10:29:40
End: 12:29:45
Chatters: alt, di, Selma, Seventies, vkn

vkn: Good Sunday Morning to all Take a look at the beta "PreciousPhotos Give us your feedback and test the upload feature wth a vintage photo or three Thanx so much for any and all suggestions. Out thinking at this point is to have three galleries 1,1790-1940 2. Gallery of vintage "UNKNOWNS" 3. Gallery of currents 1950-present including Family Reunions Take a look at the beta "PreciousPhotos Give us your feedback and test the upload feature wth a vintage photo or three Going now to edit the logs for the past week

di: good morning

vkn: Howdy di and how are you What did the research yield since last we met? Do you have vintage photos to share from AfriGeneas/

di: nothing much. not right now i have to get them when i go back down south. i have to rescan. i lost most of the data on my computer

vkn: Howdy Selma

di: hello selma

Selma: Good morning vkn and folks are here might early

di: yeah i am just passing thru

vkn: well gotta get started lol

di: brb

vkn: All praises for being able to start lol

Seventies: good morning all!

Selma: Good mornin seventies

Seventies: hi di, Selma and vkn How was everyone's week?

vkn: Good morning seventies

Selma: How was your trip..or are you still tripping seventies.. LOL

vkn: Check out the beta PreciousPhotos

Selma: I just looked vkn..looks great

vkn: Thankee Selma now on to the uploads and testing seventies share trip away

Seventies: I'm taking a short break.. stayed the night in NYC as my flight came in late last night.

vkn: oh i c

Selma: I figured you drove

Seventies: Well, family reunion went well. I also spent some time at the courthouse. Plugged Afrigeneas

vkn: wonderful

Seventies: Found out that every spring college students are moving old court records to the Historical society. That worries me

Selma: Had the records you were looking for been moved?

Seventies: I couldn't find them at the courthouse, but they hadn't been sorted out at the Historical society.

vkn: I am on the fly. Had a BENHAM thingy yesterday to welcome member from Afghanistan. Some are stopping in this morning to do the genealogy thing!

Seventies: that sounds wonderful vkn.

Selma: Glad they made it home safe vkn

vkn: Seventies not to worry about move seventies. Better than court tossing them

Selma: Which is the case in some courthouses as they compete for space

vkn: Plus it will give a much needed activity for th society to do so everybody wins in that instance Will be postng queries from prisioners this afternoon on a locality basis oops Inmates ibeen sitting on them for about a year

Selma: Ummmm

vkn: I agree ol lol not sure of much help to the individual but it may make a connection

Selma: Ummm

vkn: lol not sure of much help to the individual but it may make a connection to someone in the general public

Selma: still ummm

vkn: Beside I am downsizing much of the archives I have been toting around for years

Selma: Interesting post on the emancipation of slaves at age 28... I was planning to dig out my book on laws of emancipation in VA in that time frame..

vkn: yes it is interesting and good to have that conversation going

Selma: But it works to the emancipators advantage..all children of the females born prior to emancipation continue to be property of the owner

vkn: wonderful Selma oh dear. There is no "pretty" to slavery

Selma: You can make your self look benevolent and still profit...

vkn: The "But he was a good master" stories concerm me

Seventies: reading the slave narratives Selma?

Selma: No posting on one of the forums

Seventies: oh okay. I haven't really been on Afrigeneas while I was in MS.

Selma: What no daily "afrigeneas fix"

vkn: Which comes first, Selma benevolent or Christian ?

Seventies: lol no I was on my Courthouse fix.. lol

vkn: Howdy alt how you be

Seventies: hello alt

alt: wow, hello all ... di, Selma, Seventies & vkn

Selma: Morning're late.. LOL

alt: Naw, y'all started early, like 11:00 AM LOL

Seventies: I did pull the 1868-1870 colored marriages for Adams co. so I'm excited about getting those records. And I also took images of the WW I Vets plaque at the federal court house

Selma: Oh you were really working seventies

vkn: Trying to be on time alt Seventies that is so great Gotta run

alt: wow, caught up reading the log.... you;ve been busy Seventies & Selma, yeah the emancipation process is interesting.

Seventies: yes I was Selma.. it looks like hundreds of blacks got married at that time.

alt: Seventies, were the early (1868) marriages inclusive of slave cohabitations?

Seventies: What I really want to do is go do D.C. and get into RG105 and look at M1907. I hadn't really looked at them in detail yet alt. Sometimes when I go to the courthouse, my only goal is to photograph the records for research later because there are so many of them and time constraints.

alt: I understand Seventies ... so much information and so little time.

Seventies: I did upload them to my computer because my camera was full of images.

alt: I gues that is an advantage of today's in-house research .... digital cameras, scanners & phones that take pictures.

Seventies: The digital camera is great and the fact that you can add additional memory using a memory card, up to 32GB now. And with minimal exposure of the records and minimal handling.

alt: question for y'all ..... is my using examples of records (images) in my postings on AfriGeneas a turn-off, or do they help demonstrate the point oof the discussion.. I hope it is the latter.

Selma: You can order those reels thru the FHC seventies..if there is one near you

Seventies: Ok I have to get going to catch my train upstate... see y'all later.

alt: take care Seventies

Selma: Not to me alt...confirmation that a record exists..

alt: that's what I was hoping to hear Selma, but you understand the process of 'show & tell"... many posters just 'talk' about the records and don't give examples of what they are talking about. sure got quiet... what's up? LOL

Selma: LOL Trying to do 10 things at once..

alt: oh my.. good luck with that Selma.

Selma: Never works well.. LOL

alt: it doesn't work for me.

Selma: Not only that the images gives folks an idea of en what a record might look like, even though it might be different in their state or community

alt: The 'verifying sources' thread on AfriGeneas I think is going to cause some of the research on Finding Your Roots to be questioned.

Selma: and the information provided might be different

alt: exactly Selma... different situations for many States. I think the FYR episode on John Legend has some 'holes' in it with the Polley connection.

Selma: Then why don't you do a posting on it on the forum

alt: I did.... that is the 'gist' of the 'verifying sources' dialogue between Doug Harger and myself.

Selma: Oh..Ok ..sorry.. Will have to go and reread

alt: I'm not saying it (FYR) is wrong, but there are some questions brought to the surface by multiple marriages, step-children, etc. it's a 'who's the daddy' thing and even some of the main players give conflicting information. LOL

Selma: Ummmm

alt: how's your weather? we've been pretty cool this past week.

Selma: Past week was good..but things heating up yesterday and today Had some thunderstorms yesterday..even a tornado over onthe eastern shore yesterday

alt: off the top of your head... Do you know if Evansburg, VA is near Lynchburg, VA?

Selma: What county is evansburg va in?

alt: dunno yet... I have a couple that have Lynchburg connections, as well as Evansvurg and was just wondering if they are somewhat close to each other geographically.

Selma: I googled evansburg virginia and got evansburg pennsylvania?

alt: that may be the case PA, rather than VA.

Selma: What is the surname in Lynchburg?

alt: Merchant is one of the surnames', Anthony is the other

Selma: How far back do they go in Lynchburg? I have some Lynchburg material that is where my father in laws family was from

alt: Merchant, maybe 1831 or little further back. ah so, okay

Selma: Were they free or enslaved...were they in Lynchburg after 1865

alt: not sure about free/enslaved .. earlist connection is a James Merchant & Tobitha Fields ca 1810 and their son Thomas Merchant born ca 1831 in Lynchburg

Selma: Was Thomas still in Lynchburg in 1870..he would have been around 40

alt: not sure, Thomas died in Franklin Co, OH in 1909.

Selma: Hold on I will be right back

alt: okay

Selma: Ok back..let me see what I have Ok I have the book Free Blacks of Lynchburg VA 1805-1865 by Ted Delaney and Phillip Rhodes..transcription of register..ton of Merchants

alt: okay, I'll have to get with you on those folks.

Selma: Have a Thomas Merchant age 10 in Dec 1844, son William and Martha Merchant ordered to be registered..on 10/06/1845 (plus other siblings Mary Frances age 2 and Judy Ann born 1845)

alt: wonderful, have to get with you on those folks.

Selma: on 11/03/1834..have a Tabitha Merchant, wife of Garner Merchant, and infant son Thomas Merchant...being registered..the family before them are FIELDS

alt: that sounds like the family ..tabitha/tobitha is in my files with James Garner's namemay have been James Garner as the and Tobitha have a son named Thomas in my records, Thomas was born 17 Dec 1831 according to my records. And Tabitha's maiden name was Fields

Selma: Where is your info coming from? The James and TAbitha references

alt: Ohio records.. Thomas is in Ohio and married by 1880. He is in Fayette Co., Oh=H with wife and two children by 1880

Selma: Ok well send me the info I will dig thru what I have I am a pack rat.. LOL

alt: Census & OH DC's have information on Thomas' parents see, this is an example of how I get myself into this kind of stuff... metion a name to a person with lots of stuff and 'off we go" LOL LOL

Selma: LOL There is a cemetery in Lynchburg called the Old City Cemetery

alt: but this is good..... I need to follow Lynchburg & Bedford connections on VA as this is where my Allen lines originate.

Selma: Turns out there are lots of Free Blacks buried there..they have a website..there are MERCHANTS buried there. Well I have the Free Negro Register for Bedford I don't see a TAbitha buried there...or at least not listed inthis book Were your ALLEN's free?

alt: I'll have to get with you on the Bedford, VA family lines Charles Allen was freed following the War of 1812, exactly when I don't know, but he was in Ohio by 1837.

Selma: Ok I will check later..don't feel like going up the steps again.. LOL

alt: His son Peter Allen was born ca 1820 in Bedford Co., VA.

Selma: So he was still in Bedford in 1820

alt: and I've got to run... Anita wants to go Casino-ing in about an hour.

Selma: Ok..have a great time win some money. Bye di

alt: lets hope so.. LOL

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