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2012-07-14 It's Saturday Night!


Start: 21:02:44
End: 21:47:59
Chatters: AYWalton, jhonora, ProfDru, Selma

jhonora: Hello ProfDru!

ProfDru: hello jari what have you been up to?

jhonora: Nothing much, just returning from a week in Dallas at my org.'s nat'l convention

ProfDru: good for you i've been working on an application to the national park service for the James A. Fields House to be included in its network to freedom. This is a way to put my research to work for a worthy cause. Are you finished college yet?

jhonora: That is wonderful, they are usually always glad to receive applications for more diverse sites, especially ones with concrete research behind them

ProfDru: yes, this was an excellent exercise in gathering documentation and doing citations.

jhonora: It seems as though there are many wonderful sites in our communites but few researchers who take the time to do the research from which the rangers can "interpret."

ProfDru: right One of Mr. Fields' descendants has now take an interest in her family's history. We are working on this project together. We also have a presentation at Fort Monroe next month.

jhonora: I read about his granddaughter on the blog, that is great

ProfDru: yes, she is 98 years old now.

jhonora: Was Fields mentioned in the book, Men of Mark, by Wm. Simmons?

ProfDru: Don't know. I haven't read this book.

jhonora: It was a colored who's who type book, done about 1890

ProfDru: He is mentioned in several books, but most of them did not have source citations. I had to dig deep to find primary evidence of his arrival at Fort Monroe prior to the end of the Civil War. Found a document in the Freedman's Bureau records.

jhonora: Have the Howard Law Alumni been of much assistance or shown much interest?

ProfDru: I have not contacted them yet. There is so much to be researched on Mr. Fields. For this project, I concentrated on the Enslavement and Civil War era.

AYWalton: Good evening ProfDru and jhonora!

jhonora: Hey AYWalton!

ProfDru: I was however contacted by a professor from Cornell Law School where his brother attended.

AYWalton: how are you both doing tonight?

ProfDru: Angela in da house

AYWalton: lol ProfDru is in da house!

ProfDru: good

AYWalton: wassup honora? oh jhonora, did you get my message about Harrison?

jhonora: Doing well, AY, I met a classmate of yours at my convention this week and forgot to write the name

AYWalton: you did? where was your convention? was this the KofP convention?

jhonora: In Dallas, but the lady lived in California, I believe. She was from the parish in Ft. Smith

AYWalton: ahh interesting! hmm.........I wonder who that was!!!

ProfDru: small world

AYWalton: From St. John's? we were a tiny parish!!! who was that? And most who went to St. John

jhonora: I'll have to ask some others at my table if they remember, she definitely knew you, because the first person she mentioned was your father

AYWalton: most who went to St. John's are also no longer in Arkansas---they are everywhere. she mentioned Sam Walton? who could that be? what was the convention that you attended?

jhonora: It was the KPC Convention in Dallas

AYWalton: who in the world>?

ProfDru: what is kpc?

jhonora: Knights of Peter Claver, ProfDru

ProfDru: ok

AYWalton: you have to find out who that was for me. she mentioned my dad? is there a list of people who attended?

jhonora: There is, I will check to see if I can find out

AYWalton: please do!!!!!!

jhonora: I even asked her if she went to the Benedictine high school, she said she didn't but that her younger sister had

AYWalton: her sister had---I wonder who that was. was it a Triplett? a younger sister? That was not a Triplett then. hmm...........not a Longley

jhonora: I can't recall, I was too busy campaigning for some of the fellows and the ladies can't vote for us lol

AYWalton: not that many of us went to St. Scho. ah yes. but you can't drop a bomb like that---I am so curious, now. I hope your candidate(s) won.

jhonora: Not one of 'em won, but I gave the two best nomination speeches hands-down

AYWalton: (scratching my head wondering who you met.) I bet you did!!! Hey Mizz Selma!

jhonora: Hello Selma

AYWalton: Jhonora did you get my email?

ProfDru: howdy selma

Selma: Good evening jhonora, AY, and dru

AYWalton: hope you are having a good evening, Mizz Selma!

Selma: I am sure you gave a great speech jhonora Yes, i am ay

jhonora: AY, was it about Mark Harrison?

AYWalton: yes, I was curious if he was the same person as our other acquaintance. I am fighting allergies this evenint. Stuffy nose and a bit sneezy. Looking for the Benadryl. lol

jhonora: I don't think so, for one thing, both of l'autre homme's parents were of Louisiana stock, and plus this gentleman writes too well to be HLT.

AYWalton: LOL!!! Whew!! Thanks! I got an email from cette homme who said we might be DNA cousins! Good to know.

jhonora: I'm avoiding his name, don't want to "conjure" him up

Selma: Please no "conjuring" tonight

AYWalton: or is that cet homme?

jhonora: cet

AYWalton: Indeed a wise move. No cunjurin' or such things.

jhonora: I was actually with some of his actual cousins this week, they have nothing to do with him

AYWalton: don't want something to back fire and bring all kinds of stuff up close LOL! I can imagine! I think he lives in Oklahoma anyway. l'autre homme lives out west in California. well I need to go and find some benadryl. That will dry me up and knock me out as well.

jhonora: I recently discovered after digging through the Freedmen's labor contracts that some of my people worked alongside the ancestors of Archibald & Willard Motley (artist & writer of the Harlem Renaiss.)

AYWalton: oh wow!!! That is really cool, jhonora!

Selma: In RG 105?

jhonora: Yes, Selma

Selma: On line?

jhonora: Yes

AYWalton: amazing the things that you can find!

Selma: After I told you to look? LOL

ProfDru: gotta run

jhonora: It was even more amazing, because on another line, I have a cousin who exchanged over 1,000 letters with Motley

AYWalton: really? Does he still have the letters?

jhonora: Yes, Ms. Selma, after you told me to look! Thank you!

Selma: LOL

jhonora: They are in the Pierce Collection up at UW-Madison

Selma: That is really exciting..

AYWalton: wonderful!

jhonora: I am now searching to see if my 'merican folks from Thibodaux are mentioned

Selma: Isn't it great you can search from HOme

AYWalton: Jhonora, do the gens de color tell jokes with Boudreax and Thibodaux? I heard a few at Samford, but I wondered if they were more Cajun than Creole.

jhonora: Well, we do occasionally, I always change the names, although I do have Boudreaux cousins

AYWalton: who do the folks de coleur talk about?

Selma: What are you joking about?

jhonora: They don't have very many jokes from the couleur side of things, but many of the cajun ones apply

AYWalton: ahhh ok, gotcha. I heard some cute Cajun jokes and the two characters are always Boudreaux and Thibodeaux. well I better run, I need my nasal spray and some benadryl. Have a good evening you too. Jhonora, think about who you met in Dallas! I am anxious to know.

jhonora: The crowd must be occupied or tired this evening

Selma: Numbers have been down..folks are either on vacation or just tired.. Guess it is time for me to go too...

jhonora: Good night!

Selma: Have a good evening

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