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Start: 12:54:40
End: 13:29:45
Chatters: alt, AYWalton, Daviss, vkn

Daviss: any more feedback on Precious Photos vkn

vkn: Just sent another mail

AYWalton: I did get it and checked the site. Looks promising for sure.

vkn: Mel Collier wondering why it has taken so long

AYWalton: Not sure technically what to look for, though.

vkn: AYW just upload a photo or two and share the usability

alt: are you asking for us to submit photos as test cases vkn, or are what has already been submitted good enough to use as examples?

Daviss: I will submit one more

vkn: No/yes alt Experience the uploading of photos and share experience

AYWalton: Oh----I didn't realize that you were asking for us to upload a photo! Sorry about that!

alt: I like the aspect of the "color" photos...

vkn: Is there ease in use

AYWalton: Will do.

vkn: How to merge old with new

AYWalton: (you gotta spell it out for me or I won't get it!) LOL

alt: me too AYWalton LOL

Daviss: lol AYWalton

AYWalton: I thought you meant just look at it.

vkn: lol me either AYW so we just gotta learn by doing

AYWalton: If you don't say upload, I won't know to do it---and I never try anything, I have to be shown. lol my "visual" learner pattern. :)

vkn: there are no instructions cause we have not been here before so we learn by OOPS! lol

Daviss: thats me and showing me takes more than a notion

alt: I also like the feature of linking to a photo that is already online or adding something from your PC/Mac.

AYWalton: I looked at it and just said--- "hmm...looks good!" lol I had not noticed that feature. I will check it out again.

vkn: AYW funny lol Also language is done by non Anglais speaking Rainer so I would ask you to suggest some wordsmithing

alt: from what I've seen Precious Photos can become a 'hit' with now being able to put up a color photo and also room for text to explain who & what the photo is about.

vkn: Also you will be able to go in and edit your own uploads

alt: great vkn!!!!

AYWalton: that is quite good! when will that merge with the old photos already there?

vkn: as long as there ia a profile and password

AYWalton: so do we have to create a password to upload?

vkn: AYW the merge is a bit of a headache. No solution as yet

AYWalton: or can they just be re-entered? (how many are there?)

vkn: No AYW you will use your current credentials AYWalton HUNDREDS

Daviss: interesting, I wonder about the merging part myself. I uploaded a pic from the old PP so will I have the choice to delete rather one that is on the old PP

AYWalton: I see.

vkn: The test you uploaded when we configure an admin script

AYWalton: Are there also any photos in a queue waiting to appear?

Daviss: would duplicate show up

vkn: BJ really wanted to use the Omeka software but......

alt: vkn, I'm trying to get my arms around the difference between adding to a "gallery' and adding to an "album".

vkn: Not at this test site AYW but we do have something of a slew waiting Me too alt

alt: hehehehehehe @vkn

vkn: But each uploader will be able to 'manage' their own gallery

Daviss: each person will be able to load 5000

alt: nevertheless, I believe it will be a great feature when implemented..... as was the original Precious Photos.

AYWalton: wow.

alt: 5,000 ... double WOW!!!!!!

Daviss: so vkn for now you want only two from us

vkn: The old one is all html and is manually managed. It was consuming too much time from Melvin so he had to let go

alt: ah so, figured that might have been the problem with the earlier version .. time management

vkn: Not sure about 5000 daviss Christine has not given us the max image size as yet

alt: even anything in the neighborhood of 100 would be amazing to me.

vkn: two or ten daviss or until you are using with ease

AYWalton: so the total max will be 5000 right?

vkn: Unknown so let us not worry with limits at this point

Daviss: where did I see that number then vkn

vkn: Me no know

alt: vkn, for PP you are interested in photos of people and not documents, right?

vkn: So consider no limits no max

Daviss: oh i see it says gallery max 5000 does each person have a gallery?

AYWalton: sounds promising. I shall upload one, later.

vkn: Well alt we say past but we can decide what say you recommend we recommend

AYWalton: going to run for now.

Daviss: it looks like it according to what I see

AYWalton: have a good day everyone.

Daviss: ok AYWalton

vkn: You can Daviss

alt: I recommend people ONLY

vkn: Got it and agreed Cause docs can be in forum It is what we who are testing say it will be The text explaining needs wordsmithing

alt: oaky, they are good to see, but I wouldn't want to see PP over loaded with photos of tombstones, documents,etc.... I'm more interested in seeing People.... just saying LOL LOL

Daviss: I may have to borrow some of alts pictures LOL LOL

alt: help our yourself Daviss

vkn: People for me too also we might consider a max year and then maybe a place for unknowns

Daviss: If I were not afraid of going to jail for a non civil rights issue I would choke my family of picture hoarders

alt: vkn, without being too resttictive you might want to consider a time limit for photos like at least 25 years old.... otherwise folks like me might overload the site with photos of great grandchildren born within the last 5-10 years LOL LOL

Daviss: place for unknowns would be wonderful vkn

vkn: Yes alt agreed Well we might consider currents etc

Daviss: hmmmmm

vkn: I got more pics than alt if you can believe that daviss

Daviss: lol hard to believe

vkn: Picture less than 25 years old

alt: restrictions... that's always a problem with a public site,, someone will find a way to abuse the privilege of uploading photos with no thought of others.

vkn: 1950 would be the margin?

Daviss: some grands are born after 1950 vkn

alt: that would/could work vkn a sliding dateline .. 50 years from the current year.

vkn: All uploads will be moderated or subject to moderation alt

Daviss: grandparents I mean

vkn: 1790-to ???? and ???? -to ????

alt: well,y'all I have to run.... great discussion on Precious Photos.... Hope it will be successful in every way.

vkn: Thanx alt

Daviss: later he was fast lol

vkn: lol

18 Dec 2002 :: 1 Feb 2009
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