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2012-07-05 Creative Genealogy


Start: 12:16:06
End: 13:26:44
Chatters: alt, bbenn, Daviss, HistoryBuff, ProfDru, Selma, vkn

ProfDru: hello bernice

bbenn: Hello ProDru! Ready for tonight?

ProfDru: Of course, I'm excited about the show.

bbenn: Interesting discussion on linkedin concerning your topic:} So am I:}

ProfDru: I looked at Linkedin, but didn't see discussion. I looked on your page

bbenn: I will forward some of the comments to you

ProfDru: All I saw in your email is someone inquiring about researching in New York.

bbenn: I may mention in the intro a creative genealogy strategy one of my friends used for her wedding. She had all of the elders send in their wedding photos and used them as center peices on each table. Some of the photos were in the late 1800's.

alt: hello bbenn & ProfDru.. how are you ladies doing today?

ProfDru: bernice, I see the discussion now.

bbenn: Hello alt

ProfDru: hello alt bernice, that was a wonderful wedding decoration idea.

bbenn: How did you like the newspaper story about Wilmenna Rhodes Kelly starting the new DAR chapter in New York?

alt: sure is an excellent idea bbenn

bbenn: Dru, the discussions were wonderful!

alt: DAR .... I liked the article bbenn & you saw my response on Facebook, right?

bbenn: alt, yes and I hope that others also saw the article. I sent her a congratulatory message on yesterday. You may recall that she was a guest on my show..

ProfDru: I will respond to the discussion--I don't use Linked In that much, but should begin using it more and cut back on Facebook. I need to update my blogs today also. Gotta run. See you tonight.

alt: I do remember that show & we touched on Lineage Society's, their value and significance when I was your guest.

bbenn: That's right. I need to do an entire show on that topic. How was your 4th?

alt: it is an area that "WE" folk of color should look into. we had a very nice 4th, how about you? Hello Ms Selma.. how goes it?

Selma: Good afternoon bbenn and alt.. Hot enough for ya

bbenn: Other than watch my granddaughter walk in the neighborhood parade, I did absolutely nothing. Hello Selma...too hot!

alt: sure is Selma.. I'm staying indoors until my Dr.'s appt @ 3:30 this PM

bbenn: We continue to have these power surges.

Selma: I don't blame you alt.

alt: You're in Silver Spring, right bbenn?

bbenn: right

Selma: I was just about to ask you bbenn how you are doing since you are in a seriously affected area

bbenn: We have power for now and a new storm is suppose to blow in tonight.

Selma: Does AY have power yet? Afternoon Daviss

bbenn: I don't know.

alt: I just got off the phone with my cousin in Silver Spring before I came to Chat... he lives in that Senior's complex called Leisure World.

Selma: Oh I know where that is alt

alt: Hello Daviss

Daviss: Hi bbenn and alt!

alt: pkay Selma. it is a really nice area

bbenn: Leisure World is probably okay. The storm did knock down several trees in the Leisure World area.

alt: yes, he said they didn't have any problems bbenn.

Selma: My son lives not to far from Leisure World..they lost power Friday night..but they got it back on Sunday afternoon

alt: I thought we had it bad here in Ohio, but you folks on the east coast really took a hit!!!!

bbenn: I drove all over the area on Saturday looking for coffee and was hoping to find some in the Leisure World community. Everything was closed then but, I know that they were all taken care of by the management company.

Daviss: I am just reading a tad back..another storm coming thru

bbenn: That's what we are hearing here...

Daviss: its been rather hot here but yesterday for some strange reason we were down to 81 yesterday

Selma: Giving you a break before it jumps up to 114

bbenn: Lucky you!

alt: down to 81 lol lol

Daviss: yes it was the coolest ever on this day they said on the news

alt: hey Selma, but that is a "DRY HEAT" in AZ, so they say LOL ..... I say 114 is hor, dry or not LOL

Daviss: It rained early in the day in cities and even caused flooding

alt: hor=hot

bbenn: Got to run....stay cool everybody.

Daviss: I saw some folks that had to be rescued in their cars and then some in a rowboat...crazy

alt: Daviss, is it that y'all get flash floods because the ground is so hard that it doesn't absorb the rain water well, so it just runs off on the surface causing floods?

Daviss: I image in some areas alt but some of that rain was flash flooding

alt: okay, I see Daviss

Daviss: flash flooding comes from off the mtns

alt: ah so

Daviss: How was your fourth

Selma: Something tells me we are in for a H*^ll of a summer

alt: mine was relatively quiet until the fireworks last night. our neighbors on both sides of us had cookouts, so we had plenty of food without cooking anything LOL LOL

Selma: Lucky you

Daviss: The kids went to see them, and I stayed home

Selma: I stayed home too daviss...

alt: our neighbors are younger couples and they look out for Anita & me.. the old timers in the 'hood. LOL LOL

Selma: Good for them..

alt: I think so too Selma

Daviss: I think so too

Selma: Have you talked to AY daviss? does she have power?

Daviss: not today Selma.. I am going to call now I know they are probably miserable

alt: please give her our best wishes Daviss.

Daviss: Sure will alt no answer..

Selma: We are all so "wired up"..that when power goes out we are stranded

vkn: Good day to all

Selma: Afternoon vkn

alt: at the Mall, or some archive staying cool LOL LOL

vkn: how is it going Daviss?

alt: hello vkn, how goes it?

Daviss: yep thats about all a person can do Hi vkn!!!

vkn: Back atcha Selma Howdy Alt

Selma: I see Arlene posted something on the board, so she hasn't abandoned us.. LOL

Daviss: I know the other day when I talked to her she had no idea when power would come on

vkn: spose alt and Selma smiling bout Tiger

alt: between ancestry & FamilySearch most of my States are now searchable for the 1940 census ... whoopie!!!

Selma: What about him vkn

vkn: I thought he won something selma

Selma: That was a week and half ago vkn..the question is what have you got for me now.. LOL

alt: sure are vkn, he's playing today at 3:30 at the Greenbriar in WV.. Oh, and we just finished watching Serena win, she's in the Finals at Wimboldon (sp).

Daviss: Family search had a indexing day asking for everyone to do one or two more than they usually do

vkn: Good for Arlene and Selma I never promised I'd be current lol lol lol

Selma: OH...I forgot about Serena...glad to hear she won..and forgot about him playing today So how did your research session go with your neighbor vkn?

Daviss: Did Arlene respond to that person or was it a new posting Selma?

Selma: It was new Daviss..she is still working on her 100 page dissertation

Daviss: ok Selma eeek 100 pages

Selma: That was a joke daviss.. LOL

alt: I know and I hope she tears that person a "new one". I'm sure it will be tactful LOL LOL

Daviss: ok lol lol lol

vkn: Well Selma and all all as we know people doing the query only give partial of what they know. Did find an older Nick #1 born about 1840

Daviss: thats good vkn

alt: If I remember correctly that person's surname is one of those mixed race families that lays claim to NEVER have been enslaved in the America's.

Selma: I don't think The person gave a family surname alt

alt: it was hidden in the signature Selma

Daviss: break it down then alt lol

alt: at least thats how I interpreted their 'screen name".

vkn: and Nick #2 had a first wife and children and Nick # 3 is born 1919 I will summarize all on "BrickWall" I still need to read instructions to enumerator for 1930

Selma: I noticed that to alt..but I wasn't sure..

Daviss: did the lady give you any new info vkn?

alt: way to go vkn.. you're getting there with these Nick's 1, 2 & 3.

Selma: I am still trying to put Israel in Africa

alt: me too Selma lol lol lol

vkn: lol She did daviss Well where is the Middle East lol

alt: Selma, what I don't get is that these folk overlook the fact those black men/white women situations involve black men who are enslaved, or they were formerly enslaved. aren't they a part of their 'family' too?

Selma: Apparently not

vkn: any lights for Angela

Daviss: no idea as yet vkn

Selma: Afternoon HistoryBuff

Daviss: Hello HistoryBuff!

alt: hello HistoryBuff

HistoryBuff: Hey all

vkn: Daviss the query lady was born 1941 & Howdy to you HistoryBuff

HistoryBuff: Hope all is well.

Selma: What are you looking for in the census takers instructions vkn

vkn: Getting by HistoryBuff with few complaints

Daviss: I see vkn !...Is this a group search

vkn: Selma to see if person died within the time frame of the census was to be reported

Selma: Oh OK

Daviss: when did he die

HistoryBuff: Sounds fair enough, Vkn

vkn: Not known to me at this time

Daviss: oh ok

vkn: I prepared the family with a "Getting Started" notebook. It was gifted to a family member just retiring from role as army nurse. She will carry forth.

Selma: What time does Tiger tee off alt?

alt: If I understand correctly vkn.. doesn't the census state something like living "as of" the date of the census, except for those that are mortality scheduled and they state died within the last calendar year.

vkn: Oh yes Daviss and all Nick is Nicholas E. Walker

HistoryBuff: Very nice vkn.

alt: not sure Selma, but the Golf Channel starts it's coverage at 3:00 PM.

Selma: You mean you haven't been to the PGA website to check.. LOL

vkn: Yes alt that is why I need to see the instructions for 1930

alt: okay vkn ... naw Selma, didin''t think of that LOL LOL

Daviss: just in case you dont have them vkn but I know you do lol

vkn: thakkee muchly daviss

alt: Daviss is on the ball, huh..... faster than a heart beat LOL LOL

vkn: palpitating lol

Daviss: I wish alt lol

vkn: slow it down daviss lol

Selma: Folks I have to all have a great day and stay cool and hydrated.

vkn: thanx history

Daviss: see I was so fast Selma did not see me type bye

vkn: lol

alt: vkn, I saw the posting about the International Black Summit and confused it with the International Black Genealogy Summit.... I didn't realize there was such a group as the IBS.

vkn: Talk at yall later

Daviss: huh!

vkn: Could be my error alt

alt: that was no error vkn... they are just two separate entities... those for the information on the IBS.

vkn: tend to now use state location rather than alphabet soup

alt: those=thanks

vkn: wb history

Daviss: wb HistoryBuff

vkn: Thankee alt keep me sCraut

Daviss: what is the IBS then alt, and where is it located

HistoryBuff: Sorry juggling packages on the bus. Thnx Daviss Thnx Vkn

vkn: ja velcom

alt: the IBS is an organization promoting Black histroy and issues involving the Black community Daviss .... you can probably google for the site if you don't have the message from vkn.

vkn: Alonzo and company touring France for next three weeks

Daviss: oh ok nice gig Alonzo has vkn :}

vkn: They also now have a great dvd of 3 ballets

alt: wonderful vkn, please extend our congratualtions and best wishes to Alonzo and the Company.

vkn: Will do.

Daviss: I better run...lots of phone calls to make take care all

alt: okay y'all laters for the day

HistoryBuff: Next time all. bye

vkn: HistoryBuff bye

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