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2012-06-12 TuesNite Chat


Start: 21:02:15
End: 22:39:17
Chatters: daviss, HistoryBuff, jhonora, Sadonya, Seventies, vkn

HistoryBuff: Hey Sadonya. How are you?

Sadonya: great and you

HistoryBuff: I'm good.

Sadonya: wonderful have you had a good week?

HistoryBuff: Thanks for asking. I'm experiencing writer's block just for trying to write the story behind my interest in genealogy.

Sadonya: I understand some times you just start rambling then sort it out later

HistoryBuff: Discipline and distraction are my issues. I'll have log out and log back in. I'm in the presence of a chatter box. BRB

Sadonya: welcome back

HistoryBuff: Hey Sadonya. Thanks letting move around. Thanks for letting me move.

Sadonya: no problem what areas do you research?

HistoryBuff: Which time zone are you chatting from?

Sadonya: eastern you

HistoryBuff: The same. The International Black Genealogy Summit is having an online forum tomorrow which I believe is to include participation from folks not present at the summit. I believe it's noon EST. Maybe double check with Vkn.

Sadonya: what state are you in

HistoryBuff: District of Columbia. Correction, the Samford Institute of Genealogy and Historical Research (IGHR) Conference is taking place in Birmingham, AL.

Sadonya: oh my great great grandfather lived in DC oh I think I was suppose to be there opps

HistoryBuff: Do you remember which section of DC he resided in?

Sadonya: I have his address hey there how you tonight wb

jhonora: Evening Sadonya, HistoryBuff!

Sadonya: he was the pastor of the Metropolitan BC from 1870 til he died in 1903 he had a son that was a MD

jhonora: What was his name, Sadonya?

Sadonya: a school is named for him

HistoryBuff: Hey JHonora. How are you? Oops, thnx Sadonya.

Sadonya: gg grand was Robert Johnson and son was J Hayden Johnson

jhonora: I'm sure he was listed in some of the black who's who from that time

Sadonya: I got a lot of info on him even found his story in a book

jhonora: HistoryBuff, what is the IBGS forum about?

Sadonya: Our Black churches and schools

HistoryBuff: I remember you sharing your family history info about the 2 Johnson ancestors in an chat session earlier this year, I think.

Sadonya: probably I can not connect with the grand children of that relative that always amazes me

HistoryBuff: Right now it escapes me, but I believe you can submit questions and the log for today's noon chat session may be available sometime tomorrow.

jhonora: Hello Seventies

Seventies: Evenin' all

Sadonya: Seventies hey there

jhonora: Will the chat be on AfriGeneas?

Seventies: Hi HistoryBuff, jhonora and Sadonya

HistoryBuff: What's the barrier to connecting with them, Sadonya. Hey Seventies.

Sadonya: they refuse to answer email

Seventies: Oh the Sanford Roundtable tomorrow, yes you can and Angela says she will be logged on tomorrow to take questions. Did they post follow up response in the forums?

Sadonya: Seventies are you in Birmingham?

HistoryBuff: Jhonora, I think you can just log. AYWalton said they were working that out, why I asked. Check their facebook page also.

Seventies: No at home.

HistoryBuff: I haven't heard, Seventies.

Seventies: Angela came in lunchbunch chat and discussed it.

HistoryBuff: Thanks Seventies, I have such a short term memory.

Seventies: No problem

Sadonya: lol

Seventies: Ok Sadonya, I did tell you a while back that I contacted the Blount Co, TN Genealogical society, right?

Sadonya: yes what have you found out

Seventies: ok Nothing new yet, I will have to follow up with the AA genealogist there. I did find my uncle on the 1940 census... with his nephew..

HistoryBuff: Seventies.

Seventies: I thought that was interesting. So this man James Gary lived with his uncle in TN... worked as a Janitor and had one year of college. Yes Historybuff He'd lived with him for 5 years...

HistoryBuff: I meant to say, that's good Seventies.

Seventies: oh lol This family never minded living I wonder if they were Fula/Fulani! lol

HistoryBuff: Were they nomadic?

Sadonya: the south has a habit of taking people in because black folks could not always rent a hotel

Seventies: Yes. I later found out that only two sisters remained in MS, the rest left for AR, OK, TN, MI, IN..etc and that's just within this family set. oh I forgot AL & MO... lol

HistoryBuff: My mother-in-law talks about that. She's from Birmingham, AL.

Sadonya: all roads lead out of MS lol

Seventies: To Chicago... lol

Sadonya: and the west

Seventies: Yep

HistoryBuff: Oh really, Seventies? My parents migrated to Chicago from Arkansas.

Sadonya: Memphis, TN is full of former MS people

Seventies: And all points in between.. lol If you follow HWY 61 out of LA, you will see on each stop in each state there are lots of folks from MS IMO

Sadonya: my research has shown some MS folks going to AR, KS, TX and CA

jhonora: Hwy 61 was a major migration route Folks from the La and Ms Deltas

Seventies: Yes it was jhonora, especially after the CW

HistoryBuff: Sorry I keep having technical difficulties---hitting the wrong keys

Sadonya: route 66

Seventies: ah okay, I had an uncle who left Woodville, MS for Arkansas and worked and lived in Desha Co. AR

Sadonya: what was the family name in BLount, Co

HistoryBuff: Some cousins from both of my parents' sides migrated from Arkansas to Chicago, Milwaukee Wisconsin, Michigan, etc.

Seventies: Washington. Benjamin & I suspect Scott

HistoryBuff: Good information about the highway, Jhonora. Which state is Blount Co. in?

Sadonya: Tennessee

Seventies: Absolutely. jhonora is a great help to me when trying to figure out genealogical issues in that area of our world :}

Sadonya: in between Chattanooga and Knoxville

jhonora: Lots of my family stopped in Chicago before going to Madison, Wisconsin, where there was a small but interesting black community

Seventies: Close to North Carolina.

HistoryBuff: Okay, thanks.

Sadonya: what took them to Wisconsin?

Seventies: You know, I wanted to trace my McFarlands, specifically Albert McFarland in Chicago... but then I paused to think about pursuing that.. lol

HistoryBuff: Why so, Seventies?

Seventies: McFarland, in Chicago I would suspect that there would be tons of them in Chicago.

jhonora: Seventies, I know of McFarland in Charleston, SC

Sadonya: thats possible but McFarland is not that common

Seventies: Lots of Irish McFarlands

HistoryBuff: Have you checked in any city directories in Chicago for them?

Sadonya: I found a relative in Chicago got his DC

Seventies: No hadn't checked. Not even sure if they would be listed. But I did find his mother Mary in N.O.

jhonora: The railroad and government/universit jobs in Wisc., Sadonya

Sadonya: oh okay thanks

HistoryBuff: Interesting.

Seventies: Milwaukee is a very black city. Not anything like what's portayed like on Happy Days.

Sadonya: my folks went from GA - CA and OK - CA lol

HistoryBuff: Lol lol lol

Seventies: I didn't find that out until I became an adult.. lol Embarassed to say Some of my Lanier kin folk live out there.

HistoryBuff: No worries, Seventies. It happens.

jhonora: 70s, are you kin to a Miko Lanier, researching in Wayne Co, Ms?

Seventies: Emiko, yes I believe that we are related. we've kept in somewhat sporadic contact over the years. We believe that her ancestor William Lanier and my great grandfather Tom Lanier were brothers. Am I talking about the same person jhonora?

HistoryBuff: Very nice.

Seventies: She is also researching in Autauga Co. AL Her William Lanier left AL and went to MS, right?

jhonora: Yes, 70s, thats the person. I located her because my Hayes and Evans are from that area.

Seventies: Ah okay

Sadonya: I know Autauga County, AL well use be there every week

HistoryBuff: Nice again, Jhonora,

Seventies: Its very rural. My family lives in the Jones, AL area. All the elders of the family.

Sadonya: I know Jones, Independence Shiloh

jhonora: Mine are from Choctaw/Marengo, Al

Seventies: Have you ever been to Pleasant Valley church out there? I have a good few relatives buried out there, Sadonya.

Sadonya: one things about the people from Autauga co they lived a long long time

Seventies: Yes indeed!

Sadonya: probably my step father was a preacher

Seventies: I had cousins who lived in their 90s and were still out working in the garden.

Sadonya: we went to almost every church in the county yep

HistoryBuff: Wow.

Sadonya: I loved them people back in the 70's most still had outdoor bathrooms

Seventies: My people out there are, Laniers, Smiths (also from Dallas Co.), Callins and Mixons.

Sadonya: I knew some Mixons

Seventies: Ha! in the 80's they still out outhouses.. lol

Sadonya: yep I move to TN in 1972

Seventies: I had no idea that you also researched in AL... we need to really get in contact offline... Hi vkn

vkn: Good afterevening

jhonora: Hello vkn!

HistoryBuff: That was my maternal great grandmother with the outdoor toilet in th 1960s.

Sadonya: oh yes I research every southern state

HistoryBuff: Hey Vkn

Sadonya: but lived in AL for 9 years

Seventies: okay

vkn: History Jhonora Sadonya Seventies

Sadonya: hey cuzzie

HistoryBuff: Yeah, I need to resume researching in Baldwin County, AL.

Seventies: Well Sadonya technically I'm your cuzzie too.. lol lol lol

Sadonya: I did some research there HistoryBuff lol watch out now

vkn: History what is your Baldwin County surname or names

Sadonya: I will soon connect to everyone on Afrigeneas lol

Seventies: lol Yea... I know the feeling! lol

Sadonya: the 1867 voter registration in on Ancestry yeah for Georgia

HistoryBuff: Bay Minette is an ancestral territory for my mother-in-law. Surname Smiths-both black and white. In Fact, a judge and a court clerk.

Seventies: Oh I wish she were here, but daviss and I have connections through my grandfather also... lol lol lol

jhonora: Bay Minette down near Mobile, History Buff?

Seventies: HistoryBuff, how far have you traced your Smiths??

daviss: Hi there everyone!!

Seventies: LOL speaking of.. lol

HistoryBuff: Very nice, Seventies. You talked Daviss up. Hey Daviss!

daviss: lol

Sadonya: call her name and she appears

vkn: speak of the daviss lol

Seventies: hi daviss

jhonora: Hello daviss

daviss: lol lol

HistoryBuff: Yes Jhonora.

Sadonya: daviss Seventies says the 2 of you link through DNA so I guess we do too on some unknown stran

daviss: Smith ooh wee :o

Seventies: I'm surprised you didn't see me on your 23andme Sadonya. I'm right there at the bottom.. lol yes oooh weeee talk about a common surname.. lol

daviss: Do you hook up with her granddad Sadonya

Seventies: She's on my list...

Sadonya: on 23 and me yes

daviss: thats great!!

Seventies: You know sometimes I wonder if the link is a common white ancestor

Sadonya: it might be

daviss: :?

Seventies: Well hey daviss.. now. I got a new match today. .65% over 2 segments Its a predicted 4th cousin...

daviss: are they announcing matches??

Sadonya: on 23andMe they matched us on chromosomes

daviss: or are they just listing them now I will be glad when they open up again....

Seventies: mine are just listed daviss as they come up

Sadonya: they send you an email daviss

Seventies: I haven't check mine in a few days.

daviss: I have not rec'd any emails as of late

Sadonya: oh okay

daviss: so jhonora and all will hyou try to make lunch bunch tomorrow hyou = you

jhonora: Yes, I will try

Seventies: I will be there.

daviss: great, hope we will be able to represnt in the round table discussion from Samford I need to figure out a question to ask... besides have they seen mariah lol

Seventies: oh shoot. Someone said Mariah... be prepared to be disconnected in 5,4,3,2... lol

HistoryBuff: Thanks for joining tonites chat to clear the roundtable forum tomorrow.

daviss: lol lol

HistoryBuff: Seems I was messing up the the informaton.

Seventies: daviss, I hadn't been in the forums this afternoon... Did Angela post additional info?

daviss: you can also email aywalton ahead of time at if you have a question before hand

HistoryBuff: Good looking out, Daviss.

daviss: I have not been on the forum yet, is there an announce?

vkn: what time is the round table

HistoryBuff: I believe Angela said 11:15 am CST., Vkn.

daviss: they should be in chat about 15 after.. right HB

vkn: Thanx HistoryBuff

daviss: so we should fit right in lol CP time

HistoryBuff: You're a life saver, Daviss :}

Seventies: I hadn't seen an announcement lol

HistoryBuff: You're welcome, Vkn. LOL LOL!

daviss: I am in hopes they have worked it out, so I will be here in chat regardless

HistoryBuff: Indeed.

daviss: so seventies you think I should keep mum about mariah huh?

Seventies: who? What? lol Oh hey all, I want to say "Thanks a Bunch" to everyone who likes my facebook page!

daviss: lol I wonder if the Round has a specific topic

Seventies: I don't know daviss... I thought it was how to take AA genealogy to the next level.

daviss: oh ok

Seventies: I'm going to have to go back and read the initial thread post

daviss: Sadonya did you send me your M number from Gedmatch??

Sadonya: yes

daviss: ok, I think I will take another peep

Seventies: okay maybe we three are connected.

Sadonya: we didnt have any chromosomes alike but we have a high percentage match

daviss: ok

vkn: Is that 23 and me Sadonya

Sadonya: yes

daviss: jhonora and Historybuff I hope you two will take advantage when they reopen again

jhonora: Absolutely, can't wait

daviss: I think they still need about 3500 plus

HistoryBuff: Me too, Daviss. I am interesrted now.

Sadonya: they sent out of lot kits that were never returned

Seventies: Including one of mine... lol

daviss: vkn what about you did you get a M number

HistoryBuff: Did they? When did they send them out?

Sadonya: daviss did you do familytreedna?

daviss: I will do a upgrade Sadonya

vkn: not understanding M number

Sadonya: Angela and I matched on FamilyTree but not 23andMe

daviss: did you download your dna to Gedmatch

HistoryBuff: wb 70s.

Sadonya: we have the same halogroup

daviss: lol lol lol she is sooooo sneaky

Seventies: daviss put the fix on my connection lol

vkn: no daviss I did not, thanx for asking

daviss: OUCH!!! I think she just grabbed me around my neck

Seventies: oh goodness! lol

daviss: and squeezed lol

Seventies: other than vkn does anyone share their genealogy info on a blog, twitter, facebook, website, etc? lol

daviss: sometimes lol

Seventies: yes, I'm down to once a month daviss... lol

HistoryBuff: Like I was telling Sadonya, early in this chat, I'm have concentration issues.

daviss: oh vkn there is a Blackshear comment on Black Ancestry

vkn: okies

daviss: Did you tell me you had Blackshears

Seventies: Oh that reminds me, there was a very nice compliment about Afrigeneas yesterday on Black Ancestry's facebook group

daviss: and who gave that compliment Seventies?

vkn: no current Blackshears

Seventies: It was the same person who said that they couldn't find anything here. They came back and found something which helped progress their research.

daviss: awwww I think I remember that

Seventies: I thought that was nice.

HistoryBuff: I just realized, that I forgot Washington, D.C. History Journal Reception tonite in dc.

daviss: oh my HistoryBuff!

Seventies: Its probably over. HistoryBuff, did you get a save the date reminder from AACWM about their Proclamation Celebration?

HistoryBuff: It happens. Yes I did, Seventies. Thanks.

Seventies: I'll post on the forums. Where should I put an announcement like that? Oh I could probably add it to the calendar.

daviss: \why dont you use the calendar oops you type faster than me

Seventies: Yes I do two fingers.. lol

HistoryBuff: LOL

daviss: vkn!

Seventies: let me pull up the info and I'll post it in the forums

vkn: howdy

HistoryBuff: I've got some heavy studying to do for the AACWM tours this year.

Seventies: okay daviss is telling on me.. lol

jhonora: Are you a docent, HistoryBuff

vkn: Fingers get sundowners 'long bout now

daviss: I was you know but changed my mind lol

Seventies: lol

HistoryBuff: Yes Jhonora and I have been falling behind.

daviss: I better run..Sadonya it is always good to see you

Seventies: bye daviss...

daviss: have a great nite you all

Seventies: lol I was going to ask.. lol

HistoryBuff: THere I go again.

Seventies: Nite daviss

HistoryBuff: Nite Daviss.

daviss: nite nite

vkn: niters

Seventies: Ok its late here too.. sheesh... I'm going to have to get up early in the AM, again. talk to you all tomorrow. Posting info on the calendar regarding the Proclamation celebration thing. nite all

Sadonya: night

HistoryBuff: I' ve been looking for some specific news articles about the 1996 groundbreaking. I'm also collecting artifacts of the event. Nite 70s.

vkn: Great seventies

jhonora: I'm signing off y'all! Good night!

vkn: Jhonora are you going to FGS

HistoryBuff: Nite Jhonora.

vkn: Niters from me also

HistoryBuff: Nite Vkn

Sadonya: have a good night

vkn: Lets keep talkin

HistoryBuff: Starts and ends with us, eh? Nite Sadonya.

Sadonya: it seems

HistoryBuff: :} Have a great evening.

Sadonya: you too

HistoryBuff: NIte.

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