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2012-06-12 RoundTable Protocol


Start: 12:10:54
End: 13:08:28
Chatters: alt, AYWalton, bbenn, catrina703, daviss, HistoryBuff, Selma, Seventies, vkn

Seventies: hi daviss... lol

daviss: heyyy seventies

Seventies: ooh whatcha doin??

daviss: reading facebook lol

Seventies: oh.. lol lol

daviss: how are you today?

Seventies: Doing good. Still planning my escape.. lol

daviss: nothing wrong with that

Seventies: Hi AYWalton

daviss: Well howdy chick!!!

AYWalton: Good afternoon, daviss and Seventies am sitting in a class about to break soon for lunch.

Seventies: I got another DNA match hit. 65% over 2 segments.

daviss: Good afternoon to you also

AYWalton: Hope you are both well.

daviss: How have the classes been?

Seventies: They are predicting 4th cousins. Person shares the same maternal haplogroup as my granddad.

daviss: thats good seventies

Seventies: AYWalton, are you sitting in on the Roundtable?

AYWalton: that is tomorrow.

Seventies: okay

daviss: What class are you in now AYWalton and who is presenting?

AYWalton: If possible, I might come in live for the Roundtable and possibly take some questions from the chat for the Roundtable. So if you have some questions, you can send them in advance to me if you wish to

daviss: what time will the roundtable begin

AYWalton: But if I can log in I will be in the chat as well, while the roundtable goes on.

Seventies: that would be great AYWalton I suspected that's why Tim Pinnick posted that in the Forums

AYWalton: yes

daviss: sounds like a winner AYWalton

Seventies: Well I'll be there/here :}

AYWalton: great!!

daviss: well hopefully there will be more than you in here seventies lol

AYWalton: I am meeting Tim in a few minutes so we can organize how things will go tomorrow. They will take place this time tomorrow--well starting at 15 minutes after the hour.

Seventies: okay.

daviss: ok, Hopefully Sel will come in

Seventies: okay. Maybe we need to update that thread.

AYWalton: she is in class---but everybody about the break in a few minutes.

daviss: hunger games lol

AYWalton: lol

Seventies: okay all, I'll be right back. speaking of hunger... lol

daviss: will you all lunch on campus or go to a outant howdy vkn!!!

vkn: howdy doody

daviss: hi there catrina703!

catrina703: hey all

vkn: ayw how ya doing

AYWalton: hello catrina703

vkn: catrina howdy

AYWalton: greetings vkn!!!

daviss: its been awhile catrina703, how are you?

AYWalton: am in a class, but have my laptop with me.

vkn: ayw how are the sessions going

AYWalton: so far so good. some better than others, but that is to be expected.

vkn: true

daviss: I image AYWalton but I am still jealous I am not there lol lol

vkn: Howdy seventies

catrina703: good daviss thanks

daviss: seventies is on a brb jaunt

vkn: okies

catrina703: Has anyone ran into a situation where they were contacted by someone claiming (in good faith) to ber related but the facts don’t seem to add up…how did you handle it?

vkn: In honor of those who jumped Have yall seen

AYWalton: I better run off to lunch and a meeting.

catrina703: In don't have enought fact to disprove this person but his connections are odd

daviss: I have not catrina703 but I have contacted someone whom I know for sure is related and got no response.:?

AYWalton: hope you all will join us tomorrow for the Roundtable. I will post more on the forum later.

daviss: odd how catrina703? are you saying what facts you have are in total disagreement with what he has

catrina703: he seems to al ot of details about but data/records

daviss: Does he only have oral history?

catrina703: because it a side of my family i have limited info on its hard to challenge him mostly oral

Seventies: Hey hey

catrina703: I don;t want to be rude..but i;m a bit suspect

daviss: mabe you two could challenge each other and secure those missing documents that is needed to link you two

catrina703: its so rare to have someone contact you

daviss: you really can't discount oral history but you still gotta have facts

catrina703: true..he seems like a nice guy too

daviss: Where is he from?

catrina703: charleston

Seventies: hi catrina703 hi vkn

vkn: heyyyy

catrina703: i don't wanna go demanding facts like i'm the genealogy police

daviss: doorbell brb cable guy here

vkn: Find a Charleston buddy Catrina. Cynthia might be one vite him to post his research to the forum

catrina703: thanks

Seventies: I'll talk to you all tonight... see you in a bit

vkn: Why does he say you are kin? Who is the common ancestor

daviss: Sorry folks I have to run, the cable guy is asking many questions

vkn: You can always says that you cannot document that person as a kin

Selma: Greetings folks from Birmingham Alabama

vkn: heyyyyyyyyyyyy Selma

catrina703: My gg father and his gg mother are borther/sister

vkn: Having a good learning time Selma?

AYWalton: ok back!

vkn: Is this a lunch break?

Selma: Yes...I am vkn..lots and lots of info.. Yep this is the lunch break

AYWalton: yes this is the lunch break.

vkn: wonderful

AYWalton: how is it going Selma in your class?

Selma: Great..

alt: hello folks, how is everyone today?

catrina703: I think he found a name on the census and made and incorrect connection

AYWalton: fine alt, nad you?

vkn: Heyyyyyyyyy alt the Samford scholars are here !!!!!!!!!!!!

Selma: 2 great from Ruth Hagar and the other from Shamele Jordan

alt: how is IGHR going?

Selma: Might take me a few days to absorb all the info

vkn: Oh I see Catrina Brain less fluid huh

AYWalton: what did Ruth Hager cover, Selma>?

Selma: Angela...Bernice just got tickets to SLC..good price..

daviss: ok back for a min

AYWalton: oh really?

vkn: AYW what time is the roundtable event

catrina703: We have a big family reunion coming in Aug so I;m trying to get all my ducks in a row

AYWalton: through the airlines?

daviss: heyyy Selma and alt!!!

Selma: Call her on her cell

AYWalton: ok.

Selma: Yes..thru Southwest..

AYWalton: or tell her to come in the chat!

Selma: She is sending to you right now

bbenn: Hi Everyone!

daviss: hi bbenn!

alt: hi bbenn

vkn: Having a good time bbenn

Selma: Hagar did a presentation on using..antebellum and civil war government documents

bbenn: Hi daviss, alt,vkn,catrina703

AYWalton: bbenn I hear you got a good price on a ticket to SLC. I see one for $99!

bbenn: Yes, I just sent you the link to Southwest

AYWalton: great

vkn: wow that sounds affordable

alt: I enjoyed the pictures of y'all posted on Facebook @ IGHR....

Selma: State Slavery Statues, War of the Rebellion..Official records of Union and Confederate Armies and Navies, and Medical and Surgical History of the War

bbenn: That's my contribution to blogging!:}

vkn: Post it here also bbenn BJ could use that and there may be others

bbenn: ok, will post all photos later today.

alt: Selma, is this J. Mark Lowe's 'track"?

Selma: No I am in the AA track..

alt: oh, okay Selma

daviss: that is a great deal 99 dollars!!

bbenn: Ruth Ager was the presenter!

Selma: Hagar

AYWalton: ok I am back.

bbenn: Where is the 99.00 deal?

AYWalton: I posted a video with Mark Lowe on my blog.

alt: when y'all see Debbie, Tim & Shamele give them our regards & best wishes.

AYWalton: on southwest, bbenn. I just checked the dates I want to fly.

Selma: Met Debbie..we told her you keep us up to date on her comings and goings..

bbenn: My ticket cost more then 99.00 - maybe its the day of departure..

AYWalton: Shamele says she missed you at OGS.

alt: ah so, very good Slema yeah, I was disappointed that I couldn't make OGS. sorry for the interruption.. was your question answered catrina703?

Selma: Ok folks gotta run..gonna look up something for someone.. Have a good day...

alt: have fun y'all!!!!

daviss: later selma

AYWalton: later, selma bbenn how was Ruth Hager?

bbenn: Excellent!

AYWalton: Did she talk about Dred Scott?

daviss: alt mabe you can give catrina703 your take on her question

HistoryBuff: Hey AYWalton, bbenn, alt, catrina703, vkn and daviss

daviss: hello there HistoryBuff

AYWalton: howdy HistoryBuff

HistoryBuff: Sorry I missed Selma.

alt: hello HistoryBuff

vkn: Howdy HistoryBuff

bbenn: Hello HistoryBuff

daviss: we have to be in chat tomorrow for the round table alt and others....I think they break about 10 after the hour

bbenn: Got to go!

alt: will we jopin the rondtable thru chat?

daviss: yes, isn't that great!!

AYWalton: the round table will start at 15 minutes after the hour.

HistoryBuff: How does that work?

AYWalton: we are working out the details.

alt: which hour? and are y'all on EST in B'ham?

AYWalton: we will try to entertain questions from the live chat as from other arenas like FB, and Twitter.

HistoryBuff: Okay I hope to participate. Yes I'm on EST.

AYWalton: we are in central time.

daviss: the time is just as we always come into chat right AYWalton!

AYWalton: so that is 11 CST, alt

alt: okay, thank you AYWalton

daviss: brb again

AYWalton: gotta run!

alt: take care AYWalton

HistoryBuff: Cya

daviss: ok gotta run and open back gate for cable guy take care

alt: still here catrina703?

HistoryBuff: Hi Catrina703 and how are you, Vkn? I hope all is well. Talk with you later.

vkn: Catrina come to chat tonight

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