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Start: 11:59:37
End: 12:55:49
Chatters: alt, AYWalton, Khathu, vicky

AYWalton: Howdy Ms. Vicky!

vicky: heyyyyy

AYWalton: sitting in a session right now.

vicky: are you on a break right oh

AYWalton: but in the back of the room, tweeting! lol

vicky: lol boy I know you are really having a great time

AYWalton: it is loads of fun!

vicky: learning new stuff

AYWalton: I am surprised at how many folks have been here 2,3 and 4 times!

vicky: learning

AYWalton: some new tips and just getting energized.

vicky: wow

AYWalton: howdy alt!

vicky: hi alt

alt: Hii Ladies.. vicky AYWalton

AYWalton: how's it going, alt?

alt: slow, how's school?

AYWalton: it's going well. homework and all. I do mine while still in class.

vicky: homework

AYWalton: lol

vicky: lol

AYWalton: some tracks have LOTS of homework. Ours is not too bad.

alt: and then you can hit the Rib Joints at night, huh? LOL

AYWalton: I wrote up my own notes yesterday for our group assignment. lol

vicky: how many in a group

AYWalton: our small homework group is only 6 folks.

alt: are there many AA's in attendance?

AYWalton: about 55 I would say. some are not in our Afr. Am track they are taking other courses. and they have come here several times before.

alt: really!!!! 55 AA's, that's fantastic!!!!

vicky: If the AA track is every two years, I need to start saving now judging from your tweets and posts It is well worth it

Khathu: Hello everyone

vicky: hi khathu

AYWalton: I am enjoying it for sure. I might be teaching a couple of sessions in 2012.

vicky: awesome!!!

AYWalton: Howdy khathu!

Khathu: I was just reading your blog posts

vicky: R U still in Cali,Khathu?

Khathu: I am back in DC

AYWalton: Is your mom doing better?

Khathu: a little better

vicky: what blog was that khathu

alt: Hello Khathu

Khathu: AYWalton's blog posts about Samford hello alt

vicky: oh yes, I am enjoying them AYWalton, are any bloggers in your class that we are not aware of?

Khathu: i just wanted to say hello

alt: I gotta read'em.. it sure is hard to keep up with y'all LOL

vicky: hello back khathu lol @ alt

Khathu: have a great day everyone

AYWalton: not many bloggers in the class. lots of folks not doing it. Michael Hait is tweeting.

vicky: alt I love family search but sure wish they had more records of deaths and and births yeah I knew he was

AYWalton: I see he has Facebook up, right now.

vicky: so many people that had died in the 20's that I know of are not even listed

AYWalton: (He is sitting a couple of rows in front and I can see his screen.)

alt: I like that site too vicky... they're keeping me busy with their Ohio updates which have been fantastic

vicky: no updates for Tx

AYWalton: who is doing the Ohio updates? alt?

alt: volunteers I guess AYWalton he'll be a sho nuff expert after the AA track at Samford, huh?

vicky: learn new stuff everyday I imagine

AYWalton: alt I met Debbie---she has a great sense of humor.

alt: oh yeah, she'll keep you laughing. but she's serious about her genealogy methodologies.

AYWalton: she is very good. Shamele is also good.

alt: yep, AA genealogy is in good hands with those two.

AYWalton: didn't realize that Shamele speaks so much in the midwest! that's impressive.

alt: and they both are so personable!!!

AYWalton: quite true. tehre needs to be an association of black professional genealogists.

alt: or at least an 'inner' group working with the APG

AYWalton: perhaps.

alt: but APG, that's beyond me at this stage of the game.

AYWalton: not really alt---trust me----not really.

vicky: how so alt?

alt: too old for the 'rigors' vicky

AYWalton: there are not rigors for APG. Just send in your money and you are a member.

alt: I'm happy in my own little world LOL

vicky: but alt no mortis with that rigor lol

AYWalton: lol

alt: good one vicky

vicky: lol lol so all it takes are dues each year huh AYWalton?

AYWalton: yep! for APG. it is only an Association.

vicky: OIC

AYWalton: an organization. Now BCG is the certification board.

vicky: what does that stand for?

AYWalton: Board of Certification of Genealogists.

vicky: ok

AYWalton: they are expensive and not worth the hassle. In my opinion.

alt: now that's what I should have done years ago.. was to get certified. I agree AYWalton, but folks 'flaunt' their 'CG"

AYWalton: true.' ok sesson is over, and time for lunch. gotta run,folks.

vicky: alt have you ever attended Samford?

alt: no I haven't vicky another 'option' that has passed me by.

vicky: but you did go to that Summitt in Indy and that was well worth it I have not heard a peep on if there is another in the works

alt: oh yeah, that was more of a social & networking thing.. you could hang at your own pace.

vicky: oh I get ya. as opposed to the teaching aspect

alt: I haven't hears anything either about that 'large' of an undertaking

vicky: Are you listening to the hearing on CNN or MSNBC

alt: not now

vicky: That one congressman from Tx blasted Obama for getting the 20 bil claimed it was a shakedown

alt: a Republican?

vicky: I swear them repubs dont give the man credit

alt: The more they 'harp' the more they show their true colors.... they just don't like the fact of a black Pres. more so than a Democratic Pres.

vicky: Exactly alt!

alt: and when it is mentioned they hide behind the 'race' card whether they agree on not, with Obama 'race' is always going to be part of the equation.

vicky: true

alt: and that fact shouldn't be ignored

vicky: when the elections come there will be more mess that a little alt you watch

alt: oh yeah!!! familysearch.... I'm finding marriage dates & locations from the 1850's - 1900 that I had only 'guessed' at before. now I can really go to specific locations in census records for more a more in-depth look at what happened in many cases

vicky: wonderful alt

alt: and these records are showing that what I see/saw in census records were in many cases second & third marriages

vicky: interesting alt

alt: yep, catching many middle names, nicknames & maiden names

vicky: married quickly also I presume within a year of the last nicknames? they listed nicknames

alt: Yeah, I'm wondering if the records don't reflect the fact that marriages were performed, but not always recorded immediately.

vicky: wasn't it only one census where you could tell how many times a person was married

alt: something like the actual births & recorded dates for children delivered by midwives.

vicky: I am thinking 1900 or 10

alt: yes, but looking at ages of wives and children often also tell you that the children are from earlier marriages

vicky: right

alt: 15 y/o kid and the wife is 26 y/o LOL

vicky: lol lol

alt: the husband is 20-30 yeras older than the wife

vicky: security mabe and someone to help with children of last spouse as in Color Purple lol

alt: exactly on both accounts

vicky: alt I'am gonna run..I need to go pick up a few things for dinner

alt: laters lady

vicky: happy hunting

18 Dec 2002 :: 1 Feb 2009
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