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2012-06-13 AfriAm Round Table Samford


Start: 11:17:47
End: 14:02:29
Chatters: alt, bbenn, Daviss, gtownma, HistoryBuff, keli1, SAMFORD IGHR, Seventies, vkn

vkn: Anticipating the Round Table Tim posted some questions on FB, but many did not see them so I am posting them here. If you have a response, please send responses to Tim at: His questions pertain to African. American genealogy societies. Please share a sentence or two about your own local group. The above is in a mail from AYW How goes the shape of the table

alt: that's what I'm here to find out.... the shape of the table.. is it round? I was originally under th e impression the AAR II was going to be an evening affair ??????

vkn: I bet my prob was time zone since Alabam is Central

alt: AYW's response yesterday was 11 AM CST... isn't that now????

Daviss: Hi there alt and vkn!!

vkn: Howdy doody

alt: Hello Daviss. how ya doing?

Daviss: Its going alt, what about you?

vkn: I tried to find a seat at the round table but no luck

alt: doing fine.. I was reading the responses to Lisa Lee's postin on Facebook .. wow!!! up to like 95 comments .. some great dialogue goin on there.

Daviss: and also you vkn lol yes alt, its quite a response for sure well, reading back

vkn: 97 responses

Daviss: great talks and good reads lol

alt: hello Seventies

Seventies: HEY ALT! You've been missed! Hi Daviss and vkn

vkn: Spoke with a researcher last evening whose proposal to October conference in SLC was rejected. No reason given So I spose rejection cuts both ways

Daviss: in chat now with Angela.. Round will more than likely start in about 15 mins..they are still in the other sessions

alt: SLC is that the IBGS????

Seventies: okay so we will be meeting here right?

vkn: yes alt

Daviss: researcher?

alt: Researcher .. that couldn't be ????

vkn: Editing is easier with initials

Seventies: oh Unfortunate

Daviss: Does anyone ever give a reason or are they standard letters

vkn: a one sided point of view from a four sided box

Seventies: I bet that the proposals are used for ideas for future topics at these events.

Daviss: Hello there Sam

Seventies: Good afternoon samford ighr

SAMFORD IGHR: Good afternoon, all.

vkn: ahhhhhh creative new user

Daviss: lol

SAMFORD IGHR: I am checking in a bit early.

alt: when IBGS rejected a proposal of mine in 2009 they said that it was "too personal' and would not be of interest to the wider group of attendees.

vkn: Good afternoon SAMFORD IGHR

Daviss: good to see you here

Seventies: If you don't mind me asking, what was your subject matter alt?

alt: hello samford ighr researching an FPOC Family in Ohio 1780-1865

Seventies: okay

SAMFORD IGHR: greetings alt, Daviss, Seventies and vkn!!!!!!!!

Daviss: will the questions come directly from you as the round goes on Sam

vkn: and to you too SAMFORD IGHR

SAMFORD IGHR: It is a bit early, people are just getting out of class right now.

Seventies: No problem. The general topic is genealogy societies, right?

vkn: Okies how many are in attendance SAMFORD IGHR

Daviss: yes, I imagine Sam. thanks

SAMFORD IGHR: I am not sure, vkn,

vkn: okies

Daviss: Does the feel look as though its equal to the last one you attended

SAMFORD IGHR: it does.

Daviss: I know the economy is slower but folks find a way for passions lol

SAMFORD IGHR: People are coming into the auditorium now.

vkn: Is this a lunch break event?

SAMFORD IGHR: yes this is a lunch break for the IGHR attendees

vkn: Thanx

Daviss: and if its like the brown bag they had in FT Wayne, I enjoyed the back and forth wouldn't you say so alt?

Seventies: let us know when to start SMAFORD IGHR

alt: I did enjoy those 'brown bag' sessions Daviss, they were very informative

Seventies: oh man speaking of Birmingham, I could really go for a pulled pork bbq sandwich on Wonder Bread... Brown bags and Birmingham :}

Daviss: lol Seventies

Seventies: You know in the neighborhood, people would sell lunches right out of their homes... love that. And the food would be off the chain! afternoon bbenn

alt: hello bbenn, good to see ya

Daviss: hi there bbenn!!

bbenn: Hi Everyone!

SAMFORD IGHR: More are coming in. So if you have questions to ask, feel free to do so. I shall let you know when the event actually starts.

vkn: bbenn howdy

bbenn: Greetings from Course 8 - African American Research

Seventies: I'm waiting for the event to begin. thanks.

bbenn: Folks are just coming into the room.

alt: question ... are the AA presenters in Courses other than the AAR track? the=there

Seventies: Oh good bbenn. Glad to have you in from the course.

bbenn: Yes, some AA presenters are in other tracks.

alt: very good, thanks bbenn

Daviss: sheesh!!

Seventies: hang on Daviss, hang on!

Daviss: story of my life Seventies

bbenn: About 21 individuals are in the room right now...

vkn: Good number

Daviss: thats pretty good bbenn..

bbenn: We are in a large auditorium and others are coming in...

Daviss: I imagine there will be some pretty good questions and answers

vkn: Gonna get some coffee BRB

Seventies: Well, I have a 2 o'clock with Eric Benet ... lol Is anyone else from our online group logging in for this session

Daviss: man seventies Eric Benet lol lol

Seventies: Yes indeed! lol

Daviss: meaning the ones at Samford or just in general hello there gtownma!

bbenn: More folks have come in the room and Angela is speaking right now...

alt: hello gtownma

gtownma: Hello all. Very excited to attend.

Seventies: Hi gtownma

gtownma: Here at Samford!

Seventies: Awesome!

bbenn: Hi htownma:}

Seventies: We need more of you all to login to the chat...

gtownma: Hi BB, long time no see. LOL

bbenn: lol lol lol

Seventies: let me guess gtownma is sitting right next to bbenn lol

bbenn: vkn- Frazine said hello!

gtownma: Learning some great new resources here at Samford for African American research!

Daviss: I imagine gtownma, I wish I were there

bbenn: She is sitting on the front row and I am in the back of the room.

gtownma: Wish you were here too, next time!

Daviss: two years right?

gtownma: Yes, one day we will make it every year!!!

Daviss: that would be nice

bbenn: Tim is giving an overview of the roundtable.

Seventies: okay 'listening'

Daviss: ok

gtownma: The first roundtable was overflowing, standing room only so this year in a much bigger setting!

bbenn: 34 in the room!

SAMFORD IGHR: Things are just getting underway.

Seventies: Can anyone give us a synopsis of the overview? Please?

SAMFORD IGHR: VKN, Frazine Taylor sends warm greetings, to you!

gtownma: IGHR welcomes Afrigeneas to our group!

Seventies: Thank you for the warm welcome Tim!

alt: wonderfull!!!!!!!!

Daviss: thats wonderful!!!

Seventies: SAMFORD IGHR, vkn went off to make coffee

Daviss: bbenn 34 is a pretty good number for lunch sessions

gtownma: Question: What is the state of our local African American Genealogical Societies?

SAMFORD IGHR: Question to the floor---what is the status of African American genealogy societies? Are they helpful, are they vibrant?

gtownma: One just got started about a year ago in Memphis by Mr. Jack Hampton!!! Very excited.

SAMFORD IGHR: Please share your opinions.

Seventies: I don't know of any AAGS in my local area. Southern NY state.

SAMFORD IGHR: Are you involved in a local group?

Daviss: the Black Family Genealogy/Historical Society Of Phoenix is alive and well

Seventies: I am not involved in a local gorup

alt: Mine .. AAGGMV in Ohio needs a recruitment and retention program.

Seventies: There is not one in my local area.

bbenn: I am a member of National AAGHS and a local chapter.

Daviss: Hi HistoryBuff

alt: hello HistoryBuff

Seventies: Welcome HistoryBuff. You're in time for the Rountable discussion

gtownma: Frazine, try to get young people involved!

Seventies: First question: Question to the floor---what is the status of African American genealogy societies?

HistoryBuff: Hey Daviss, Alt, Seventies, Vkn, gtownma and Samford IGHR Thanks Seventies.

Seventies: I would like to see more outreach and publicity.

gtownma: Hi HistoryBluff!

SAMFORD IGHR: History Buff welcome to the chat and the concurrent Afr. American genealogy round table discussion underway at SAMFORD IGHR.

Daviss: Hi history, you are right on time to get in a question for the Samford Roundtable discussion

vkn: HistoryBuff howdy gtownma howdy

SAMFORD IGHR: Are many of you volunteers with your own societies?

gtownma: Hello vkn!

HistoryBuff: Hey Vkn.

alt: yes, I serve on the excutive & event planning committes and aid in conducting workshops and outreach programs.

gtownma: Great job alt!

SAMFORD IGHR: Do many of you have membership challenges?'

HistoryBuff: wb bbenn

alt: and manage the AAGGMV member webiste

SAMFORD IGHR: How do you get new members?

bbenn: I shared what we are doing at the Washington DC Family History Center...

Seventies: Can I interject something here? I would like to say that I did belong to a local AA genealogy group.

alt: word of mouth and canvassing other community organizations for their interest in AA genealogy.

Seventies: But I had major issues with my set expectations and what they offered.

HistoryBuff: I encourage my family members who are interested in genealogical research.

SAMFORD IGHR: You said that you used to belong to one of them Seventies?

Seventies: Yes I did.

gtownma: Speaker now works with children. Very important!

Daviss: The group in Phx is re organizing with great ideas

bbenn: Alice Harris - President with the Central Maryland AAHGS has been instrumental in revitalizing the membership of this group.

Seventies: Some of the constructive criticisms that I had with that group was the lack of 'direct' communication with them. And there weren't any membership perks. I ended up not renewing my membership because of their lack of communication with me, a supposed member.

SAMFORD IGHR: Seventies did you feel that you were not learning how to conduct your research from your fellow members?

Seventies: I joined a group based in the region that I was researching in Alabama.

SAMFORD IGHR: Several people are speaking about how they have volunteered to work with a number of specific groups.

bbenn: A member of the Society of Mississippi Archivist would like to see more collaboration..

gtownma: Collaborate with others...

alt: that is "KEY"... you need/must be a member of more than a single genealogy group.

Seventies: I have learned a great deal on research from AfriGeneas and my own errors.

SAMFORD IGHR: How about collaboration with others like archivists? A speaker right now is addressing an interest of collaborating with genealogical groups. That might be a strategy in some communities.

HistoryBuff: I would love to see that in action.

Seventies: I agree alt, but now I'm looking into other groups in the region that are not AA and finding they are putting out some good information.

alt: great idea.... most genealogy groups have a problem with storage and archiving of the membership's individual & collective work(s).

gtownma: African American Societies should consider joining FGS!

Daviss: I also belong to the Texas-Louisiana Gen group and I live in Az

bbenn: Tim is mentioning that he has not seen too many AA groups in membership with the FGS.

gtownma: Federation of Genealogical Societies will give training and help to societies.

SAMFORD IGHR: Tim is also suggesting that your local group consider becoming a member society of the Federation of Genealogical Societies. (FGS) Daviss has being a member in the Texas Louisiana Group been helpful for your research?

Seventies: bbenn, what groups are the AA societies registered with?

Daviss: Basically in a way. I enjoy the newsletter they put out

HistoryBuff: That's a good question, Seventies.

bbenn: I am a member of the Old Edgefield Genealogical Society and the Old Edgefield African American Genealogical Society. We compliment each other and have dual membership in the South Carolina Genealogical Society.

gtownma: Shamelle Jordan great tip, call and invite others to come to your meetings. Make it fun!

alt: If possible AA genealogy groups might consider aligning themselves with State Genealogy Societes as well as the National groups...

SAMFORD IGHR: an excellent suggestion alt, and a suggestion that Shamele just recommended---partnering with state societies.

HistoryBuff: I have a question.

SAMFORD IGHR: Tina Sansone, a blogger froG Memphis is also speaking about forming groups. go ahead, HistoryBuff.

HistoryBuff: I wonder how many AA genealogical groups are instrumental and active in maintaining the collections of their local genealogical repositories?

Seventies: Okay, I have another question. What should the expectations be of a genealogical society? Are there any set basic rules?

SAMFORD IGHR: wow that is a difficult question to answer HistoryBuff.

Seventies: That's a good question HistoryBuff.

bbenn: How many AA genealogy groups have participated in indexing projects?

SAMFORD IGHR: One would have to survey the groups to find that out.

HistoryBuff: Your question is also intriguing, Seventies.

gtownma: We had a lady in our societies donate a huge, I mean HUGE binder filled with her African American histories, pictures and all. We were so excited! Wish everyone would donate a copy as she did for their societies.

HistoryBuff: Another good question, bbenn,

SAMFORD IGHR: really?? that is exciting.

Daviss: thats wonderful gtownma!!

gtownma: I am hoping it was a copy!

HistoryBuff: Amazing.

gtownma: Mentoring is important!

SAMFORD IGHR: The need for MENTORS has just been mentioned.

HistoryBuff: Indeed, gtownma !

SAMFORD IGHR: Have any of your had the benefit of mentors AND have you mentored others?

bbenn: I am conducting research in Louisiana and have found it difficult to find AA researchers to share my successes and frustrations...

alt: yes, I had a GREAT mentor who was a charter member of AAHGS.

Seventies: I have enjoyed the mentorship here at Afrigeneas.

HistoryBuff: I've got quite a few mentors myself and at best provide some support and encouragement also.

gtownma: DearMYRTLE says all societies are facing the same kinds of problems and have the same questions and concerns.

HistoryBuff: Amazing, Alt!

Daviss: Oh yes on mentoring...My mentors have been mostly not face to face but important none the less. In fact there are several here in chat

Seventies: Agree Daviss

Daviss: I would have been lost without them, thats for sure

gtownma: If you have friends starting out in African American research, guide them to visit their local African American Society and others in the area for assistance says Nancy.

HistoryBuff: I concur with Daviss also.

alt: I would also suggest for those AA's who live in areas where there isn't a large enough population of AA's to attempt to connect on a regional basis and in addition join the "other' genealogy groups in your areas of residence.

SAMFORD IGHR: If you live in a community where there is no society---how do you network or find other genealogists?

gtownma: Great idea alt

Daviss: as alt said utilize other societies in your area....

bbenn: It only takes one person to make things happen! Start a group if one does not exist in your community.

gtownma: places like Afrigeneas is a great place to start. Someone on here can guide them I am sure.

Seventies: Also, you'd be surprised at the local people that you can find online in a group like Afrigeneas. I knowI've found a few.

SAMFORD IGHR: and don't forget to explore and use social media wisely.

bbenn: That's right Seventies!

gtownma: Clarise just started a genealogical society in Jasper, MS! Great for them.

alt: in my area we first looked at non-AA genealogy groups, then when we saw a few AA's in each of those groups we 'formed' a regional AA group, hence ... AAGGMV .. African American Genealogy Group of the Miami Valley in Ohio.

SAMFORD IGHR: A Chicago researcher has a group on FB with over 1100 members.

HistoryBuff: That's great to hear, gtwonma.

gtownma: Memphis already has a great group in the short time it has been meeting.

Daviss: jasper Ms, Is that near your area of research Seventies?

bbenn: That's the way to get things going alt!:}

SAMFORD IGHR: how many are in the Memphis group?

gtownma: Visit your local churches and see if there is an interest? Samford IGHR, not sure of numbers but can get them for you.

Seventies: Not in my area Daviss. I am primarily Adams Co, Wilkinson Co, MS and surrounding LA parishes Concordia, Tensas, Felicianas, and New Orleans

SAMFORD IGHR: that would be greagt!

bbenn: What about networking with the churches? After the Washington Post article came out, I received an invitation to organize a group at a church.

gtownma: wonderful BB!!!

Daviss: I would be willing to bet that their just might be someone in that Society that is researching in your areas

Seventies: Drusilla Pair has been working extensively with her church in presenting history and genealogy.

alt: AA the groups should also "outreach' to other locations for members who have ancestral connections to their "home' areas'... we in Ohio have members nationwide that have roots in the Miami Valley of Ohio.

gtownma: Yes, you might contact a society in an area you need research in that you do not live in for help. I live in Memphis, but would love to find a society in Grenada, MS to help me with some research. Never thought of contacting them until now.

bbenn: The AA group at the FHC is putting together an ANCESTRAL QUILT..projects are wonderful bonding experiences to share your research.

Seventies: But they don't alt.

HistoryBuff: Very nice, Alt, bbenn and Seventies.

Daviss: as well as Regina who Angela interviewed recently'

bbenn: DRU is also very creative...Her HATS presentation is both entertaining and educational.

Seventies: It is. And each hat has a genealogical or historical story. I love that aspect of her program.

SAMFORD IGHR: We are discussing how to get the actual concept of family history to beginners.

Daviss: wb HB wb vkn

HistoryBuff: Thnx Daviss

vkn: thanx

gtownma: Frazine tip: Do your Minister/Paster's genealogy and the members will follow. Great idea.

alt: organizing 'small' family reunions or gatherings is a great start for family history and have something akin to a Did You Know" featuring tidbits of family lore.

HistoryBuff: I began presenting in genealogy workshops at family reunions.

Daviss: lol gtownma all the members in my church are related except me

gtownma: In MS you have to date 5 counties over or you will marry a cousin. Even then you never know. LOL

Daviss: lol lol

HistoryBuff: I'd like to see more of the most recent suggestions you offered take place at family reunions and gatherings.

SAMFORD IGHR: Selma is sharing the experience that ProfessorDru with the church history program with the children.

Seventies: gtownma.. SO TRUE! lol

gtownma: Oral histories! write them down and submit them to your societies.

HistoryBuff: Sorry I was stating that regarding Alt's remarks.

SAMFORD IGHR: Or launching an oral history project as well.

gtownma: Scan or take pictures of family Bibles and submit them as well.

SAMFORD IGHR: There is a challenge in smaller southern, rural communities to get people interested in family history.

Daviss: How many of you save the newsletters from other organzations?

Seventies: Sometimes a GREAT resource for beginners is the family reunion booklets.

HistoryBuff: These are the reasons I come to AfriGeneas chat rooms, because I always learn so much more.

Seventies: Again, I have to agree on AfriGeneas contributions.

SAMFORD IGHR: Daviss---that is a good question--newsletters!

alt: we, AAGGMV, have newsletter and we share ours with at least 7-10 genealogy socities across the country AA & non-AA...

Seventies: I know some will disagree, but in this day and age its ok to send a paper copy of a newsletter, however, I would guarantee that more people read online. And that could be a generator of revenue. IMO

Daviss: I would love to get hold of some of those ...especially since i can't join each and every one

HistoryBuff: lol

Daviss: thats great alt!!!

SAMFORD IGHR: Bernice is sharing the work of Marion Woodfork Simmons who has captured her community history by talking about the local history through her work.

Seventies: That show was very informative bbenn... one of my favorites.

SAMFORD IGHR: Marion's book is "Memories of Union High" a book about Caroline County VA which was the ONLY high school for African Americans for 7 decades.

alt: newsletters. for eaxmple we share with Arkansas. Northen California, Tampa, Chicago.

Daviss: that is a wide range alt.. I commend your group

alt: and we also send a 'hardcopy' of our newsletters to all of the local libraries in our 9 county area.

bbenn: The Old Edgefield AA Groups has a wonderful newsletter THE HOMEPLACE which is an excellent example of what a small group can produce to share their genealogical stories.

gtownma: Isaac Prentiss mentions uncles, great uncles, etc could be veterans. Go talk to them!

Seventies: That is a great idea alt! I would encourage that you also send them to some of the colleges in your area.

alt: heel to Isaac... he was a table mate at the 2009 IBGS Banquet in Ft. Wayne... I have a photo of him and his lovely wife. at that banquet.

HistoryBuff: I concur with Seventies on that idea.

SAMFORD IGHR: A member of the group from rural Mississippi is hoping to form a group in the community where she lives. Seventies, I know you are also a Mississippi researcher.

Seventies: I happened to find out about a Civil War USCT organization just that way.

Daviss: any Texans there Sam?

Seventies: Yes I am. What location samford ighr?

Daviss: as I quietly ask Sam see !!!

Seventies: lol lol lol

Daviss: lol lol

alt: AA gen societies also nned to put up a FaceBook for exposure if they don;t have a website.... Having both doesn't hurt.

Seventies: I agree. or even a blog alt.

SAMFORD IGHR: Oops---just got bumped! lol

HistoryBuff: wb samford ighr .

Daviss: :o

SAMFORD IGHR: Question on the floor:

HistoryBuff: ready for the question.

SAMFORD IGHR: How many are thinking about attending an event like the IBGS (Int'l Black Genealogy Summit) Of course---there is also the annual AAHGS national conference. and I know that Chicago is holding their annual conference also in October.

Seventies: Not at this time.

Daviss: I plan on attending IBGS

HistoryBuff: I keep thinking about it, actually taking the trip is a challenge.

alt: I won't make IBGS this year, but will be attending a couple of AA gen society workshops this year in Indianapolis, IN and columbus, OH.

Seventies: Right, challenge for me especially during the school year.

SAMFORD IGHR: there is great discussion here at the Round Table as well as here in the Afrigeneas chat.

Seventies: okay

HistoryBuff: The same here, Seventies.

vkn: wb historybuff

HistoryBuff: Thnx Vkn

alt: SAMFORD IGHR , we always hear about what is wrong with AA gen groups ... anyone care to volunteer in their opine what is right about AA gen groups?

Seventies: I would love to see a summer conference.

SAMFORD IGHR: the discussion is focusing on how we can use our energies to make them more meaningful.

bbenn: I would love to see a AA Institute:}

alt: okay samford ighr , thanks

HistoryBuff: It's past time for me to return to work. I enjoyed the chance to particpate in the RoundTable.

SAMFORD IGHR: one participant is pointing out that conferences that have simply 1 hour sessions are a deterring factor for her.

Daviss: take care HistoryBuff and thanks for coming

bbenn: Have a great day HistoryBuff!

HistoryBuff: Thanks. Have a great day all.

SAMFORD IGHR: More in depth sessions might bring about a different kind of attendance as well. We are under a time constraint and will wind down shortly.

alt: 2-3 conferences are great for networking, but I personally find 1 day workshops with 1 or 2 presenters to be more enjoyable and informative.

SAMFORD IGHR: but the discussion is still vibrant.... Depth is a valid issue.

alt: 2-3 day conferences

Daviss: We want to thank you Samford IGHR and bbenn for allowing us to hear and chime in from afar. much love to you

SAMFORD IGHR: I am thrilled that you have been able to join us.

alt: yes thanks for including us SAMFORD IGHR

bbenn: Much love to you Daviss!

SAMFORD IGHR: VKN will the log from this chat be placed online?

alt: you too bbenn !!!!!!!

vkn: Yes it will SAM

Daviss: send the same to gtownma thanks bbenn

alt: give my regards to the panelist,,,,,, best wishes from alt LOL

SAMFORD IGHR: I shall post information so that members of the live audience will be able to read the log later as well.

Daviss: sounds good

vkn: very good SAM

alt: good idea samford ighr

SAMFORD IGHR: Thank you all for joining us today and for participating "virtually" in the African American Genealogy Round Table here at Samford IGHR. I hope that we see you here in 2014!

bbenn: Tim is closing the session..solution to our problem is to consider volunteering! He volunteers at his local library and offers his assistance once a month for a genealogy drop-in.

SAMFORD IGHR: Thank you all.

Daviss: no thank you

bbenn: Major point - we have to grow the field...plant the seed...consider volunteering to get folks more interested. Thanks for coming!

Seventies: okay, Volunteering and SHARING!

vkn: SAMFORD IGHR Thanx to you and all

Daviss: I enjoyed session

Seventies: Yes it was good. I hope that AL organization gets it together. :|

alt: very nice session vkn .. I'm sure the log will be enjoyable to those who were there "live" .

Seventies: Its easier to get a new member than to bring back an old member...

vkn: thanx

alt: later's y'all

Seventies: Okey dokey... I have got to go too.

vkn: Take all care

Seventies: Have a good day y'all

Daviss: I will take off now also bye heyyyy why do I have to put up the chairs and turn out the lights??? Those chairs are heavy. {sigh} oh well lol

keli1: Thanks for tweeting about the chat...Daviss

18 Dec 2002 :: 1 Feb 2009
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