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2012-06-10 Randolph Freed Slaves

** Chats Lobby

Start: 12:26:23
End: 12:26:23
Chatters: Hi all


Start: 11:30:52
End: 13:19:35
Chatters: alt,, jhonora, keli1, Seventies

alt: hello Mr. jhonora, how ya doing?

Seventies: Hello all hi jhonora

jhonora: Hello Seventies!

Seventies: What's going on jhonora? Taking any classes this summer?

jhonora: No, not this summer. I am doing some research for hire for a cemetery preservation group; and working on my book

Seventies: okay... I hope you make a ton of money! :}

jhonora: How about you, any new discoveries?

Seventies: Oh gosh yes.. photos... lots of photos! lol

jhonora: Not too much, but every bit he'ps lol The photos are of which line?

Seventies: I've been updating my facebook fan page with my docs and photos. Many of them are from people who left the south during the Great Migration

jhonora: Oh wow, that is great. I'm sure many went to Chicago

Seventies: Community photos Let me give you the link...

jhonora: o.k.

Seventies: Also there are docs from MS on I updated last week Hi keli1

jhonora: Hello keli1

keli1: Good morning to you both!

Seventies: How are you doing this morning?

jhonora: Seventies, you have a wonderful site, you are fortunate to be able to share community history with everyone

Seventies: thank you jhonora

keli1: I am doing well, just finished editing a presentation

Seventies: In a month, I'll be in MS again. where are you presenting keli1?

keli1: Charlottesville's Family History Center (LDS) conference

jhonora: On what topic, keli!

Seventies: okay...

keli1: African & Native American Genealogy Resources

Seventies: Enjoy your trip keli1

keli1: oh its local, lol.

Seventies: My boss' wife does teaching at our local LDS Family Center

keli1: I don't trave again till Sept, I am going to ASALH in Pittsburg

Seventies: Oh.. why did I think you were in D.C? keli1 are you a member of the African American Women Historians group on facebook? I think that's what its called. They put out some great information.

keli1: Nope in Virginia...

jhonora: keli1, I know the theme for this year is women, any idea what the ASALH theme will be next year?

keli1: No, I don't know, but love this year's, I am presenting on Dr. Florence Crim Robinson.

Seventies: okay.. wish I could be there...

keli1: I don't see that group on facebook, I will have to find them.

Seventies: ok let me get one of their links

keli1: Jhonora have you been to one of their conferences? I haven't, this is my first one, I have been a member.


jhonora: I have never been, I have often considered forming a chapter, but their rules are so strict $$$

keli1: I just posted some interesting info regarding the Coulour Corps, African's who served in the War of 1812...there is so much to learn about our people. It came up as one of my likes...hmmm

jhonora: Several hundred fought in 1812 here in La.

keli1: wow their 2011 conference was in Richmond, geez...missed it

Seventies: OK oh yeah jhonora?

keli1: Yes on the La, I had to read up on was interesting, but promised their freedom, in which they did not all history has repeatedly reminded us

jhonora: Yes, Seventies, we had two batallions if I remember correctly at the Battle of New Orleans in 1814-15

Seventies: We barely discussed the war in school that I recall jhonora

jhonora: It is one of the forgotten wars in history

keli1: I don't remember anything presented on them, they disbanned in 1815

Seventies: It truly is. All I recall is that the white house was set on fire then and that's why it was painted white. I have my doubts about that, though.

jhonora: And Dolly Madison saved Gen. Washington's portrait

Seventies: oh

keli1: yea, did you see where Bush told Michelle to not forget his picture if anything happened, it was funny...

Seventies: no missed that.

jhonora: Two other researchers and I have started a blog to post interesting documents, photos, and old articles we find:

Seventies: bookmarked.

keli1: love this, thanks, I will post on our facebook page...

jhonora: thanks

Seventies: Now there was someone on facebook Gwenn Olson, who posted some interesting information about her 'creole' family I quote creole because though her family is mixed race, they originally come from MD She had some good stuff about her family moving to Montana....

jhonora: I'll have to check it out Seventies, does the name O'Farrell from Adams County sound familiar?

Seventies: Doesn't ring a bell jhonora. Is there a timeframe associated with this family? Well let me say its not in the areas I actively research. Natchez and all points south.

jhonora: I would say 1870s and 1880s, from Natchez, originally of Irish stock

keli1: 70s, where are you located.

Seventies: Oh definitely no... NY

keli1: oh that's right. my son lives in Valley Stream, are you in the Jamaica area?

Seventies: No in southern NYS

keli1: okay, we have a family friend running for Congress against a man who has been in office 14 or 15 yrs, they are in the Queens area

Seventies: the O'Farrells is there some significance with this family? Landownership? I don't keep up with local city politics... too dirty.

jhonora: They had one or two general stores. One of the ladies in my research for my book was the daughter of an O'Farrell (white) and a Blanche Gilmer (black).

keli1: well it is time for this man to get out, he is corrupt, etc...on the federal list, etc. lol

Seventies: Gilmer looks like it may be a familiar name. keli1 I'm not surprise. We are talking about NY, city & state

jhonora: I was just checking, her descendants have provided me with some information

Seventies: okay.

jhonora: I don't think anywhere can beat La. politics, our good ol' boys are crooked in two different languages lol

keli1: it is a shame, but the root of most of our problems in this country oh that is the same in NY, I am sure

Seventies: lol lol In NY its three: English, Italian and Spanish :|

keli1: lol

jhonora: You're right I forgot about all those Italians

Seventies: yes, how do taxes go up and budgets get cut back... :| That's the 'funny' math.

keli1: just goes to show you how much we ignore history.. we would not keep repeating things if we truely valued it

Seventies: Okay

keli1: hi breckagain,

Seventies: Hi Welcome!

keli1: wb seventies..

Seventies: Went to grab breckagain

keli1: I am not familiar with breckagain..

Seventies: Breckagain, what brings you here today?

keli1: Hello and welcome, what families are you researching and where? oops, did we run them off? welcome back breckagain

Seventies: Welcome back Hi again. Got lost out there in outer space. Was an early member of Afrigeneas chat group. Just found you all again. Have not done much family research lately. Lost a few relatives who worked with me.

keli1: I am Shelley, researching in VA, MD, PA, MI, etc... I am Gloria researching Va, Pa, Ms.

Seventies: Sorry to hear that Welcome back to the fold!

keli1: Where in VA and PA Thanks. Have decided to take my reseach in a new direction, more historical.

Seventies: I'm SSC and I'm researching MS & AL and the midwest Great migration states.

keli1: any Michigan research Seventies?

Seventies: Its part of the great migration.. :} Detroit and suburbs Found a place in Pgh called "Little Hayti" and decided to research it. Possible place of American Revolutionary soldiers from Haiti Just found out a monument has been erected for Haitian tro

Seventies: In pittsburgh?

keli1: I do Benzie, Manistee, Kent Counties in Michigan troops of the American Revolution. It is in Georgia

Seventies: okay I have read that there is a connection to Haiti also in SC. But mostly in passing Yes, Pittsburgh. But monument has been erected in another state. What are the chances that some came to Pittsburgh too.

keli1: Virginia: Jefferson/now West VA, Loudoun, and other various locations, PA is Franklin County Allegheny county is Pgh. I know there was more of an African presence in that part of town. There was a niteclub there called "Little Paris"

Seventies: Interesting information. Also found some Black Hessians that were a part of the American Revolution. They were with the Germans

Seventies: Okay... Now that's part of the history of the area I currently reside. Check out the Haitian Historical Society. They were behind the erection of the monument and probably can furnish info about them in sc

Seventies: So bascially you could be implying that there are blacks in Germany all the way up through the 18th century... fascinating These Black folks were probably locals that the Germans acquired here

Seventies: acquired? Hmmmm not Moors? Blacks in Germany earlier probably would have come from their colonial holdings in Africa

keli1: are you conscentrating on a certain area in Pittsburg?

Seventies: germans were late to the colonial game... Little Hayti

Seventies: but okay

keli1: clarify what phg means, is that the abbreviation for Pittsburg or something else.

Seventies: I have to sign off to get ready for this BBQ... be getting with you all later. Have a wonderful day The Portuguese were early to the colonial game and some joined forces with Africans to be pirates in the 1400's so long

keli1: Is little Hayti in PA or where? One theory that I had was that they might have been a part of French and Indian wars of the 1700s in Pgh, at Ft. Duquesne (Ft. Pitt) Little Hayti is in the lower hill (of the ghetto) in pgh.

keli1: Is pgh, Pittsburg or somewhere else? Ofg us sgirt fir Outtsb Pgh is short for pittsburgh

keli1: Thanks, I was struggling here, lol, Many of us lived in "The Hill" Also called the Hill District

keli1: Are you in Pittsburg or somewhere else. I will be there in Sept I hope to be in Pgh in Sept too for ASALH Are you going

keli1: I wonder if Hayti, MO, is linked as well-yes I am going Possibly. not much has been done on our visitors from Hayti during the American revolution Perhaps I will see you there. Have a publication: Hill District Reniassance a few years ago. Might bring it

keli1: The spelling is interesting...are you saying you have a publication on Hayti, or where? Hi Art...

alt: hello folks... keli1 & jhonora Not spelling too well this morning. Reniassance I think is correct Hi Ait Time for me to go. Hope to be in touch again. Best regards

keli1: It would be interesting to locate burial grounds in that community, it might lead to tips... Art, how's it going?

alt: fine keli1 & you? There is a cemetary society there in P& LE train station museum. so long

keli1: hangin in there...learning new things everday

alt: ... I had Wley Ave. connections on the Hill

keli1: bye Break..hope to see you in Pittsburg, my name is Shelley Murphy The Hill was referenced, researching Little Hayti

alt: ah so

keli1: you might see it by scrolling up Interesting..

alt: I saw that & Pittsburg mentioned keli1

keli1: I wish that lady from charlotte would contact you, she is in her 70s or older, was raised there, etc.

alt: I spent a week or two every summer with my grandmother in Pittsburg .. on Wiley Ave. when I was a youngster. I have returned. Missed some of the conversation.

keli1: I have never been to Pittsburg, but looking forward to it in Sept. Art is familiar with the Hill area Wiley was in the hill and lower Wiley was close to Little Hayti

alt: I think she is a descenadnt of Peyton Randolph keli1 .. and I was trying to see if that was the Peyton who returned back to VA from Piqua, OH following the freedom of the Randolph slaves in 1846. Mother Bethel Church was close to Little Hayti and it a historic church Have you seen any Randolph documents about their slaves?

alt: I was between 10 & 14 y/o at that time and don't remember much about those days.... I know we had a cousin who was a Dentist in the Hill district ... this was in the mid to late 1940's. Dr Burwell?

alt: no, I think his name was Hawkins

keli1: yes there is Randolph documents. You have some good d documents to work with

keli1: Just received a tweet from angela, she and Selma are at the airport, heading to Samford Where is Sam? ford

keli1: Samford is in alabama, they are heading to an conference/institute angela does keep busy and really contributes

alt: wonderful keli1, give them our best regards and wishes for a wonderful week. me too. I am Gloria Smith

keli1: yes she does...I wish I was going, but maybe next year...I have three to attend this year I will just try one, ASALh Can't type this morning

keli1: ASALH is good, but not focused on genealogy...but histories yes, this year's theme is on Black Women

alt: , I have copies of the freedom registers for the 380+ slaves freed by John Randolph and have followed their descendants from 1846 to the present. I know, at times the focus changes, but the vendors help a lot with their different publications. That is so fabulous ait

alt: they settled in/near Piqua, Oh which is my hometown and some of the descandants married into some of my family lines I had a book , that just sold about Edmund Randolph. Have been fascinated with the Randolphs and their slaves.

keli1: did I give you a chancery on one of the Randolph's

alt: ASALH... are you familiar with Magaret Peters-Brams & Dr. Joseph Lewis from Dayton, OH and Central State UNiv ? no

alt: okay what is a chancery?

keli1: The Commonwealth vs Simpson Randolph, Albemarle Co. hot dog

alt: and Dr. Carolyn Dorsey who is recently deceased.... they are all big ASALH supporters from this area of Ohio. what was it about

keli1: chanceries are court cases, on the library of Virginia site, you can view them ok. I can go there

keli1: ASALH, those folks you listed, you know them, I am going this year presenting What will your topic be?

alt: keli1, the court case of the contested Will of John Randolph is great reading... he died in 1833 and the family contested his Will about the freeing of his salves.. said he was "crazy" & incompetent to free almost 400 slaves.... It took 13 years (1846) for the Will to be settled in favor of the freed slaves. I remember that

keli1: oh my goodness... Will visit your session, if I can

alt: do you currently live in the Pittsburg area no, am in Az I grew up there

alt: oh, okay Wow!!! that will be a nice trip for you AZ to PA. you bet it is Didn't fully appreciates its history when I lived there

keli1: we have a mutal friend in AZ, Vicki Mitchell, she is heavy into genealogy Daviss We have chapter of AAHGS in Arizona, but I don't belong anymore.

keli1: I think Vicki is in Tucson.. Where are you located?

alt: yep .. Pittsburg was the gateway to the west .. Fort Pitt, Duquense (sp) , MeKeesport, etc.

keli1: I am in Central VA, Palmya, close to Monticello Wow, very close to Randolph history I don't know her

alt: Vicky is in PHX ... I'm still in Ohio.... west central, near Dayotn & Columbus.

keli1: yes you are right, she is in Phoenix that is another friend I have is in Tucson, lol Do we have to vacate this room at a certain time? name of that friend

keli1: well it is time for me to eat, so I will be vacating Her name is Ginger Goldner Hunger is taking over here too

keli1: lol... don't know her. Is that her married name? AKA

alt: I just finished lunch..we're (wife & I) are getting ready to go see what the "slots' have to offer us for today LOL LOL

keli1: she is with some health organization, she is not an AKA, she is white, Dr. Ginger Goldner where are the slots for you Art? no, do not know her slots are gambling time I think

alt: closest is now in Columbus, Oh ... bout 35 mins. away

keli1: my presentation is on a former AKA who

keli1: my closest slots are in Charles Town WV, love them We used to go to races in W Va because they were not legal in pa. Hope you win something meaningful, like money

alt: well, I'll let y'all go .. have a nice lunch. laters ....

keli1: it has grown so they have tables. Florence Crim Robinson sounds exciting. Time for us to leave. Don't know her. Hope to chat again next week. Best Regards

keli1: bye to you as well. she passed in 2008, taught at Clark

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