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2012-06-07 Shoes •Generations• Migrations


Start: 12:07:33
End: 13:20:35
Chatters: alt, daviss, HistoryBuff, Seventies, vkn

Seventies: good afternoon alt

alt: hi Seventies Soulchild

Seventies: Its just Seventies now.. lol I didn't want you all to do too much typing for my user name.. lol

alt: okay, I can "dig it" LOL

Seventies: lol How are you today? And the family?

alt: I responded to you on AfriGeneas Tech Forum about 10 mins. ago we're doing well today, hope the same is true for you and your's

Seventies: okay. Check out this article: We're doing good. I had been having the same issue that the author is describing. I think Afrigeneas may be having a similar issue. I have missed LOTS of their status updates from the fan page. Hello HistoryBuff

HistoryBuff: Hey Seventies and Alt.

alt: I'll have to read it later Seventies, thank you///

Seventies: No problem.

alt: Hello HistoryBuff

Seventies: Ok I have about 75% of my records online either at the blog or on facebook.

alt: records online... you mean images of records?

HistoryBuff: Hey Daviss

Seventies: There is one gentleman who I will write about later who was an FPOC from the marriage records. I looked him up in the census. He was from Natchez. I wanted to verify if he was black or not...

alt: Hello daviss. how are ya?

daviss: hello alt historybuff and seventies

Seventies: hi daviss with two s' and a little d... lol

daviss: lol

Seventies: Today's image of the day is the Woodlawn Plantation plat map....

HistoryBuff: Which state is it located, 70s?

Seventies: Adams County, MS

daviss: hello vkn

HistoryBuff: Hey Vkn.

Seventies: hi vkn

alt: hello vkn, hwo be's ya today? LOL

HistoryBuff: Okay, thnx 70s.

Seventies: lol here is the 2 mile long URL

vkn: Howdy to all daviss HistoryBuff alt Seventies Bees fine alt

alt: Seventies, maybe you need to look at TinyURL to shorten your linger URL's ... I find it very useful and use it all of the time. linger=longer

Seventies: As far as I know, can't do that for facebook.

alt: Seventies, I do it all of the time using the URL created by TinyURL

daviss: try it now seventies and see

Seventies: ok I will try that then, thanks!

daviss: mabe that may keep me from being booted out when I clink on links lol

vkn: Some sites {NING} give the option to shorten URL

Seventies: Second Creek, the place where the CW insurrection plot was hatched, runs through this property which is owned by my family. lol daviss, no it's just you... lol

alt: anything to help daviss stay online LOL

Seventies: lol True!

daviss: lol how are you vkn?

Seventies: oh gosh, that reminds me, please don't login as vvvvv again.. lol

vkn: On yesterday daviss you were about to share some of the new work being done on Alzheimers would you do that today? Seventies what issue does that create for you lol

daviss: The only other thing I was going to say vkn was that African Americans need to go through those trials they have to get a better feed on what is happening with them

Seventies: lol headaches and crossed eyes! lol

daviss: They have a hard time convincing minorities

Seventies: the v's just ran together... lol

vkn: It is a much needed discussion daviss

daviss: yes it is because it affects so many

Seventies: Now what percentage of AA's were diagnosed with Alzheimer's? I was thinking it was a good amount of all cases.

daviss: that I do not know Seventies but its high

vkn: Seventies did you consider getting a coroners report on the aunt who was murdered that you mentioned yesterday?

HistoryBuff: My father-in-law sufferred from Alzheimer's.

alt: minorities ... convincing .... to seek treatment, read about it, get help for the family ... ????

Seventies: No I hadn't considered that. I am still trying to figure out how to go about getting police records from the early days. 1900 - 1950's

HistoryBuff: Yes a coroner's report is probably the way to go.

alt: from where Seventies .. it might depend on location.

Seventies: Adams co. Ms

vkn: HistoryBuff asked what focus of article would be and I was reminded when reading the log of chat that "domestic violence" was not a spoken concept

alt: should be able to access thru the

Seventies: I would also like one on Scott Washington because as you know they changed his DC to reflect homicide right. And what's so crazy is that her sister married a man who beat her. Then one day her 5 boys went and beat up their father for doing this to her.

alt: access thru the freedom of information act.... but it might be 'tricky' in some locations because of 'red tape' and 'stonw-wlling' procedures. stone-walling

Seventies: I know a little bit about the FOIA laws and that's why I hadn't really gotten into it. Also those people never answer their phones.

vkn: When the logs are edited notes will be made of unfinished conversations that might be posted to the forums to get others involved in finding answers

Seventies: Who am I kidding. lol I used to be the FOIA P.O.C. lol oh that's a great idea vkn

HistoryBuff: P.O.C.-point of contact, 70s?

alt: I can imagine Seventies, it might be difficult to ask about that kind of informatio via telephone.

Seventies: I really just want a starting point because I am not directly involved in the case and I know some cases can't be given info until they are resolved.

vkn: Thanx Seventies also excellent point about phone sharing info alt

Seventies: Back to the issue with the coroner's report, So you have Scott Washington who was shot dead by his son in law and I'm wondering if there was even a court case.

alt: yeah vkn, I would imagine the 'authorities' would want some kind of paper document to pursue finding and sharing that kind of information.. like a letter of formal request for information

Seventies: I get the impression from my folks that among his legitimate children they didn't talk much about his death. But because our family branch was detached it was kind of like eh this is what happened.

vkn: The Newspapers forum might be a good place to discuss such events. Yesterday we did not discuss the extended thread on the Indiana Recorder IR was mentioned there before info was available elsewhere.

Seventies: And yesterday I just didn't get the chance to look after work

daviss: wb HistoryBuff

vkn: So the search engine on AfriGeneas is a solid tool for uncovering resources as in "put down our buckets" LOL

HistoryBuff: Sorry, I erroneously logged out. Thank you Daviss.

vkn: wb HistoryBuff

HistoryBuff: thx

Seventies: lol okay

alt: yep vkn.. AfriGeneas 'search' and what it will find for us in the AfriGeneas archives is a hidden treasure.

Seventies: I've been doing forum searches.

alt: I like to search the Forums for postings by author to see what folks were saying 5-10 years ago.

Seventies: I like posts that have been dug up from the past with fresh new leads and questions.

vkn: and alt you mentioned New view at ancestry is there something we all need to consider in the "new view" ? I prolly missed it

alt: it is 'how' Ancesrty is showing their search results for the 1940 census vkn... it (view) is in beta testing.

Seventies: Okay are all the states up on Ancestry?

vkn: How does one get there

alt: go to Ancestry & 1940 Census... do a search and it is 'automatic'

Seventies: let me specify are tall the states indexed up at Ancestry? lol tall should read all! lol

alt: not all are searchable Seventies

vkn: How does one get there alt I do note that getting a hit on Family search takes one to ancestry to see the image

Seventies: I'm still waiting on those midwest migration states. that will be a boon for researchers.

HistoryBuff: That's good point Seventies

vkn: Thanx alt this is my first hearing of the beta

alt: for an example do a 'name search' for Rosa Clifford in DC on Ancestry for 1940 census

HistoryBuff: referring to migration pattern stories.

Seventies: that would be a great topic to become expert in. Now the census will give a fuller picture of what that looked like.

alt: doesn't the census records that show birthplace of individual & parents do that before 1940 Seventies?

daviss: brb

Seventies: Anything to add to the research. Yet remember we are talking about the onset of WW II and more people are leaving to gain factory and union work especially during this time. So I think that this was the high time for the Great Migration, no?

alt: of course 1940 does ask the question where were you living in 1935... which is great.

Seventies: Yes that is great.

vkn: We might start a thread on GenHist about using the 1940 and tips for using

HistoryBuff: I viewed some of the enumerator training videos on the National Archives website I have to review how I got to the video links.

Seventies: So alt from your perspective growing up in Ohio do you think that there were more AA's coming to Ohio for work after WWII?

alt: and the emplyment/income question for 1939 on the 1940 census is pretty helpful.

daviss: ok back

vkn: HistoryBuff what is motivating your trip to Gettysburgh?

Seventies: alright so since we've all had a couple of months to look at the 1940 census, do you think its better than previous census years? In terms of information collected

HistoryBuff: We are examining ancestral burial information for my father-in-law and his immediate family members-parents, siblings, etc.

alt: probably so in the larger cities Seventies, I'm basically a small town boy (pop 20,000) so we didn't notice a heavy influx of AA's coming into our community after WW II.

Seventies: okay. I can see that. I do know that from the records I've seen many of my family member have gone to Akron, Steubenville OH and then really gone to Gary,IN

vkn: There was a major migration from Alabama to Ohio and Michigan in the 40's

Seventies: Detroit, MI My uncle who moved to Akron after WW II

HistoryBuff: It appears that the information collected is more specific and relevant to land ownership, work history and financial accounting.

alt: right vkn & Seventies, the large cities did see an increase in AA's during and following WW II.

Seventies: There is beautiful post card that he gave my grandmother of him at a beach while serving with a friend of his... I saw the card I know it exists, but I don't know who has the photo. Yes

vkn: Yes Ford had a systematic plan getting people from Alabama to INKster, MI made it easy for people to purchase homes etc

alt: my ex-in laws came up from Alabama in the wave between 1910 & 1930, before the depression & WW II.

HistoryBuff: Found the link,

Seventies: I didn't know that. My uncle came from Dallas Co.AL and first went to Twinsburg then Akron, Oh

HistoryBuff: Gotta run folks. Have a great day.

Seventies: I laugh at him because he never bought a Japanese car. Always Chrysler and Buick!

alt: Twinsburg.. south of Cleveland & north of Akron.

Seventies: Never had a good thing to say about Nissan, Honda or Datsuns.. lol But that was the prevailing attitude at that time

vkn: Never heard of Twinsburg. Good to learn Thanx seventies

alt: I can believe that Seventies, the auto workers in Detroit were fiercely loyal to GM, Chrysler & Ford.

Seventies: Funny how I remember that. He died when I was 16 years old. Needless to say that was a LONG time ago!

alt: Twinsburg has a BIG event every year vkn celebrating 'twins'.. a parade and all kinds of contests.

daviss: {SMH}@ seventies

Seventies: Also that too. being the mom of twins that's also on my radar. what daviss? :}

vkn: and I would say that Black people/men were the last to abandon the big three for the Japanese brands

alt: 16 y/o .. along time ago ... yeah Seventies LOL LOL LOL

Seventies: That was a long time ago. 1988!

vkn: would be good to learn more about the event alt

daviss: lol alt

Seventies: you know what... lol

alt: 1988... yeah I have shoes older than that LOL LOL

daviss: me too alt

vkn: speaking of old shoes lol I got some dates lol

Seventies: y'all quit! lol

alt: okay vkn , lay it on us

vkn: daviss do you still have penny loafers"

Seventies: 1965!

daviss: no penny loafers but saddle shoes blk and white

alt: oh my vkn.... along with white bucks and saddle's.

vkn: What was the name of the black and white shoe that we polished so carefully

daviss: I had a pair of white bucks when I was in the 6th grade.. loved them lol saddle oxfords vkn

vkn: okies

daviss: shoot I remember my buster browns

vkn: not a drop of black got on the white or vice versa

alt: and sneakers, or tennis shoes were Keds & Converse... none of this air Jordan & Addidas stuff LOL LOL

vkn: lol seventies po baby

daviss: lol but would it be blank if I say my higest heel was only about 2 inches high lol lol

vkn: and the cost no more than dollah ninety eight

alt: we're boring Seventies to death LOL LOL

vkn: lol

Seventies: I just can't relate... lol

vkn: awakening seventies to "the good ole days"

Seventies: ok there is a guy sitting here looking at me crazy for laughing at my computer screen out loud.. lol lol lol Alright, I just got off the phone with my co-worker and her father passed away last night...

alt: ask your Mom/Dad and older relatives Seventies .. now that would be something to write about ..... how the good old days change from generation to generation.

daviss: our condolences seventies

Seventies: So I gotta notify our commander about it. I'll speak to you all soon. Gotta go

daviss: bye

vkn: Oh dear share sympathies with her

Seventies: will do

alt: yes condolences to your co-worker Seventies doing a "name' search on Ancestry

vkn: Now that is fun

alt: yep that's where I saw their 'new' image view

vkn: I may call you to walk me through that alt

daviss: do you have peeps in NY vkn

vkn: All this new stuff overwhelms me

alt: okay vkn

vkn: Yes but non specific just BENHAM in general

daviss: I see

alt: vkn, I'm free ALL afternoon LOL LOL

vkn: Then people coming in from Carib daviss

alt: okay y'all laters

vkn: Laters yall

daviss: bye alt have a good one

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