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2012-06-06 Cummings searching


Start: 12:03:05
End: 13:18:08
Chatters: alt, AYWalton, daviss, Daviss, HistoryBuff, Selma, Seventies, vkn

Daviss: hello there alt!!

Seventies: Hi alt & Daviss. How are you today?

Daviss: hi seventies

alt: hi ladies, how ya doing today?

Daviss: I am fine seventies, how are you?

Seventies: LOL You know I said I was going to quit doing genealogy and what was I doing a few minutes ago?? Looking through the MS 1940 census! lol lol lol

Daviss: How's it going alt??

Seventies: I'm doing

Daviss: well seventies, you can teeter every now and then :?

alt: Ancestry just announced that NY State is up & searchable ... just looked up Adam C. Powell, Jr.

Seventies: really? wow Is daddy Powell in the census too?

Daviss: yeah alt, I heard that

alt: yep, in the same household

Seventies: When did Jr. marry Hazel Scott?

alt: so is his mother wife & son Preston dunno, but wife is lited as Isabel.

Daviss: I really don't need but one state and its no where near done

Seventies: ok

alt: sooner than you think Daviss, sooner than you think

Seventies: Well, I'm still waiting on Ohio and Illinois and Michigan.

Daviss: Oh I doubt that alt, the color on that map is white as snow

AYWalton: Good afternoon, all.

alt: hello AYWalton, how ya doing?

AYWalton: Howdy alt, Daviss, SoulChile

Daviss: hello AYWalton!!

Seventies: In the meantime, I've been verifying some family connections and records through this census.

AYWalton: fine and you?

Seventies: Hi Angela

AYWalton: SoulChile---you have really been busy working on documents.

alt: okay & thanks for asking

AYWalton: Been seeing your tweets and your links!

Seventies: Those are old docs. From last year and years past.

AYWalton: it so great that you are sharing them!

Seventies: Yes no point in holding onto some of those things. I know my folks in other states would be interested in my research and docs. I spent some time this morning looking up the Rounds' in Beat 1 Adams Co, MS

alt: with the States Ancestry has up & indexed how do y'all like the new "view" they are using on their images?

AYWalton: have you gotten any feedback from folks by sharing them?

Seventies: I like it.

alt: hello HistoryBuff

Daviss: so you shored up most of your family now seventies?

Seventies: AYWalton, not one word.

AYWalton: hey there HistoryBuff

HistoryBuff: Hey AYWalton, Alt, Daviss and Seventies

Daviss: hello HistoryBuff

Seventies: LOL Daviss, I come from a very large family.

Daviss: I guess seventies!!

Seventies: Large extended family. I'll be doing this for another decade at least! lol

AYWalton: really?

alt: I would think so Seventies

AYWalton: your data is so extensive! just put it out there, anyway.

Seventies: we're talking 10 children and more. After 1880

AYWalton: that is a large family. Kind of like my Bass line. the Arkansas clan of Bass's was quite large.

Seventies: AYWalton, they are everywhere. Especially with this Great Migration I'm extending my searching areas.

AYWalton: and extended into 3 main families. Bass, Martin and Dollarhide that is wonderful.

HistoryBuff: wow

Seventies: Hi HistoryBuff

HistoryBuff: Hey 70s.

AYWalton: have you put your info on various Facebook Afr. American groups? put it out there as much as you can.

Seventies: I'm also connected to some of our researchers, James Ivory.. who is Balanta AND we have family members who have married into the Ivory family of Adams Co.

AYWalton: are you connected with any locally based organizations such as the historical societies. My Bass clan is Balanta.

Seventies: Then I also have a lady from CA who is connected with my Barnes family member.

AYWalton: both gr. grandfather and gr. grandmother. both lines are Balanta.

Seventies: okay. This line is from MS right? The Bass family? Hi Selma

AYWalton: Originated in Tennessee and then into SW Arkansas.

alt: hello Selma

AYWalton: howdy Mizz Selma!

Seventies: ok

HistoryBuff: Hey Selma.

Daviss: How's it going HistoryBuff, are you researching at all?

Selma: Good Wednesday afternoon everyone..

Daviss: hello Selma?

AYWalton: you packed Selma?

alt: Selma, Have you been on Ancestry today? NY is up and indexed!!!!!!

Selma: No I am not.. Yes alt..Dru called me..I found my Mom and her parents

AYWalton: lol

alt: and searchable by ALL of the parameters

AYWalton: me neither- I will start packing probably Friday.

Seventies: That's great Selma

Daviss: thats wonderful Selma!

Selma: The census taker wrote their last name wrong..I had to do a first name search..

alt: easier than by ED, huh? ... much easier LOL LOL

HistoryBuff: Yes I'm researching Cummings of Columbia County Arkansas, Hughes of Smith County, Mississippi, Lintons of Lee County Arkansas ans Scotts of Ouachita County Arkansas.

AYWalton: that is great---

HistoryBuff: Add the Dowearys of Frederick County and Carroll County MD.

Daviss: Have you found any of your folks on the census yet History?

Seventies: I'm glad MS & LA are finally up on family search...

AYWalton: Arkansas is only 53% indexed.

Daviss: I meant to say HistoryBuff

AYWalton: Looks like it will be one of the last ones to show up.

HistoryBuff: No not yet.

AYWalton: what towns in Arkansas HistoryBuff?

alt: I'm just glad 1940 is is up.... I'm having big fun searching out friends, schoolmates ... HS & College with their families from all across the country.

Seventies: Wait, Ohio is indexed?

alt: no Seventies.... Ohio is not indexed

Seventies: ok whew! You're doing it the old fashioned way. :}

alt: well, not really... I have college classmates from DC & NY & Kansas so I'm looking for them and 'sharpening' my search skills for the 1940 census getting ready for Ohio.

HistoryBuff: Magnolia, Camden, Marianna, and Clay Township- AYWalton.

Seventies: Ah I see. Ok I have a bit of a family mystery. Been bugging me since my granddad's big 90th birthday party.

HistoryBuff: Nice 70s.

Seventies: So I thought I knew all of his siblings from Uncle Bud down to Uncle Joe... but there is one brother they do not talk about. At least I don't ever remembering anyone mentioning. An uncle Benjamin

Daviss: waiting seventies lol

Selma: Hey did the reunion go on memorial day

Seventies: It didn't. To make a long story short, my dad got sick and I opted to stay in NY.

Selma: Oh Ok...sorry

Daviss: what is Uncle Bud

HistoryBuff: Ah sirry to hear that, 70s.

Daviss: real name lol

Seventies: Thanks all. Trying to reschedule

Selma: Is this Uncle Benjamin the oldest or youngest

Seventies: Uncle Bud is my uncle Calvin Jr.

alt: Seventies, did Uncle Benjamin die at an early age?

Seventies: Benjamin was the middle child, named for my great-great grandfather who served in the USCT. No died in 1985 Just after his father passed. I saw his photo for the first time while putting together a presentation for my grand dad's party. I don't ever remember him on my visits to MS either

Selma: Did you ask any questions when you saw the picture?

Daviss: where did he live

Seventies: I didn't Selma. I wasn't even thinking about it. Here is his headstone from Mt. Sinai Church cemetery.

HistoryBuff: welcome back Daviss

Selma: Nice headstone

Seventies: thanks. He was too young to register for the WW II draft

alt: 1925 was too young?

Seventies: in 1940 he is listed as being 15. Drafting started in 41 or 42. sorry 42

alt: but it continued throught the War (1945) and later... those records may not be online.

Seventies: That's true.

daviss: is there anyone you can ask now those questions you seek seventies? Does he have children etc

Selma: Did he remain in the community with the rest of the family?

alt: heck , I even had to register for the draft in 1952 when I turned 18.

Seventies: As far as I know, none. But hadn't really looked into any of that yet. Right now he's just an unknown family member. alt did your draft card stay on file in your county?

Selma: Folks..I have to run..have a great day

Seventies: bye Selma

alt: yep, and I have a copy online at my TP website.

Seventies: okay. I will have to check it out when I get to MS this summer.

HistoryBuff: Very nice, Alt.

alt: ty HistoryBuff

HistoryBuff: yw Alt

daviss: Did you take a picture of the photo you saw seventies?

Seventies: No I will get the information when I go down this summer.

AYWalton: ooops

Seventies: yes I have plans for this summer.

daviss: Just thinking you may want to include it in your reunion information

AYWalton: knockec myself out!

alt: wb AYWalton

HistoryBuff: Welcome back AYWalton

AYWalton: thanks

Seventies: Wb AYWalton

daviss: ditto aywalton

AYWalton: daviss I spoke with Charles Brown today! thanks all.

daviss: thats good AYWalton, everything going as planned?

Seventies: alt have you done any research in Indiana? I will be looking there also for family members.

AYWalton: yes, he is quite busy

daviss: will he be in Samford?

AYWalton: No he is not going to Samford. he is working on some of his society events.

daviss: ok

alt: yep Seventies, Indiana is where my father was born (Greencastle, in Putnam Co.) but I've done a lot of Indiana research other than my immediate family

Seventies: okay. Are there any unique records that I should keep an eye out for while looking for my migrated family?

HistoryBuff: AYWalton, to answer your earlier question about Arkansas towns-Magnolia, Camden, Marianna, and Clay Township.

AYWalton: You may want to check out the USGenWeb site for Indiana to find out what is unique to that state, Soul SoulChile

Seventies: okay Angela

AYWalton: Camden---I was in that area---not far from it a few weeks ago, HistoryBuff.

alt: none that I can think of.... but if you're talking about prior to 1880 there are some special records for AA's to look for.

AYWalton: I visited the Jenkins Ferry battlefield

Seventies: No definitely after 1930-1940

HistoryBuff: I have never hearf of that battlefield. What was the occasion?

AYWalton: ahhh those are recent times---perhaps some black newspapers might be useful if there are some. Jenkins Ferry is a major battle site for Arkansas Civil War events. It was actually fought along an in the Saline River.

Seventies: I'm hoping that Proquest will bring up its AA newspapers again soon.

AYWalton: they are there---but the issue is access.

alt: okay Seventies, but a great site for Indiana research is the Indianapolis Recorder newspaper... it goes from like 1899 to 2005.

AYWalton: you might have access through a college library, for ProQuest

alt: the IR is online & free

Seventies: Yes I can access it here from my work computer.

HistoryBuff: Is Jenkins Ferry located in Ouachita County, Arkansas, AYWalton?

Seventies: That would be where the family relocated. Indianapolis

AYWalton: do you have access to the Afr. Am newspapers from there. for mid 20th century the black publications are always useful.

Seventies: I don't know. I do know I have full access to heritagequest

AYWalton: I think either Grant County, but would have to check HistoryBuff

alt: oh, then do a google for the Indianpolis Recorder .. great site... every issue from 1900-2005

AYWalton: Lots of USCTs were in that battle. some folks out of Camden are hoping to put up a monument to the USCTs who died there.

HistoryBuff: okay. I'll take a look also. Thanks for the information about the USCT.

Seventies: thank you alt. I'll google it. Hopefully I will be able to find family info in there.

AYWalton: sure thing.

alt: and use the 'advanced search' once you find it Seventies

Seventies: okay

HistoryBuff: You said in another chat that you have a conversation with Hari Jones, Curator-AACWM.

AYWalton: I had a long chat with him when I was there a few weeks ago, HistoryBuff I wrote him an email, but not sure if he got it. thanking him for his time and hoping to reconnect on some Oklahoma data. I am sure he is extremely busy.

HistoryBuff: Wonderful.

Seventies: I heard Mr. Jones got an agent after he did WDYTYA.

AYWalton: I can imagine.

HistoryBuff: That's probably a good idea. Did he say why?

AYWalton: interesting. He will probably be in demand, big time.

HistoryBuff: Indeed he will and is.

Seventies: Don't know. This is what I was told.

AYWalton: well that makes sense. He knows a lot for sure.

Seventies: I agree.

AYWalton: Tell him hello, HistoryBuff. when you see him. he probably won't remember me, though.

HistoryBuff: I sure will. Got get the history together. He'll remember you. don't worry.

AYWalton: Well I had better run, folks. Have a great day everyone. take care.

HistoryBuff: U2 AY

alt: I hope the USCT commenoritve efforts take off in a big way for the 2013-2015 segments of the CW150 programs across the country.

Seventies: They will be doing something here at West Point.. spoke to one of the historians about it. Nothing big though.

HistoryBuff: Me also. One of my husband's cousin told us of the Gettysburg burial location for their Aunt and Uncle. Hubby and I are going to schedule a trip to Gettysburg this year I hope.

Seventies: okay

alt: wonderful HistoryBuff

HistoryBuff: What was one the events, mentioned, Seventies?

Seventies: No at that point it was still in the planning phases.

HistoryBuff: Okay. Thanks Alt. He said the locations were behind an area Pres. Lincoln delivered the Gettysburg Address.

Seventies: off topic, sort of. I have been wanting to write up a piece on my Aunt Winnie who was a victim of Domestic Violence.

HistoryBuff: What's holding you back?

alt: go for it Seventies

Seventies: I don't have all the official details, but I do know that her husband shot her to death. He was like 12 years her senior. They are married on the 1940 census.

HistoryBuff: That's so tragic.

Seventies: This event happened in 1953

HistoryBuff: What is your emphasis for the article?

Seventies: She was just 29 and he was just, crazy. I kind of wanted to just tell her story. She was a very loved sister in the family.

vkn: howdy Yall

daviss: did he spend time in the jail

HistoryBuff: Hey vkn .

Seventies: Not that I'm aware of...

daviss: heyyy vkn

vkn: Its VKN History

Seventies: Heeeyyyy vkn vkn

HistoryBuff: I take it you want to highlight the reasons she was loved? Hey vkn .

vkn: Seventies and Daviss are on to my tricks lol

Seventies: yep.. lol

daviss: lol vvvvv

HistoryBuff: Good for them. Now hopefully I'll catch up. Are you related to HudsonGA?

daviss: Where did this happen seventies

Seventies: I want to get some details, but my one aunt is so sick with Alzheimers that I may never get the full story

vkn: Glad to see all here

HistoryBuff: me too.

Seventies: I do have another aunt, Bertha, who perhaps can help me out.

HistoryBuff: I seemed to missed everyone last night.

daviss: last night?

Seventies: lol last night I was sipping and laughing with my folks! Didn't make it home til about 10:30

HistoryBuff: Yes Seventies, ask everyone you can think of who knew her.

Seventies: :}

vkn: Seventies start a conversation with an alz patient early in the morn

Seventies: okay

daviss: I was incognito all day yesterday and last night

HistoryBuff: I was at home organizing my NB hard drive.

vkn: Try to not ask a question let them chime in when they hear something familiar

Seventies: My rule is this, daviss about your personal stuff, DADT... lol

daviss: lol

HistoryBuff: Ooops, gotta run. Laters good folks. :)

daviss: good ideas vkn

vkn: Try and learn seventies the time of day that their "sundowners" begin

Seventies: okay. didn't know that. Thanks!

HistoryBuff: Good info.

vkn: Bye Hist

Seventies: Bye historybuff

HistoryBuff: Bye all

daviss: later

vkn: Seventies I took care of a sister for five years

Seventies: So let me tell you all something interesting. RE: Alzheimers I have two aunts, sisters who had Alzheimers. Their first cousin Olive also has Alzheimers.

vkn: So I know most of it from personal experience plus professional experience

Seventies: okay

vkn: Alz is also a family generational thing

Seventies: Then I believe from what I've been told possibly their aunt had Alzheimers.

daviss: yes

vkn: It does run in families

daviss: runs in families oops

vkn: My youngest sister has indicators

Seventies: That's a lot of people. So its another to check item on my health testing list.

daviss: good idea when you get death certifictes

vkn: There is almost no test to determine until after death

Seventies: YEs so far, I have strokes (more than 2 deaths), Thyroid disorders and now Alzheimers.

daviss: oh vkn they have gotten better at that

vkn: Such tests are prolly too invasive for most families

Seventies: See vkn. My co-worker's father was diagnosed with Dementia and Alzheimers.

daviss: Barrows here is making big strides

vkn: Dementia, yes alz is guessing

Seventies: okay

vkn: Yes daviss there are excellent trials

Seventies: Well I think it may be coming close to the end for him. Sadly.

vkn: Relief for the caregivers

daviss: The Barrows Institute here Premier along with the Muhamed Ali Parkinsons in the same place

vkn: yes

daviss: know that well vkn oops vkn

vkn: Talk later

daviss: ok bye seventies

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