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2012-05-30 Montford Point Marine Ignored


Start: 12:10:04
End: 13:28:01
Chatters: alt, AYWalton, Daviss, HistoryBuff, ProfDru, Seventies, vkn

Seventies: Hi Daviss. How are you?

Daviss: hi back seventies I am ok, what about you?

Seventies: Pretty good. Its so humid out here this week. Last night I took off my night gown while asleep it was so hot and humid.. lol

Daviss: same here seventies, its just after 9 and already its 80 with about 17 percent humidity

Seventies: So I guess we will be having a very humid summer. We had a pretty mild winter.

Daviss: then the rest of the week will rise and rise..I think we are in for it now lol

Seventies: I saw your post on facebook.. wow that is terrible. You just can't catch a research break! lol

Daviss: I know, its the pits oh well

Seventies: Don't feel bad, if I were to get up off my duff I'd be able to find something as well. oops phone

Daviss: ok go ahead

Seventies: Ok my work phone has been ringing off the hook today Daviss. I mean and then the woman interrupted my lunch break.

Daviss: oh really, gettng ready for summer programs

Seventies: Yes and the students who will be coming in July So its going to be busy. I can't wait until the summer. I'm taking about 3 wks off.

Daviss: Taylor and mother went yesterday and shopped up on bottled water that was on sale

Seventies: That's good.

Daviss: 8 cases they hauled in yesterday

Seventies: You know do they have a water filter on the sink? That would save her a ton of money! lol 8 cases is a lot of water.

Daviss: Not sure how her dorm is set up for next year yet but they did not have a kitchen this past year so the lil fridge and the bottled water will do lol here in the summer you have to stay hydrated hello alt!!

alt: hello ladies, how ya doing today?

Seventies: Hello alt!

Daviss: hows your day?

alt: okay, thanks

Seventies: Good to hear. What you know good alt? :}

Daviss: thats good..mine is ok also

Seventies: brb gotta wash my hands.

Daviss: I went to the library last night to help with a genealogy workshop

alt: how di they workshop go?

Daviss: no one showed up {sigh}

alt: aw, that's a bummer!!!

Daviss: I suspect or rather I am saying everyone was winding down from the holiday

Seventies: oh no...

alt: now that could be.... maybe the holiday threw them off... I kept thinking Monday was Sunday.. and here it is Weds. already.

Daviss: It was supposed to be two rooms, one for beginners and one for brickwalls

Seventies: I know.. this is a very short week. And our boss is letting us go home early today because its too darn humid and hot. I cannot wait myself.

AYWalton: Good afternoon, all.

Seventies: Hi AYWalton.

alt: that's a good idea Daviss

Daviss: he would not work well here seventies lol you guys would never be at work

AYWalton: Howdy alt, Daviss, SoulChile

Seventies: lol

AYWalton: hope you are all well.

Daviss: good idea if they had come alt

Seventies: Doing good. How are you?

alt: hello AYWalton, good afternoon, doing well, hope you are too.

Daviss: Hi AYWalton!!

AYWalton: hanging in there with a mild cases of bronchitis.

Seventies: Anything going on with you this upcoming month Angela?

AYWalton: coughing a lot, but slowly feeling better.

Seventies: Hello vkn!

alt: that's not good AYWalton

AYWalton: Traveling a bit, SoulChile.

Daviss: hi vkn!

AYWalton: Greetings, vkn!!! Speaking in Philadelphia this Saturday.

alt: hello vkn

AYWalton: Then a week home then off to Samford Institute.

Seventies: Have a safe trip.

AYWalton: Teaching 3 classes there. thanks, SoulChile.

vkn: Heyyy and howdy alt AYWalton Daviss enties

Daviss: Did that bother you when you were away AYWalton, or did it wait until you hit Baltimore

Seventies: Good. All about Native-American Africana research?

vkn: Seventies

Seventies: ma'am? :}

AYWalton: not all.

Seventies: okay.

AYWalton: in Philadelphia yes.

vkn: All y'all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AYWalton: One of the three classes at Samford will include finding Native ancestors in African American families---using 19th and 20th century records.

Seventies: I see Tim Pinnick is working on CCC camp newspapers... that should be interesting. I already hit him up about WPA records... :}

AYWalton: that's good, I hope he was able to help.

vkn: Is computer working ok AYW ???

Daviss: I am looking for the newspapers that may have come from around texas

AYWalton: finally, vkn. I was offline all day yesterday. Finally back online again.

vkn: Thanx goodnesss

AYWalton: oh yes! whew!

alt: weather related, or just Internet problems AYWalton?

AYWalton: I think there was a problem picking up the signal from the router.

Daviss: its frustrating for sure AYWalton

AYWalton: there had been a power glitch the day before.

ProfDru: hello gang

AYWalton: ProfDru is in the house! howdy ProfDru!

vkn: Howdy ProfDru

alt: ah so, that's a nuisance, or can be LOL Hello ProfDru

Daviss: Hello ProDru!!

ProfDru: I had a great weekend; think I found the plantation where the Fields family were enslaved in Hanover County, VA.

vkn: How is the new project coming ProfDru ???

ProfDru: which one? vkn lol

Daviss: kudos for you ProfDru

vkn: OOps lol

AYWalton: hey there HistoryBuff!

ProfDru: also went on a Civil War tour on Sunday in Hanover.

HistoryBuff: Hey Everyone.

Seventies: Hi ProfDru and HistoryBuff!

Daviss: hi there HistoryBuff!

vkn: Let us count the ways ProfDru lol

ProfDru: hello HistoryBuff

alt: well hello HistoruBuff, how are ya? and how have ya been doing?

Daviss: been missing ya HistoryBuff

vkn: Howdy HistoryBuff we been missing you. Glad to see ya

ProfDru: Will be leaving for DC on Friday to go to archives and Library of Congress.

vkn: Sounds great Dru

Seventies: What are you researching ProfDru?

HistoryBuff: I've been doing the best I can with what ever I could get. Thank you all. I'm stilling struggling. How is everyone else?

ProfDru: Fields family of Hanover County, VA

Daviss: nice jaunt ProfDru, how long will you be there?

Seventies: Doing good. Glad that summer is here so things can slow down a bit.

ProfDru: I'll be in DC from Friday to Sunday.

HistoryBuff: My sentiments exactly, 70s. Wish you a good trip, ProfDru.

ProfDru: My sister is running the Breast cancer race and has excellent hotel rates; so I'm tagging along.

AYWalton: Glad you are hanging in there HistoryBuff. Are you still at the Civil War Museum?

Daviss: good for her, and for you ProfDru

alt: congrats & kudos to your sister ProfDru .. Give her my best wishes.

ProfDru: thanks alt

HistoryBuff: That's wonderful, ProfDru.

vkn: HistoryBuff do not struggle alone. We are here to support each other

ProfDru: We'll be within walking from Capitol Hill.

alt: tell the Pres. hello LOL

vkn: Hugs to your sister Dru

ProfDru: lol alt, I will. lol

Daviss: will you have sat access to the archives ProfDru

HistoryBuff: I understand. AYWalton, I am training again because I haven't felt confident enough to write and provide tours. My goal is to get them done so I can give tours to my own family reunion groups next year.

ProfDru: yes vicky, but the bulk of my research will be at the Library of Congress.

AYWalton: I visited the musuem last month. Had a great chat with Hari Jones while I was there.

ProfDru: maybe I'll also get over to the Civil War Museum

alt: I'm in an 'argument" with our local newspaper... The Grand Marshall of the Memorial Day parade here was an AA ... A Montford Point marine... had photos in the paper yesterday of everyone but him....

HistoryBuff: Thanks again, Vkn. I'll get back with you. Been trying to up to upgrade my laptop Windows OS

Daviss: don't blame you alt, what was their response?

vkn: Yeah for the upgradesville HistoryBuff

alt: the usual blah-blah-blah Daviss the newspaper mentioned him in their article on the parade, but no photo..

vkn: Go get em alt

alt: folks here need to see a legitmate AA hero with all of the negative news about AA's. I will vkn, bet on it!!!!

ProfDru: right alt

AYWalton: I am sure that you expressed this to them, poignantly, alt!

alt: I tried AYWalton

Daviss: oops

AYWalton: the struggle never ends, that's for sure!

Daviss: did they offer to do an article on him in the future alt

AYWalton: that is the subtle kind of racism we have to fight all the time. it never ends.

vkn: and that is a good thing AYW

alt: if you see jtlogan while in Philly give him our hello's ..... havent heard anything from John in quite awhile.

vkn: alt you may need to write the article

alt: that's for AYWalton on her Philly trip

Seventies: alt that was the image that you posted on your facebook page. That older gentlman was a Montford Marine. Wow!

AYWalton: I shall do that, alt.

alt: yep, that was him Seventies

vkn: whew still traveling ayw. Time to rest for a minnit lol

alt: and he was on Iwo Jima when the 'flag photo' was taken.

Seventies: wow... well you should definitely do a letter to the editor about that.

AYWalton: I know vkn--and traveling can wear you down. Came down with a sinus infection/bronchitis/coughing kind of thing. Exhausted from coughing all night. But that is the way it is when the weather is humid and pollen is high.

Seventies: I wish I could've focused more on chat... seems like lately my lunches aren't really my lunches.. lol

vkn: Yes ayw the downside of joy but the joy overcomes all

Seventies: Ok you all I have to go. Have a good day.

ProfDru: gotta run

Daviss: with Sylvester Herrerra alt!!

alt: AYWalton, do you know if OREBANWO is a common surname in Nigeria?

HistoryBuff: Sorry I got kicked off of the network.

vkn: Ouchies HistoryBuff are you on the mobile device?

AYWalton: not familiar with the name. I can ask hubby.

HistoryBuff: I'm on my personal laptop at work.

alt: no, I don't think so Daviss, he was in a segregated unit and served as a radio operator. okay AYWalton, thanks

HistoryBuff: AYW sounds like you are a fellow sufferer.

AYWalton: He said it is a Yoruba surname.

alt: ah so, thanks AYWalton

AYWalton: your welcome alt.

Daviss: oh ok alt...Sylvester Jr was in a couple of my HS classes

AYWalton: going to run, folks. Have a great day everyone.

HistoryBuff: You 2!

Daviss: later AYWalton lol

vkn: Down to a precious few rd is precious lol

Daviss: Yoly one of the ladies on my FB page father if a Monfort MontFord

alt: the person asking about Hezekiah Russell is getting some good leads vkn

vkn: Excellent leads alt

alt: okay Daviss, do you know if he is going to Wwash DC for the big celebration for the Montfort Point marines Daviss?

Daviss: I know he went to the last reunion they had.He is 88 or 89 yrs old now..I will ask her when I get on fb

alt: okay Daviss, I know there are only about 200 surviving Montford Point marines...

Daviss: His name is George Mitchell

alt: okay Daviss , thanks!!!!

Daviss: Yoly used to be a reg poster here

alt: oh really????

vkn: Daviss are you aware that Dennie is a TYLER researcher She told us that in Tuesnight chat

Daviss: no vkn not aware of that, I research Taylor..grandson is named Tyler

vkn: Selma got easySkier off on the right foot alt Oh dear Taylor Tyler

HistoryBuff: :)

Daviss: lol grandaughter is named taylor

alt: yes she did vkn.... I like the fact that she pointed out that if Hezekiah Russel was a FPOC that the paper trail for his descendant's would be the same as for anyone Black or White who was 'free' during that time frame.

vkn: Now I adequately tongue twisted daviss

Daviss: lol lol

HistoryBuff: :}

alt: so there should be plenty of possible resources for records

Daviss: I missed chat vkn.. I was at the library for a workshop that was a bust

vkn: Interesting that Easy was not aware of Paul's work

HistoryBuff: Ah sorry to hear that Daviss.

Daviss: oh well, milk is spilt

alt: but your heart was in the right place Daviss ... kudos for that!! yes it was vkn

HistoryBuff: I concur with Alt. :}

vkn: A bust as in rotten daviss

Daviss: yep vkn no one showed up

vkn: oops

Daviss: was Easy an avid researcher or did she acquire all of her info from someone else

HistoryBuff: :?

Daviss: thanks alt and HB

vkn: Seems avid

alt: yes, she mentioned using the FHC regularly

vkn: Her free roots go to 1807 History and Daviss check out the log

Daviss: really nice history for her vkn

HistoryBuff: Which one, Vkn?

vkn: the one from last night

HistoryBuff: Okies.

vkn: to get log on line asap

Daviss: did you send her also to free

vkn: No Selma sent her to Lisa

Daviss: In fact I have not seen Free in awhile

alt: me thinks she was testing the

HistoryBuff: Thanks Vkn I got it.

vkn: okies

Daviss: Lisa? Canada Lisa?

HistoryBuff: okay.

alt: the expertise of the chatters.... should have known about the possibilties of vital & property records for FPOC in the MD/DC area if she was really 'into her research'.

vkn: Yes Lisa extended the research

alt: course that's just my opinion LOL LOL

Daviss: your opinion counts alt lol

vkn: It is difficult to be on the same page with the user who does not share all

alt: ty LOL at's very true vkn

HistoryBuff: Indeed Vkn.

Daviss: I would agree with that vkn.. I get very frustrated sometimes

vkn: It was her first time in chat

Daviss: like pulling teeth

alt: on the pulling teeth note I'll have to run.. LOL talk to y'all later

Daviss: lol alt later that was funny

vkn: Well the good thing was the response from the mailing list people

HistoryBuff: I'll be sure to read the entire session thoroughly.

vkn: good history buff

Daviss: Is she/he on the mail list

vkn: lets talk later y'all

Daviss: just new to chat vkn

HistoryBuff: Laters Vkn Next time Daviss.

Daviss: ok vkn later

vkn: I think just new to chat

Daviss: bye HB

HistoryBuff: bye

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