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Start: 12:06:52
End: 13:17:41
Chatters: alt, AYWalton, Khathu, Selma, vicky

alt: Hello vicky.. how is it today?

vicky: alt can you go into the conference call

alt: I think so.. is that what's happening?

vicky: yes do you have the number

alt: okay.. don't want to break in while y'all are into a discussion

vicky: go on in lol

alt: nothing to add I'll check back into chat later

vicky: you can stay here if you want then lol

alt: otay.. thanks

vicky: they were looking for you tried calling you

Selma: Hi folks I made it.....finally

vicky: k lol

alt: Hi Selma teleconference over vicky?

vicky: no

alt: multi-tasking, huh?

vicky: lol

alt: Selma, I got the pics,, very nice.. I'll get to Dayton later this week for the photos at the cemetery

Selma: Ok thanks alt.........I wasn't sure I was doing it right

alt: you did good lol I was on the Dayton National Cemetery site earlier this AM... it is a 'huge' place. Bennie McRae @ the Joshua Dunbar ceremony at the DNC

Selma: I am still here...

vicky: me too

alt: me too I'm having a 'field day' on the familysearch site with all of the latest uploads of Ohio records.

vicky: good for you alt

alt: paritculalry the marriage records from like the 1860's to the early 1900's. Finding many maiden names, parents & 2nd marriages I wasn't aware of Selma, finding all kinds of birth locations in VA I had never heard of before

Khathu: Hello alt, Selma and vicky

alt: Hello Khathu

vicky: hi khathu

Selma: Hi Khathu

vicky: hows mom

alt: previously I had just VA as a birth location, now I'm finding the actual location in VA.

vicky: Awesome khathu, hows mom

Khathu: A little better

vicky: thats good

alt: Our prayers are going out to you and the family Khathu

Khathu: Thank you

Selma: Sorry doing 2 things at once...glad you Mom is doing better Khathu

alt: How far are you from the Georgetown area Khathu?

Khathu: About 20 minutes

alt: Okay thanks,... might need your help in getting some photos of an A.M.E. church still active in the G'Town are, it was founded like in 1816. and the white folks have been trying to buy the land it sits on.

AYWalton: Good afternoon, all!

alt: hello AYWalton

AYWalton: popping in for a couple of minutes.

Khathu: I'm about 3 miles away from Georgetown

AYWalton: Howdy alt, kthahu, Selma and Vicky! I have to get on a panel in a moment.

Khathu: Hello AYWalton

AYWalton: Hello khathu! Hope you are well.

alt: Can't think of the name of the church at the momnet

Khathu: I'm back in DC

AYWalton: Uh oh----gotta run!

alt: Sounds as if AYWalton is enjoying herself at Samford

vicky: Class may have started

alt: What's up? everyone Multi-tasking?

Selma: Yes... Did you see the blue hat in the picture alt..he was part of an Ohio group

alt: I spoke with Irita this AM, she is doing fine

vicky: That.s wonderful

alt: I'll take a closer look Selma

Selma: I have been thinking about Irita..glad to hear she is doing well. It had the number 325

alt: Okay

Khathu: Have a good day everyone

alt: Irita was in Ohio over the Memorial Day weekend.. attended a reunion and a genealogy get-together

vicky: How are her parents?

alt: She said Mom is doing well, her father is 'fading' a little. becoming more and more inactive

vicky: Yes i can understand he has been ill for quite awhile

alt: Yes he has Selma, are you ready for Facebook? Twitter? Blogs? All of this 'new' stuff?

Selma: Heck no

vicky: lol @selma

alt: I do a little Facebook,,, no twittering or blogging... yet LOL

vicky: I am doing a little of all three

Selma: I am on Twitter...I follow Luckie and AY..

alt: Okay

vicky: Heyyyy what about me

Selma: and vicky... and Megan...

alt: I see Megan on Facebook

Selma: I read about 5 blogs.....exactly how many blogs does AY have, I swear she must have at least 5

alt: Vicky, does everythin you post on Facebook go on the page of all of your friends?

vicky: yes I think so alt can you see what I post you are my friend

Selma: I guess I need to subscribe to AfriGeneas on Facebook, but that is the only one I want to...... Its tooooooooooo much

alt: Okay… do you see the stuff I've put out there to William and a couple of family folks?

vicky: Let me look lol

alt: Yep vicky... I sees ya LOL

vicky: lol

Selma: I gotta run to be somewhere by 2 and I have to find my sneakers...LOL

alt: High heeled sneakers LOL

Selma: Not with this Hip

alt: Okay

vicky: I don't see anything that you have posted on the home page mabe i only see stuff if we both are friends with william

alt: okay vicky.. I guess responses just go to the 'wall' of the person you're responding to, huh?

vicky: I can go to your page and see some tidbits right

alt: ah so, okay I'm learning... slowly, but I'm learning

vicky: I found a guy that I went to school with the other day. I had a crush on him I heard that he had one on me but we never said anything

alt: really.. did you make contact?

vicky: He is now a Bishop in Cali

alt: ah so

vicky: over a college and everything

alt: really, a success story

vicky: mabe if we had of gotten our crush together I would have been a preachers wife lol lol no cussing and drinking beer lol

alt: who knows oh, oh,

vicky: lol

alt: a social beer and a few 'light' words are allowed

vicky: :o

alt: had lunch .. now I'm ready for a nap.. LOL

vicky: no casinos

alt: yeah, we have an "internet cafe" a couple of blocks from here.... it is computer/video slot type of thing was there yesterday and lost bout $40.00

vicky: Oh you can get money from it all the casinos are within 2-3 miles from me. one S E one SW and two North

alt: money is credited to a card and you play the slot on that money.. when finished take card to cashier and get what you've won.... or nothing if you've lost... I usually lose LOL I still have to go to out of State for a real Casino

vicky: actually now there are 2 SE now all on Indian land

alt: don't know if I could handle that LOL

vicky: its tough alt lol

alt: I bet shouldn't have phrased it that way LOL

vicky: I knew what you meant

alt: well partner I'm outa here ... laters

vicky: I will let you go take your nap.. have a nice day bye

18 Dec 2002 :: 1 Feb 2009
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