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2012-05-26 An Expert on Texas. Who


Start: 21:35:02
End: 21:50:01
Chatters: bbenn, Daviss

bbenn: Hello Daviss

Daviss: hi there! how are you bbenn!

bbenn: Road trip is over:} It is going to take about 3 days for me to get back into things..

Daviss: talking to Angela now lol she said heyyy

bbenn: Tell her hello for me!

Daviss: she said she will ber home tomorrow Are you home now?

bbenn: I bet that she had an exciting day today..

Daviss: yes she did bbenn

bbenn: Yes, I am home sweet home:}

Daviss: I enjoyed your chats on the road lol lots of good info on the one re TN

bbenn: Thanks, I will do it again in September... My guest said that she has even more information to share. I will schedule a part 2 in the Fall. I am already booked with guest until September.

Daviss: And love the way you and she talked about the Afrigeneas records

bbenn: That was nice and unplanned....

Daviss: wow booked all up..Thats great bbenn.. Anything Texas on the horizon?

bbenn: Not yet, any recommendations?

Daviss: I wish bbenn I know of noone

bbenn: I have spent time in the Dallas Library and reach out to them for a recommendation.

Daviss: oh mabe Lynda Mathews!! but then again she is a La researcher

bbenn: I will find someone. I want to have my entire Fall schedule completed by the end of the summer.

Daviss: Have you put everything up on the Calendar

bbenn: I have the June schedule on the Calendar and will post July's schedule in a couple of weeks.

Daviss: ok I have to figure out a way to get out of one county

bbenn: Nice chatting! I am turning in for the night.

Daviss: no clues in the census 10 pages up and back in 1870

bbenn: I am looking at four counties and it is a challenge. The boundaries have changed and the records could be anywhere. Has the boundary changed?

Daviss: I have the book No Land Only Slaves so I am going through and highlighting all the counties and states the slaves and owners came from Then I guess I will see if they survived to 1870

bbenn: Wow! That's a major undertaking.

Daviss: I know but i have no other chose right now choice

bbenn: I understand.. Good luck! heading to bed.

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