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2012-05-27 SunMornBrnch


Start: 11:06:36
End: 13:17:49
Chatters: alt, Daviss, jhonora, Selma, Seventies, vkn

vkn: Good Mprning JHonra JHONORA and how are you this morning I am in and out so not to mind me I will return shortly

jhonora: Good Morning vkn! Sorry, I was away for a moment

Seventies: Hello jhonora and vkn

vkn: Howdy Seventies

Seventies: What is good with everyone?

vkn: I think JHonora is sleeping and how is seventies

Seventies: I'm doing good. Hello alt How are you vkn, alt?

vkn: Howdy alt and how thee be

alt: morning, jhonora, Seventies & vkn... Happy Memorial Day weekend to y'all

vkn: and same backatcha

alt: I be's fine vkn... how be's thee?

vkn: Me be coping by da hardest lol

Seventies: vkn, do you know anything about Toombs county, GA? Is that considered Gullah? I am finding people all over the place! lol

vkn: Not sure about Toombs will need to look at map to see if its low country

alt: great Seventies!!!!

Seventies: Its like south GA... This is for my sons line.

vkn: If its souteast then its prolly Gullah what is county sest seat

Seventies: Lyons, GA

vkn: oops again GA has 252 counties

Seventies: lol

alt: WOW!!!! I didn't realize Ga had that many counties.

Seventies: Me either.. I wonder if TX has that many counties.

vkn: My brain image mechanisim is malfunctioning so me not seeing Lyons or Toombs

alt: not sure, but I know TX is in the 200+ number for counties

Seventies: Here's the county map vkn... And TX is much larger than GA

vkn: MUCH but prolly not as politico lol

Seventies: vkn, if you look down towards the coast. lol

vkn: ok

alt: exactly vkn, KY has almost 200 counties, but each is relatively small in land mass.

Seventies: Ah I see that GA has a Lanier county. What a surprise! lol

vkn: looking coastal and eastward

Seventies: If you see Liberty Co, go upwards Its right next to Tattnall Co. See it?

vkn: yje map is so pretty e the

Seventies: yes it is... lol Toombs is orange I love their maps...

vkn: ahhhhh I see

Seventies: Ok, county seat is Lyons. That would be too far away to be considered low country/Gullah right?

vkn: Right in my opinion

Seventies: ok thanks! :)

alt: Seventies, I think lots of GA folks, all over the State may have migrated from Gullah country in SC... My ex father-in-law's family from Hancock Co. GA had SC origins from around Spartansburg, SC.

Seventies: ok... Hancock County is where my 5th great grandmother came from during slavery to Alabama

alt: and Bennie McRae's folks from around Selma, AL came threre from SC.

jhonora: One of my lines has ties to Greene Co, GA

alt: is that right Seventies, my ex father-in-law was from Sparta,Hancock co., GA.

Seventies: I notice that as well alt. My Mixons came to Autauga from SC

vkn: Where to in Alabama seventies? and I would agree with your migration theory alt

Seventies: Lots of migration from SC/NC to Alabam vkn, black belt region Dallas, Autauga, Wilcox, Perry etc

vkn: Yes seventies following the Federal highway

Seventies: Yep alt... brought to AL by Baxter Smith All of that black fertile land and timber is probably what attracted them to the area.

alt: is that right jhonora... Greene Co., GA.... anywhere near Oconee (sp) in Greene Co., GA?

Seventies: hey jhonora

jhonora: I'm noot sue

Seventies: Now see, I didn't know that Bennie had roots in Dallas Co.

jhonora: not sure, we have land records, but I never checked the geography

vkn: Seventies I thought you were also looking in Floyd/Rome GA

Seventies: I thought he was born further up north like near B'ham No, we had a reunion there last year in Rome, GA

jhonora: The family names connected are Turner and Love, eventually moved to Black Belt of Ala., Choctaw/Marengo counties

alt: Seventies, the TV clip on Len Cannon in Houston, you say he used to be in NYC.... His mother, Carolyn Wheat is from in Troy, Ohio. I know her & her family very well.

vkn: ahhhhhh I jumped to the wrong conclusion lol

Seventies: I saw that alt.. couldn't get the doggone video to ever play. But I knew you'd be on that.. :}

alt: His brother (Bennie) and family are still in Alabama Seventies

Seventies: Yes he used to news anchor in NYC... I had no idea of his ohio roots. Wow! See I have to say alt you know everything.. lol

vkn: lol

alt: after VA, all roads lead to/from Ohio LOL LOL

Seventies: lol lol

vkn: lol lol

Seventies: Selma is a sleepy slow like city.

alt: even vkn spent her time in Ohio LOL LOL

Seventies: lol

vkn: sure did

alt: vkn spent some time hanging out at the 502 club, or five-oh-duece, listening to Nancy Wilson

vkn: and my Alabama peeps migrated to Cleveland lol you can write the story alt lol

Seventies: My Alabama peeps moved to Detroit One to Ohio... Many also to NY

alt: I'm putting yo' bitness in da street vkn LOL LOL LOL

Seventies: lol you all are a mess... lol

vkn: lol lol lol you goys permission gots

alt: okay

Seventies: Irita needs to come back on here. I would love to talk to her about the Daltons and Sheltons.

alt: Anita's grnadmother is one of the Dalton's form SE Ohio

Seventies: I found the Daltons living right around the corner from my grandmother and grandfather in the 1940 census. And you know the HOH great grands were born in Detroit Turns out that one of those great grands is the parent of my cousin Philip the HOH was a Mixon.. lol but this is on my Smith line.. lol Lots of intermarrying between families in the County of Dallas, AL lol

vkn: All over Seventies First cousins getting married

alt: Seventies, the Dalton's are one of those families in the news lately on the DNA discussions along with the Goins/Goings folks.

Seventies: I'm not sure of the origins of the Dalton's alt...all I know is how they connect into the Smith superfamily.. That's what we should start calling these large families, like yours alt, Superfamiles... :} Hey and mine too... lol

vkn: better use small s seventies

Seventies: oops lol

alt: Anita's Dalton's have been researched back to VA in the 1780', then to WV and finally into Ohio in the early 1800's.

vkn: Super and Suber are surnames

Seventies: wow. I guess any word can be a surname.. lol

vkn: prollyso

Seventies: alt, did they ever migrate to Michigan with the surname Dalton? Or was their last stop Ohio?

alt: her immediate Dalton family stopped in Ohio as far as I know Seventies

Seventies: ok I found Frank Mixon in Detroit in 1930 this morning just general searching. I was surprised.

alt: but many from that area in SE Ohio went to Michigan, like Irita's folks.

Seventies: Frank is a son of Alec and Elen Mixon, uncle of my great grandmother Ellen Lanier OK

vkn: So who is Mixon to you seventies

Seventies: My father's paternal grandmother was Ellen Mixon-Lanier. Frank would've been my gg granduncle

vkn: I knew Mixon s in Daytona Beach FL about 1948

alt: once you start follwoing the siblings of your ancestor's and their marriages and offspring you'll be all over the place Seventies .. My case is somewhat proof of that LOL lOL

vkn: lol

Seventies: Yes indeed.. as with my Washington family.. woo they couldn't stay put! lol

alt: and I think Irita is up to something like 27,000 folks in her database.

Seventies: I'm only right now looking at great grandparents....

vkn: YES Alt your family connects with my Rufus BELL line

Seventies: vkn, I figured that there would be some Mixons in FL. I do know that there are some Callen/Callins is FL that may be related to me.

alt: no doubt Seventies

Seventies: vkn, did you see the response to the Bell family query from 2001?

vkn: also KILLINS seventies in FL

alt: Is that right vkn .... you and I be's related.. at least thru marraiges of cousins to cousins

vkn: yuppers

Seventies: Hadn't looked at that spelling. vkn within one family, direct descendants of George and Lucy, Callen is spelled Callins/Callen and Callines. I am struggling with untangling that alone.

vkn: alt who was the Killins researcher who was with is for so long Camille? she is now deceased

alt: a stretch Seventies, but with that surname you might even have some COLLINS throwni in there LOL

Seventies: I think that the 's' came into play when they started referring to themselves a group.

alt: I think so vkn ..Camille

vkn: Her slave owning peeps were founders of Univ of GA

Seventies: screen froze. alt, lol I don't need another surname spelling.. lol

alt: I remember Camille, she was a regular contributor to AfriGeneas and a GOOD one!!!!!

Seventies: I remember that you mentioned her a few years ago vkn

vkn: Well it is prolly another stretch but could also include KEELINGS

Seventies: Hi Daviss. You're up! :}

vkn: She was excellent alt

alt: hello Daviss, glad you could join us LOL LOL

Daviss: hello there alt, seventies and vkn!!

Seventies: Is Camille deceased?

vkn: Yes she is seventies

alt: I/we think so

Seventies: ah okay

vkn: Howdy doody Daviss

Daviss: lol yes I am up and boy do I feel like going back to sleep

Seventies: Coffee time.. lol I had two A.Sours last night... and I think I made them wrong. We were talking about GA and AL family this morning Daviss. And your favorite county Autauga, Al

alt: our AAGGMV meeting had a very good presentation on the value and types of information found in Obits & Death Notices ... not only clues to the ancestors, but how to possibly find living relatives.

Daviss: oh really seventies, you mean ataunga :?

Seventies: alt, the information about recent deaths? Or just in general. Only if you live in Melanasia Daviss.. lol

alt: obits in general Seventies

Seventies: Ok. I still browse them from time to time. I found some good information recently on a cousin, Gabriel Barnes who died in 2005. Gave names and locations for his siblings.

Daviss: Oh my, just reading back and saw the name Camille. So wierd that I was going through my email looking for soemthing she had sent me eons and eons ago

alt: using obits in conjuction with Ancestry/Familysearch/Census and other online information

vkn: Obits can also lead one astray was that discussed alt

Seventies: I've experienced that too. I think especially when you're dealing with half-siblings.

alt: yes it was vkn, the inaccuracy & misinformation found in Obits.

Seventies: Or other relatives who would be close, but have since left the area.

Daviss: Did you give the presentation alt

alt: for Obits .. often time a females married name may be to a 2nd or 3rd husband. no I didn't Daviss

vkn: Wow Daviss Camille and I co researched Baldwin County GA and the FL panhandle also Tskge

Daviss: shoot lol I was gonna ask for your notes etc lol

Seventies: I didn't know that alt.. Will add that to my tip box :)

vkn: alt would you be willing to post a summary of the tips shared

Seventies: My aunt Ruby Alexander was the step-daughter of my grandfather, but on the Obit he is listed as her father. That is going to be confusing for someone whoever reads it.

alt: sure can vkn.. I can post a copy of one ot the handouts that had 5 areas of Obit consideration.

vkn: Then there is the his children, her children and their children listed in obits

Seventies: Honestly, if there was a time to tell the truth about parentage then would be a good time IMO

vkn: Talk about confusion

Daviss: yup

Seventies: Yes and favorite nieces and nephews etc

vkn: and "special friend" what means that

Seventies: The person they were shacking up with.. lol lol

vkn: bad bad seventies

Daviss: wish they would use maiden names also for the women on the obits

Seventies: Well. . . am I telling the truth. Some do.

alt: like common law or live-in in today's society vkn .. special friend, not married to

Seventies: But there is no obituary format...from what I can tell.

vkn: well shacking is no longer viable seventies

Daviss: I bet genealogist have a special format lol

vkn: well shacking is no longer viable seventies it is now called partner

Seventies: oh

Daviss: heyyyyyy alt you heaqr that lol lol

Seventies: Also, a long time boyfriend or girlfriend

alt: vkn, being PC on us Seventies LOL LOL

Seventies: I've never seen lol lol right alt!

Daviss: I better quit calling you partner lol

vkn: well ther are the public service death notice and there is the commercial/paid for obit

Seventies: I've never seen partner on an obit for AAs... lol

Daviss: companion

alt: Yeah Daviss, folks will start to wonder about us LOL LOL... especailly when you mention us being together in Ft. Wayne LOL LOL LOL

Daviss: long time companion' lol lol

vkn: lol lol lol lol lol lol

Seventies: lol lol lol

alt: but we'll never tell, huh Daviss? LOL LOL LOL

Seventies: I have to give it to the Natchez Democrat online. They keep me informed of all the deaths in the Miss-Lou area. I love browsing through their obit section. ah huh... alright now. lol

Daviss: nope alt lol thats good seventies, I have Marshall News Messenger and the Navasota paper I wish navasota would use pictures though

Seventies: I tried getting one for Selma, AL but they go through a pay obit service for people.

Daviss: They now charge a arm and a leg to put a picture in now

Seventies: My family has some nice obits. :) Are there any newspapers who offer free obits?

alt: breat Seventies, a well written and informative obit shows how much imformation about an individual has been shared with other family members.

Seventies: Then mine is going to be really really short and confusing.

vkn: Oh yes alt that BELL response from 2001 connected to a great uncle of mine Stephen BELL of Polk County GA Brother to my maternal grandfather, Richard BELL who is father to Rufus BELL to whom your children are connected alt

Seventies: Well I may as well write one up ahead of time. lol

Daviss: lol

alt: okay vkn.. the BELL connection is thru Talladega and the collateral connections to the Embrys, etc.

vkn: yes alt

Daviss: brb

alt: ah so, gotcha now vkn

Daviss: ok back

Seventies: coffee?

Daviss: yes!!! lonely chat last night

vkn: I think I will do the same daviss

Daviss: only me and bbenn she is back from her roadtrip

vkn: I came in as y'all were leaving daviss

alt: that's another thought, when you add the connections you may have thru the family's of your children's spouses (grandchildren/great-grandchildren) you end up realted to 1/2 of th world LOL LOL

Seventies: lol

vkn: Being your own granmaw lol

Seventies: Gotta love America. lol

Daviss: hahahaha

alt: and the spouses and the families of your ancestor's siblings ... WOW!!!!!

Seventies: So now we know where the terms 'kissing cousins' originated on this side of the world.. lol

vkn: kith and kin

Daviss: I almost kissed a cousin lol

alt: yep vkn, kith & kin

vkn: hit be ok daviss

alt: I tried to Daviss lol lol lol

Seventies: lol Daviss, we were talking about that last week with the family and same thing happened to one of my cousins in MS. She was bringing him home to meet the family and the guy said "Girl why did you bring me over to Uncle Will's house!!!"

vkn: Lots of double first cousins lol

Daviss: yep, I was told that when I took him to church to meet my aunt lol

Seventies: Me too. my grandfather's brother married my grandmother's sister... oh man So my mom's first cousins are actually probably her genetic sisters... lol Two of them

vkn: Its getting deep y'all

Daviss: my aunt and uncle are not related but were raised in the same household since babies married each other

Seventies: And the more rural the location your family came from, the more likely this is to have happened in your family.

Daviss: each was bought into a marriage

vkn: Well what is the relation of FDR to Eleanor ?

Seventies: 3rd cousins I believe

Daviss: I thought they were closer than that

vkn: but not rural seventirs LOL

Daviss: lol

Seventies: Some families encourage intramarrying...

vkn: I think they are daviss and the why of his mother protesting

alt: tri-racial isolates Seventies

vkn: lol leave it to alt for the glossary

Seventies: Oh they were 5th cousins once removed... so they say, but if they had other cousins who intermarried, they could be closer relations alt, well some creole families must be tri-racially isolated... about the FDR genealogy

alt: no doubt Seventies

vkn: Money married money without regards to the gene pool lol

Seventies: I still don't get the tri-racial isolates thing.

vkn: Seventies melungeons

Seventies: that's right vkn, since the sudanese monarchy...

Daviss: wonder why people fight over a woman marrying her best friends X boy friend but will only say OOOOOOOH when two cousins marry lol lol

Seventies: lol You make it sound backwards Daviss.. lol

Daviss: lol lol just asking 7

alt: I ain't got an answer for that Daviss

Daviss: hahahahaa

vkn: Naw!!!!! Heyyyy Selma

Seventies: Hello Selma

Daviss: hello Selma!!!

alt: that's withthe tri-racila/Melungeon aspect .. when two folks with the same surname, which may be unusal marry, then sumpin is happening.

Selma: Good Sunday morning folks..alt, daviss, seventies, vkn

alt: good afternon Ms. Selma

Selma: What is it you don't understand seventies..

vkn: Hope the roof is holding Selma

Seventies: I have to get going, I am going to make some Tiramisu, from scratch... :) Need some marscapone and ladyfingers.Ok see y'all later.

Selma: Hopefully vkn..although it is suppose to rain in NY.. Don't think they can do anything until Tuesday

alt: when you gonna start eating some real FOOD Seventies LOL

Daviss: hahahaha @ alt

alt: like poke chops and stuff Oops, Seventies is gone LOL

Daviss: oh man alt, I have not had a pork chop in months

Selma: Well you can still eat Pork Chops and Tiramisu for Dessert.. LOL

vkn: I have a question: Why do we use paper shredders and put so much personal stuff in the Cloud ?

Selma: I don't put stuff in the Cloud.. LOL

alt: shows ya how smaert we are, huh vkn?

vkn: lol

alt: smart

Daviss: me either cause I aint that tecnical lol

Selma: I personally think putting medical records electroncially is a bad idea He*^ll they broke into the Pentagon website

vkn: Life is a bowl of oxymorons

Daviss: I have been hearing more and more Dr's are going to that Selma treating from the office

Selma: Oh within about 5 to 10 years I believe all will be..they will be forced to

alt: well you're 1/2 right vkn .. ain't sure about the "oxy" part LOL LOL

vkn: lol

Daviss: is the cloud like dropbox?

vkn: yes

Selma: Heck I don't even like the fact that I am on Facebook..I think I have less than 20 friends.. LOL Hopefully I friended you all ... LOL

Daviss: lol Selma

vkn: and now you can send all of your papers to a site where they will be organized and updated. Very scary

Selma: I agree vkn..I find that very scary

alt: Selma, an AfriGeneas friend from Indianpolis will be at the IGHR in B'ham with y'all... told her you would be there too.

Selma: But the Pandora's Box has been opened vkn..and there is no going back We will be nice alt..or try to be.. LOL

vkn: True Selma and we humans are lazy

alt: you'd better be Selma LOL

Selma: What class is she taking alt?

alt: I'm not sure Selma, she really didin't say.

vkn: Daviss dud that code/key work ? did

Selma: Folks...have to run, have a wonderful day..

vkn: okies

Selma: Bye

Daviss: I have not checked my email today vkn I will let you know later bye Sel

alt: well ya'll gotta run.. Anita has the urge for some 'gaming' this afternoon, so we're off to the Casino.. take care.

vkn: okies

Daviss: bye and good louck luck

vkn: oopds beem here a long time later daviss

Daviss: lol bye

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