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2012-05-25 What/Who is Melungeon?


Start: 12:06:49
End: 13:11:37
Chatters: alt, Daviss, jhonora, ProfDru, Selma, Seventies

Daviss: Good Morning!

alt: hey Daviss. want some company?

Daviss: oops I better say good afternoon alt lol I sure do lol hows it going?

alt: pretty good. how bout things in AZ?

Seventies: hi alt and Daviss

Daviss: slow here in AZ...hi there Seventies

alt: Hey Seventies, you're bout ready to hit the road. huh?

Seventies: No.. cancelled the trip. Dad is in the hospital. Trying to do it next weekend. I just really don't want to talk about it.

Daviss: oh my seventies! Sorry to hear that

Seventies: Thank you Daviss.

alt: oh my, best wishes & prayers for your dad.

Seventies: Thank you alt. How did you all enjoy the show last night?

Daviss: I saw on FB that a few more people got their results from 23

Seventies: I saw that as well.

Daviss: guess I have not gotten any new cousins lol

alt: listened to bbenn's show from last nite. Tina Snasome was a very informed guest, lots of stuff for researchers, particularly those researching TN.

Seventies: I really wanted to hear more about TN contemporary research Yes, sorry about that Daviss. keep looking. :}

alt: i ginaed a few on 23+me Daviss, now up to 415 gained

Seventies: I still only have about 220

Daviss: I need to look and see if daughters dad gained anyone else

alt: course I'm not 'actively' following up on any of these folks.

Seventies: Me either alt. Has anyone used the 23 and me Family Inheritance feature?

alt: is that the 'survey's'? if so, then yes...

Seventies: No its a tool that you use to compare shared genomes.

Daviss: I have

Seventies: So if tester A decided to share their genomes with you you can compare to see where your matches are on the gene map Did you find it useful Daviss?

alt: oh yeah... doesn't do much for me, perhaps because I can't get a handle on it.

Seventies: I was going to ask how to read it.

Daviss: well I just look lol There is so much to learn I like the new tools on Gedmatch

Seventies: What new tools?

alt: new tools? I probably need to revisit Gedmatch and it's features.

Daviss: there are several. A lady just turned me on to them yesterday gives a different breakdown

Seventies: ok...

Daviss: hold on a min

Seventies: I see some items with a "New" next to them.

alt: I don't even know how to really handle the 'old' tools on Gedmatch LOL LOL LOL

Seventies: lol I hear ya alt.

alt: I read the article on the Melungeon study and had to laugh.. this guy said he had his DNA tested 3 times, by 3 different companies, results were all the same and they differed from his oral history.

Seventies: lol that was funny!

Selma: Afternoon folks..

Seventies: Hello Selma

alt: hello Selma, good afternoon.

Seventies: Makes me curious though what is the real history of the Melugeon people

alt: and his understanding of Melungeon orifins origins

Seventies: We now know that they are not Turkish or Portugese Or Native American

Selma: You all have no idea

alt: I think they are explained by Paul Heniegg

Seventies: they must be fighting hard... lol

alt: mostly, white women having children with black men and those offspring marrying within their family groups

Daviss: ok back hello Selma

Seventies: You know I heard that they did that also in some creole communities in rural Louisiana.

Daviss: That Goins man said he tested 3 times lol to make sure he wasn't seeing things lol

Selma: On the phone will be right back

alt: right Daviss

Seventies: Wait isn't someone on here reseraching Goins in VA?

Daviss: That african blood just kept showing up

alt: several Goins/Goings researcher here on AfriGeneas including Irita Seventies and keli1

Seventies: ok maybe I read it some where else.

Daviss: oh on the Gedmatch look for the Admix proportion

Seventies: The surname Gallimore was also included in the names associated with Melugeons in VA That's what piqued my interest Hello ProfDru

ProfDru: hello gang

Daviss: wiping my eyes....Is that ProfDru I see???

alt: hello ProfDru.. how have you been? good to see ya.

ProfDru: LOL vicky Good

Daviss: Hi ProfDru!! good to see you

ProfDru: I saw the Mulungeon article. Where else might dark skin come from but Africans? LOL

alt: yep, IMHO it's part of the ABB discussion.

Seventies: I guess we are all going to have a good laugh about this one... lol

ProfDru: I did laugh after reading article.

Daviss: wonder if the Portuguese are happy to get some of the load off them lol lol

ProfDru: lol

alt: unless you're of Melungeon origins Seventies, then it ain't funny.

ProfDru: It is what it is!

Daviss: thats what I'am saying Selma.

Selma: The Transatlantic Slave Tribe was globalization..all the major European countries played a part

ProfDru: I've been contacted by a Cornell Law professor about my Fields famly research. He is doing a presentation next month on George Fields who was the first AA law grad from Cornell. The professor sent me several documents on the Fields family; several from the Southern workman.

alt: wonderful ProfDru, I'm sure your research will be of great benefit to him.

Seventies: Nice ProfDru

ProfDru: The Southern workman was a publication of Hampton Institute.

Daviss: good to hear ProfDru

ProfDru: After George Fields mother died in 1891 several articles were written in the Southern Worman about her life. They are very detailed bios of her entire life. What a gold mine I've been given.

alt: your work is a good example of how 'grass roots' researchers can have an affect on 'scholarly' works ProfDru . Good Job!!!!!!!

ProfDru: I'll send you all the articles. thanks alt

Seventies: Melungo, that even sounds African in orgins...

ProfDru: The professor found me online through a query I posted some time ago. lol seventies

Seventies: Well it does. . .

Daviss: Is that Southern Workman online Dru

ProfDru: some of it is online

Daviss: Is it AME

ProfDru: Ame? Who are you asking, vicky?

Selma: It is not a church publication daviss

Daviss: oh ok that was what I was wondering

ProfDru: Hampton Institute, the college/university

Daviss: ok thanks I am still trying to find that Va weekly by that Summerville/Sommerville man

ProfDru: gotta go get ready to do a training session.

Daviss: also looking for his sermon called " Two Headed Rooster"

alt: this guy Goins lesson on 3 test by 3 different companies should tell some folks that they can't do DNA 'shopping' to get the results they want.

Daviss: lol alt, he went from total shock to mildly shocked mabe the first test he though was a mix up

alt: okay Selma, if it's on AfriGeneas I've probably read it, but a review of the older postings never hurts yeah, I remember Melungeons being a hot topice during that period 2004-2005

Selma: still on the list of things to look up Daviss..LOL

Daviss: lol ok Sel I usually blend it in about once every couple weeks

Selma: Yes I notice.. LOL

Daviss: hahahahaha

alt: Selma, have you found your friends folks in Kansas? 1940 census

Daviss: I ran across a will/inv list that had about 7 or 8 slaves listed with their first and middle names

Selma: Didn't look..I do have a "real life" you know.. LOL

Daviss: you do???

alt: you do????

Selma: Where was the will/inventory from daviss?

Seventies: lol sorry late on the laugh

Daviss: Its located in harrison county texas from a sale

Selma: What year?

Seventies: Is anyone having any luck in the 1940 census?

Selma: You should transcribe and post

alt: Yeah, but it is cumbersome and tiring Seventies... I only look at it when I have hit a dull moment...

Daviss: 1848 Selma New orleans sale

Seventies: I understand. But for me its those moments when I just have the 'urge' to look is when I find something.

alt: gues indexed & searchable files have spoiled me Seventies

Seventies: me too :} Something told me the other day to just look at Blount Co TN again. that's when I found my folks in 5 minutes. ...

alt: I have run across some intersting stuff in the 1940 census while browsing my folks in the samll towns where they lived, haven't tackled any real cities as yet.

Selma: Good for you Seventies..did you listen to the talk on Tennessee last night

jhonora: Hello alt, Daviss, Selma, Seventies

Seventies: I did Selma.

Daviss: hi jhonora!

alt: hello jhonora, how ya doing?

Seventies: Hi jhonora.

Selma: Hi jhonora

jhonora: Doing well, alt

Seventies: The people I'm looking for came to TN in the early 20th century and I'm looking for more contemporary info

alt: the lady, Tina, gave out many good references .... and advice.. I thought

Seventies: AND she plugged Afrigeneas. :)

alt: yep, she sure did.

Daviss: alt, I had tears in my eyes this morning listening to the Banks fella that was exonerated for a crime he did not commit

alt: hadn't heard that story yet Daviss .. where & when is the story?

Daviss: its been all over the news this morning both locally and on cable Try MSNBC

Seventies: Me either. but I hadn't watched any TV

alt: oh, okay.. I haven't watched any TV yet today.

Daviss: it should be online

alt: okay Daviss, I'll have to check it out

Daviss: one link

alt: gotcha, thanks!!

Daviss: welcome alt

Seventies: Ok I'd read this in passing while checking my e-mail yesterday He should sue all parties involved Especially his 'friend' Wanetta Gibson

Daviss: she got 1.5 million

Seventies: And the school is probably going to sue her and her mama. STUPID

alt: gotta run y'all... as Selma says.. I have some real life issues I have to take care of LOL LOL Later's.

Selma: Bye

Daviss: ok bye

Seventies: lol

Selma: They probably are seventies

Seventies: bad choices.

Daviss: 16 yrs old this boy was

Seventies: SMH

Daviss: 5 yrs out of his life

Seventies: Yes 5 years he could've been getting an education and making money

Selma: 10 years daviss..he was in jail for 5 and wearing a monitor for listed as a sex offender

Daviss: sad

Seventies: The records should be completely expunged. There should be no sex offender listing.

Daviss: they are

Selma: Yes, very sad. Well folks I have to run..have a great day

Daviss: bye sel gotta run also

jhonora: I'm running too y'all

Seventies: Daviss, I'm going to call you later.

Daviss: bye k 7

Seventies: alright speak in a few.

Daviss: ok

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