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2012-05-20 SunMornBrunch


Start: 11:15:24
End: 12:54:07
Chatters: alt, Selma, Seventies, Statustray, vkn

vkn: good morning to each and all I will be checking back in shortly. Going now to start dishwasher

Seventies: good morning vkn

vkn: Good morning to all owdy seventies Hope research is going well with thee

Seventies: Going pretty good. Meeting with some living relations next weekend.

vkn: These are brand new or oldies One on one is excellent

Seventies: Old and new.. lol

vkn: ahhhhhhh preparing for family reunion ?

Seventies: Never met these before. Grandnieces and nephews of my great grandfather, Will Washington

vkn: I see

Seventies: I'm trying to get more of the family on board. I think that they will enjoy attending on Ben's Corner. Its the land that Scott used to own before he was murdered.

vkn: oops not aware of murder Was murderer brought to justice

Seventies: He was killed in a land dispute with his son-in-law and its looking like his family as well. Not sure if the case was settled. I don't think that it was though. One of the cases I want to resolve when I go to Mississippi this summer.

vkn: Gee hope you can get the court case and details. I think Khathu was able to get all the details of the murder in his family but not sure

Seventies: He was. I already have a piece of the puzzle, the original land plat map for the property. The owners just before him were siblings who got into a lawsuit over the property.

vkn: wow the records must have many historical details. Has the family resolved the split or does it continue?

Seventies: The land was sold to Scott and Eliza to resolve

vkn: ahhhhhhh

Seventies: I need to get additional court records...looking forward to getting this information. Already have the deeds from 1900 and 1924

vkn: These things happens in families

Seventies: I can't wait to get the full story.

vkn: Will this be the first trip for your sons

Seventies: No, they have gone nearly every year... except last year. My son decided to work. One son came with me and had a good time.

vkn: How old are they?

Seventies: just turned 16 last month

vkn: ahhhhhh young men already

Seventies: yes indeed! whew and it went by fast!

vkn: and where is their ambition leading them ?

Seventies: Well, lol I want both of them to go to an HBCU... so we will be working on that this summer. One wants to be a teacher and the other a jock.

vkn: Have you lconsidered Morehouse?

Seventies: No... going with the traditional Mississippi HBCUs.

vkn: ohhhh ok

Seventies: One son has already shown interest in Alabama A&M for biology. ;;; The Jock.. :}

vkn: 'Bama A & M sounds good

Seventies: And Savannah State... because its by the water... lol

vkn: lol

Seventies: LOL

vkn: and Savannah is SO historic

Seventies: Yes it is. And tuition is $10,000 a semester...

vkn: and so is Huntsville with history of USCT there atc Too many hills in Huntsville for me however

Seventies: Never been to Hunstville before. Though they do have several Lanier's in the county and surrounding areas.

vkn: aaaaahhh I know you are proud of the sons

Seventies: Very..

vkn: Do they follow the research?

Seventies: To some degree... To some degree through the slave holding families. Burwell Lanier and his sons had lots of plantations in Madison Co, AL and in the black belt region Hello alt

alt: hello Seventies & vkn, hope you ladies are doing well today

vkn: Howdy alt a nd how goes the research with you ?

alt: not doing much research lately vkn, just reviewing what I have and using online databases to hopefully fill in some blanks.. how about y'all's research efforts?

vkn: Doing well Alt reading some of the American publications I too am cleaning up, filling in blanks and following the conditions of freed children

Seventies: nice

alt: thatnks for the information on the NC colored men's convention vkn

vkn: trying to fully understand the use of term "contraband"

alt: as used during the Civil War????

vkn: Yes alt

alt: and since

vkn: Is the use consistent

alt: okay, never really went inot how the term developed except by the useage of Gen. Butler and the Ft. Monroe incident and I guess the first Confiscation Act.

vkn: Yes I was reading about the conditions at Ft Monroe thismorning Would be a good one to dissect and all of its ramifications

Seventies: Were you reading through rg105?

alt: folks must be sleeping in this morning

Seventies: Its noon! lol

vkn: American publications seventies

Seventies: ok

vkn: alt there are so many meetings and places to visit and folks may be wearing thin

alt: C-Span has/had a nice discussion panel this AM on the impact of the Lost Cause coming out the Confederacy's losss in the Civil War.

Seventies: Well its research season and reunion season starting next month up through September

alt: that could be vkn .. folks are certainly busy....

vkn: few new discoveries alt and seventies

alt: for you vkn?

Seventies: ok

vkn: just focusing on child conditions moving sideways to expand knowledge base

alt: I mentioned the other day about a new young 5th cousin who found me thru FaceBook... that connection going back to the late 1700's-early 1800's could open up hyndreds of 'new' cousins... he has some very interesting old photos posted on Facebook of "our' connections.

Seventies: that's great alt. Are you going to add the photos to Tribal pages alt?

vkn: That is outstanding alt. Now is he an Adams or?

alt: folks I have in my dtabase that I had no idea of what they may have looked like.... and I'm finding some of those connections in the online records for Michigan.

Selma: Good Sunday morning folks...

vkn: Oprah is speaking at Spelman today

alt: he is from the LaForce/Reno lines vkn.

Seventies: ah okay. Good morning Selma

alt: Hello Selma ah so vkn

vkn: ahhhhhhhh ok alt Heyyyyyy Selma

Selma: My computer is acting up this AM..very, very slow,

Seventies: oh my cousin is the graduating class this year. That should be interesting for her.

Selma: Hope Mariah is not visiting my house.. LOL

alt: slow, like us, huh Selma LOL lOL

Seventies: lol lol lol

alt: that is, us "older" chatters.

vkn: Del Jupiter is celebrating her Silver Reunion from Spelman

alt: congrats to Del Jupiter

vkn: I hope it gets ok Selma Congrats to your cousin seventies. What is her field of study and what of her future plans

Seventies: International Studies/Relations she spent two semesters in China..

alt: education news locally.... Central State Univ. will have it's first female president taking office this summer.

Seventies: oh boy, Mariah strikes again... lol

alt: wow Seventies, that is wonderful!!!!!

vkn: Incidentally have y'all heard of the nasal spray being used to ease the disruption of alzheimers. I think it is B 12 based ???

alt: not me vkn

Seventies: So she is fluent in Chinese.. they're having a big party for her and her sister who is graduating from high school this year.

Selma: Thats great seventies..

vkn: Who is the female alt

alt: I forget her name vkn..I beleive it is something like Harris she was at Morgan State in some capacity at one time.

vkn: Fluent in Chinese whoo boy

alt: that sounds like an excleent area of Interantional Studies .... China

vkn: ahhhhh Morgan State has a good reputation as I remember

Selma: Her job opportunities..will be wide open

alt: isn't that your school Selma?

Selma: Yep it is alt..

alt: Morgan State

Selma: Humming the school song now..can't remember the words except for the 1st line.. LOL

alt: thoguth I remembered, guess I don't need the nasal spray just yet LOL LOL

vkn: lol I love the music

Selma: Hey maybe we need it as a preventative measure alt.

alt: anything that works Selma.

Seventies: lol alt

vkn: It is being tested worldwide from what I am hearing [ the nasal spray] My younger sister is being enrolled in a trial

Seventies: You know, there is a food supplement spray that has b12 in it. You put it on your food Braggs protein spray

vkn: hmmmm have not heard of that one seventies

Seventies: Its something targeted for vegetarians.

vkn: But there are rumors of a diabetic breakthrough by 2014

Seventies: gene therapy related?

vkn: I only glance the headlines seventies. I miss the details at eleven lol

alt: oh, oh looks like Selma got bumped

Seventies: lol

alt: wb Selma

Seventies: Dare I say the name?? lol wb Selma

vkn: oopsie selma

Selma: No that was my own fault seventies.. I see Bbenn is doing her blog talk from Tennessee next week

vkn: Yes I heard her say that yesterday.

alt: she is on the road? LA & now TN

Selma: She has more energy than me... LOL

vkn: She does have the energy

alt: I'm almost 'jealous' of what these you folks are doing todaygenealogically, but I wouldn't trade my experience level with where they are in the genealogical journey. be nice if we have both... the experience and the energy of youth LOL LOL we could have both

vkn: You have gallons of Gems alt and so willing to share.

alt: sharing, sometimes called and looked upon as 'bragging" vkn LOL LOL

vkn: am now reviewing the Keeling marriages you shared all those years ago. One of the many gems from you!

alt: is that right , Wow!!!!!!

vkn: SELMA am now reviewing the Keeling marriages you shared all those years ago. One of the many gems from you!

Selma: have to go look at the old stuff you collected

vkn: Norfolk County Virginia Marriages Licenses 1850-1899 Non white Selma

Selma: Oh yes.. 2 ladies collected that info... and put in a book..

alt: vkn, what are your thoughts of us referencing "older' postings on the AfriGeneas Forums for some of the newer users... who I don't think ever visit the AfriGeneas archives and other databses. reference by posting the Link to those older postings.

vkn: I use it constantly Selma

Selma: VKN..they stopped at 1899...there are probably alot more...they said it was more than they could handle.. They did both the White and Colored Licesenses

alt: Wow!!!!!

vkn: alt an excellent idea using the search box from the home page turns up LOTS of good subjects to point to. They did a great job Selma

alt: sure does vkn..... I see lots of questions/situations posted today that have answers posted somewhere in the AfriGeneas archives.

Seventies: hey statustray

Statustray: Greetings alt, Selma, Seventies, and vkn ;-)

alt: hello Statustray, glad to see you could join us today... how ya doing?

vkn: Heyyyyyy Statustray and how goes you research

Selma: Afternoon statustry

Statustray: it's going alright

vkn: wunnerful wunnerful

Seventies: glad to hear that.

Statustray: just trying to get things together for the family reunion in august is all... lot of work and only so much time ;-)

Seventies: Yeah. Going through that myself.

vkn: We need a project and a plan alt to index all of the archived answers and pointers

Statustray: I wish I could invent "more time"... lol...

alt: good luck Statustray & Seventies .. Reunion planning is more than a notion... lots of work.

Seventies: Alright let me get ready to go to NYC for my birthday dinner. :}

vkn: and prolly few worker Bees status and seventies

alt: have fun Seventies

Selma: Happy Birthday seventies

alt: is this your birthday Seventies?

Statustray: Happy Birthday to you Seventies! :}

Selma: Or are you just saying its your birthday, so you can get a special dinner.. LOL

alt: Happy Birthday wishes to you Seventies

vkn: Yall be good Going out to dinner and Happy BUFFday seventies

Seventies: Thanks alt & Selma. I'll have a soy chicken wing for you all... :}

Statustray: alt: If only I could find a way to get others to do what they say they are going to do... it's proving hard to have good worker bees

Seventies: lol Lost my connection... Thanks for the birthday wishes all! See you tomorrow!

Statustray: Take care Seventies ;-)

alt: yep Statustray ... that's a tough one, getting folks to do just what they say they will do.

Statustray: yup, so very true

Selma: Make em feel guilty status.. LOL

Statustray: been trying that like crazy....hehe

alt: you can't shame my folks Selma.. they don't take the hints LOL LOL

Selma: I agree alt... Sorry I can't help you status...but feel free to come here and "moan and groan"

Statustray: hahaha seems like i have been just doing most things myself because they are not getting done

Selma: Have folks let you know whether or not they are coming..or is that still an issue?

alt: don't let it stress you Statustray

Statustray: folks will be coming yes it is stressful... everyone wants to call the shots but no one wants to do the work

alt: that's it!!!!!!

Statustray: i take it all in stride though

alt: good

Selma: When all else fails eat chocolate cake

Statustray: hahahaha... that's a good one Selma ;)

alt: words of advice from " Selma, the Sage" LOL LOL

Selma: No overweight.. LOL Have to run folks..have a great day

Statustray: yeah i haven't touched any cake in well over a year

alt: oh, oh... I'll have to leave y'all on the 'weight' situation ... take care, bye

Statustray: see ya alt

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