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2012-05-18 WDYTYA


Start: 20:00:30
End: 21:40:15
Chatters: AYWalton, bbenn, Daviss, evpace, J_Mark Lowe, keli1, Nadasue, rcs, Selma, Seventies Soulchild, vkn

vkn: Howdy all I am in and out of the room Hello J_Mark Lowe and how are you

J_Mark Lowe: Hoping this is not last show Good otherwise

vkn: J_Mark Lowe that would be sad but it seems likely. Have you heard any new newd

bbenn: Hello J Mark Lowe and vkn!

vkn: Howdy bbenn will this be the last show

J_Mark Lowe: Hey all. They are shopping the show to other networks. Likely will survive.

vkn: Tree was a stump lol

bbenn: lol lol

J_Mark Lowe: ... a stump. G YEAH vkn

vkn: Born in Albany GA where I call home or at least one place I call home Howdy Kelo1

keli1: hello to all

J_Mark Lowe: Hi Keli

bbenn: Hi Keli1

vkn: Howdy Keli1

keli1: Vkn, are you a Georgia girl?

vkn: accent is deep

J_Mark Lowe: Nathan is great researcher.

keli1: oh yea, when I lived in Tallahassee, locals had the deep accents

vkn: Yes from 1948 Keli but before then Alabana

bbenn: At least we can see a logical process used to search for her ancestors...

keli1: she has a nice macbook, lol

bbenn: looks like my macbook:}

vkn: The best book of all Keli lol

bbenn: lol

vkn: hmmmmm Howdy Selma

J_Mark Lowe: Hey Selma

bbenn: Hi Selma

Nadasue: Evening friends.

bbenn: Hi Nadasue

Selma: Good evening everyone bbenn, Mark low, keli, Nadasue and vkn

vkn: J_Mark Lowe who are they trying to farm the show out to. any idea

Nadasue: They've been moving pretty quickly through Paula's beeswax, huh? :)

keli1: I struggle sometimes with the fact that some families do not know their family had slaves-but they know other things, yes I know some things did not get passed down or hidden.

Nadasue: Hey Selma, Bernice

vkn: Nadasue howdy backatcha

Nadasue: vkn :)

keli1: hi Selma, Nadasue

J_Mark Lowe: Why are white Southerners so surprised to find slave owners?

Nadasue: keli1 What gets me is that they are always so surprised

bbenn: Good question Mark

Nadasue: lol... ditto J_Mark Lowe :)

bbenn: Denial...

keli1: my point exactly Mark, Nadasue

vkn: But is that scripting or trye surprise ue

J_Mark Lowe: Shopping to several unnamed netwrk

Selma: Think she shop to OWN

vkn: agreed

J_Mark Lowe: Yep

vkn: My hinnie lol

Selma: LOL

keli1: I took classes at Georgia Military College in that town

Selma: Haven't heard that in awhile

keli1: Milledgeville GA

vkn: Historic Keli

keli1: Planter 32k

vkn: 32 thou

keli1: please Paula don't act like this...please don't

Nadasue: i know...

bbenn: Well, this is television. She has to act like thislol lol lol

vkn: She can't help it

Nadasue: WHY???? Why you she have said that so many times?????

bbenn: My done genealogy sister just said, that was expected...

keli1: I struggle with one of my ancestor of color, owning slaves and they were not family

vkn: Howdy EVPace

bbenn: none genealogy sister...finger slippedlol lol Hi EVPace

Selma: I was wondering bbenn Evening evpace

J_Mark Lowe: It is the great divide.

evpace: Hello all. She is a Southern Belle.

bbenn: What other sponsor would put in the big bucks to keep this show on the air?

Selma: The elephant in the room...

vkn: Just being true to the South I reckon

J_Mark Lowe: We are adding a newclass to Course 3. Slaves, slavery and slaveholders. There needs to be more explanation of these r records.

vkn: bbenn I expect the revenue to NBC did not meet standards

Daviss: tiptoeing in

Selma: Course 3?

vkn: Howdy Daviss

bbenn: Course 3?

J_Mark Lowe: Ancestry is the one shopping with Shedmedia

Daviss: hi there vkn!

J_Mark Lowe: Course 3 at Samford

keli1: what course is that Mark? got it Mark

J_Mark Lowe: Research in the South

keli1: sounds good, that will be for 2014?

vkn: Sounds very good Mark

J_Mark Lowe: Repeats in2014 Doing it this year

Selma: Are you teaching it?

J_Mark Lowe: Of course full in 3 weeks

keli1: Wonderful, I hope to make it in 2014, excited about NGS in Richmond in 2014

Nadasue: I didn't know NGS was coming to Richmond!

J_Mark Lowe: Me too. Love Richmond.

Selma: Yes in 2014

keli1: I have a person who registered for the CW in Ohio, but can't find if he actually served

Selma: Notice.. VA

Nadasue: Well, Selma keli1 We'll have no excuses!

vkn: LOL @ Selma

keli1: no excuses?

Selma: I have been to 2 in Richmond

keli1: I have been to one in Richmond

Nadasue: I've never been to NGS at all...

keli1: why not Nadasue?

J_Mark Lowe: Selma, another chance to speak abt Freedmen's Bur.

evpace: ME Too Selma

Nadasue: I've never geen to a genealogy conference at all keli1

Selma: are persistent... LOL

keli1: Why not Nadasue?

Selma: Oh goodness are in for a treat

keli1: do you attend local sessions?

Daviss: oh wow nadasue, you would be thrilled

Nadasue: Timing is typically bad for a teacher... I'm going to AAGHS in the fall though. That'll get my ball rolling. Yes, keli1

keli1: Nadasue, are you a member of any genealogy group?

Selma: Yes, she is in our chapter keli

evpace: Mark when and where is yiur course? I missed the memo.

Nadasue: Yes... AAHGS, NCGS, and Franklin County (NC) Historical Society

J_Mark Lowe: Yes, Nadasue. That will get you hooked.

Selma: Nadasue.Megan Smolneyak..will be here in August, will speak at W &M for TGS

vkn: Nadasue you are on a roll

keli1: Okay so you have attended local groups, but need to attend the annual conferences for a bigger experience What is tgs?

Nadasue: I'm sure I'll do more of that after I retire. Meanwhile, I follow along in the blogs and the sessions that get posted online

Selma: Tidewater Genealogy Society

keli1: Mahalo @ Selma

J_Mark Lowe: Samford IGHR June. Course 3.Research in the South

bbenn: have any of you made hotel reservations for the 2013 NGS conference?

Nadasue: I didn't know that about Megan, but I will plan to be there. A teacher only gets 3 personal days per year...

Selma: I will post the dates and details.. In Las Vegas bbenn?

J_Mark Lowe: Nadasue, have you done any webinars?

keli1: I am not going to Vegas, but going to the International Black Genealogy Summit in Oct, in SLC

bbenn: NGS must be expecting a big crowd to send out a notice so early for hotel reservations.

Daviss: when is Vegas?

bbenn: I am also attending the IBGS

J_Mark Lowe: Booked in Austin for IGBS,but be at Vegas.

evpace: Nadasue Did you say you have an affliction?;)

J_Mark Lowe: May 2013

Nadasue: evpace lol

vkn: Athens GA

Daviss: is that Vegas Mark

Nadasue: J_Mark Lowe Yes, Mark. (I'm not a newbie.) I've done tons of webinars. I participate regularly.

keli1: seems to be a lot of documentation on this soldier

J_Mark Lowe: Yes,Vegas. May 2013.

Daviss: thank you

Nadasue: lol... she is so funny

Daviss: heyyyy AYWalton!!!

AYWalton: Good evening all.

Nadasue: Hey AYWalton :)

Daviss: glad to see you

keli1: anyone going to Greensboro for AAHGS in Oct

vkn: Heyyyyy AYW

keli1: Hi Angela

J_Mark Lowe: I thought so. They help w travel, too.

Nadasue: keli1 Yes, I am

AYWalton: Howdy Daviss, bbenn, Daviss, evpace, Mark, keli1, Nadasue, Seloma, greetings, vkn!!

bbenn: Hi aywalton!

Selma: Evening AY. I plan to keli

AYWalton: greetings from Arkansas!

evpace: Howdy teacher.

J_Mark Lowe: Hey Angela.

Nadasue: AYWalton :)

keli1: how ya doing in Arkansas AY...

AYWalton: hey there Mark! it has been amazing. just got back to the hotel.

J_Mark Lowe: This is why we do this. Making a personal connection.

vkn: Howdy RCS

bbenn: hi rcs

Daviss: I trust you got my text AYWalton

Selma: So glad to hear it went well AY

Daviss: hello rcs

AYWalton: the presentation went well, nad I have another one, tomorrow.

rcs: Good evening all

Nadasue: Hi rcs

AYWalton: Did not get a text Daviss.

keli1: that is so exciting

AYWalton: Have not had a chance to check phone.

Daviss: sheesh..oh ok

J_Mark Lowe: I went thru these pardons on Monday.

AYWalton: is that right, Mark?

keli1: individual pardons

J_Mark Lowe: Yes. Looking for another planter.

Nadasue: In what state J_Mark Lowe ?

J_Mark Lowe: GA & TN

Nadasue: Ah, okay.

keli1: good comment Paula...I agree with her about John Batts

evpace: This is an informative case for the general piblic.

AYWalton: interesting tak on how the family had to face the changes brought about by the war, including releasing their free labor force and now paying them.

J_Mark Lowe: Yes. Th e petitions are on Fold3. I was following support docs.

keli1: yes, that is what I just said to my mom, lol

AYWalton: interesting.

vkn: Indeed it is EVPace

keli1: that person looks like Jimmy Carter, hmmm

AYWalton: he does doesn't he, keli1

J_Mark Lowe: Some of larger slave owners were loyal to Union. NO pardon required etc.

AYWalton: what happened in 1874?

keli1: depression time

Selma: Unionists

AYWalton: he died

keli1: he committed sucide, lost his son, his slaves, etc.

evpace: He may have cs.

Selma: Evening rcs..didn't see you come int

AYWalton: everything that made him a man of status was now gone, including his slaves.

keli1: also his status...

rcs: I was camoflauged

keli1: ditto Ay

AYWalton: I was also wondering if the Cholera Epidemic of 1873 had affected him?

J_Mark Lowe: Angela you speaking at Fgs?

AYWalton: or was the cholera epidemic not that year?

evpace: Yes keli1

AYWalton: no, not speaking Mark. But I hope to attend. I will be presenting at Samford.

keli1: which session at Samford Angela?

AYWalton: (although I am enrolled in your class when not giving my presentations at Samford, Mark.)

J_Mark Lowe: Yes hope to see you then.

AYWalton: I will be teaching in the Afr. American track. I am in Arkansas for the PAAC conference.

keli1: Mark kicked butt at NGS on the court house records, a 4 hour session!

AYWalton: I oh wow, Mark!! Wish I could have been there.

J_Mark Lowe: Yea WoW.Great.

keli1: hands on them so much more than a lecture!

Selma: You talked 4 hours straight?

evpace: And what is TEACHER presenting?

bbenn: Mark - did they tape of your presentation?

keli1: he gave us breaks, lol

AYWalton: am giving two presentations, evpace. One on Native American research.

evpace: U BAD!

J_Mark Lowe: Tnx Keli1 great students. Selma I havea lot to say G No taping.

AYWalton: the other session is on documenting the first days of Freedom.

J_Mark Lowe: Sounds great, Angela.

vkn: Mental depression

AYWalton: thanks Mark. he was depressed.

keli1: I attended an interesting session on the settlements of free colored, the speaker mention one of my lines, and also Art's line

AYWalton: how interesting.

Nadasue: keli1 Was that session taped?

evpace: U BAD!so did thousands of enslaved mamas and theur babies,Miss Paula

keli1: yes it was, Nadasue, Jim Isom did it, also one of the Randolph slave descendants was in the class and provided Jim a couple of corrections, just goes to show you can't believe everything on the internet

Nadasue: Hey 70's

AYWalton: that is DEEP into the country. when I see land like that, I wonder where the slave cemetery was.

Seventies Soulchild: Good evening all. AYWalton, bbenn, Daviss, evpace, J_Mark Lowe, keli1 Nadasue, rcs, Selma and vkn

AYWalton: howdy SoulChile!

keli1: hi Seventies

Daviss: Hello Seventies

AYWalton: bbenn!! Anxious to hear about your trip!!!

Selma: Evening Sunshine..tonight.. LOL

AYWalton: we have to connect!

vkn: Howdy Seventies

Nadasue: Handsome sons

Seventies Soulchild: Just getting in and just wanted to stop by... lol Selma

bbenn: AYWalton - yes we have to talk... hi 70's

keli1: Bernice I enjoyed your show last night

evpace: Well she didnt search outside the US.

Nadasue: evpace I noticed that, also. First time.

vkn: An interesting note evpace

bbenn: Glad that you listened to the show. This road trip has been enlightening. Spoke at the historical society meeting last night.

J_Mark Lowe: They found lots on Paula's family.

AYWalton: what will we do without WDYTYA, and no geneabloggers, and I think the GATES finale is also coming up.

Selma: Mark I bet that did..seemed like a prominent family

keli1: Yes they did, losts of info on her family, we are only seeing a glimpse of it

J_Mark Lowe: Hope they findd a way to share all that didn't make show.

keli1: I hope someone picks up the show

J_Mark Lowe: Me too.

vkn: Me also Keli

AYWalton: with ratings down, it might not happen.

bbenn: they did not seem to market the show as much as they did last year..

evpace: I knda like Miss Paula; he sound like Jeb pf the Beverly HBs.

Seventies Soulchild: ok I think I'm stuck... so I'll chat with you all later

keli1: maybe it was an assumption thing

J_Mark Lowe: Ancestry was pretty definite they want to continue.

vkn: A most interesting presentation

bbenn: nice show!

AYWalton: it would surely be great if it did continue!

J_Mark Lowe: A new show is coming from Europe soon.

Nadasue: Gotta go find dinner, folks. Nite!

AYWalton: I missed the first half and will catch online. I wish they had a big show like they do in London.

evpace: I hope so and it is talked about everywhere Mark.

J_Mark Lowe: Ancestry's competitor. They have their own show there.

rcs: I am surprised they don't hint of research to be done -- lines to follow to England etc

Selma: have all the inside info.. LOL

AYWalton: but it has been enjoyable. yes, Mark, you do.

J_Mark Lowe: Hope we have something good to talk about soon.

vkn: Very enjoyable ayw and most costly

bbenn: Nice chatting! bye:}

Daviss: bye

vkn: ye bbenn

J_Mark Lowe: Always enjoyable here. See everyone soon. Night.

AYWalton: well I hope you all have a great evening.

Selma: OK so we are on for Gates on Sunday

Daviss: nite as always Selma

AYWalton: take care, everyone.

Selma: Good night folks..

vkn: good daviss

Daviss: I will send a reminder

keli1: how is AZ Daviss

vkn: wonderful

Daviss: hot as H$%%$#

keli1: lol

Daviss: its 94 degrees

vkn: Fires burning near you daviss

Daviss: the closest is about 40 miles away

keli1: darn shame Mother Nature treats you like that

Daviss: no forrest where I live lol

vkn: whew

Daviss: just those dirt and dust storms

keli1: so sorry

Daviss: sad about fires nothing to hold water and snow back when it rains come winter

vkn: glad 2 c you rcs

rcs: i am around and about soetimes

vkn: okies rcs

Daviss: I will see the show in about an hour.. I hope it was a good one for the last time

keli1: I am heading out folks, good visiting tonight, peace

vkn: Yall be good

Daviss: nite keli1 nite rcs

rcs: good night

Daviss: All alone am I, ever since your goodbye!! Ho hum!

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