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2012-05-18 LunchBunch


Start: 12:01:31
End: 12:54:23
Chatters: alt, bbenn, Daviss, Selma, Seventies Sunshine, vkn

alt: hello Seventies Sunshine

Seventies Sunshine: hello alt. How are you today? Eating lunch? hello vkn

bbenn: hello alt, seventies, vkn!

vkn: Seventies bbenn alt daviss how yall be? You traveling bbenn

bbenn: A little tired! Roadtrips can do that to you:}

vkn: I am remembering bbenn

bbenn: Yes, spent all day yesterday searching, talking, smiling, celebrating!

vkn: smiling lol lol thats funny bbenn

Seventies Sunshine: hi bbenn

vkn: So what is the trip all about

alt: hello y'all bbenn, Seventies Sunshine & vkn .. sorry, I was browsing the 'Net.

Seventies Sunshine: bbenn, would love to hear more about your WWI ancestor...

bbenn: I learn something new - I had no idea that a Black settlement existed in Livingston Parish...

vkn: cute new family member alt

alt: that's Daviss new family member vkn.. her niece. LOL

vkn: ahhhhhh what is the population bbenn and does it still exist

bbenn: I am searching for additional information on my mother's side of the family...examing the condition of the family cemetery, checking out land records and begging cousin's for know - all of the fun stuff;)

Seventies Sunshine: :}

vkn: ohhhhh I will never ever understand facebook alt

alt: sound like an exciting and 'fruitful' trip bbenn

bbenn: A church is still in the area.

Seventies Sunshine: Do they have a cemetery too?

bbenn: Very exciting! Learn that over 5,000 blacks were involved in the Revolutionary War and many of them were from Livingston parish.

vkn: bbenn do you use flippal ? Prof Dru has many good thigs to say about it

bbenn: I have not purchased a flip pal..waiting for one of my children to gift me:}

vkn: lol

Seventies Sunshine: That would've made a great mother's day gift bbenn

vkn: Do you use it seventies

bbenn: I know..right now, they are gifting me with genie books...

alt: is that right?... Rev War connections ..... does the black settlement in Livingston Parish date back to that period?

Seventies Sunshine: No Some of the photos in my famiy are the glass bubble type, or been in the frame so long they won't come out. or just plain old fragile.

bbenn: It is hard to say alt. Information is slowly being shared. This parish had and still has a very small black population.

vkn: Is flip pal expensive

Seventies Sunshine: No I don't think so.

vkn: okies

bbenn: The flip pal is about $150.00. Accessories will add about $50.00 to the price

vkn: Wondering bbenn if JHonora is aware of the settlement Ouch $200

Selma: Good afternoon folks...

bbenn: jHonora has never mentioned it to me.

vkn: howdy Selma

alt: good afternoon Ms Selma

bbenn: Hi Selma

Selma: Enjoyed your road show yesterday morning..only caught the last 15 minutes..but think it is a great idea

Seventies Sunshine: Hello Selma Hello Daviss

vkn: bbenn are you finding your roots in Livingstone Parish

alt: hello Daviss

bbenn: Thanks is a good way to get information from people who probably would not share...

vkn: Daviss howdy

Daviss: hello alt, selma, bbenn, seventies and vkn!

bbenn: hello Daviss Maternal roots are from Livingston and Orleans Parish... most lived on Maurepas Island

Seventies Sunshine: bbenn, do you have any family in either Baton Rouge Parishes?

bbenn: Yes, BR is about 15 minutes from the Livingston Parish border...

vkn: ok but you are just learnng about Livingston ir are you just learning about the colored community

bbenn: I have a great deal of information about the Parish, however, I just learned about the black settlement.

vkn: How exciting bbenn

bbenn: As a child, we would spend time in the country with my great Aunt.

alt: your road trip may uncover many, many formerly unknown family connections and possibly hundred of "new'" cousins? hundreds

Daviss: Here we go again :)

vkn: I agree with alt bbenn

bbenn: alt, I found so many connections on yesterday by just reading the marraige license applications.

Seventies Sunshine: As rule of thumb, when I go to MS I figure already that there is some relation to every black person I meet In Adams County.

alt: I'm sure you did bbenn

vkn: Daviss somebody me messin wid you

Seventies Sunshine: her ISP... lol

Daviss: right vkn

Selma: When you say black settlement what do you mean bbenn..

vkn: lol get a new ISP daviss

Daviss: bbenn are you back home already?

bbenn: Everybody seems connected. My mom was always calling somebody Cousin or saying that we are related to the Doughty's, Battise, Jackson's, Whitkers and I would just say okay. Now I have the answers.

alt: approx how many generations back will your Livingston Parish connect you to?

vkn: Seventies Sunshine isnt Adams a rather large county

bbenn: No, I am still on the road. This just the beginning of my trip. The oldest known relative was born in 1815.

Seventies Sunshine: yes and no...

Selma: bbenn Were you at the Historical Society yesterday?

bbenn: Yes, I was the guest speaker.

Selma: did it go?

Daviss: oh yes, the surprise speaker lol

bbenn: Wonderful!

Seventies Sunshine: I would say its a medium size

alt: oh wow!!! this wil place your new connections far andwide across the country by now. like I ssai... hundreds of 'new' cousins, if not thousands LOL lOL

vkn: ahhhhhhh oh yes the mystery guest Now I am remembering bbenn

bbenn: DNA has already provided more cousins lol lol lol lol The mystery guest that everyone expectedlol lol lol Some mystery;)

Daviss: lol

bbenn: It was fun, all about establishing relationships!

vkn: Daviss no chance to check admin as yet. Be sure caps lock is off

alt: and with the new DNA cousins, those are only the on'e who have done DNA testing and match your results, right?

Daviss: where are you off to next bbenn?

bbenn: Got to run folks, nice chatting! North Louisiana, Arkansas and then Memphis. I will broadcast from Memphis next Thursday. By the way, I had them all writing down Afrigeneas:}

vkn: Too funny bbenn

Seventies Sunshine: have a good one bbenn

bbenn: bye

alt: wonderful bbenn.. travel safely!!!!

vkn: update java daviss any troub with Talking?

Daviss: only here vkn java updated updated, downdated, then updated again lol

alt: a young "new' cousin about 30 y/o found me on Facebook.. he is a 5th cousin 1 removed and our common ancestor is from the Reno/Adams connection dating back to abt 1790.

Seventies Sunshine: nice alt.

Daviss: good to hear alt

Selma: Thats great alt..was he surprised by all the info you had alt

vkn: Reno is KY Alt ?

Seventies Sunshine: God willing I will be in Maryland next weekend meeting up with my other Washington cousins. I'm very excited about the meeting.

alt: Reno is KY/Canada/OH vkn

Selma: Are on on for tonight Daviss..watching Paul Dean on Who Do you think you ARe?

vkn: Baltimore Seventies Sunshine and who is sunshine lol

Seventies Sunshine: Yes just outside of Andrews AFB. and its the great weather we're having after weeks of rain... lol Not really. Are we going to find out anything new or provocative about Paul Deen? Probably not. Y'all I need to get going. Speak to you soon.

vkn: Do yall know why NBC is folding on WDYTYA

Selma: Its folding?

alt: not renewed for next season Selma

Selma: Sorry to hear that

vkn: I hear they are seeking a sponsor Selma. Guess ratings were poor?

alt: the 'rumor' is they are having a hard time finding celebrities who want to have their genealoy done.... at least, so called popular celebrities

Selma: Umm.. interesting..

vkn: Think there is more than meets the eye alt

alt: I do vkn

Selma: Is anyone following the Lenoir thread..looking for family on the census?

vkn: I took a look Selma

Selma: It would be helpful..if she gave same dates or time frames..

alt: just in passing Selma

vkn: Well today she says she has all BUT census

alt: I think that is what turned me off, when they don't give much on time & place I bypass those postings most of the time. I'm a snob lol lol lol

Selma: LOL I started to ask for dates..then someone said they found the obits..

vkn: snobby snob lol

alt: hehehehehehhe

Selma: Well folks got to run...have agreat day

vkn: Take all care alt

alt: I see our guy 3rd is giving advice on having multiple documents for a single event and preaching the gospel on verifying what you have... He learned well from the AfriGeneas Chat & Forums okay vkn, bye

vkn: bye

18 Dec 2002 :: 1 Feb 2009
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