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2012-05-17 LunchBunch


Start: 11:59:30
End: 13:13:33
Chatters: alt, Daviss, Selma, Seventies Sunshine, vkn, yatah

alt: hello Selma, How are you doing today?

Selma: Hi alt..doing see I am here on time for a change

alt: I noticed LOL

Selma: LOL

alt: you got a seat up front today LOL

Selma: I just caught the last 15 minutes of Bernice's Road Trip blogtalk

Daviss: hello there alt and selma

alt: Haven't had a chance to listen yet.... had 'other' life' events to take care of this morning.

Selma: Mornin daviss..please note that I am here on time for a change.. LOL

Daviss: what roadtrip show whats today

alt: Hi Daviss, see I made an effort to be here for chat..

Daviss: yes, alt I see

Selma: Apparently she is in LA..and President of the Livingston (LA)..genealogy society

Daviss: thats great alt.. when was this roadshow?

Selma: It just ended..I got an email this AM, when I turned the computer on

Daviss: sheesh oh well lol, how was it

Selma: I only caught the last 15 minutes..

Daviss: and how was that lol

Selma: It was interesting he talked about the group, the info..

alt: it's a tough job keeping up with all of the genealogy 'happenings'

Daviss: I hear ya alt

Selma: there meeting schedule, material they have .. She is going to be in Memphis next week I think she said on the road too

Daviss: and what time are these show on the road Selma?

Selma: Well this one was this AM..not sure what her schedule is..

alt: bbenn & AYWalton are 'working it'... I'm happy for them and wish them all of the success possible.

Daviss: They will more than likely be too early for me anyway.. Its only 9am here now

Selma: You mean you don't get up with the chickens daviss?

Daviss: we get up together Selma lol

alt: and ProfDru too... I guess 'youth' will be served LOL

Selma: Better them than hip hurts.. LOL

Daviss: oh wow, Donna Summer just died

Selma: Just saw that online

alt: me too Selma.. hip is just one among other things that are hurting. Wow!!!! Donna Summer Selam, do you get news from the Wash DC area? Oops, Selma

Selma: Not locally, but on CNN..or at the WAshington Post site..why whats up

Daviss: brb

alt: wondering if you heard anything about a Howard Univ. Prof being killed as the result of an auto accident this past Sat. morning.

Selma: Oh..did he die in DC? Or was it in VA

alt: yes, DC

Daviss: hello yatah

Selma: No..I hadn't heard..

yatah: hi all

alt: Hello yatah

Selma: Afternoon yatah

Daviss: heyyy Seventies Sunshine lol

Seventies Sunshine: Good afternoon, alt, Selma Good morning, Daviss and yatah lol

yatah: hi all

alt: HI Seventies Sunshine ... what's up?

Selma: Afternoon seventies..

Seventies Sunshine: What's good everyone?

Daviss: Are you lurking around in Arizone with that last name Seventies lol

Selma: No alt hadn't heard..

Seventies Sunshine: No we have sunshine today... for the first time in about a week or so

Daviss: ahhhh ok what up yatah

Seventies Sunshine: I'm still anxiously awaiting Family Search's MS/LA records to be searchable.

yatah: nothing much smile i am on phone

Daviss: ok

Selma: What records are they indexing seventies

Seventies Sunshine: I was also browsing over obits today...

alt: okay Selma thanks.... Dr. Mark Mack, anthroplogy prof @ Howard who worked on the NYC African Burial Gounds was in an accident Sat morning.. an lost his life.

Daviss: I was on Chronicling America this am

Seventies Sunshine: They only have a few searchable right now Selma. MS & LA are 100% transcribed.

Daviss: So sorry to hear that alt

Seventies Sunshine: oh wow. Terrible news alt

Selma: Oh you mean the census seventies?

Seventies Sunshine: yes

Selma: No I hadn't heard alt

Seventies Sunshine: Chuck Brown passed yesterday. I had no idea that he was 75. He looked good for his age.

Daviss: and Donna Summer today

alt: okay Selma, thought that mght the area news

Seventies Sunshine: Donna Summer is gone?? WOW!! :(

Selma: Does that mean he had all his teeth seventies?

Daviss: I was hoping that Chronicling American would have loaded some AA newspapers for Texas but no go again :(

Seventies Sunshine: You know, I don't know... ;) Daviss, I did find that my cousins' half brother passed away about a month ago. I thought to myself, sheesh how many children did her father have? He was only 36

Selma: How many do you know about 70s

Seventies Sunshine: Just her one sister.

Daviss: Sorry to hear that Seventies

Seventies Sunshine: Lan and Micki are 42 and 41. Mr Green was a busy man...

yatah: i go now i come said hi

Seventies Sunshine: ok have a good day yatah

alt: bye yatah

yatah: bye

Seventies Sunshine: So that was the extent of my genealogical research earlier today. Going over the obits.

Daviss: well at least you went searching lol

Seventies Sunshine: I hadn't done it since my cousin Allena died. Which segues to this. I found out that my great grandfather's sister's middle name was Allena.

alt: that's the topic at our next AAGGMV meeting.... "Researching for Genealogical Gems in Obituaries"

Seventies Sunshine: Oh I found some good ones today on the obits that I looked at.

Daviss: Thats how i found a cousin years ago alt

Seventies Sunshine: Names of siblings as well as their current city of residence.

Selma: Good info

Daviss: I was going thru some old papers and this obit fell out on the floor When I picked it up I saw that it was about my Uncle Shug

Seventies Sunshine: ah huh who was it for? Ooh don't you love nicknames? lol I always get totally confused unless they put them in the obit.

Daviss: After reading it, and getting the names and called information for phone numbers

Seventies Sunshine: ok

alt: my earliest 'obit' is for a 3rd g-grandmother who died in 1861.. had information on her religious background.. that she was baptised at age 17 in the ME.

Selma: leave it to have an obit from 1861...LOL

Seventies Sunshine: Is she listed on the member rolls?

Daviss: that was in 1995 and the first number I called was my cousin Gladys.. We talk at least once a week

alt: that sounds like "serendipity' Daviss

Seventies Sunshine: When did Uncle Shug pass?

Daviss: 1980 or so

Seventies Sunshine: oh okay.

Daviss: also, I had an obit that was Angela's cousin and her picture was on it

Seventies Sunshine: This was her Bass folks?

Daviss: I think they migrated here in the early 50's

alt: Here you go Selma death notice (obit) from 1861

Daviss: They are related and I also know her Bass folks lol

Selma: Thanks alt..

alt: small world, huh Daviss?

Daviss: yep it sufre is alt sure

alt: I knew you day would not be complete without seeing the 1861 "obit" Selma LOL LOL LOL

Daviss: I wonder when the pictures of loved ones started to filter on the obits

alt: I would think not until the the 1970's or so... on a regular basis. for average folks.

Daviss: interesting to find out. I think I will go through my stack to see which one is my oldest

Seventies Sunshine: I definitely don't have any obits as old as 1861

Daviss: me either, I think 1941 is my oldest

Seventies Sunshine: The only reference to death before 1900 in my family is that of Tom Smith. Only documented in court records. That was about 1850

Daviss: In that log book there is reference of those that passed listed as resolutions or Death Angel logbook of the Church in Texas

alt: my vital records with photos of grave markers start aound 1816.

Seventies Sunshine: You know we should have a chat discussion Tuesday about Obituaries and death notices. That would be great. For beginners to intermediate researchers.

Daviss: Art did you take the pictures of all those grave markers

alt: Yep, sure did Daviss

Daviss: nice job alt

alt: thanks Daviss, it was easy... most are in the same cemetery LOL LOL

Daviss: lol @alt and add to that seventies how to clean off a marker

alt: yes Davis, now that would great information for most folks.

Daviss: yep

alt: clean & do "rubbings'

Daviss: right alt

vkn: Howdy

Seventies Sunshine: ok. How do you get that lichen light green stuff off the markers without damaging it.

alt: hello vkn

Daviss: no steel brush like I saw on a video once to get green moss off :o hello there vkn!

Seventies Sunshine: oh heck no! Hi vkn!

Selma: Afternoon vkn..

vkn: Seventies Selma Daviss Alt

alt: I think I've heard of using toothpaste Seventies Sunshine w/ toothbrush

vkn: Bbenn changed her time slot???

Daviss: I have heard of toopaste also alt toothpaste

Selma: She is apparently on a Road Trip vkn and was on this AM..I heard the last 15 minutes

vkn: ahhhhh thanx selma

alt: Selma, you will be going to IGHR in the couple of weeks or so, right?

Selma: Yes..alt

alt: next couple of weeks or so enjoy!!!!!!

vkn: Selma will yall be taking an Atlanta side trip ??? also lol lol

Daviss: sel must be mt'ing

vkn: or taking a nap

alt: probably making a 'samich'

Daviss: lol

Seventies Sunshine: lol yep I think so alt!

Daviss: a lonie samich

vkn: or bumped out lol

alt: hehehehe @ Daviss

vkn: fried 'loney

Daviss: thck and fried like a steak alt lol

Selma: I have a 3 hour lay over in Atlanta on th way back vkn

alt: oh man, one of my favorites!!!!

Daviss: uh oh no more corner stores around here to get them sliced like you want

vkn: well selma will try and connect i am about five minutes from airport

Selma: Ok..I will email you the details

vkn: yassum

alt: that would wonderful if a meeting during Slema's layover could be arranged.

Selma: You gonna come alt.. LOL

alt: Selma's if I could

Selma: Folks I gotta run now..have a great day Bye

Daviss: later selma

alt: you too Selma

Daviss: bye question, how close is intermediate range

alt: in the DNA lingo?

Daviss: no they said that travon martin was shot at intermediate range what does that mean I know close and far

alt: oh, that's like probably within 10-20 yards or so, I owuld think. would

Daviss: hmmm my mind is turning

alt: well, I gotts split y'all .. take care.

Daviss: ok alt take care

vkn: okies me too hy today

Daviss: you take care also vkn

vkn: assum

Daviss: Sunshine! put the chairs away, cut out the lights and close the door Seventies

Seventies Sunshine: See y'all tomorrow

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