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2012-05-13 Finding Your Roots


Start: 20:05:06
End: 21:20:36
Chatters: alt, evpace, keli1, Nadasue, Selma, Sonia, vkn

Nadasue: Hey Keli... This is going to be good!

keli1: yes I think so

Nadasue: Hey Selma

keli1: hi Selma

Selma: Good evening folks

Nadasue: I am doing about 100 things at once, but didn't want to miss chat for this show

keli1: I thought Williamsport was in MD, hmmm it must be split

Selma: Understand completely about 100 things at one once

Sonia: Happy Mothers' Day!

Selma: Happy Mother's Day to all

keli1: Happy Mother's Day to all

Nadasue: Hi Sonia... Yes, HMD to everyone!

keli1: she's a military brat

evpace: Happy MaDay all.

Selma: Happy Mother's Day to you too

Sonia: Hi evpace

keli1: hi evapace

Selma: WB Sonia

Sonia: Can't seem to switch screens without getting bumped off

keli1: how do you all like Gates' format of his show?

Sonia: I don't like bouncing between the stories.

keli1: that is a common complaint, my mom just said the same thing

Sonia: Love the old pictures

keli1: all roads leave to VA lead

evpace: Ole Virginie again.

keli1: Johnnie oh wow a legal wedding

Nadasue: I have a couple of those on my Dunstan line

evpace: My Great Uncle died in Pike County Kentucky.

keli1: to protect them awesome!

evpace: The eyes tell the story.

Sonia: 160yrs in the same church.

keli1: oh my gosh...

Sonia: That's heart wrenching

keli1: steal the kids for money, hateful

Nadasue: Wow... how fortunate

keli1: and John didn't know any of this

Selma: So much for seeing you as Human

keli1: how tragic

Nadasue: Wow... reenslaved...

Sonia: Hi Valencia

vkn: Howdy all

keli1: Hi Valencia

Nadasue: wow

keli1: VA wants to keep dem babies

vkn: Nadasue Selma Sonia Keli1 evpace

Nadasue: You know that's right Evening vkn

keli1: oh my gosh, how beautiful

evpace: Evemining DIVA vkn.

Nadasue: He ALWAYS finds pictures!

keli1: yes I have not found any yet

evpace: I wish I knew how,Nadasue

keli1: Oh Selma, it was about 25, no more than 30 AA's in Cincinnati, total attendees 2185

Selma: How did your presentation go keli?

keli1: it went, had about 25-30 people

vkn: yes how did it go keli 2006

keli1: oh I know John Redmond's info, Jane Ailes did the research for him

Selma: Did Art make it?

keli1: No, he did not, there was loss in his family

Selma: Oh sorry to hear that

evpace: Why are we so quiet folks?lol

keli1: so interesting darn Virginia

vkn: Soldiers from the beginning

Selma: The model for them all

keli1: always, still enslaved and remained loyal to death

Sonia: She looks wonderful for 98!

vkn: indeed she does

keli1: halifax co

vkn: Sharp mind

keli1: beautiful..

Nadasue: sharp mind, voice, body.. she's truly blessed!

Sonia: Absolutely

keli1: we must share out stories, we must keep this going

vkn: and we are blessed to be engaged with her hmmmm

keli1: gave him a job and a skill

vkn: Most interesting Selma have you viewed those records and you Keli?

keli1: Blacks owned slaves for reasons, my did ?

Selma: Ih have seen Personal Property tax lists for that time frame but not specifially Surry..

vkn: ok I see thanx

Selma: The Surry County register was transcribed and published by Dennis Hudgins over 10 years ago

keli1: mulatto James Roper had slaves, in Jefferson Co. not his relatives, and he had one killed 8th

Nadasue: Oh my heavens.. 1683!

Selma: This info is in Paul's book..

keli1: Ms. SLC/Johnnie

Selma: children of white women are the ones free that early

vkn: Killed because of ???

keli1: James killed him for stealing

Selma: After 1662..your status is based on the status of your mother..

keli1: yes Selma

vkn: oh I see Keli

keli1: Jim Isom did a great presentation on FPC settlements 9th wonderful

Sonia: Is Elizabeth Banks her direct maternal line?

keli1: not sure

Selma: No she wasn't the first.. need a seat belt

Sonia: Trying to multitask :-)

vkn: Ahhhh African Ancestry DNA

Sonia: Looking for a BASS line in SC.

Selma: She is wonderful

Sonia: So Elizabeth wasn't her direct mtDNA line unless Elizabeth wasn't quite white.

Selma: That Polly case is really interesting

vkn: Polly is fascinating

keli1: yes, that was interesting, I want to know more on Elizabeth Banks

vkn: An excellent session

keli1: yes I favorite so far

vkn: Must learn more of Polly

Selma: I think Dennis Hudgins is updating the Surry Book ..with new material

evpace: John Legend received an Honorary Degree from Howard University yesterday; he is now Dr. Legend

Sonia: Good "seeing" everyone. Gotta get ready for school in the AM

keli1: oh that is nice, wish I could get one, lol

vkn: Niters Sonia

Selma: Bye Sonia

keli1: bye Sonia

evpace: Me keli.

Selma: So where is miss sevenites..who couldn't wait for this episode. LOL

keli1: never really get it when they are honorary...

Selma: Don't they give you something to hang on your wall?

evpace: His lifes work and awards for same in a chosem endeaver. Yes and medals, doctorate cap and gown and more.

Selma: how was the confernce overall

vkn: Yes keli fill us in

evpace: Isabel Wilkenson also who is an HU graduate and her parents met at Howard.

vkn: Isabel is a wonder

keli1: it was really good, I am so glad I attended

Selma: Agree vkn

keli1: I am so sorry that there was only about 23-30 blacks out of the 2185 total attendees evpace, they need to follow the same as other who achieves their degrees

vkn: Conferences are so expensive

keli1: it was cheap $175

evpace: Both spoke with humility and joy and Students yelled for Legend to sing something.:} :}

keli1: AAHGS is typically $350

vkn: and people in my age group feel safer at home lol

Selma: Was this your first NGS conference keli?

keli1: no not my first, but first to present at NGS

Selma: Did they have alot of vendors?

keli1: they will be back in Richmond in 2014, I will be there with bells on

vkn: how were the exhibits keli

keli1: exhibit hall was full, huge, I am sure there were at least 100 folks were indexing as well, two tables,

Selma: Interesting

evpace: Niters all.

Selma: Nite

keli1: I was in a small focus group with the new CEO of familysearch

Selma: and?

vkn: very good hope you gave us a mention

keli1: it was good, he had a set of questions about familysearch, and the website, etc. there were 9 of us hi Art

Selma: good evening art

alt: hello y'all .. keli1, Selma & vkn

vkn: heyyyyyyyy alt

keli1: so my imput was for them to establish communty partnerships with org's, etc, like AAHGS, Afrigenas, historical socities and genealogy groups

vkn: wonderful keli

keli1: just like MacIntosh, Apple, every public school had mac computers in them, free, so if there site is free and has intent to always be free, the partners who have a link put on their webpages, etc they have no intentions to charge, also people need to sign in, it gets access to more info,

Selma: Will have to talk with you about all that later..getting sleepy Good night folks

keli1: okay

alt: was Jim Ison in the focus group keli1?

keli1: no he was not

alt: okay

keli1: no family search employees were involved

alt: oh, okay

vkn: Was your present well recd keli and did Black peeps participate

keli1: I think so, surprising only one male, rest was females and I was the only one of color one young girl who I know, she volunteers at the Allen Co. Library, etc

vkn: Would you plan to propose/present again

keli1: yes I would, no doubt, as long as people keep applying I think there will be an AA track

vkn: You need to teach us Keli

keli1: there were plenty of people that applied, I don't know why they did not get selected, have no idea why I did vs. others, but will keep applying, so at least there will be one of us there, rather than no one

alt: was the group from KY there on Saturday keli1.. AAGGKY?

vkn: Do we really need an AA track?

keli1: we need a presence! Art, I do think there were some members there only about 25-30 ot of 2185

vkn: Or more of a new research track in slave ancestors

alt: I thought some of them were coming on Saturday is that right? wow!!

keli1: none of the topics actually geared towards FPC

alt: is that for Saturday .. or the whole conference?

keli1: yes one day, 5 session

alt: I'm gonna split for the nite.. y'all take care.

keli1: only on saturday, last day of the conference, Jim Isom's had two sessions, Michael Hait did one and I did one good night.. good night vkn

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