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2012-05-12 SatNiteChat


Start: 21:19:12
End: 22:04:45
Chatters: AYWalton, Daviss, deannie, jhonora, rcs, Selma, vkn

jhonora: Hello Daviss!

Daviss: Jhonora! hello Looks like its you and me all alone lol

jhonora: The rest of the crowd must be late!

Daviss: yes more than likely you know CP and he/she is never on time lol

AYWalton: Good evening all. Hey hey hey it's honora!! howdy Daviss!!

jhonora: Hey AYWalton!

AYWalton: Hope you are both well.

Daviss: heyyy AYWalton!!

AYWalton: just you two in here, huh?

Daviss: I am well, don't know about jhonora :?

jhonora: doing well lol

AYWalton: Hey jhonora, how about that dude dying on Honora street!

Daviss: aha! lol

AYWalton: that was pretty wild.

jhonora: That was very wild, I shall have to find a more dignified occurence on that street lol

AYWalton: lol indeed!

Daviss: thats for sure lol

AYWalton: well since it was near a church, I am sure that the weddings and other ceremonies will cancel out that man's slipping into eternity there.

Daviss: It was a very interesting show though

AYWalton: it was an interesting episode.

jhonora: The story was he was leaving church

AYWalton: well in those days the congregation was not taking communion wine so we can't blame it on that.

Daviss: lol @ AYWalton I guess

jhonora: ... which I find interesting considering his lack of attention to his paternal duties

AYWalton: who just came online? I heard the welcome greeting. true. ahhh greetings, vkn!!!!

Daviss: hi therre vkn!!

jhonora: Hello vkn!

Daviss: oops Hi there vkn!

AYWalton: hey there, Mizz Selma!

Daviss: Hi Selma!

AYWalton: hope you are all well.

jhonora: Recently found some cousins who hail from Dunkirk, IN, population 98.5% white, in the middle of nowhere

Selma: Good evening AY, daviss, jhonora and vkn

jhonora: Hello Selma!

vkn: Hey Selma

Daviss: oh really jhonora how did you happen to find them

AYWalton: wow, what took them to Indiana.

jhonora: Apparently it was a one-employer-town, everybody worked for the huge glass company, still not sure how my Louisiana-gal cousin married an Alabama boy and went up there

AYWalton: a company town. How did they fare in that town?

jhonora: Pretty well, they owned there home but in the 60s most of the younger generation went west

AYWalton: wow, that is so interesting. so how long were they in Indiana?

Daviss: how long ago was this jhonora?

vkn: AYW I referred a lil cousin some months ago. She is reporting tonight that you were EXTREMELY helpful and how much she learned from you on researching her maternal line wholeft OK for WI back in the day. I was just a beaming as she heaped praises on "and Angela..."

jhonora: Davis, in the early 20s. They were pretty isolated from everything taking place in the 50s and 60s since the town was .9% black

Daviss: clap, clap, clap for Angela!

AYWalton: oh that is so nice, vkn! who was this cousin? that is so nice.

Daviss: I guess jhonora .9% at that

vkn: Evidently you went an extra 100 miles to get her on the right path

AYWalton: wow I am glad to hear that I was able to assist her.

vkn: Name is Keshia Bressler

AYWalton: knowing that I was able to help at least one person makes me feel good.

vkn: and she lives just southmof Balti

AYWalton: Well I thrilled that I could assist her. that was so nice.

vkn: yassum

Daviss: Selma I sent you an email earlier and I hope I relayed it to you right

Selma: Didn't see it daviss..let me check

Daviss: ok

vkn: Daviss did you get early morning mail from Forum

Daviss: early morning hmmm

Selma: Ok I see it

vkn: hey hey hey deannie

AYWalton: howdy deannie!

deannie: Evening

Daviss: Oh yes vkn I did

deannie: How is everyone

Selma: Evening deannie

vkn: whew

Daviss: I rec'd 4

deannie: Angela,daviss,jhonora,selma,vka

Daviss: Hope it was just read only vkn lol Heyyyy Deannie! How was your trip?? Did you have good luck?

deannie: It was great......I have not had a chance to go thru the material that I found...but I already planning next year trip...

AYWalton: where did you go, deannie?

deannie: Jackson,Ms

Daviss: another Ms researcher what county is that deannie

deannie: Ya boy

Daviss: you mean you did not rip open the material yet!!!! Wow or should I say Yeeeeoow! I would be itching and itching deannie lol

vkn: Y'all be good til 2morry

deannie: I think is Hinds but I'm not sure...and I was there for 5 days....bad genealogy

AYWalton: I would have been reading on the way back.

deannie: No

AYWalton: did you look at the Educable children's liste deannie?

Daviss: ahhhh

deannie: Yes,,,,I did not find to much for Jefferson or Claiborne but I was so geeked aboat being there I went from room to room

Daviss: Is that the one Seventies had AYWalton lol deannie excited were you?

deannie: But I copy inform so that I will have a better place on my next visit

AYWalton: glad you had a good trip. I better run, folks. Have a good one everybody.

deannie: yes I was this was my first trip to Jackson

Selma: time for me to run too folks..nodding off here..good night

jhonora: Was the staff helpful?

Daviss: nite Selma I keep forgetting its a 3 hr difference from me

jhonora: Its 1 hr diff here

Daviss: you must be 2 from me then jhonora

deannie: Very...they was glad we where thru...other reseacher where there and they said the we have a big group down from Chicago...they even had they newsletter take a picture of us

Daviss: Thats nice deannie. Will they send you all a copy

jhonora: From what I understand, Ms charges a hefty service fee for out-of-state requests

Daviss: were you able to use your digital camera deannie?

deannie: I hope so if not I will email them...but we had on on Mississippi study group t-shirt in the picture...about 13 of us went and I will all meet up at the archive and we meet to take our on picture No Yes they do....

Daviss: how much were copies

deannie: only 20 cents

Daviss: not bad at all. In Tx they charge a dollar :{

jhonora: We have an archives here that charges two dollars per page

deannie: a death certicate for 20 cents.....i think I was copy certificates if they where not my family lol Chicago copies at the archives are free..

Daviss: now see jhonora that makes no sense at all

deannie: Hi rcs

Daviss: hi rcs!

rcs: Good evening all

jhonora: Some archives have to charge pricey fees to stay self-sustaining.

deannie: Who did you think you are?....was in my home town on Friday.....

jhonora: I'm signing off y'all, want to squeeze in some research on ancestry. See y'all!

Daviss: in Chicago deannie

deannie: Yes....they were at Newberry some of the places they went and Chicago

Daviss: interesting

rcs: two weeks ago the went thru Aberdeen MS

Daviss: How have you been rcs?

rcs: I was there several times I have been fine

Daviss: I wonder when they will get to me lol well I better run now dinner bell

rcs: RUN RUN

Daviss: lol lol rcs bye u 2

rcs: goodnight, Deanie

deannie: I guess it an early nite....nite rcs

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