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2012-05-06 Finding Your Roots


Start: 20:09:28
End: 20:55:29
Chatters: AYWalton, bbenn, jhonora, keli1, Nadasue, Selma, vkn

bbenn: hi keli1

keli1: Hi, Bernice, how are you?

bbenn: taking a little break from are you doing?

keli1: I feel guilty, I have not done any in the last few days, I have been traveling, etc and will be gone next week as well. I will have time next week to crank out a bit of them

bbenn: that's right! you have your NGS presentation.

keli1: yep, leaving out Tuesday

bbenn: When is your presentation?

keli1: Friday at 2p I think or Saturday

bbenn: is she covered in tatoos?

keli1: yes she is, lol. Oh I think WW2 is good if that is a topic for you

bbenn: That's a great topic!

vkn: Howdy to all

bbenn: Hello vkn!

keli1: we can schedule after next week, how's that? Hi vkn and jhonora!

bbenn: ok, I am booking for August and September.

jhonora: Hello bbenn, keli1, vkm! oop, vkn!

bbenn: hi jhonora!

vkn: Hey bbenn keli1 Jhonora

keli1: That is good for me, I should be done with my school stuff as well, thanks

vkn: Sorry to be late had a full day of kin

jhonora: So far it seems as though this episode is a story about "becoming" American

vkn: ahh hhhh I see

bbenn: It's beginning to look like that...

keli1: yes it is, all three are first or second generation americans

vkn: Let me turn on TV

jhonora: I never knew Martha Stewart was Polish

keli1: I just said the same thing to my Mom, lol Her Mom has dark features

vkn: Got it on

bbenn: She was an attractive young woman..

Nadasue: Howdy all

vkn: Nadasue

keli1: Yes she was. Hi Nadasue

Nadasue: Heyyyy

bbenn: hi Nadasue

Nadasue: Hi Bernice :) Evening Selma

vkn: Howdy Selma

bbenn: hi Selma

Selma: Good evening folks

keli1: Bernice I listened to your show, it was good, Thomas is a wealth of info. hi Selma!

bbenn: :}

Selma: I see you made it home safe and sound keli

vkn: Thomas certainly is Keli and the Bernice show is info filled

keli1: yes and packing for the next trip, next week, I am getting tired, lol

bbenn: Thanks - good information. Lots of archived listeners! Did he say that she arrived with $2.00?

Selma: yes

vkn: hmmmm

AYWalton: Good evening all.

Nadasue: Hi Angela!

AYWalton: Hi Nadasue

bbenn: Hello AYWalton

keli1: Hi Angela!

AYWalton: 1hello bbenn, jhonora, keli1, Mizz Selma, vkn

Selma: Hi AY

vkn: Howdy AYW

AYWalton: greetings, vkn!!!!!!!

vkn: LOL LOL LOL backatcha AYW!!!!!

keli1: Did he married an American? marry

AYWalton: I almost forgot about the show. I think he must have keli1

keli1: okay, you saw what I saw

AYWalton: yes, I did. Love the books in the house!

keli1: that looks like my bedroom, lol, 3 bookcases and two in Living room, and 25 boxes in the garage

vkn: Gosh Keli I once lived like that

AYWalton: does Dr. Gates have on makeup on his eyebrows?

keli1: it is a way of life, I have a passion for books

AYWalton: yes, my family room downstairs is full of books. I wonder if that was the team from Utah that went to India.

keli1: Might have, they have folks world wife

AYWalton: we don't get to see the team of people, though.

keli1: wide, geez, I can't spell tonight

AYWalton: the males only. the women did not matter. I guess that comes out of the time when they burned women.

keli1: look at the scrolls, wow he feels bad, its emotional

AYWalton: Looking at the gold rings.

keli1: yes he has to go!

Nadasue: Amazing

bbenn: Wow! Why does he keep calling him "my brotha"

Nadasue: lol

AYWalton: trying to bond, I guess. lol

bbenn: lol lol

Selma: Or be hip

AYWalton: funny he did not do that with Samuel Jackson. or Cory Booker.

bbenn: lol

Selma: I really love the history that surorunds all the research we do..

AYWalton: how amazing that so many places around the world keep family history data. we are part of a special club of people.

keli1: remember this man is County...

AYWalton: ahhh the direct males again.

keli1: its a man's world (as James Brown said)

bbenn: lol

AYWalton: ".....but it would NOTHING, without a woman or a girl." (gotta finish the sentence!)

keli1: lol'

bbenn: lol lol

AYWalton: I have been in that room!

keli1: I can't wait

AYWalton: when we were there in 2006 every computer had somebody black on the screen saver. Every single computer.

Selma: Ummm

bbenn: really?

AYWalton: yes they are now recruiting heavily in Africa.

keli1: impressive

AYWalton: they are all over Nigeria and Ghana.

keli1: 1232!

AYWalton: amazing!

keli1: 1237 what did she do to lose her weight, I want the secret

Nadasue: I think she did WW

AYWalton: I don't know.

keli1: well I am doing WW...

AYWalton: oh that's great! lol, Genghis! or is it Ghengis?

keli1: don't ask me, I can't spell! wonder when he will mention his family

AYWalton: you mean he has not done that yet>?

keli1: no not yet, lol

Selma: you all need to stop But he does have 10 minutes left.. LOL

Nadasue: lol

AYWalton: kind of late in the show.

keli1: here we go, his book, lol

AYWalton: hmm.......I think going back to the 1200's makes them pretty much Korean, no matter what the haplo group says.

keli1: well if they go back far enough, they will hit the motherland

Selma: I think I agree with that statment too ay

AYWalton: oh well........interesting how.

Selma: Oh, oh

Nadasue: That's going to be a good one

AYWalton: well I have to run, folks. Have a good evening.

Nadasue: Well, i'm off to do a bit of indexing and arbitrating

vkn: sounds like a good one next time

bbenn: goodnight everyone!

keli1: I just love the times we are in with these shows and other things going on for genealogy!

Selma: Good nght folks

vkn: wonderful times

keli1: Aloha!

vkn: niters jhonora

jhonora: night

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