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2012-05-01 Jim Crow Remembered


Start: 12:00:19
End: 13:18:02
Chatters: alt, AYWalton, bbenn, daviss, Selma, Seventies Soulchild, vkn

daviss: Hello Seventies Soulchild!

Seventies Soulchild: hi daviss

daviss: how's it going today?

Seventies Soulchild: tired... other than that ok

daviss: I got thru two muskogee ED's last night. No Gary signs

Seventies Soulchild: which ED's? I was trying for 51 -47a and 47b

daviss: I will get another one mabe tonight

vkn: Howdy y'all

Seventies Soulchild: hi vkn I did find Uncle Chester and wife Lethann

vkn: good for you congrats

daviss: hold on a min Hi vkn

vkn: daviss, heyyy

Seventies Soulchild: thanks vkn. That was a couple of weeks ago. Still can't find any of the Garys in OK

vkn: indexing is a coming

Seventies Soulchild: Though through city directories I know they are still there up through the early 1950's Ah let me tell you a pretty interesting story. . .

daviss: brb gotta get coffee

Seventies Soulchild: lol

vkn: start telling

Seventies Soulchild: I was searching on Heritage Quest for Robert Fondarey in Adams Co. MS

vkn: ok

Seventies Soulchild: Looking through the Freedman's bank records. couldn't find a thing, so I just opted to search for Robert. Came across a Robert Fitzhugh. I'd seen the surname, unique for black people, in the marriage records I'd been transcribing. So I did some digging. I had a marriage cert for Sam Fitzhugh.

daviss: ok back

Seventies Soulchild: I continued to look through the census and thorugh the Freedman's bank records. Come to find out that there was a Nelson and Agnes Fitzhugh in Adams Co. MS who had been free at least since 1850. They originated from VA hi alt It was just a short interesting diversion from my normal research.

daviss: yes

alt: Hi folks.. how is everyone today? daviss, Seventies Soulchild & vkn?

Seventies Soulchild: doing well

daviss: now to answer your ED question Seventies it was 44 and 45

Seventies Soulchild: the freedman's bank records even show the married name of the sister

daviss: Hi there Alt

Seventies Soulchild: Muskogee city has a good few ED's daviss

daviss: well in 30 your Cary Gary was listed in ED 38 so for 40 they gave me 44 Hows it going alt?

Seventies Soulchild: ED 38 I was looking in 51-47a, 47b and 51-42a and 42b that's what Steven Morse gave me based on their address.

alt: fair, but getting better daviss, thanks for asking.

Seventies Soulchild: oh brother!

daviss: I used the 30 census. Perhaps they moved so you did nothing wrong 30

Seventies Soulchild: I will try again Before the results were 51-1 which I knew was incorrect, but it seems to default to that when using the ED finder

daviss: you should also use the address

Seventies Soulchild: I did

daviss: Is Monroe yours also

Seventies Soulchild: No

daviss: toast up lol brb again

Seventies Soulchild: lol

alt: hello Ms. Selma.. how goes it?

Seventies Soulchild: Hi Selma

Selma: Good morning (daviss) afternoon everyone else...

Seventies Soulchild: I'm going to follow daviss' suite and get some coffee... brb

Selma: Saw my name in your Blog daviss... LOL you been under the weather alt?

alt: me too Selma, nice 'shout out" to ya in daviss blog

vkn: knock at door

daviss: Hi there Selma! dropped a good name I might add lol

Selma: LOL

alt: a littl bit Selma.. respiratory problems have turned into a confirmed diagnosis of CPOD, Emphysema, chronic bronchitis, a touch of Asthma and now at my old age I'm dtsarting to develop some allergies.... can't win for losing LOL LOL

Selma: Jeez gotta take care

daviss: whoa alt! you gotta take care for sure

Seventies Soulchild: ok quick news, if I didn't mention last week. the blog made 10,000 views over the weekend!

Selma: Congrats seventies

Seventies Soulchild: thanks for your support all!

alt: nice Seventies Soulchild , congrats!!!!!

daviss: good for you seventies!!

alt: now is that 10,000 single views , or 1 person viewing 10,000 times LOL LOL LOL

daviss: lol

Seventies Soulchild: Sorry about your allergies and CPOD al lol alt...

alt: oops. COPD...

Selma: Seventies has her kids on a viewing rotation.. LOL

Seventies Soulchild: lol oh please! They couldn't care less! lol

Selma: Sorry couldn't resist...really congrats to you

Seventies Soulchild: I did meet some cousins on FB through my cousin Iris announcing it on her FB page.

daviss: oh really Seventies

Seventies Soulchild: And another Stewart asked me about their family history...

alt: don't believe it for a moment Seventies Soulchild... they are 'secretly" very proud of Momma, they just won't let you know it....

Seventies Soulchild: yes a cousin Ruby Nell who was the great-grand daughter of Phillip thompson. My great grandfather's older brother. Some of her sisters still live in Natchez Her bro Benny lived in Dallas,TX also... lol That's where Iris lives too along with a few of my other cousins on my mother's maternal and paternal lines. And they've connected through facebook. Am I talking too much??? lol

Selma: No is all good news

alt: nope, you're not talking too much

daviss: now its great to hear good stuff

alt: we, at least I like to hear of theu successes of other folks.

Selma: I enjoyed Regina's story on the Writers Forum..on Mr. T. Willie

daviss: thats for sure

alt: me too Selma.. I'm sure there is on 'older' person like that in each of our lives who touched us the way Mr. T. Wilie touched her.

Selma: I saw where a descendant of Mr T. Willie's brother posted on the Forum

daviss: yep, nice to see that also Selma

alt: been reading the comments on the FYR show from this past sunday.... Prof. Gates is catching heck for always bringing in "his" family history to the story of others.

Seventies Soulchild: That is a long thread. lol alt, I said that within the first 2 minutes of the chat and show.

daviss: Thats what bothered me also alt.

Seventies Soulchild: And I caught flack for it! lol

daviss: who flacked you? lol

alt: I haven't watched the show yet.

Seventies Soulchild: Check the logs A bunch of johnny come latelys that's who! lol I wanted to hear all about the 3 guests since it was only an hour.

daviss: there are 3 again next show

Seventies Soulchild: Maybe they all have family secrets they didn't want to share with the show.

alt: I'll b interested to see the commentary on the "Jim Crow" era as if that was ancient history.... anyone over 50 y/o lived thru some aspects of that era of "legalized segregation"..

Seventies Soulchild: anyone over the age of 30 IMO Really we are still living it!

daviss: when is that on alt?

alt: to a degree Seventies Soulchild, but we don't see the signs "colored only"... No Negroes Allowed", etc.

Seventies Soulchild: You mean unrefined segregation.

alt: whatever you want to call it Seventies Soulchild

Seventies Soulchild: Now its social custom and norms. no signs needed. Ok so next week on FYR, they will be featuring Margaret Cho and Sanjay Gupta

daviss: the thought that just crossed my mind just now was the time I rode the train to Tex from Az. I don't remember the point we hit, but the lights flickered on and off and the conductor came thru and had all of us move to the back

alt: those should go back several centuries....

daviss: all the AA's I mean

Seventies Soulchild: Really?

alt: I remember those days daviss .... going to California by train thru the South.

daviss: Sunset Limited alt yes Seventies but there were worse days than those

Seventies Soulchild: That's all relative daviss. again my opinion

alt: Southern Pacific daviss .. from chicago going south, when we hit St. Louis fro there until we crossed TX the seating was segregated.

daviss: Although I did not have it as rough as others. So glad for that

Seventies Soulchild: You all should really consider doing story corps

alt: I remember landing in Montgomery, AL and couldn't get a cab to take me into town....

Seventies Soulchild: shocking huh?

alt: unless it was just me in the cab... but like daviss said, those before us had it even roughr than we had it.

daviss: yes indeed alt and when you settle and think about it, it makes you sick of the stomach the wau they were treated way

vkn: Back

daviss: front

vkn: lol

alt: sure does daviss

vkn: pect tohear noise about the African Burial Ground in NYC

Seventies Soulchild: Ok folks I need to head out... y'all have a good tuesday. I probably won't see you all tonight as I'll be catching up on some sleep. Ciao!

vkn: pect=expect

alt: Derek Nicholas had an interestin posting on the planatations of Nelson & neighboring cointies in VA and his family connections to them.

daviss: how so vkn? oh lol

Selma: Yes...alt

daviss: heyyy bbenn

Selma: Afternoon bbenn

bbenn: Howdy daviss, alt, selma, vkn

alt: okay vkn, will be looking for the 'fireworks" Hello bbenn

vkn: bbenn Howdy !!!!!

AYWalton: Good afternoon,all. howdy alt, bbenn, daviss, Selma, greetings vkn!

bbenn: Hi AYWalton

daviss: oh, as I was going through my Marshall Texas ED's looking for my aunt, I ran across the page that had Melvin Tolson, Prof Dogan and others from Wiley College and the Gr Debaters

Selma: Oh, oh

vkn: Hwyyyyyyyyyyy AYW

alt: NYC Burial grounds project is where Dr. Rick Kittles got his start from his days at Howard Univ and the initial work done by the HU team of anthropologists.

Selma: Interesting daviss. Afternoon AY

daviss: Hi there AYWalton!

AYWalton: just popping in quickly.

Selma: Dr. Blakely he is at W & M now

daviss: We are glad to see you anyway you come in AYWalton lol

AYWalton: lol even though I got here on CP time, huh?

alt: right Selma

daviss: yup! lol

vkn: Just be a poppin ayw lol

AYWalton: lol

bbenn: AYWalton, I just log in - I guess that's two on CPT lol lol lol

AYWalton: aha........I am not alone! lol

vkn: lol

daviss: lol

AYWalton: looking forward to your show this week, bbenn

Selma: Who is your guest this week bbenn

bbenn: My AA group had a great interview with the Washington Post on yesterday. We may see the story on the front page or in the metro section tomorrow or Thursday.

vkn: Dr; Howard Thurman says "you are never alone" AYW

Selma: Oh great bbenn..will make sure I check the paper

bbenn: I have two guest - Thomas MacEntee and Michael Williams - the author of My Native Womb.

vkn: Wonderful bbenn

AYWalton: I will be checking tomorrow, bbenn

daviss: I will check also bbenn

bbenn: Thanks:} Send me a message when you see it...

AYWalton: alt is NGS this week or next?

vkn: ayw I sent you a long and ancient msg seeking a consult

bbenn: alt, are you attending the NGS meeting?

alt: next week.. 9th thru the 12th

daviss: Is that when Shelley will present?

AYWalton: ahhh ok.

bbenn: We will need to send our collective best wishes to Shelley:}

alt: I hope to go see Shelley do her thing on the 12th.. that's the only day I can make it.

AYWalton: Yes, Shelly will present at NGS. The only black speaker. at least as far as I can tell. I don't know all of the other speakers in each track, so perhaps there may be another.

bbenn: I submitted two proposals to NGS for next year..

AYWalton: I think that's good, bbenn.

daviss: fingers crossed bbenn

bbenn: We will see...:}

vkn: good bbenn keep em hopping

AYWalton: I did not submit any. Thought about it, but decided not to submit.

alt: that's in Las Vegas next year (NGS), right?

AYWalton: yes, I think that's right, alt.

daviss: Is that right alt>

bbenn: Yes, Las Vegas

daviss: hmmmm close to me....a 4 hr drive

vkn: one arm bandits a plenty lol

AYWalton: lol could be a nice drive with a gene-buddy.

bbenn: I am speaking in a couple of weeks in Louisiana - opening of a new Library...

AYWalton: If bbenn gets selected you will have to go an support her.

daviss: now I will have to cross my toes along with my fingers you get the nod bbenn

AYWalton: that's nice, bbenn. while you are in Louisiana I will be in Arkansas.

vkn: way to go bbenn

AYWalton: speaking at one of Tamela's events.

daviss: is that NO bbenn?

bbenn: They may run me out of there after I start naming a few folks who stole my gggranddaddy's landlol lol lol I will be diplomatic:}

daviss: lol

vkn: gotta do it bbenn

AYWalton: tell them the real deal, bbenn. they will have to hear it sooner or later.

bbenn: A couple of Parishes to the South of NOLA. Very small AA population.

AYWalton: wait--bbenn is this the one where you are the secret guest?

alt: just tell the truth .. i a 'factual way" they can't argue with that bbenn... and shouldn't be offended about the truth. LOL

bbenn: Oh, I have all of the facts. I have been searching court records for years. Of course the announcement named my gggrandfather. Surprise, surprise lol lol lol

alt: wonderful!!!!!!!

AYWalton: should be fun!! you will have to talk about that! can't wait to hear about it!

bbenn: I will. :}

AYWalton: well I had better run, folk. I just popped in for a few moments. Have a great afternoon, everyone.

daviss: perhaps this part of the log should be squashed so bbenn will remain a mystery

bbenn: yes, please squaselol lol lol

vkn: will do daviss

daviss: :? are you taking your sis with you bbenn

bbenn: Do any of you know about the Strader's - the first slave family that set the stage for the Dred Scott case?

daviss: no, not me bbenn

bbenn: No, hubby and another genealogist will travel with me. Hubby is going to capture this on film...

alt: gotta run.. y'all take care..

daviss: bye alt take care

vkn: I too be running First of month double running

daviss: ok vkn cya oops two slow

bbenn: Asking because I received a comment on LinkedIn from a genealogist who mentioned that the Strader's were her family members and that they set the stage for the Dred Scott case.

daviss: too slow my that is worth looking into did the Dred Scott desc know of them

bbenn: Yes, I asked her to share more and to come on my show.

daviss: interesting

bbenn: I will contact the DS descendant...

daviss: I have to run also. I need one lonely Lime from the store to make Salsa

bbenn: buy, nice chatting!

daviss: have all the rest of the ingredients

bbenn: bye - sorry for the typo

daviss: no prob cya later and take care Bye Selma

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