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2012-04-30 Black Schools


Start: 12:11:58
End: 13:16:16
Chatters: AYWalton, daviss, Selma, vkn

daviss: hi there!!!

AYWalton: Hey there Daviss!!!!!!!!!! how are you today?

daviss: heh!

AYWalton: I see you are the only one here so far!

daviss: sheesh

AYWalton: Oops you got bumped already? how odd. you will have to ask the tech folks to watch you as you log into a chat or something. have you updated you java script? usually there is a message from time to time to update it.

daviss: and I just checked my Internet real quick and there was no down alert

AYWalton: so odd.

daviss: Java is updated I was on Discuss Forum with a lady this morning and hoped she would meet us in here

AYWalton: something could be odd in your area, perhaps. oh that's nice. you might have to talk her into how to find it.

daviss: could be something here.. I left a post

AYWalton: I see. What area was she researching?

daviss: Ms. I saw that in 1900 and 1910 the presumed mother was 75 on both

AYWalton: Wow I just looked at the marriage record that you shared with the lady on that thread! That was amazing!!

daviss: the child she was searching was 15

AYWalton: where did you find that wonderful document?

daviss: kinda old for 75 but now that i think about it, she may have been 65 I think if she gets several of the kids dc she may find the answer she seeks I found that on Ancestry

AYWalton: and since she does not know exactly how to map her research plan, she is a little lost, but you helped her indeed. that was great!

daviss: also she needs to look in SC where the mother was listed as born

AYWalton: I wonder if we might want to start giving "live tips" for threads like this! How wonderful that you helped her. She needs some tips however to make sure she stays on track. I do hope she pops in.

daviss: I put the link in my post

AYWalton: I might ask vkn if some video tips might be useful for complicated, but solvable problems like this---if I can use the threads as a start off point.

daviss: good idea AYWalton

AYWalton: We always have beginners coming into our midst every day and this is exactly the kind of help that they want to have. You helped her a lot though. She was focused on the community where they lived---which is always a good starting point. But there are always clues on those documents---like the mother being born in SC.

daviss: right and old enough to be listed there in 70, and 80 1870,80

AYWalton: exactly! and many folks left SC after freedom, seeking a new life in other places. and Mississippi was a destination, although many of us don't really know this.

daviss: right!

AYWalton: For many of us born in the 20th century, Mississippi and other deep south communities were places of horror---lynchings, blatant horrific racism, and they were places to flee from, not flee to. But in the 1800s Mississippi was a destination. we have to be flexible in our thinking and how we analyze things. there is a temptation to see life through our own 20th and 21st century filter.

daviss: and of course those happenings were prevelant in all areas they fled to wow and some folks look at it as oh well get over it

AYWalton: quite interesting. I hope she does try to come in.

daviss: well it has been about 30 mins now so I don't know I did email vkn to move thread over to Gen Hist..Others may chime in there

AYWalton: perhaps an email follow up will be a good idea. greetings vkn!!!!!! howdy Mizz Selma!

daviss: No one hardly goes to Discuss but me lol lol

AYWalton: hold on---phone

daviss: Hi there vkn and Selma!

Selma: Good afternoon folks..AY, daviss and vkn

vkn: Heyyyyyyyyyy AYW Daviss Selma all y'all !!!!!!!!!

daviss: early morning for me lol but thats alright! lol

vkn: daviss we will be moving discuss to talking

Selma: Oops sorry daviss..good morning

daviss: oh ok. That discussion was Gen related though so it should be on another forum I also put a link to meet me here but......

vkn: I am just finishing breakfast Doing a book club in this complex and Skip Mason immediate past president of APhiA will launch the first session

daviss: thats great vkn...

Selma: Jeez got time to actually READ a BOOK

vkn: Will discuss the Wilkerson booka and Skip has issued mini books on most Atlanta communities lol@ Selma Actually Selma there is a resident here from Richmond VA who is the leader I only do behind the scenes

Selma: The Wilkerson book is great

daviss: It sure is Selma and to top that off she is the speaker in Utah at the Summit

vkn: We are going to listen to her speak Some here went to see her when she launched the book in Atlanta

Selma: Yes, I have heard her speak on Book TV a couple of times.. I am not going to make it to SLC

vkn: I posted a link to the talk she did at WGBH in Boston Oh too bad but you will do NC Selma

Selma: Like I said I have not choice.. Tamela is now president.. LOL

vkn: lol lol and the same with AYW lol

Selma: I am going to June

daviss: How did you enjoy the Roots show last night?

Selma: It was good..

vkn: ahhhhhhhh maybe we can lunch are you coming via Hotlanta

Selma: Oh actually I am I will check my schedule

daviss: the only thing that irked me was that skip kept going back to him and his family He could have spent those mins on the guests lol

Selma: Glad to see Frazine

vkn: David Paterson i s here for a week doing research at Emory for his Jan 13 publication Hope ti dine with him

daviss: yes that was nice

Selma: Oh...good for hime..hope you all will get together

vkn: Yes that was a surprise and pleasure to see Frazine I hope so too Selma BUT he is on deadline

Selma: Hey he still has to eat.. LOL

daviss: brb

vkn: I reckon

daviss: ok back I was struck by Ruth Simmons and her story

Selma: too daviss..what an incredible life journey

vkn: Selma I would like us to review logs seeking unanswered quest, misinformation and info to be modified on a periodic basis with you as the Maven

Selma: Ok..we will talk about his right

vkn: yassum idea is just rolling in head

Selma: daviss..Simmons was born in Rural Texas..and then moved to houston as a child?

daviss: Grapevine to be exact lol

vkn: Sadonya and I talked this morning she has offered/agreed to do a five day a week seek to find chat from 4-6 daily 5 in the chat

daviss: I saw that Selma. Do you remember her maiden name

Selma: I don't understand what you just wrote vkn.. Was it Stubblefield?..going to listen again

daviss: Yes!!!

vkn: will xplain when we talk Selma

Selma: OK vkn..

daviss: I was wondering if she were related to Ruth who was also researching in Tx

vkn: Electra says she is from the original Stubblefield group

Selma: Her story and her siblings showed what an education can do for a person

daviss: Historically Black Colleges

vkn: Determined parents

daviss: I wonder where she went H-town has Texas Southern

Selma: She went to Dillard in New Orleans..

daviss: awww ok

Selma: She is stepping down in June 2012...ugh

vkn: Well I wish they could all say something other than "WOW" there must be a Thesarus somewhere lol

Selma: She will remain as a Professor

vkn: Prof is easier Prez is too politic ahhhhh Dillard

AYWalton: back

vkn: Someone was speaking of Milton and Yates last week many of those students go to Dillard

daviss: Milton?

vkn: in Houston Daviss

daviss: I know Yates but not Milton My mom went to Yates

vkn: Highly competitive daviss

daviss: Douglas I remember also

vkn: ahhhhhhhhh Dawson was principal of one his daughter was my college roommate

AYWalton: wow the world is so small.

vkn: What year for your mother daviss

daviss: had to be in the late 30's I imagine. Not really sure

vkn: Indeed it is AYW her grandparents founded a provate school in Tougaloo MS for Black students cannot recall name of school

Selma: AY..we missed you in the chat last night..did you watch the Gates segment

AYWalton: No I missed it. Hubby and I were visiting friends in Prince George's County. We did not get home till after 10 pm. I will watch it today probably.

vkn: private... I think it is still in existence

Selma: Ok...we are allowed a REAL life once a week.. LOL

AYWalton: vkn there were so many private schools in the 30s and 40s. So many have disappeared.

vkn: lol

AYWalton: even into the 50s but they vanished. and now folks send children to the mostly white boarding schools which are still thriving. what a pity our own schools have closed. so many were quite good. I find their history to be so ingtriguing. Like Piney Woods, and Palmer Memorial and others

vkn: Wish I could recall name but that capacity has diminished but I think it was pre 30's AYW like the school I attended in Oxford NC Mary Potter Asademy

AYWalton: in Oklahoma there was Oak Hill, yes, Mary Potter

daviss: Mary Potter didnt they have several

AYWalton: plus most of the black colleges in the 10's 20s and 30s had preparatory schools. I wrote an article about them in an old blog post about a year or two ago.

vkn: Of course MaryPotter boys dorm is now a police station but the students reunion every year

AYWalton: VKN----I just found the Tougaloo school I had an ad for the school in my blog post!! take a look: it is the second image.

vkn: The Founder George Bernard Shaw was funded by Freedmens Bureau and Presbyterian Synod

daviss: I could have sworn I had an aunt who taught at a Mary Potter School in Texas

AYWalton: it was called Tougaloo Academy

vkn: oh really wonderful AYW you are on it

daviss: oops

AYWalton: I wish there were more about such schools.

vkn: okay i will have to ask Barbara to fill me in we speaj periodically

daviss: who is Barbara vkn? Is that your roommate in college'

vkn: Her grandson has a scholarshio to the BFA program operated by Alonzo the world is small yes daviss

daviss: oh ok

vkn: I have the whole history of Mary Potter AYW and sister of Barnetta has gobs and gobs

daviss: AYWalton take a look at Mariah's Zepher lastest post

AYWalton: oh yes I will do that today, daviss!

vkn: She is national president of MPM reunion

AYWalton: vkn, is Mary Potter still around?

vkn: only the grounds ayw

Selma: Very nice Blog AY..knocked me out of the room send me the link daviss to your Blog Post..

AYWalton: really Selma? any buildings still standing there? where exactly is Potter?

Selma: Off topic..but just heard up date on John Edwards very, very seedy

AYWalton: oh what is the latest? to think----he might have been president. all thrown away, now.

Selma: sister really liked him as a candidate.. shaking my head

vkn: In fact ayw it was second prez of MPM who denied tenur to Skip at Yale at leas his son Thomas herman Davis did tenure

Selma: I have to run for real now folks..have a great day.

AYWalton: interesting!

vkn: yuppers

AYWalton: well I had also better run. Have a wonderful day everyone.

daviss: ok see you all later

vkn: I have the MPM student directory in the AfriGeneas library

daviss: I will check it out vkn

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