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2012-04-29 Sunday Morn & 1940


Start: 11:18:34
End: 12:53:36
Chatters: alt, AYWalton, bbenn, Daviss, Family Griot, Selma, vkn

vkn: Howdy just checking in with candle burning -both ends- Yall be good

bbenn: Good Morning vkn Where is everyone?

vkn: bbenn good morning to you

bbenn: Did you hear Afrigeneas mentioned in the opening and closing of the show? I have had wonderful luck with the 1940 census. Found my ggrandfather, Aunt and Uncles on yesterday.

vkn: I did I did was wonderful

bbenn: Still cannot find my mother and father. They must be in hiding:}

vkn: my goodness on phone

bbenn: ok:}

vkn: daughter in cali

bbenn: I need to call my daughter

vkn: understanding

bbenn: Have a good day!

vkn: out of here

Daviss: morning alt!!

alt: wow! machine acting up this AM... How are ya doing Daviss?

Daviss: heyyy alt wb how are you doing? tell me about the puter acting up, you know I know!:(

alt: hello bbenn

Daviss: Afternoon to you bbenn!

bbenn: Hello alr and Daviss. I was online earlier. Hello alt - my fingers are not working...

AYWalton: Good afternoon, all.

bbenn: hello aywalton

AYWalton: Hello there alt, bbenn, Daviss!

alt: read your NFL draft blog Daviss ... very interesting take on the Draft & Genealogy.... cute :)

Daviss: bbenn when you were in, I was probably just rolling over lol

bbenn: Found more folks in the census on yesterday

AYWalton: lucky you, bbenn!

Daviss: thanks for reading it alt, lol

alt: hello AYWalton

bbenn: About 30 minutes ago chatting with vkn.

AYWalton: Hope you are all doing well.

Daviss: thats good bbenn, congrats as usual

alt: seems like once you 'hit a pocket' on the 1940 census, it is like a gold mine, huh bbenn?

AYWalton: what did you find, bbenn?

bbenn: aywalton, did the associated press quote you?

AYWalton: not that I am aware of, I have not seen any article as yet, bbenn.

bbenn: yes, it is like a gold mine. I still cannot find my mother and father...they are in hiding lol lol

AYWalton: has there been an article? I still can't find my dad.

Daviss: nor can I find my dad or mother

bbenn: I have not seen any articles..

alt: the routes taken by those enumerators is often quite confusing.. folks aren't where you think they should be,even in the same city,

Daviss: thats for sure alt

alt: you almost have to follow the street names in the margins... and hoepfully they did write street names in the margins.

bbenn: alt, that's my problem. I have the NOLA addresses, but cannot find my grandmother, ggrandmother, aunts or cousins. The census taker walked in circles.

AYWalton: I think if folks were not home at the time they had to double back.

bbenn: I found all of them in the phone directory.

AYWalton: So the pattern of the family may have also affected how they collected data.

alt: they sure did bbenn, up on side of the street, around corners and then back on the other side of the street... 3-4 pages later LOL

bbenn: lol lol aywalton, what do you mean the "pattern of the family"?

Daviss: lol bbenn you were lucky...your folks were city-fied lol

bbenn: lol lol lol

AYWalton: I meant their daily pattern---work in the home, outside the home, children away from home.

alt: and I've even seen a couple of cases where "across the street' ended up being in another ED.

bbenn: oh, ok I understand

AYWalton: Did folks work during the day, or night, were they rural, urban, etc.

Daviss: yes alt as in the case of my Taylor grandmother and her neighbor the Hendersons

bbenn: well, my rural folks were in the house when the enumerator knocked on the door because they owned their own farms.

Daviss: They lived right across the fence

AYWalton: but if they were on that day in the field or in the town collecting supplies---those unknown tidbits of the day the census taker came a callilng, so to speak.

bbenn: My SC kinfolks migrated to Washington, DC and I found them in a boarding house on P street. I am going to go to that house and take a picture of it. They were hired in private homes as maids and/servants.

AYWalton: .......or at a funeral, or papa was in the field, the children were in school and mama was down the road helping Mizz Emma in childbirth, know what I mean, that sort of thing.

bbenn: The DC census is digitized as available on

alt: yeah, there can be all types of 'crazy' reasons why things aren't reported as we think they should have been reported. DC is now search by an Index, like Delaware & Nevada? wonderful!!!!

bbenn: Indexing does make life much easier. I found my SC cousin in 2 minutes. Her name is Willie May and she is listed as Willie Mary.

Daviss: no need for me to look there until the 50's. Then I should see a cousin In DC that is

AYWalton: Howdy FamilyGriot!

Family Griot: Good day all! alt, AYWalton, bbenn, Daviss

alt: hmmn DC indexed... I should see some college classmates from DC who came to Ohio for college.

bbenn: Hi Family Griot!

alt: Hello Family Griot

Daviss: Hello Family!!

Family Griot: Sorry I'm late, nephew just left...

AYWalton: no problem

Daviss: You are forgiven Family Griot!

Family Griot: Thank you! Daviss! lol

AYWalton: did anyone catch WDYTYA on Friday?

alt: just don't let it happen again Family Griot LOL LOL

Daviss: hee hee

Family Griot: I tried to watch, but ...

bbenn: The last one to log on needs to start a new conversation! Ok, what's new with you today?lol lol

AYWalton: I was late in realizing that it was on, then a cousin phoned and we talked family history so that was more enjoyable anyway.

Family Griot: Hot wheels! lol

Daviss: Oh Family, take a peek at the answer to a post you put up

bbenn: lol lol lol

AYWalton: lol

Family Griot: OMG 2 year olds are whew a handful!

AYWalton: Family Griot you have ties in Brooklyn, right? Hey Mizz Selma!!!

Daviss: Heyyy Selma!

Family Griot: No. That would be former chatter Jay and AAdancer

alt: I saw most of it AYWalton ... Rob Lowe and his Rev War Hessian ancestor who fought for both the

Family Griot: Hi Selma

bbenn: hEY Selma

alt: & the colonies

AYWalton: I will catch it online, eventually.

Daviss: wow two names I almost forgot!! How is Jay anyway?

alt: British & the Colonies

bbenn: I missed the show on Friday, was it good?

Selma: Good Sunday morning alt, AY, bbenn, Daviss and family Griot

Family Griot: I did see that, a lot of that history is local history up here where I live. We have a Hessian lake

AYWalton: tonight Samuel Jackson will be on the Gates program.

Family Griot: Story is that the Hessians were driven into the lake by the American troops where they drowned.

Selma: Don't think he actually fought with the Colonist..he paid a tax which supported the Revolution

AYWalton: Selma I think that Karen's folks were with the Hessians, or fought the Hessians or something like that.

Family Griot: Hessians were German paid soldiers, though they didn't say they were mercenaries, they were. I don't know why they tried to dress it up.

AYWalton: Selma, did London Ladd ever make it to your area?

Selma: I think I read that AY..but I was surprised, cause I didn't realize that Oh yes..AY..I have pictures..

AYWalton: when was he there?

Selma: I met him at HU Archives..

AYWalton: did you take him to Emancipation Oak?

Selma: No I didn't but he did go there..

AYWalton: Did you get to show him Ft. Monroe or did he get there?

Family Griot: I'm looking forward to tonight's Finding Your Roots.

Selma: He was here the beginning of the Monroe.. He got there..

Daviss: who is Londan Ladd ya'all?

AYWalton: hope he had a tour of the facility.

bbenn: Got to run! Have a wonderful day!:}

AYWalton: he is an artist illustrating a children's book called The Freedom Tree.

alt: So Selma, do you think Rob Lowe should qualify as an SAR since his ancestor really didin't 'fight' with the Colonist?

Selma: Well apparently that is one of the qualifications which allows it alt..which I did not realize..I thought he had to actually have been in the military.

AYWalton: I think the book will be about Mary Peake who was the first black teacher of formerly enslaved children.

Daviss: oh ok. AA I presume as I was thinking of Alan Ladd

Family Griot: Did he qualify? I got the impression that he didn't but that the family records were just kept at DAR's repository.

Selma: Alan Ladd..the actor from long ago

Daviss: yes

Selma: Boy we are old.. lOL

Daviss: lol lol

AYWalton: I was wondering who Alan Ladd was. :)

alt: that was my thought too .. that they had to actually be in the military.

Selma: You ain't that young AY

AYWalton: hey I ain't that old (and if I am don't tell anybody---trying to keep up my image!)

Selma: LOL

alt: Alan Ladd .... Shane, in the movie with Jack Palance .. wow does that date me LOL

AYWalton: Don't be blowing my cover, Selma!

Daviss: My man jack Palance

alt: he was 'tuff' Daviss

Daviss: yep!

Selma: Hey with as much metal in my cover was blown 4 years ago

Family Griot: lol Selma

Daviss: :o

Family Griot: So I guess you don't fly often, huh? :}

alt: how long does it take you to get thru airport security Selma?

Family Griot: They try to stop you now just because. . . I hate flying.

AYWalton: don't they give you a medical card or something to show to the TSA folks? I would hope so. I know someone who has something to show because they have a pace maker. That is supposed to keep them from going through the X ray.

Daviss: oops didn't mean to get off topic lol

AYWalton: flying is no longer fun, though.

Family Griot: Not at all.

alt: interesting question posed by Robert Goins on AA's and the US Postal Service.. we found a couple of follow up links that stated that AA's were used to de;iver the mail as early as 1802.

AYWalton: Family Griot congrats on finishing the Adams County marriage records.

Family Griot: Thanks, 3/4 done...

Selma: They don't car about NO card...I get frisked.

AYWalton: that is inteesting, alt. Oh by the way---there is an interesting article in Family Chronicle by Janis Forte of Chicago, about proving that her ancestors were with the US Postal Service as well.

Family Griot: alt, are we talking the Pony Express?

alt: they're getting 'fresh' with ya Selma LOL LOL

AYWalton: I was thrilled to see an article by a black writer in that issue. I don't think the Pony Express existed at that time, Family Griot?

Family Griot: That's all I could think of... :} I think there were some AA riders with them.

Daviss: do you get that at home AYWalton?

AYWalton: that was a western frontier way of delivering mail.

Family Griot: oh alt, were those children in the 1965 photo your children?

AYWalton: and the Pony Express only officially existed for delivering mail from Missouri to San Francisco and only last officially for one year.

alt: yep, those are my 4 'babies' Family Griot

AYWalton: 1860s time period for the Pony Express

Daviss: Selma, I have corn shucking duty again today lol

AYWalton: well I had better run folks. Have a great day everyone.

Selma: and how much are you shucking today daviss

Daviss: this time only about 12-15 lol not bad

Family Griot: Kids area adorable alt... :} the boy must be John Carter's grandfather..

Selma: So are we chatting tonight daviss?

alt: thanks Family Griot, the girls on my left is John Carter's grandmother.

Family Griot: Did anyone read the piece on facebook about Alicia Keys 'family secret?'

Daviss: How did you like the Correspondance Dinner last night yes Selma

Selma: and what is Alicia Key's family secret Daviss?

Daviss: no Family Griot, what is her secret

Selma: Oops family griot

Family Griot: They didn't tell it, but she didn't show on African American lives because of it.

alt: I didn't catch most of the jokes Daviss, guess they went over my head.

Selma: Obama got some good jokes in daviss

Daviss: lol I would take her in the family

Family Griot: oh there was a long discussion about 'family secrets'...

Daviss: yes there were some hilarious jokes

Selma: So what was her secret?

Family Griot: I hear them all the time because of the research I do.. She never revealed it. Apparently it was at the grandmother' request that she not appear on the show.

alt: wonder if Pres. Obama can 'play the dozens' LOL LOL

Family Griot: nope! lol

Selma: Well glad she respected her grandmother's wishes..

Daviss: he did not bite his tongue last night alt lol

Selma: Folks gotta run..see you all tonight.

Daviss: ok Sel

Family Griot: ok see you later Selma

alt: later Selma

Selma: Have a great day

Daviss: How is Anita alt?

alt: she's doing well Daviss, I'll tell her you asked about her.

Daviss: please do!

Family Griot: Did you read the latest 'draft picks' from Daviss?? :}

alt: I did

Daviss: lol lol the question is, Did you Family?

Family Griot: Do you read your facebook comments? lol Of course!

Daviss: just cause you commented does not mean anything

alt: i'm gonna have to check her Indiana Tolbert's out..... what years were they in Indiana Daviss?

Family Griot: Nice analogy, but I just can't do that football thing... lol

Daviss: Had to be before 1870 alt

Family Griot: Ok well I read it Daviss.. lol

Daviss: thanks, and pass it on to Seventies and L.T. please.. I need readers :?

Family Griot: Ok I will tweet it... just cause I like ya! :}

alt: oh, okay Daviss, beofre my folks got to Indiana, but there wer Tolbert's in the Greencastle/Terre Haute are in the late 1800's, early 1900's.

Family Griot: Y'all could be kin... :)

Daviss: the line may still be there alt as we well know

alt: could be Family Griot, I'll claim her, if she claims me LOL

Family Griot: lol

Daviss: Just think of where I could be if they had put the county as well as the states on the census lol I would claim you partner

Family Griot: Oh I am considering putting a podcast on my long dormant website... lol Just 'reading' my blog posts. But I've learned so so so much more since I started blogging

alt: okay partner

Family Griot: lol y'all so country!

Daviss: good for you Family. Pretty soon we may see you presenting at these conferences

Family Griot: Oh I don't know Daviss.... You know so many of the older people who know the families and the area are dying.

alt: we have a traffic light in our "city' and our McDonald's has 2 arches... how bout where you live Family Griot? LOL

Daviss: lol lol lol

Family Griot: Ah lol you remembered!!!! Well we have a McD's with two arches, Subway, Burger King AND Taco Bell. And we just installed a traffic light! LOL LOL LOL But it only works in cases of emergencies... lol lol lol

alt: go on wid yo bad self then girlfriend LOL

Daviss: now alt, first me, then you. Lets get our heads together

Family Griot: Let me get going! You two are a riot! LOL

Daviss: have a nice day Family lol

Family Griot: Daviss will you be on chat tonight??

alt: later's Family Griot & Daviss

Daviss: dunno, you know I cant see it when you do but I may pop in " just cause"

Family Griot: Ok please do... It should be a dynamic chat and a dynamic show..

Daviss: hmmmm

Family Griot: Let me go take care of some things... have a good day with the family.

Daviss: u2 take care

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