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2012-04-27 WDYTYA


Start: 20:35:32
End: 21:18:55
Chatters: ev pace, Family Griot, keli1, rcs

ev pace: Anybody home? rcs good evening.

rcs: good evening

ev pace: I did not see the first 15 mins so I can't update you.

rcs: A little odd for e why was a Hessian diary in nicely written English?

ev pace: He read earlier too.

rcs: yes "reproduction & Translation" ????

Family Griot: Hello ev pace and rcs

rcs: hello

Family Griot: long time no see.

ev pace: Welcome I know.

Family Griot: I totally forgot that there was WDYTYA chat tonight. busy doing a transcription.

ev pace: Busy here with DC Emancipation activities.

Family Griot: I think a lot of people are watching the NFL draft... I read about that ev pace. How's it going so far?

ev pace: Better than earlier years but necessary to remind us all of our history here in DC which was hidden for so long.

Family Griot: good. Hope the event is very successful. I'm going to have to catch this episode on Hulu later.

rcs: It is pretty TV happy Ending with the "good news" by the fireplace etc

ev pace: Last night I heard a lecture re slaves in DC by CRGibbs,a community historian and Graves,a descendent of the founder and owner of the famous Wormley Hotel and enterpprises.....excellent Family Griot.

rcs: Guess I' turning into a cynical curmudgeon

Family Griot: rcs... lol

rcs: Good night

Family Griot: ok nice ev pace

ev pace: i wish for more of our stories.

Family Griot: Maybe I'll have to get a list of events and jet off down there for a weekend sometimes. Watch Finding Your Roots on Sunday on PBS. That is going to be a good episode.

ev pace: Next time/

Family Griot: Samuel Jackson, Condaleza Rice and Ruth Miller

ev pace: Yes for sure.

Family Griot: Ok ev pace, you have a good weekend. Enjoy the events. And there will be a chat for that show on Sunday evening. Stop by if you get a chance.

ev pace: Where is the Team tonight? Take care Family Griot.

Family Griot: I don't know.. lol WDYTYA can be boring a times. I think the general concensus is that we'll watch when AA are featured.

keli1: Hello

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