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2012-04-26 Ancestry absorbs Archives


Start: 12:06:51
End: 13:11:31
Chatters: alt, AYWalton, bbenn, daviss, Daviss, Selma, Seventies Soulchild, vkn, yatah

Selma: Afternoon/morning daviss Hi yatah

yatah: hi all

Daviss: hello Selma and yatah! Hi alt

Selma: Afternoon Daviss...

alt: Hi ladies... Daviss, Selma & yatah.. hope you are all doing well today.

Selma: will be proud of me I found my first find on the not my mother in law and father in law

Daviss: Thats great Selma!, Congrats and yes I am proud

Selma: LOL

alt: not Daviss, but congrats nevertheless Selma

yatah: cool

Selma: Thanks alt..

Daviss: Did it take more than one ED dist to find them?

alt: is this in WV?

Selma: I figured I would start with something more manageable before I tacked NYC

Daviss: lol

Selma: No they were living in Lynchburg VA..where my father in law was from

alt: okay... yep.. Lynchburg would be easier than NYC LOL

Daviss: Hmmmm my grand-daughters gr grandfather Fred Harris was from Lynchburg

Selma: It was pretty easy..I knew where I found him and his family in used the site to to get the enumeration district..

alt: do you have an address for your NYC folks in 1930? 1940? exactly Selma... the search feature by Steve Morse is very helpful

Selma: I actually wasn't sure if they were there yet, I was looking for his parents, but they obviously had finished college, had married and moved to lynchburg Oh yes Morse should be really is very good

alt: I think so too Selma

Daviss: yep, me too

Selma: My Mom has given me 2 street address, figured I would tackle that this later on today or tomorrow

alt: after your nap LOL lOL

Selma: Yes..after my nap.. LOL They probably moved within a year or two, because my sister in law is born in DC

Daviss: get that soft tissue to keep those dollars from fogging up lol

Selma: I printed it out gonna send to my sister in law and brother in law

Daviss: dollars meaning glasses lol

Selma: I was wondering daviss.. LOL

Daviss: but then again I sit and look to long at a time :?

alt: great Selma... those images have a way a getting folks excited and they begin to understand why we get so 'hepped up' with those bits & pieces of information found in genealogy records.

AYWalton: Good afternoon, all. Howdy alt, Daviss, Selma yatah

Daviss: I have still not tackled my Houston texas quest yet. No addy just going to circle the wagons around the school my mom went to

alt: hello AYWalton.. how you doing today?

AYWalton: fine and you?

Daviss: heyy AYWalton!

AYWalton: howdy Mizz Daviss!! hope you are well, today.

Selma: Afternoon AY

Daviss: yes thanks..feeling good so far

AYWalton: greetings Mizz Selma

Daviss: Did you enlarge the print Selma or did it come out well enough to see hello there vkn!

AYWalton: greetings, vkn!!!!

alt: hello vkn, how 'be's' ya... alt is doing fine LOL Hello bbenn

AYWalton: hello there, bbenn!!!!!

vkn: heyyy all y'all Was concerned 'bout you alt

yatah: hi all

bbenn: Hello alt

vkn: Heyyyyyyyy AYW

bbenn: Hello vkn, aywalton, Daviss, Selma, yatah!

Daviss: Hi there bbenn!!

alt: Daviss, they images I've sent coming from have been 'large".

Daviss: ok alt thx.. I put a couple on FB and folks said they could not read

alt: these were sent in an email Daviss

Selma: Afternoon bbenn and vkn

alt: did I read that Ancestry has purchased

AYWalton: Yes, you did read that, alt. Another major coup for Ancestry.

bbenn: I wonder what impact will the purchase have on the cost of a subscription

alt: guess I won't renew my subscription to Archives nest year.... LOL

vkn: Having a "FiveGuys" for lunch and y'all know how messy they can be so i will just be listening alt AYW bbenn daviss Selma Yatah

Selma: That is an understatement AY..obviously archives dot come couldn't handle it

yatah: yeah

Selma: I enlarged it daviss..then printed current view on 2 pages to tape together, she can't see like me either

daviss: It must have been it the works for quite awhile

alt: does that mean you're being successful when 'absorbs' you? LOL

Selma: I keep telling you all its "incestuous"

bbenn: Probably, this certainly did not happen overnight. Interesting because they were awarded a big contract to upload all of the 1940 census ...:?

Selma: Ancestry will have it all before its all over...if they don't have it already Yes..that is bbenn

daviss: durn it

bbenn: Smart business men or women:|

Selma: No you are REALLY successfull..when Facebook or microsoft absorbs you

daviss: lol

alt: okay Selma

bbenn: That's right!

vkn: Selma that is an UNDERSTATEMENT but you are a thousand percent correct

AYWalton: I don't think that it will go away as a site, alt. At least so far Fold3 (Footnote) is still a separate entity. Daviss are you getting bumped?

Seventies Soulchild: hey hey hey!

alt: Fold3 is subscription too, right? Hi Seventies Soulchild, tardy slip ..... please LOL

bbenn: Hello Seventies Soulchild

Seventies Soulchild: lol I had some business to take care of...

Selma: Hi seventies

alt: well, okay if you say so Seventies Soulchild

Seventies Soulchild: hi alt, AYWlaton, bbenn, daviss, Selma, vkn & yatah

vkn: Seventies

daviss: sheesh! I guess I am a revolving door today

Seventies Soulchild: :) alt

AYWalton: yes it is a subscription site, alt. howdy SoulChile!

vkn: Hold on Daviss

daviss: hi soulchild!

alt: wonderful how much the Fold3, & record sets & database will 'overlap".... I can't be subscribing to all three LOL

daviss: lol fold3 now good for Military records

bbenn: Family Search will it free ...

Seventies Soulchild: yes, they keep talking about how they will give discounts for current ancestry users to Fold3.

yatah: ahh i hate in brick wall litte

alt: let's hope so bbenn re:familysearch & free

bbenn: Really, I have ancestry and fold3 -- no discount yet..

yatah: my family history

Seventies Soulchild: yes when ancestry first merged with Fold3, they offered a discount. They have one on Ancestry now for Fold3

bbenn: hmmmm ....missed that.

Seventies Soulchild: Well I e-mailed them and asked. Soon after they put something out about it.

AYWalton: alt are there records that are unique to to explore?

alt: change is sumpin else..... I;ve still got, now useless CD's bought from Heritage Quest on AA's in Census records and the complete set of 1880 census records on CD.. think it cost something like 59.95.

vkn: My goodness daviss

alt: I think so AYWalton ... the complete listing of databses on Ancestry is IMHO 'fantastic'.

Seventies Soulchild: wow.

daviss: I am scared to even type anything vkn lol

Selma: Well alt..they were not useless at the time..

vkn: I too have many of those discs alt. Progress is expensive

AYWalton: I remember that alt. I bought the CD set as well.

alt: that's right Selma... do you need any 'coasters" lol lol

vkn: I will investigate with the developer daviss

AYWalton: It is still worth playing with sometimes, but no longer needed as research tool.

daviss: I am wondering if the weather has something to do with me getting bumped

AYWalton: that is strange, daviss

vkn: Are you current with java daviss

daviss: internet access keeps going out

vkn: ahhhhh

Seventies Soulchild: stormy weaaatherrrr??? LOL

alt: I just checked.. must hav 30 CD's purchased from FTM, Heritage Quest, etc. over the years.

vkn: and all those discs of the 1880 census

alt: right vkn LOL

AYWalton: I have quite a few as well. they are good though for some high resolution images of census pages. but otherwise---time to pitch or donate.

Selma: It is interesting fast some of these things changed..from early 1991 when I started to now..

alt: I guess so AYWalton sure is Selma

Selma: Now its almost like a new thing every day..

bbenn: ancient lol lol lol lol Time does fly:}

Seventies Soulchild: That was ancient.. lol over 20 years ago!

AYWalton: It sure does.

Selma: That my dear is an understatment

alt: seems like bbenn & I did a 'thing' on the changes over the last 20 years or so LOL lOL LOL

AYWalton: Oh bbenn I liked the video from the Archives where you appeared.

vkn: and you should see all the stuff lectra purchased WOW She has now donated all of it to a library in Oakland

bbenn: yes alt, that's right lol my dear brother calculated my appearance at 22 secondslol lol

AYWalton: Many places still have old computers and don't all have good access.

vkn: That is another story AYW so it is yes and no

AYWalton: You looked good, bbenn. I see.

bbenn: Thanks!

alt: canI say you looked good too bbenn? LOL LOL LOL

AYWalton: sounds like an interesting story, vkn

bbenn: Sure:} :}

alt: you looked good bbenn :)

bbenn: It is interesting sitting among the history buffs, they really know their Civil War history

alt: speaking of some old 'stuff' with those CD's are some 3.5 disks with FTM software vsersions on it..... LOL LOL

Selma: I have those too alt..

alt: hehehehe Selma.. do you still have a 3.5 disk drive on your PC?

Selma: I took some of those to Kinko's they put on a CD for me

alt: oh, okay Selma

AYWalton: does anyone have a Kindle?

alt: not me

Selma: I do..

AYWalton: I have found a wonderful way to get more things loaded onto it. there is a great program for free, called Send To Kindle.

Selma: Jeez I have one book on mine..can't get use to it

AYWalton: I have over 100 books on my kindle---all were free.

vkn: Interesting ayw tell us more

bbenn: aywalton...does your kindle cause eye strain?

AYWalton: but I have found other books online, many that dont; have a Kindle app.

vkn: Selma are you planning to attend conference in NC

AYWalton: but by saving it as a PDF then you can easily Send To Kindle.

Selma: You mean aahgs?

AYWalton: No bbenn, the image is great for the eyes. Not like looking into a computer screen.

vkn: Yes mam

AYWalton: there is no bright light from a screen. it looks like paper.

bbenn: ok

Selma: I have no choice now..Tamela is AAHGS President.she will come and get me

vkn: Yes mam Selma

AYWalton: lol @ Selma---I hear ya! I don't want her to give me the beat down....I may also have to attend! she will bring different energy into the organization. Bbenn for reading, the basic Kindle is best.

bbenn: lol lol

AYWalton: not the Kindle Fire, because the screen looks like a computer screen.

yatah: i look up and look thur and see i can find something

AYWalton: And the Kindle stays charged for a month.

vkn: Yatah are you going to the conference in SLC

bbenn: Well, my daughter is either getting me a flip-pal scanner or:} a kindle for mother's day.

yatah: i not have decide yet

AYWalton: a scanner is nice---but if your a book lover---I would vote for the Kindle.

Selma: Yatah what did you find on the 1940 census

AYWalton: but either would be great to get.

Seventies Soulchild: I have the kindle... eh.. not impressed. Biggest issue is no expandable memory slot.

bbenn: I love books...

Selma: Me too I said..I Love Paper.. LOL

AYWalton: it is not a computer, it's just an ereader.

alt: I'm a collector of documents so I would opt for the flip pal scanner.

AYWalton: I love paper as well........but for those rare out of print books that one might want to have for the content---I am surprised, but I love my Kindle.

yatah: selma i try find on mintz an davis and darby and quiller all in south carolina same city and courtny

Selma: Oh I hadn't thought of that AY..

AYWalton: I just downloaded today the manual for several Black benevolent societies.

Selma: Yatah..did you find them?

Seventies Soulchild: nook has an expandable microsd port. hmmm... oh well.

vkn: ayw I have a kindle app on my ipad but have not used as yet

Seventies Soulchild: Bye y'all

AYWalton: Plus---I also have tons of classics---that I would never purchase for my bookshelves, but need to read.

yatah: no still look thur

AYWalton: Like Moby Dick---I never read it, don't want to buy it, but want to read it. I now have it----it was free as a classic.

yatah: i hope i can find soon selma

AYWalton: I have also downloaded all of the OZ books---I had never read them all.

Selma: AY..I need the images for some of those benevolent societies..Knights of Tabor

bbenn: bye, nice chatting!

AYWalton: Would never go out of my way to purchase---but now I have them. by bbenn

Selma: By bbenn

AYWalton: I just downloaded Fr. Dickson's book on the Knights of Tabor.

Selma: from the free site AY?

AYWalton: Sent it to my Kindle for free. I would never find it a Barnes and Nobles.

vkn: Would encourage you to attend yatah

Selma: what is the name of the site again?

AYWalton: and I would have to pay several hundred dollars from an antiquarian book dealer to own it. yatah will we meet you in Salt Lake City?

yatah: you want see me in person lol

AYWalton: surely you will not let us come all the way to Utah, and you won't drive to meet any of us.

Selma: Folks..gotta run..have a great day

AYWalton: Some of us will travel over a thousand miles to get there and to network with others. hopefully you can make the drive to see your AfriGeneas buddies at least for a hot second. lol

yatah: i will let you know if i come there slc in oct right

AYWalton: IF? IF? lol

yatah: hee

AYWalton: oh well...........

vkn: yes and less than 40 miles Yatah

AYWalton: wow so close.

yatah: i need get interpreter for mr yes i am 45 min from slc

vkn: We can get LDS to help yatah

AYWalton: there might be some there. There usually are at the FHC in SLC, I believe. they are very accommodating. I recall seeing interpreters at one of the banquets, I know.

vkn: Agreed ayw

AYWalton: and they were local people on site. very nice folks

yatah: i went there fhc when i have no children i know fhc has lot of information more there is nice folk out there slc fhc

AYWalton: Well I had better run, folks. have a great afternoon.

vkn: c ya yatah

yatah: ok

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