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2012-04-22 Pollen & Pollen


Start: 11:50:02
End: 12:29:29
Chatters: alt, AYWalton, Selma, Statustray, vkn

AYWalton: Good morning alt.

alt: Hi,,,, computer was frozen for a moment... how are you doing this AM?

AYWalton: hello vkn

alt: Hello vkn... how goes it?

vkn: Good Sunday to each of you

AYWalton: hope you are well this morning.

vkn: I am here Thanx

AYWalton: well that's good.

vkn: oops did alt get bumped

AYWalton: don't mind me, I am multi-tasking---too many screens open.

vkn: I see how are you ayw

AYWalton: well this is allergy season for me, (of course that is all the time) and it steps up a knotch in Arpil. But taking anti-histamines and still going about doing the things I do anyway. So otherwise ok. which reminds me to go take my zyrtec--I forgot! brb

vkn: Glad to hear that otherwise is ok I am in to heavy doctoring for the past several days

AYWalton: ok all drugged up. lol oh that sounds serious. sorry to hear that.

vkn: so am I lol

AYWalton: greetings Statustray! good to see you. wb alt

Statustray: Good morning alt, AYWalton, and vkn ;-)

vkn: Howdy Statustray

AYWalton: hope all is well with you statustray.

alt: Hello again,, Hi Statustray

Statustray: Things are alright. Thanks for asking ;-) How's things with everyone?

vkn: hello alt I thought you were bumped

AYWalton: allergies but otherwise ok, thanks. screen unfrozen, alt?

Statustray: Same here with me too. Allergies are kicking my butt... rofl...

AYWalton: I know what you mean.

alt: vkn, just read back on the conversation,,, you doing okay?

vkn: fair to mostly cloudy

Statustray: Hi there elma ;)

alt: take care of yourself vkn... please!!!!

AYWalton: well hopefully the sun will come out soon, vkn. Greetings Mizz Selma!

Selma: Good sunday morning folk...

Statustray: Hey, hey, hey again Selma

AYWalton: how are you tis morning.

alt: hello Selma.. how you doing?

vkn: thanx alt and ayw

Selma: Good..raining here..and do we need it

AYWalton: tis = this

Statustray: it's raining here too

AYWalton: we do too. Wash some of the pollen away, hopefully.

Selma: the pollen, everything is yellow here, from cars to the sidewalks

AYWalton: I know how it gets down in your area, Selma. I remember being there back in the 1990s and pollen was beating me up then, as well. lol

Selma: This is allergy sufferers worse nightmare in this area..

AYWalton: Usually when the azaleas are blooming is a particularly intense allergy time for sure.

alt: I've been 'cruising the Net' this morning... there is almost too much 'stuff' available on the Net anymore... don't know where to start...

AYWalton: Selma have you been playing with the 1940 census a lot?

Statustray: Hey, I need some family reunion advice on 'things to do'... trying to come up with some fun thinks for the family to participate in..... we will be indoors for a few hours, and wanted some activities good to entertain folks during that time.. any good insights on taht?

Selma: I have been transcribing like a GOOD volunteer.. LOL

Statustray: But, we can talk about that after this other stuff... wasn't trying to hijack... *my bad* ;-)

Selma: No problem know in this room we carry on a least 3 conversations at once.. I have no suggestions thought..going to a family reunion in August..

alt: no problem Statustray .. have you looked at any Reunion Planner websites for activities?

Statustray: Selma: yeah, you are certainly right about that.

AYWalton: no problem statustray at all. it is as much on topic as anything else. do you have lots of folks who attend the reunion? I have a friend gets the folks to talk to each other---by taking 3 or 4 old family photos.

Statustray: alt: I sure haven't.... i was trying to get some first hand experience. I have been to planning reunion sites before though... but was wanting some "umph" and "that was really great!" type stuff... was hard to weed out things

AYWalton: she prints out the photos, then cuts them into odd pieces---and puts a piece of the puzzle in every packet.

Statustray: there will be at least 100 people at each of the two upcoming reunions (june & august)

Selma: Alt is the family reunion KING.. LOL

Statustray: hmmmm.... interesting indeed!

alt: so many ideas for reunions.. is this one celebrating a special year? family branch, Individual?

AYWalton: then for one activity she then tells them that there are several teams who have to assemble the picture---the first team to put a picture together gets a prize.

Statustray: no not really alt.... both of these are just regular 'every two years' reunions

AYWalton: (something small and not too costly--so every member of the group or team gets a gift.)

Statustray: ahhhh... i like that AYWalton i like that idea

AYWalton: this makes people stand up, walk around, show their photo piece to "stranger" cousins and interact with each other.

Statustray: making note of that now

AYWalton: another twist---one year she did the same thing---but made them also identify the people in the picture as well.

Statustray: that's a good twist too.... i like that as well

alt: Is this a 'one surname reunion' or are there multiple families involved?

vkn: Howdy selma

AYWalton: so they had to say who was in the picture---which meant some of the younger folks were forced to talk to the older ones. she would tweak some of her projects every year.

Statustray: so each person gets a separate picture in their packet? so a individual competition, or each table gets a picture and they do it from a group standpoint?

AYWalton: let's say she had 4 or 5 nice old family photos.

Statustray: at the first reunion it's one surname at the second reunion it's two surnames

AYWalton: she might make 2-3 copies of of each----and then she cut them up into pieces, and when they assembled packets a piece of the photo is dropped into their bags. they have no idea what it is until it is explained to them. another fun activity---a deciphering game---- one year she made the name tags for everybody registered to come. she had a system but nobody knew what it was. every tag was not the same color. but she had a code. they had to figure it out and whoever could explain her system got a nice prize.

alt: okay... at the one name reunion how about an 'historical display' of artifacts such as photos, cenus records, marriages, etc.... mounted on a couple of those 3 panel displays

Statustray: hmmmmmm

AYWalton: Her system was---those closest to the oldest known common ancestor had one color. every generation had a slightly lighter shade of the richer color.

Statustray: alt: i will have a display at both reunions.... folks liked the display 2 years ago... but i only used it at one reunion though... AYWalton: ahhhh... that sounds cool

AYWalton: so if the elders were red, then their children were a softer red, the grandchildren were a bit paler, the little children were pink and babies were very faint pink.

Statustray: alt: i didn't use it at the second reunion because i didn't have family photos :(

alt: displays & photo albums always go over big Statustray

AYWalton: but to win the prize---they had to explain also their own name tag and explain why their tag was the color it was. For example they would say---My name is Fred, and I am the gr. grandson of Henry Jenkins, so my tag is the color of all of the gr. grandchildren.

alt: for the 1 family reunion a family tree of the descendants from the oldest known ancestor to the present also goeas over big...

Statustray: AYWalton: I got ya.... ;-)

AYWalton: so they had to go and walk around and talk to people, finding out who various people were. and figure it out. and see all of the children would not necessarily have the same color tag. so it was not a child's tag necessarily. she is very creative.

Statustray: alt: I have come across a family tree printing company... their website is AYWalton: I'm making note of that too... hehe....

AYWalton: family trees are always fun to see.

alt: exactly Statustray .... I produced a tree one year with 2,000 descnedants on it... 94 feet long and 3 feet high....

AYWalton: and folks want to see their names on the tree. how did you print it alt?

Statustray: daaaannng... 94 feet long... man oh man

alt: on myy printer.. and using a lot of scotch tape peicing it together

Statustray: that needs a big room all to itself ;-)

AYWalton: I am sure that people enjoyed seeing it.


Statustray: Yeah, I bet they did... *wow* :}

Selma: I told you alt..was the King

alt: a photo of the 'family tree

Statustray: hahahahaha

AYWalton: yes alt does have a lot of names

Statustray: at the moment, i only have about 1,850 folks in my tree (both sides of my family) for some reason my firefox it not letting me grab that link.... hmmmm....

vkn: laters

Selma: I was suprised alt didn't come up as kin to "Kevin Bacon" of 6 degrees of separation fame

Statustray: hahaha

alt: and other information besides ..... names LOL

Statustray: yes, i try to have that too... makes things more interesting

Selma: So are we one for tonight with Gates? on for tonight

Statustray: what's happening tonight?

AYWalton: I suppose we are.

alt: I can't get it on my PBS station until tomorrow night Selma

AYWalton: we have a chat when the genealogy programs are on, Statustray.

Selma: We chat when the genealogy shows are on

Statustray: Ohhh... ok...

Selma: I didn't realize that alt

AYWalton: we watch the NBC program on Fridays that is why we have a room called WDYTYA for Who Do You Think You Are

Statustray: You know what... I have yet to watch WDYTYA this season :(

AYWalton: and we watch it and chat together.

Statustray: First time ever that I haven't :( *sniff*

Selma: and talk about folks statustray.. LOL

AYWalton: we have been also watching the Gates program together, an we talk about their research methods well join us tonight, Statustray

Statustray: the Gates program is about the dna?

AYWalton: we promise to let you in the room.

Selma: He does research then ends up with he DNA

AYWalton: it is about the same ole thing----a celebrity roots program. sometimes he does. sometimes not. but it is always interesting.

Statustray: oh ok... what's the show's name?

alt: he does 'promote' the DNA aspect since one of his sponsors is 23andme.

AYWalton: Find Your Roots on PBS

Statustray: oh ok

AYWalton: Sunday nights.

Selma: Comes on your PBS station..

Statustray: i will try my best to be here

AYWalton: check your PBS program listing we create room names to match the name of the program.

Selma: Gotta run out dresser drawers..its amazing what you find jammed in the back

AYWalton: true have fun, Selma

Statustray: Take care Selma... thanks for everything

AYWalton: I need to do the same thing

alt: hopefully some MONEY LOL LOL

Selma: So far no money.. LOL

AYWalton: Well I shall run as well. Have a good day everyone.

Statustray: See ya AYWalton

alt: my turn.. laters

Statustray: Take care alt

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