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2012-04-20 WDYTYA Reba


Start: 20:26:59
End: 21:05:37
Chatters: evpace, keli1, rcs

keli1: I just love the expression that Reba has when she says, how do you sell a child!

rcs: Yes -- but if her people were from Monroe Co, Miss --- VERY likely they had slaves there too I was there in the Evans library Monroe Co was abt 70% black

evpace: I find her responses sensitive and given her celebrity in country musuc and international exposure,her responses are important.

rcs: WHy didn't she check slave records in MS?! I have helped several families in St Louis, MO with Monroe County, MS roots

evpace: Surely he owned slaves.

keli1: I agree, she is shocked at some, it is just as good as when I saw it a couple of weeks ago

rcs: Monroe county was settled in 1840s by platation people moving in from Carolina and VA

evpace: Some folks in Virginia carry a "white priviledge" attitude which shows in their persona. She is doing another line and to repeat the obvious is viewed as redundant I suspect.

keli1: evpace, are you referring to Reba or someone else?

evpace: My reaction was to the comment made by the Researcher keli 1...just reflecting.

rcs: I get frustrated by the sweep to search for the dramatic

keli1: okay, you don't think her reactions are real?

rcs: When I saw them at the Evans Library in MS I was hoping for some insights there

keli1: it is interesting how each of the "stars" process this info, but again I do believe most of it is rehearsed

rcs: I have seen similar reactions in real life, but recognized the staged presentation of the TV show

evpace: I could be wrong,but I have always had a good feeling about Reba.

keli1: I like her and think she is sincere, she did not really come from wealth

rcs: I always get irritated by the "made for TV" components......the jump to the dramatic story rather than an actual step by step etc. It is a TV show, after all.....and they have to go for general audience appeal

evpace: No she didn't and she is one heck of a musicologist.

keli1: we as researchers want the step by step, but others outside this don't cuz they don't know the process

evpace: keli did you make the NARA fair in DC? I bet it's cold there.

keli1: no I was in Charles Town WV today, listening to a distance cousin present on Nicholas Roper

evpace: Tons of time and resources to document this family history. rcs, are you with us.

rcs: seem to be have traced Watts, Blanchard, Hykes, Hale, Hardy families to Monroe Co, MS I was hoping for more there

evpace: Good. Helping folks in St Louis is good stuff; is MS an area of research for you?

rcs: I have stopped there several times for a day of research For people I have helped s are in Illinois & Missouri My direct lines

evpace: Hmmmm.Why repeats this early?

rcs: about 1/2 of the black folks in St Louis are MS

keli1: they did that last year as well..

rcs: moved up in the late 1930s and 40s

evpace: I did not know that about migration rcs.

keli1: well folks, I am going to index a page...ttyl

evpace: Niters rcs

rcs: There was a huge movement......some with a stop off for a generation in Arkansas, but many direct from MS to St Louis, MO or East St Louis, IL

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