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2012-04-15 FindingYourRoots


Start: 20:04:26
End: 20:57:51
Chatters: alvagriff, bbenn, evpace, keli1, Nadasue, Selma, vkn

alvagriff: Finally !!!! !!! Hello All !

bbenn: Hello alagriff and keli1

keli1: hello to all!

bbenn: Sorry alvagriff -- a little slip of the finger:}

alvagriff: Hi there ! I won't see it for 3 more hrs. No prob LOL Call me anything, as long as it is not "late to dinner"

bbenn: So you are an early bird:}

alvagriff: Still I thought I'd like to get everyone's reactions etc West coast... it is 5 pm here

keli1: Korean and Jewish, wow

bbenn: Wow! that's an interesting match - jewish father and a korean buddhist mother

alvagriff: that really is an interesting match... There are three clients this time, as I understand it ?

keli1: yes three are being profiled

bbenn: yes, three clients - practicing muslim, protestant preacher and a female jewish cantor. The focus in on what may have influenced each of them to become spiritual leaders.

alvagriff: I do like the way the show tries to pair up clients who seemingly have something in common.

bbenn: so far, no genealogy...just background information...

keli1: he is bringing out genealogy

bbenn: I wonder who is doing this research?

keli1: he has a team, I only know of one of his researchers, who did his own family

bbenn: wow! 9th great grandfather came to America around 1630. Wow! he found his 9th great grandfather as a deacon in the church in 1630 plus!

keli1: yes under Rev Elliott, interesting

bbenn: Do you think that this was a surprise to him?

keli1: no you know they are filming, so he knew before the show

bbenn: I have spent a lot of time in Romania... hi Selma

Nadasue: Evening, friends

alvagriff: Hey Selma... glad to see you

Selma: Good evening folks..

keli1: Hi Selma and Nadasue

Selma: Hey alva..long time no see

alvagriff: Hi Nadasue

Nadasue: Hi keli1 alvagriff

bbenn: Hi Nasasue

alvagriff: Indeed, Selma

Selma: When were you in Romania bbenn?

Nadasue: Hi Bernice evpace

bbenn: Hi evpace

alvagriff: Hi evpace

Selma: Hi evpace, Nadasue..

Nadasue: Hey Selma

keli1: wonderful Bernice...for work or pleasure?

bbenn: Bucharest, Constanza(Constanta), Iasi

evpace: Evening all. I almost missed the show.

Nadasue: Multitasking... I'll be in and out

bbenn: Work - 10 years worked in international health...

Selma: Thats great bbenn..

keli1: exciting Bernice

bbenn: very exciting! Thanks to the internet, I can still communicate with my friends in Romania.

Selma: The internet is a wonderful thing.

bbenn: I wish that he would complete one story before jumping to the next person.

vkn: Howdy in quiet

keli1: hi vkn

alvagriff: hey vkn

bbenn: Hello vkn

Selma: evening vkn

keli1: BB that is cool to maintain your friends, will you return for a visit?

bbenn: yes, definitely! I just need to hit the lotterylol lol lol

alvagriff: LOL

vkn: Alva bbenn evpace keli1 Nadasue Selma

evpace: Howdy DIVA vkn.

keli1: I am trying to fit a trip to France, it is on my bucket list, need to go, I am drawn thre

vkn: lol bloodline keli ?

bbenn: I love Paris! Reminded me of home - French Quarters!

keli1: yes there is a line of French on my mom's dad's side, they came into US in the 1700s

Nadasue: My youngest is going in two weeks to visit my oldest for 10 days

bbenn: That's nice!

Nadasue: Yep :)

keli1: I am drawn there and really don't know why, just need to go there soon.

vkn: Follow the pull and the lead Keli1

keli1: she is in Paris right Nadasue?

Nadasue: Yep

alvagriff: Someone is perhaps calling you... they sometimes do...

Nadasue: She moves back to NY at the end of May though, but I'll just wait and see. Can't keep up with that child!

keli1: I hope to vkn...during high school, I stopped speaking

Nadasue: Well... that "woman"... She'll be 30 in June

keli1: she is young....

Nadasue: :)

keli1: what type of work does she do? I hope to bring the language back into my life for some peace!

evpace: She sounds high-spirited,adventurous and global in her outlook.

vkn: Slaveholder

keli1: this show is interesting

Selma: He had em doing more than planting

Nadasue: Well.... she now is dabbling in a number of things at once, since she left her job at NYU to move to Paris with her fiance for this past year. Her main job is that she is his Project Manager, but she is still doing some consulting with NYU and she's also an Associate Producer on a couple of films/projects

evpace: Nadasue's daughter that is .lol

Nadasue: She absolutely is, evpace - and always has been!

keli1: he is right, they make it mean exactly what they want it to true...

bbenn: He is right ...they used the bible to interpret it the way they wanted it to be...even if it meant to justify slavery.

Nadasue: She's traveled all over the world - all continents (multiple times for most) except Antarctica and Australia. She lived in London for one year after college, and now has lived in Paris for a year.

evpace: Perhaps the apple does not fall far from the tree Nadasue.

bbenn: keli1 - we are thinking alike:}

keli1: forced religion all the sad, kind of missed the whole beauty

vkn: Where are the guides today

bbenn: yes

Nadasue: Nah, I'm the opposite. I'm a homebody, and very traditional, but I do enjoy the little bit of traveling I get to do now that I'm older.

keli1: yes, actually my dad, pushed that in to us kids, he was the son of a baptish preacer, lol

Nadasue: But I'll take the credit for introducing her to the world via books and documentaries, awa cultural events from a very young age. She has been reading since 4, and it's her avid hobby. She stated at SEVEN that she would live in Paris one day. Her view of life has always been widely global.

keli1: good for her...Nadasue...and she has

Nadasue: yes

evpace: Power concedes nothing....white priviledge and all that it conveys!

keli1: I am trying to realize mine.

Nadasue: You will.

keli1: Today's white's have to understand they are reaping the benefits of all this ugly hate, sickness, etc

Nadasue: That's exactly right, keli1

vkn: Is this more political than genealogical or is there a difference ?

keli1: good question vkn,it might be both and actually no difference

evpace: Politics are in everything.

vkn: Of course you are correct evpace and Keli1

Nadasue: true

bbenn: sorry folks, I need to log off. Good night.

vkn: I need to do more reading

Nadasue: so do i... Some things I'm just not so interested in though

keli1: that is for sure, I need to index a couple more images besides keep my nose into the reading we are all contacted one way or another! Hello cousins.. connected, not contacted

Nadasue: Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

evpace: HELLO!

vkn: Not surprising

keli1: so if rick warren is 100% and all starts in Africa, how can one be 100% of anything

vkn: oh boy

evpace: Good question kekk1.

Nadasue: I never knew they used secular music in any synogagues

evpace: keli 1:o :o

Nadasue: I don't think I spelled that, correctly

vkn: Lots to learn

Nadasue: yep... nite all. Have a great work week

evpace: Niters all.

vkn: Good show

keli1: we will never learn it all..just getting pieces of it...night all

Selma: Good night folks..

vkn: Did this help Alva I see you in your DNA struggle

alvagriff: Night all...yeppers, I am now REALLY looking fwd to the show

vkn: mplex Keli

alvagriff: moew hrs 2 more hrs (sorry)

vkn: mplex Keli It is complex

alvagriff: was interesting to get views of others

vkn: yes

alvagriff: yes the DNA is truly a mess... lol

vkn: Enjoy the rest of the evening Let us phone chat soon

alvagriff: okey dokey

vkn: niters

alvagriff: night night

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